The best pool robots in the UK 2023

For nearly 5 years, the pool market has been in full swing in the UK and 2019 alone recorded a +10.5% growth in the number of pools sold. With a particularly hot summer ahead, the same success is expected this year. Take full advantage of this pleasure and make maintenance easier, by purchasing a pool robot! In-ground or above-ground pool? Liner, PVC, concrete or tiles? Discover our advice to find the best pool cleaner in 2020!

Robot Bestway Thetys HJ1005 1

Best value for money

Robot Bestway Thetys HJ1005

The best pool cleaner in 2021

The Bestway Thetys HJ1005 robot was voted first by many users who shared their positive reviews, and here's why!

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Consumer opinions are unanimous: the Bestway Thetys HJ1005 is the best model on the market! Although it is a device entirely dedicated to cleaning the bottom of the pool, this does not detract from its capabilities and performance. If we insist on the fact that it offers an excellent quality/price ratio, it is because this wireless cleaner is innovative (no cable), easy to handle and maintain. Indeed, as it is autonomous, it is a device that is equipped with internal sensors allowing it to move by itself up to 50 m² in the pool and to purify the water efficiently. As for maintenance, you'll be delighted to learn that all you have to do is wash the filter under the hood with tap water and you're done!

Robot Pentair Lil'Rebel 2

Best value for money

Robot Pentair Lil'Rebel

The best entry-level pool cleaner

You are probably wondering which is the best entry-level cleaning robot? Let's focus on the famous Lil'Rebel hydraulic model, signed Pentair, which is cheap, practical, efficient and economical!

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If your small budget doesn't allow you to buy a high quality pool cleaner, you should know that those classified in the entry-level category, like the Pentair Lil'Rebel, are also advantageous. In fact, despite its small size, the Pentair Lil'Rebel can clean a pool from top to bottom and since it is equipped with a Sure-Flow turbine, it is capable of removing all kinds of dirt. On the other hand, the mechanism allows you to adjust the cleaning cycle according to your needs, however, its random movement mechanism is already pre-programmed. And last but not least, it is suitable for all pool shapes and linings.

Robot Polaris 280 3

A great choice

Robot Polaris 280

The best pressure boosting pool cleaner

If you already have a blower at home, then there is no doubt that your best ally is the Polaris 280 robot! A robot blender par excellence, it guarantees a satisfactory result!

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We must admit that considering its capabilities, the Polaris 280 robot offers a good quality/price ratio. 6 wheels, propelling jets, fast speed, optimal suction power... It's hard to believe that there are so many advantages in this product and yet it is the case... What more could you ask for, if not the durability of this robot? Nevertheless, you should know that a good maintenance will reinforce its resistance and its longevity. On the technical side, you should know that this robot cleaner sweeps, scrubs and vacuums; 3 functions that are not necessarily found at the same time in all models sold on the market. As for the cleaning cycle, it can take up to 4 hours, which does not prevent you from removing it from the water once you are satisfied with the result.

Robot Maytronics Dolphin Nauty TC 4

Very good

Robot Maytronics Dolphin Nauty TC

The best high-end pool cleaner

Experienced users praise them for their efficiency and practicality. Are you looking for the best way to make your pool a healthy and comfortable place to relax? Don't hesitate to choose the Maytronics Dolphin Nauty TC!

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Easy to use, but with many features... These are not always criteria that go together and yet they are well and truly combined in the famous Maytronics Dolphin Nauty TC robot. As you can see, the innovative features of this device do not prevent it from being easy to use and practical. Among its most appreciated features, we cannot fail to mention the programming and the remote control. This robot allows you to control the cycle and the type of cleaning you want. Moreover, like any other electric robot, it is equipped with an extremely fine filtration for an impeccable result. Moreover, it is said to be versatile for its all-purpose side, regardless of the corners of the house (the bottom of the pool, the walls and the water lines...).

Buying guide • November 2023

Best pool robot

Any specific needs?

The best pool cleaner in 2021

The best entry-level pool cleaner

The best pressure boosting pool cleaner

The best high-end pool cleaner

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Comparison table of the best pool robots

Robot Bestway Thetys HJ1005 5
Robot Pentair Lil'Rebel 6
Robot Polaris 280 7
Robot Maytronics Dolphin Nauty TC 8
Robot Bestway Thetys HJ1005
Robot Pentair Lil'Rebel
Robot Polaris 280
Robot Maytronics Dolphin Nauty TC
The Bestway Thetys HJ1005 robot was voted first by many users who shared their positive reviews, and here's why!
You are probably wondering which is the best entry-level cleaning robot? Let's focus on the famous Lil'Rebel hydraulic model, signed Pentair, which is cheap, practical, efficient and economical!
If you already have a blower at home, then there is no doubt that your best ally is the Polaris 280 robot! A robot blender par excellence, it guarantees a satisfactory result!
Experienced users praise them for their efficiency and practicality. Are you looking for the best way to make your pool a healthy and comfortable place to relax? Don't hesitate to choose the Maytronics Dolphin Nauty TC!
Excellent value for money
Low cost
Good value for money
Easy to handle
Autonomous and independent
Sure-Flow turbine
Easy to move and operate due to the mechanism
Highly functional (programmable and remote controllable)
3 cleaning modes available
Versatile (any surface, any coating, any shape and any size)
Easy to use and handle
Polyvalent (all shapes and coatings supported)
Adjustable cleaning time
High price
Designed to clean pool floors, especially flat floors
Random displacement
Operation necessarily depends on the use of a booster

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Buying guide - pool robot

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How to choose your pool robot

It is well known that a swimming pool must be maintained on a regular basis in order to guarantee impeccable hygiene. So, before you jump into the water for a few swims, lengths or sunbathing, make sure you clean it thoroughly. Of course, manual cleaning is still effective, but to get rid of all the microbes, bacteria and waste, nothing beats a pool cleaner! Here are the most important criteria for selecting the right pool cleaner for your needs.

#1 - your needs

It's not easy to make a choice among the wide range of cleaning devices on the market... There are thousands of models, not to mention that they all have different specificities. To facilitate the matter, start by defining your needs. You should therefore take into account the major details such as :

  • The configuration of the pool which allows to determine the mechanism of your future pool robot. Is it an in-ground or above-ground pool? Is it a pool with stairs and steps? Does it have a flat, sloping or curved bottom? What type of lining is used, especially on the walls and bottom?
  • The dimensions of the pool (length, width and depth) which help to calculate the cleaning capacity, the length of the cable, the power and the size of your future pool cleaner. Be aware that the larger the pool, the more powerful the device must be to provide a satisfactory result.
  • The shape of the pool (round, oval, square, rectangular, customized) in order to choose a brush able to scrub and clean the smallest nooks and corners where the waste is the most formidable.
  • The type of cleaning desired, because most of the time, some owners favor a surface cleaning while others favor a deep cleaning. The speed is also important, for a quick cleaning or one that is programmed for several hours.

#2 - the type of robot

Once you are aware of your needs and uses, you will be better able to choose among the different types of pool cleaners on the market. Although their main purpose is to clean and maintain the pool, they differ in the way they work and their mechanism, so you will find 4 main types of pool robots, the most famous of which are :

  • The electric pool cleaner: the majority of users systematically turn to this device for its increased performance and efficiency. However, its operation is simple, because it does not depend on the filtration of the pool. It has its own filtration system and starts up once it is plugged into the mains. Fast and autonomous, it cleans the entire pool: bottom, walls, stairs, water line, and this, regardless of the coating. Of course, these performances are equivalent to a higher price than the hydraulic pool cleaner.
  • The hydraulic pool cleaner: second alternative and one of the most popular, it is without doubt the most accessible model on the market. Autonomous, it uses the water to move and to vacuum the dirt that floats and attaches itself to the bottom and walls of the pool. Be careful, a hydraulic pool cleaner is not suitable for large pools because of its limited capacity.

In addition, you can also opt for :

  • The overpressure pool cleaner: fast, efficient and effective cleaning are the features of this type of cleaner. To operate, it uses the pressure of the pool water to send the waste into the filter. This is the best model if you have a booster pump, otherwise it is extremely expensive. Be careful, a pool cleaner with overpressure is not compatible with a liner.
  • The solar pool cleaner: like any solar device, it has a battery that is recharged by solar energy. Not very common on the market, it only allows surface cleaning, which consists of capturing and vacuuming the waste that is still there. Its main asset is its ecological side and its free consumption.

#3 - the filtration system

The filtration system is one of the most important criteria when choosing a pool cleaner, as it determines its capacity to suck up the impurities you want to get rid of. We strongly recommend that you choose equipment with a large, independent and fine filter, such as electric or pressure models. This way, you avoid clogging the pool's filtration system and benefit from a more efficient cleaning. Robots equipped with a filtration system suck up almost all particles, from the largest to the smallest (dust, sweat, skin debris, leaves, insects, etc.), into their bag, which you then simply empty.

#4 - the type of brush

While some cleaners are used to vacuum the waste in the pool, some have a brush to get rid of any dirt in the pool. If you choose a pool cleaner with a brush, you should select the brush according to the lining of your pool. It goes without saying that brushes that are too soft could get stuck in the nooks and crannies of your pool and end up clogging it as you use them. For this reason, foam brushes are by far the most popular for cleaning the most fragile and slippery liners (hull, polyester, tiles). For liner coatings, it is more advisable to use a spiked brush or a rubber brush (also recommended for cleaning tile joints).

#5 - additional features

In an era where the spirit of innovation is constantly sought after, manufacturers are constantly looking for the best way to enhance and equip their equipment in a different way, so pool cleaners are not a luxury. In terms of functionality, choose the most efficient models that make the chore easier, such as :

  • Intelligent electric pool cleaners (programmable or remotely controllable via a remote control or smartphone)
  • Wireless pool cleaners
  • Double bagged pool cleaners (waste sorters)
  • Pool cleaners with an automatic shut-off mode
  • Pool robots that clean the entire surface (bottom, walls and water line)

#6 - Handling

When you think of ease of use, you think of comfort. Knowing that cleaning has never been a pleasure, even though it is essential, this criterion is important for those who want to save time and avoid complicating their task. Therefore, think about the portability and the ease of handling of your pool cleaner. In addition to the autonomy and the remote control system, you should also take into account :

  • Its ergonomics
  • Its size
  • Its weight
  • The length of the cable
  • The ease of maintenance

We recommend, for example, a cable of 3 to 5 m in length in addition to the length of the edges of the pool. The same goes for the question of size, knowing that the larger the robot, the easier and faster it will clean the pool. That said, you should choose a robot that is easy to move and has wheels so that you can transport it easily if it is heavy.

Pool robot: how does it work?

Regardless of the type of pool robot you choose, you should know that they work the same way. In simple terms, once powered by a source of energy (solar, electric or hydraulic), they move in the pool by means of wheels or tracks . Thewateris then sucked up and cleaned partially or completely, depending on the type of robot you are using . In addition, some models are equipped with a brush, especially the electric versions, to facilitate the descaling of the walls, joints and bottom.

Unlike manual scrubbers and equipment that require your own intervention, the pool robot is completely autonomous and takes care of the cleaning by itself. You can then start the process and go about your business while your pool is being cleaned. Although still necessary, the broom, brush, net and telescopic handle are no longer as indispensable as they once were. You can still use them, but the pool cleaner is still a must for a completely clean pool.

In addition, let's not forget the considerable time savings that this machine offers. If you used to spend more than half a day doing this chore, now you can do it in one or two hours. Of course, the designers have made sure to offer different types of cleaning cycles to ensure the hygiene of the pool. Thus, there are long cycles of up to 6 hours for those who are obsessed with cleanliness and short cycles of 90 minutes.

Why buy a pool cleaner?


One of the best things about a robotic pool cleaner is that it is environmentally friendly. Safe for the surrounding environment. It runs underwater, so it would not produce any dangerous chemicals that could be mixed with water. This would harm anyone in the pool. Unlike other robotic devices, it does not produce harmful gases. And its heat is also well controlled.

Low power consumption

Contrary to popular belief, robotic cleaners do not need to consume a large amount of power. It minimizes power consumption and uses only a small amount of voltage. At a range of about 60 to 70 watts / hour. Robotic cleaners consume as much energy as a regular light bulb. Because of the energy saving, money saving is also associated with this benefit.

Money saver

At this point, you may already understand why robotic pool cleaners can save you more money than you think. The pool cleaner saves energy, saving you money at the same time.

Keeps pool chemicals safe

Chlorine is a common chemical used to disinfect the pool from algae and bacteria. It will become dangerous when the balance of chemicals used is higher than the pool water. The concentration of chlorine found in pool disinfectants is about 10% to 90%. Pool cleaners use advanced scrubbing technology that scrubs all sides and edges of your pool. It cleans pool pollutants such as dust, algae and bacteria.

Water Saver

All pools have their own main filtration system or circulation pump and filter. The system consists of pipe meters that bend around the pool with a pump motor and a filter at the end of it. Dirt particles are sucked through the tubes and end up in the filters. They remain until the backwash. Filter backwash is the process of rinsing water through the filter. This removes trapped dirt. But this process wastes a large amount of water each time. With a pool cleaner, it is removed from the circulation pump. This prevents the main filter from becoming clogged. The result is less backwashing and less water waste.


Choose your pool cleaner filter carefully

Like the brush, the choice of the filter must be made with care. As previously stated, the finer the filter, the better. Among other things, it must be able to retain the smallest to the heaviest particles. In addition, the bag should be easily cleanable so that you will be lighter when it comes to cleaning it.

Opt for an all-purpose pool cleaner

Be careful not to

neglect the walls and stairs of the pool, which, like the bottom and surface, systematically retain waste. To make sure that everything is clean and usable, choose an all-purpose pool cleaner, able to climb and slide into the smallest nooks and crannies to get rid of the slightest impurity.

Iron the robot twice for a perfect result

If you

don't have an electric pool cleaner to clean your pool efficiently, don't hesitate to run the cleaner through the pool a second time to get the best results. It is especially recommended to go around twice if you haven't cleaned your pool in a long time.

Beware of electrical cables and connections


ve chosen an electric pool cleaner? Beware of cables and connections, because no one is safe from accidents. Indeed, water and current have never been a good match, although designers have made sure to offer products that comply with manufacturing standards. It is absolutely forbidden not to take the device out of the pool while it is still plugged in at the risk of being electrocuted on the spot. To avoid accidents, remember to turn it off before unplugging it and after five to ten minutes, remove it.

Maintain your pool cleaner regularly


the pool needs to be maintained to ensure its hygiene, so does any device that allows you to clean it from top to bottom. Incidentally, also dedicate regular maintenance to your pool cleaner by properly draining the water after use. Also, clean the bag and filter after each use to prevent waste deposits from clinging to them. Finally, store it away from light, heat and humidity.


Which pool robot to choose?

In our opinion, the best pool cleaner for most people is the electric pool cleaner. Even though the price may not be affordable for everyone, many users wait until they have the budget to invest in this device. It offers excellent performance and guarantees 100% cleanliness of the water and the pool. It is easy to use and does not require you to be present, as you can leave it running while you do other things. There are also inexpensive models with outstanding performance, which many buyers are happy with.

How often should the pool be cleaned?

This summer, public and private swimming pools will not be deserted, although there has been some concern about the current health conditions. Indeed, the purchase and installation of swimming pools continues to soar across the country, so that the purchase of robotic pool cleaners is also being advocated. However, the frequency of cleaning depends on how often the pool is used and how many people use it. In summer, it is recommended to clean at least three times a week. For heavily used pools, daily cleaning is strongly recommended.

Which brush should I choose to clean a liner?

For a liner floor, the most suitable brush is the spiked brush, which is able to remove even the most stubborn dirt. You can also choose a rubber brush, which is suitable for rough and solid flooring.

Is a pool cleaner really essential?

If you are not convinced by the purchase of a pool cleaner because of the additional and sometimes large budget involved, you should know that it is quite possible to make do with traditional methods. To do this, you will need a broom, a brush, a net or a telescopic handle. Also, you will have to jump into the water in the true sense of the word to reach the depths and carry out the cleaning manually. If you want to save yourself a lot of time, there is nothing better than a pool cleaner.

Why change the filter of a pool cleaner?

Although the efficiency of the electric pool cleaner has been proven, it is still crucial to maintain it so that it retains its original properties. The filter is one of the components that needs to be changed regularly, because if it is worn or damaged, it will no longer be able to vacuum and brush the entire pool (neither the walls nor the bottom) perfectly.


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