The best probiotics in the UK 2023

If you feel a discomfort in your digestion or a big fatigue all the time, it may be due to a decrease in probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria and are found in certain foods. However, a proven deficiency requires the use of a food supplement. There are countless probiotics on the market, in various forms, packaging and strains. If you don't know which one to choose, follow our guide to the best probiotics of the moment.

GloryFeel Bio Probivia 1

Best value for money

GloryFeel Bio Probivia

The best probiotic in 2021

Thanks to GloryFeel's Bio Probivia, give your body a boost and your immune system a serious facelift. This probiotic limits viral infections, useful in this period of pandemic.

16,28 £ on Amazon

Bio Probiotic is offered in a box containing 180 gastro-resistant capsules and each box is intended for a 3-month treatment. The capsules contain 21 important bacterial cultures, including a total of 20 billion CFU per daily dose. In addition, the formula is enriched with organic inulin, a fiber that can help support natural digestion and intestinal flora.

This probiotic is made without magnesium stearate and other additives. It is ideal for vegans. GloryFeel recommends taking two Bio Probivia capsules a day with sufficient water after a meal. Bio Provibia is made from high quality ingredients developed under the supervision of nutritionists and industry experts.

Nutralie Probiplus Complex 2

Best value for money

Nutralie Probiplus Complex

The best entry-level probiotic

Nutralie Probiplus Complex is suitable for fragile intestines. With 60 capsules available, the box allows 2 months of probiotic treatment. It is truly the reference product in the entry-level range.

10,86 £ on Amazon

In Probiplus Complex, there are no less than 10 strains of bacteria. The formula is completed by lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. The former are a group of bacteria found in the digestive and urinary-genital systems. The latter are a group of bacteria that normally live in the intestines. The combination of the two provides many beneficial effects.

A box of Nutralie Probiplus Complex contains 60 capsules with a content of 50 billion CFU for the entire duration of the treatment. Each capsule is gastro-resistant and has a vegetable coating. This probiotic guarantees a normal functioning of the immune system and maintains a healthy intestinal microbiota.

Nutri & Co Probio² 3

Best premium value for money

Nutri & Co Probio²

The best high-end probiotic

Nutri & Co Probio² is a 100% French probiotic. Very reliable, it contains strains with proven effectiveness in 21 clinical studies. It is a vegan product, without magnesium stearate, nor soya, nor gluten.

22,32 £ on Amazon

Nutri & Co Probio² comes in a box of 60 capsules. Nutri & Co guarantees organic products in its Probio². So, normally, you will find no coloring, no flavor enhancer, no artificial preservatives, no synthetic sweeteners. Its formula combines 9 human strains of flora, including Lactobacillus Plantarum and Bifidobacterium Longum, which ensures the proper balance of the intestinal flora.

This patented formula also includes 3 Probi SELECTTM strains that have been endorsed by 21 clinical studies. The side effects of this product are almost non-existent. Nutri & Co PROBIO² is guaranteed to be safe and highly effective thanks to its 60 billion CFU.

ULTRA Probio Intestinal Flora Actinutrition 4


ULTRA Probio Intestinal Flora Actinutrition

The high-end alternative

Boost your intestinal flora and your immune system with this formula made in the UK thanks to a contribution of 8 natural strains which will act in synergy with the organisms already present in the body.

20,72 £ on Cdiscount

ULTRA Probio is a formula developed by Actinutrition, a French reference in probiotics. It is essentially designed to give your intestinal flora a boost in order to stimulate intestinal transit. Indeed, thanks to the action of the 40 billion CFU corresponding to 8 natural strains present in each daily dose, you will benefit from a digestive system functioning in an optimal way while ensuring a perfect optimal comfort.

ULTRA Probio acts on the intestinal flora which, with the accumulation of stress, a bad hygiene of life and diseases, is not any more able to ensure its capital role on the level of the digestive system. Vitamin B9 and selenium are associated with the 40 billion CFU, two ingredients that act effectively on the intestinal microbiota. You should also know that each capsule is designed to resist the acid pH of the stomach thanks to a gastro-resistant envelope. Finally, it should be noted that this 100% French formula benefits from Ace Biotechnology which guarantees maximum bioavailability in the body.

Probiotics & Prebiotics Actibior by NUTRIMEA 5

Very good

Probiotics & Prebiotics Actibior by NUTRIMEA

Very Good

If you are looking for the right food supplement to protect your intestines while strengthening the immune system, choose this formula signed Nutrimea.

15,92 £ on Cdiscount

Actibior by Nutrimea is a food supplement made in the UK, a formula that will strengthen the action of your digestive system by stimulating your intestinal microbiota. Indeed, Actibior is a probiotic and prebiotic containing 30 billion CFU distributed in 7 bacterial strains. This makes it possible to nourish the good intestinal bacteria while reinforcing the effectiveness of the formula thanks to fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS).

With Actibior, say goodbye to complicated intestinal transits, bloating and diarrhea. Moreover, the formula acts on the antibodies while stimulating the absorption of minerals. In order to benefit from the long-term effects of this food supplement, it will be necessary to follow a cure of one month by taking 2 capsules per day. Actibior is elaborated in the UK within the R&D department of Nutrimea. The workshops are certified ISO 22000, HACCP and BFF. The lactic ferments are grown exclusively in the UK. Note that this formula is gluten-free and perfectly suitable for vegans.

Probiotic Intimate Flora Probio+Intima 6

A great probiotic for intimate flora

Probiotic Intimate Flora Probio+Intima

Excellent for intimate flora

If you need a probiotic that acts on intimate flora disorders, Probio+ Intima has proven itself, while stimulating local immunity.

15,92 £ on Cdiscount

Here is a food supplement that will do wonders for a woman's genital area. The lactic ferments, which number 40 billion per dose, will take up residence at the entrance to the cervix and in the vulva of the vagina. The 4 bacterial strains belonging to the family of the lactobacillus will provide a protective barrier particularly effective vis-a-vis the vulvo-vaginal candidoses resulting from a proliferation of mycosis and other bacterial vaginoses.

Also know that this food supplement will make it possible to reduce the Vaginal pH. The formula was elaborated with lactic ferments cultivated in the UK, vegetable capsules coming from Vannes and pillboxes from Clermont-Ferrand. The research and development center is based in Saint-Etienne. This means that Probio+Intima is a 100% French product.

Buying guide • November 2023

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The best probiotic in 2021

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Comparison table of the best probiotics

GloryFeel Bio Probivia 7
Nutralie Probiplus Complex 8
Nutri & Co Probio² 9
ULTRA Probio Intestinal Flora Actinutrition 10
Probiotics & Prebiotics Actibior by NUTRIMEA 11
Probiotic Intimate Flora Probio+Intima 12
GloryFeel Bio Probivia
Nutralie Probiplus Complex
Nutri & Co Probio²
ULTRA Probio Intestinal Flora Actinutrition
Probiotics & Prebiotics Actibior by NUTRIMEA
Probiotic Intimate Flora Probio+Intima
Thanks to GloryFeel's Bio Probivia, give your body a boost and your immune system a serious facelift. This probiotic limits viral infections, useful in this period of pandemic.
Nutralie Probiplus Complex is suitable for fragile intestines. With 60 capsules available, the box allows 2 months of probiotic treatment. It is truly the reference product in the entry-level range.
Nutri & Co Probio² is a 100% French probiotic. Very reliable, it contains strains with proven effectiveness in 21 clinical studies. It is a vegan product, without magnesium stearate, nor soya, nor gluten.
Boost your intestinal flora and your immune system with this formula made in the UK thanks to a contribution of 8 natural strains which will act in synergy with the organisms already present in the body.
If you are looking for the right food supplement to protect your intestines while strengthening the immune system, choose this formula signed Nutrimea.
If you need a probiotic that acts on intimate flora disorders, Probio+ Intima has proven itself, while stimulating local immunity.
Active bacterial strains
180 capsules
60 capsules
60 capsules
90 capsules
60 capsules
60 capsules
Quantity of CFUs
20 billion CFUs/day
50 Billion/day
60 Billion/day
40 billion/day
30 Billion/day
40 Billion CFU/Day
Gut flora and immune system
Intestinal and Intimate Flora
Intestinal Flora
Gut flora and immune system
Intestinal and intimate flora, immune system
Intimate Flora
100% French
100% French
100% French
100% French
100% French

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How to choose your probiotic

To take full advantage of the benefits of probiotics, it is essential to choose them well. Here are some parameters to consider before buying them.

#1 - The concentration of bacteria

First and foremost, look at the number of bacteria offered by the products. Probiotics must contain at least 2 billion microorganisms per gram. For optimal effectiveness, we recommend that you choose a food supplement with a higher concentration.

Note that some probiotics contain up to 50 billion microorganisms per gram. They are relatively expensive, but they are particularly effective.

#2 - The number of bacteria families

Probiotics with a high concentration of microorganisms can fully participate in improving your physical condition, provided that they come from different strains. So after evaluating the concentration, you need to find out about the sources of the bacteria to ensure the effectiveness of a product.

In most cases, it is preferable to opt for bacteria from 3 to 5 different and recognized families:

  • lactobacilli
  • soil bacteria
  • bifidobacteria, etc.

#3 - Prebiotic content

The content of prebiotics is a criterion not to be neglected when choosing a food supplement. Indeed, the strong presence of FOS, agave or acacia fiber can cause irritations in some people who suffer from an important imbalance of the intestinal flora. Many products contain prebiotics. Choose the one with the lowest content to avoid uncomfortable pain when taking the capsules.

#4 - Vitamin and mineral content

Storage depends largely on the form of your probiotics. Indeed, these can be available either in powder, liquid, capsule, tablet or even capsule. For example, for probiotics in powder form, it is preferable to keep them in a dry place, while avoiding exposure to humidity and light. For capsules, it is recommended to put them in the refrigerator.

#5 - The quality of the capsule

The quality of the capsules plays an important role in the effectiveness of probiotics. Indeed, in contact with gastric juice, many bacteria can be destroyed, thus limiting the beneficial effects of the food supplements. Before buying, check if the capsules are gastro-resistant. These prevent the release of bacteria in the stomach. This is the most popular format.

Even if HPMC capsules are very common in the medical field, there are others that are quickly assimilated by the body, such as natural or vegetal capsules.

#6 -

A probiotic is only effective if it adheres perfectly to your intestinal mucosa. It's simple, the longer the strains stay in your gut, the more effectively they will interact with the cells. In other words, if probiotics cannot suggest good adhesion, they will simply be ineffective. Therefore, you will have spent your money for nothing!

#7 -

On the market, you can find plant-based probiotics that do not include pork gelatin. If you are gluten intolerant, there are also probiotics that do not contain this substance. You can also find probiotics that do not contain starch, sugar or lactose.

A word of advice: avoid taking probiotics containing additives.

#8 -

One of the important criteria to consider before buying probiotics is the stability of the strains. This ensures the viability of the bacteria over the long term when the product is stored properly.

This criterion depends on many parameters:

  • the specificities of the strain
  • the packaging
  • the ingredients used to make the probiotic.

What is a probiotic and how to use it?

Probiotics are micro-organisms, in this case bacteria, that have a beneficial effect on health. These bacteria release enzymes that facilitate digestion and therefore have a positive impact on your intestinal microbiota. This is why probiotics are not only effective in improving transit, but also in treating constipation. Apart from that, taking probiotics brings many benefits to our body! They help the body to fight against a certain form of cancer, ailments that can affect the genital tract, improves your immune defense ...

How to use it?

You are probably asking yourself this question: when should you take probiotics? You have two possibilities: either before the meal or after. If you choose the first option, it is best to take them half an hour before the meal. For the second option, it is better to take them two hours after the meal. The objective is that the product does not remain too long in the stomach. It is also not recommended to take them with a drink at high temperature. As for the form, opt for capsules, as the contents will be well protected from gastric acid. And be sure to respect the doses prescribed by your doctor!

How to take probiotics?

Probiotics should be taken for at least one month, especially in the case of digestive problems.

You can use them in powder form to make your yoghurts, cheeses and fauxmages (vegan formages) or incorporate them in your vegetable juices prepared with a juice extractor, in your smoothies, in your fruit waters. To do this, simply add a tablet or the contents of one or two probiotic capsules when blending or during the preparation of your beverage.

Remember to take your probiotics preferably in the morning on an empty stomach, 15 minutes before having breakfast.

It is important to note that a high consumption of probiotics may cause temporary intestinal gas in some people. However, if the symptoms last more than 2 to 3 weeks, it is better to stop the treatment.

The different types of probiotics

The most commonly consumed probiotics are strains of two main species: "bifidobacteria" and "lactobacillus".


Bifidobacteria give the body a real boost in digestion. Indeed, they ensure for example the decomposition of complex carbohydrates so that the body can assimilate them easily. They are also able to act on the immune system by regulating the production of white blood cells according to the state of the body.

Despite their many advantages, bifidobacteria have a number of disadvantages. Bifidobacteria are not recommended for people with a weak immune system. Taking bifidobacteria will simply cause infections. For people with heart problems, pregnant women (and also those who are breastfeeding) as well as senior citizens, the consumption of bifidobacteria is also to be avoided!


Lactobacteria offer several advantages to the body. First, they actively participate in the absorption of nutrients in the intestine. Second, they help the body better digest dairy products. Secondly, like bifidobacteria, they are able to boost an individual's immune system. Finally, research has shown that they also contribute to gastrointestinal health and lower blood pressure.

Despite their many positive points, lactobacillus is unfortunately not for everyone! And although they have very few side effects in most individuals, those who are prone to organ failure should not take them without precautions. It is imperative that they seek the advice of a health care professional.

Probiotics or prebiotics?

If you are wondering which type of probiotics is more beneficial to your health: capsules or natural source, you should know that the nutritional contributions and the curative and preventive effects of these two types of probiotics differ considerably. In some cases, natural source probiotics will work quickly, while in other cases you may need to use capsules.

For the treatment of vaginal mycosis, for example, regular consumption of plain, organic yoghurt over a period of at least one month will do the trick. It should be noted that natural and organic yogurt is rich in probiotics and rebuilds the vaginal flora weakened by the invasion of Candida albicans fungi. On the other hand, if you suffer from a disease that has been eating away at you for several years, it is better to opt for probiotics in capsules.

Moreover, probiotics developed in a laboratory are subject to serious quality controls and are well dosed to meet a specific need. As a result, they are more effective than those from natural sources.

In conclusion, probiotics from natural sources are generally more suitable for maintenance purposes than for curative purposes. In fact, there are not enough of them for medical treatment. In addition, a treatment with natural probiotics may take much longer than with laboratory-developed probiotics.

When it comes to taking lab-grown probiotics, it's best to seek the advice of a health care professional to help you make the right choice and during your treatment.


Within the body, probiotics and prebiotics each have their own particularity and specific roles. However, if you have a very poor intestinal flora, the two can be combined to obtain a better result and effectively rebalance your flora. Otherwise, if you simply want to make your digestion easier, especially with regard to foods rich in lactose, probiotics can greatly help you.

Why buy a probiotic?

Improve your digestive health

The role of probiotics is to ensure the balance of the intestinal flora. They can therefore improve or maintain excellent digestive health and can help in the fight against chronic diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn's disease.

To some extent, they can also relieve the symptoms of infectious gastroenteritis and diarrhea.

Improve the immune system

An imbalance in the gut flora can have a negative effect on the immune system and lead to certain conditions, such as allergic rhinitis or eczema. By rebalancing the intestinal flora, probiotics can therefore help you strengthen your immunity.

It should be noted that scientific data are still insufficient to evaluate the real beneficial effects of these types of food supplements on immune health.

Improve tolerance to certain foods

Allergies are often caused by an imbalance in the intestinal flora. If you have an intolerance to certain foods, taking probiotics can be an excellent solution.

However, we would like to point out that allergies to fish, shellfish and crustaceans are often permanent. In other words, they cannot be cured by taking any food supplements.

In most cases, they are caused by a defective immune system that identifies seafood as a threat. Symptoms can include hives, hot flashes, swelling, itching, cramps, diarrhea and in extreme cases, increased heart rate and loss of consciousness.

Promoting weight loss

A strict diet is not necessarily the answer to eliminating excess fat. In many cases, it leads to imbalances and serious health problems, such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

The best way to lose weight is to follow a healthy diet, while exercising regularly. Taking dietary supplements can also help you shed excess fat.

Tests on rodents and humans have shown that probiotics can promote weight loss. If you want to invest in these supplements, we recommend products that contain a certain amount of prebiotics for optimal effectiveness.

The best brands of probiotics

In our opinion, the best brands of probiotics in 2022 are :

Supersmart Probio Forte
Garden of Life (GOL)

Nutri&Co is a French company founded by two friends, Edouard and Jean-Baptiste who launched their first probiotic sale in 2017. Nutri&Co's signature products are highly regarded due to their transparency on the raw materials used in the development of their products.

The Luxembourg brand Supersmart has been marketing several types of food supplements, including probiotics, for 27 years. The products marketed by this brand have the particular advantage of offering consumers an excellent quality/price ratio for reliable products.

Founded in 2011, Nutrimea Laboratories specialize in the development and marketing of dietary supplements, including probiotics. They are committed to offering products adapted to the age, health and needs of each individual. This brand is known for its transparency on the quality and composition of its products.

Garden of Life products are made from certified organic plants that comply with the quality standards set by the US Department of Agriculture. Garden of Life probiotics are real allies against constipation and regulate intestinal transit according to many consumers.

Nutralie was created to revolutionize the world of natural and organic food supplements. Consumers particularly appreciate Nutralie's probiotics because they are composed of strains that are quite rare compared to other products on the market.

What is the price for a probiotic

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

7 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 70 £
more than 70 £
Price range diagram


Avoid taking probiotics with chlorinated water.

This additive used to purify tap water is a factor that can damage gut flora. Chlorine is added to municipal water systems to kill bacteria, which could very well affect the effectiveness of your probiotic supplement.

Take your probiotic on an empty stomach.

It is best to take your probiotic on an empty stomach, preferably when you wake up in the morning or before a meal. Stomach acid levels are lower when empty, so more probiotics will survive.

Make sure you provide a good environment for your probiotic organisms to grow by consuming adequate amounts of prebiotic fibre.

Foods rich in prebiotic fiber include jicama, asparagus, onions, leeks, garlic, and there are also some great prebiotic supplements. Look for gum acacia and baobab supplements, as they are very effective and well tolerated.

Store it properly.

You should avoid exposing your probiotics to too much heat. This may reduce their effectiveness. The conservation of probiotics is thus done at a room temperature during all the duration of your treatment. You can also put them in your refrigerator if you want to keep them longer. Indeed, room temperature can kill 70 to 90% of bacteria in less than a year.

Pay attention to expiration dates.

Living organisms can have a limited shelf life. This should be respected and probiotics should be used before their expiration date to maximize their potential benefits. To prevent the organisms from losing their effectiveness, product labels or manufacturer websites can provide appropriate storage information.

Probiotics diminish as they are exposed to various external elements. A bagged product can deteriorate quickly or lose its effectiveness. Therefore, choose probiotics packaged in a glass bottle to optimize its preservation and effectiveness.

Packaging provides good protection for bacteria. The use of a pillbox or other objects facilitating the taking can thus alter the effectiveness of probiotics. The best thing to do is to take them as soon as you take them out of their packaging.

Vitamin and mineralized probiotics help you rebalance and diversify your intestinal microbiota. They also help correct dietary deficiencies. Thus, probiotics combined with natural actives are more effective in boosting your immune defense. Some probiotics combined with vitamin C also allow you to fight against skin problems such as pimples, itching and blackheads.


What is the best probiotic?

The best probiotic depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

Are probiotics medicines?

Probiotics are more like food supplements except when they are prescribed for medical treatment.

How to store probiotics?

Probiotics can be stored either at room temperature or in the refrigerator, depending on their nature. But after opening, it is better to put them in a cool place to preserve their benefits in an optimal way.

Is taking probiotics frequently dangerous to your health?

Since they are food supplements, probiotics are not dangerous for your health. However, if you are taking them to treat an illness, it is best to seek advice from a health professional.


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GloryFeel Bio Probivia 13
GloryFeel Bio Probivia
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Nutralie Probiplus Complex
Nutri & Co Probio² 15
Nutri & Co Probio²
ULTRA Probio Intestinal Flora Actinutrition 16
ULTRA Probio Intestinal Flora Actinutrition
Probiotics & Prebiotics Actibior by NUTRIMEA 17
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