The best pool alarms in the UK 2023

The pool is a place to relax and have fun. But with children, it also represents a danger. 17% of drowning cases occurred there in 2018. Installing a pool alarm can prevent a child from falling in or getting into the pool. For you, we have established a comparative guide of the best models taking into account the standard, brands (Aqualarm, Maytronics ...) and price. So, which pool alarm should you choose?

Aqualarm Classic v2 1

Best value for money

Aqualarm Classic v2

The best pool alarm in 2021

The Aqualarm Classic V2 is the most effective, reliable and simple pool alarm on the market. In addition to complying with standards, it has powerful sirens that warn in case of a submerged body.

183 £ on Manomano

Compliant with the NF P90-207-1 standard, the Aqualarm Classic V2 warns you in case of a fall in the pool by means of its powerful integrated sirens. Note however that the sensors are very sensitive. Atmospheric disturbances such as thunderstorms could set them off. Easy to install, this pool alarm does not require any electrical connection or special settings.

The device permanently analyzes the waves generated in your pool. It can differentiate between interference waves from other devices and those related to a falling or immersed body in the pool. The Aqualarm Classic V2 is placed at the edge of the pool. You can deactivate it for swimming by typing the code with the integrated keyboard. Once you are finished swimming, the alarm will automatically return to monitoring mode.

Weltico Visiopool 2

Best value for money

Weltico Visiopool

The best entry-level pool alarm

Weltico's visiopool is an easy-to-use and effective pool alarm. No unwanted triggering, which is why it is so popular. Supplied with 4 batteries, this device must be protected in winter for it to last.

159 £ on Manomano

Weltico's Visiopool pool alarm is a best-seller. Installed on the coping, it can detect any accidental fall into the pool. Of course, it complies with the NF P90-307-1 standard dating from 2009 and is suitable for all pools. It is a wireless underwater alarm. The integrated siren has a sound level of 100 dB. As for the signal, it has a range of 7 m.

We particularly like this model because it is less sensitive to wind and rain, unlike most pool alarms. Don't worry, it goes off instantly in case of immersion or fall. Easy to install and use, this alarm comes with simple instructions. However, remember to protect the Visiopool in winter to improve its longevity. To do this, you can add silicate-gel to contain moisture and remove the batteries.

Aquasensor Sensor Espio 3

A great choice

Aquasensor Sensor Espio

The best high-end alternative

The Aquasensor Sensor Espio brings you up to safety standards. If a body weighing more than 6 kg is submerged, it sounds a loud 100 dB alarm. Too bad for the rather complex installation.

263 £ on Manomano

The Aquansensor Sensor Espio is an alarm for in-ground pools. Manufactured by Maytronics, it has dual APAVE and LNE compliance while meeting NF P90-307-1 standards. The Sensor Epio system is suitable for pools measuring 10 x 5 m. It detects the immersion or fall of a body weighing more than 6 kg in the pool. This will cause the central detection unit to trigger its 100 dB siren. Moreover, the radius of action of the detector reaches 7 m.

Note that the shape of the alarm makes it compatible with most pool covers. The major drawback of this alarm is the difficulty of setting it up. There are specific heights of coping and depth. In particular, a minimum water depth of 60 cm is required as well as a distance between the underside of the coping and the water line of 8.5 to 20 cm.

Maytronics Aquasensor Premium 4

Very good choice

Maytronics Aquasensor Premium

The best inground pool alarm

The Maytronics Aquasensor Premium pool alarm is the ideal security system for certain categories of traditional and above-ground pools.

167 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best pool alarm

Any specific needs?

The best pool alarm in 2021

The best entry-level pool alarm

The best high-end alternative

The best inground pool alarm

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Comparison table of the best pool alarms

Aqualarm Classic v2 5
Weltico Visiopool 6
Aquasensor Sensor Espio 7
Maytronics Aquasensor Premium 8
Aqualarm Classic v2
Weltico Visiopool
Aquasensor Sensor Espio
Maytronics Aquasensor Premium
The Aqualarm Classic V2 is the most effective, reliable and simple pool alarm on the market. In addition to complying with standards, it has powerful sirens that warn in case of a submerged body.
Weltico's visiopool is an easy-to-use and effective pool alarm. No unwanted triggering, which is why it is so popular. Supplied with 4 batteries, this device must be protected in winter for it to last.
The Aquasensor Sensor Espio brings you up to safety standards. If a body weighing more than 6 kg is submerged, it sounds a loud 100 dB alarm. Too bad for the rather complex installation.
The Maytronics Aquasensor Premium pool alarm is the ideal security system for certain categories of traditional and above-ground pools.
Pool alarm
Immersion Sensor
Pool alarm
Sound power
115 dB
100 dB
110 dB
110 dB
Maximum compatible pool size
10 x 5 m
12 x 5 m
10 x 5 m
10 x 5
7 m
7 m
7 m
7 m
Very sensitive
Plastic case looks a little cheap
Backwash activation is not compatible with Sensor Espio
Not suitable for self-supporting above-ground pools with soft walls

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How to choose your pool alarm

#1 - Why do you need it?

The answer to this question will determine the type of alarm you need. Alarms that prevent intruders from entering the pool are different from those that prevent children from falling into the water. Think about what you really need before you choose.

#2 - The type of pool

Choose an alarm that fits your pool, whether it's above ground or in ground. This will make it easier to install the device, especially on the ledge. Indeed, installing an alarm on a pool with a rounded edge is more complicated than for a pool with a straight edge.

#3 - The type of alarm

We will discuss this criterion in more detail later. But already know that the different models are divided into 2 types: perimeter alarms to prevent intrusions and underwater alarms to warn in case of children falling into the water.

Perform periodic tests

Test your pool alarm regularly. This will ensure that it is always working properly.

#4 - The sensitivity

The pool alarm must be able to detect intrusions or falls within a radius of at least 7 m. But that doesn't mean ringing every time a twig or leaf falls into the water. Too many false alarms could cause you to disable the alarm, so alarms with different sensitivity levels are the best choice. In addition, one of the criteria imposed by the law of January 3, 2003 on pool alarms requires the detection of falls or immersion of children from 6 kg.

#5 - The sound power

Directly following the previous criterion, the sound level must be loud enough for you to hear it throughout the house, day and night. We recommend 100 dB alarms, especially if you have young children. For intruders, 85 to 90 dB should be sufficient.

#6 - The features

Many pool alarms come with a remote control to turn it on or off. Most have a base unit to be installed inside the house that sounds the alarm. In some cases, the alarm is triggered directly by smartphone. In most cases, the pool alarm is powered by batteries, 4 on average. It can also be equipped with a keyboard to enter the activation or deactivation code. Finally, there are pool bracelets. They do not replace the alarms, but complement them.

How a pool alarm works

The best pool alarms 9

The detection mode

Some pool alarms float on the surface to analyze the movement of water. The sensors measure and react to the disturbance, which triggers the alarm. Devices equipped with this type of sensor work with both in-ground and above-ground pools.

Other types of sensors measure the water pressure below the surface. They trigger the alarm if there is a significant change in pressure. This system is best suited for in-ground pools, although it will also work if your above-ground pool has at least a partially constructed deck.

There are also pool alarms that are triggered when wet. They work best when attached to pets or children. This way, if you jump or fall into the pool, you will know.

Power and autonomy

Most alarms are powered by 9V or D batteries. Manufacturers advertise that these batteries are designed to last a full year. But the more your alarm goes off, the shorter the battery life will be.

Check the alarm regularly, monthly if possible, to make sure the batteries are not depleted. Finally, consider removing the batteries during the coldest months, i.e. winter. This will prevent moisture from frying the circuits.


Some pool alarms include 2 different sirens to increase your chances of hearing the sound in the event of an alarm activation. Also, pool alarms with subsurface detection cause fewer false alarms than models with surface detection.

The different types of pool alarms

Perimeter alarm

This type of alarm uses bollards linked together by infrared rays

. They delimit the surface to be protected. They must be placed around the pool and connected to a central unit in the house. The latter sounds the siren in case of intrusion.

The perimeter alarm is triggered if the area delimited by the bollards is crossed

or if the gate is opened. However, it can easily be defeated by jumping over the fence. In addition, digging is required to install the bollards.


  • Gives more time to react since the alarm warns before the fall
  • The sounding of the alarm helps to dissuade the intruder
  • No unwanted triggers


  • Jumping over the infrared fence will defeat the alarm
  • Difficult to set up. Indeed, it is necessary to dig around the pool to place the terminals
  • High price

Who is it for?

A perimeter alarm is an excellent solution to keep intruders away from the pool. The sound of the alarm will scare them away!

Submerged alarm

This type of alarm consists of a submerged surface sensor and a central alarm unit to be installed in the house. The submerged probe analyzes water ripples and sounds when there is abnormal movement, such as a fall into the pool.

If you activate the alarm, it will automatically go off if a child or pet is in the pool. Be aware that some sensors are mounted in the pool, below the surface of the water. These are the best in terms of detection.


  • Does not require installation work or prior adjustments
  • Much more discreet than the perimeter alarm
  • Price


  • It is triggered only after the fall. This leaves little time to react
  • Many models are triggered by wind, rain, leaves falling into the water...

Who is it for?

People with young children or pets should install an underwater alarm for their pool. For children, you can complement the alarm with a wrist strap.

The pool barrier

The pool alarm aims to prevent falls, immersion or intrusion into the pool. The protection barrier, on the other hand, aims to prevent the passage of a child under 5 years old. There are 3 types of pool barriers on the market: the removable barrier, the fixed barrier and the retractable barrier, which disappears into the ground. Whichever model you choose, it must be at least 1.22 m high from the finished ground. In addition, the system must resist voluntary or accidental tearing and be at least 1 m from the edge of the pool. In addition, the barrier must resist shocks of 50 kg. Finally, the outward opening gate must require at least 2 actions to be unlocked.

Alarm or barrier for pool protection?

Pool alarm

A pool alarm is an essential device for all pools. Its possession is an obligation for all in-ground pools and it ensures, mainly, safety during swimming. The submerged alarm is triggered automatically in case of sudden movement of water or fall of an object from a certain weight. The perimeter alarm, on the other hand, produces a siren sound as soon as someone crosses the infrared beam perimeter delimited by bollards placed around the pool.

The advantage of the pool alarm is that it is easy to install and does not take up any space. In addition, it does not interfere with the view of your pool. But it has some disadvantages, such as the security that is not 100% guaranteed. Indeed, even if it is triggered, the person in danger cannot get out of the water in time without someone's help.

Protective barrier for swimming pool

The pool fence is a safety device that can fence off the pool so that a child cannot enter. Usually made of light and strong aluminum, you can use it for any type of pool, whether outdoor or indoor.

This device can also serve as a bulwark to protect your pool from waste or plant residues and thus keep the water of your pool clean. The pool fence does have a few drawbacks, however. Indeed, it requires frequent human supervision to ensure that it is well closed. In addition, its aesthetics are not convincing enough for a private pool.


In conclusion, the choice between these two types of pool protection is a matter of personal preference. Pool fences are best suited to protect small children. On the other hand, a pool alarm is the best solution to avoid the risk of drowning. The two can also complement each other.

Why buy a pool alarm?

To comply with the law

The law of January 3, 2003 obliges owners of private outdoor pools, with a partially or fully buried pool, to equip themselves with a standardized safety system to prevent drowning. Among these safety devices is the pool alarm which is regulated by the NF P90-307-1 standard.

In case of non-installation of an alarm or non-compliance with the NF P90-307-1 standard, you can be fined up to 45 000 euros. Without forgetting the penal sanctions provided by the law. So it is much more reassuring and advantageous to have a certified pool alarm instead of exposing yourself to such penalties.

To protect children and pets

One of the primary purposes of a pool alarm is to prevent children from drowning. In fact, to comply with the standard, the alarm must be able to detect and report quickly the fall of a child weighing 6 kg or more. This allows for immediate intervention by supervisors to avoid disasters.

Pet owners with swimming pools in their homes are required to take various precautions to keep their pets out of the pool. And if they escape their owners' vigilance and venture into the water, the pool alarm will sound. This will reduce the risk of drowning.

More aesthetic and less expensive than fences

One of the major drawbacks of the pool fence is its lack of aesthetics. No matter the color or shape of the bollards, the system will always look like a fence around the pool. The pool alarm does not have this defect. First, it is small. Secondly, it is often elegant.

Pool alarms are not the only safety devices proposed by law to prevent drowning of children or animals. However, they remain the most discreet and aesthetic compared to barriers, covers or shelters. In addition, they are not expensive.

Attach the bracelet securely

It is important to ensure that the immersion detection wristbands are securely attached. Make sure the child cannot remove them when he or she gets near the pool.

The best brands of pool alarms

In our opinion, the best brands of pool alarms in 2022 are :

First Innov
No Stress
Safety turtles

Maytronics is a specialist in pool maintenance and safety equipment. It is a leading company on the French market: the famous brands Aqualarm, Sensor Premium or Sensor Espio belong to it. Maytronics pool alarms all comply with the new version of the NF P90-307-1: 2009 standard.

The First Innov brand is present on the pool, automotive and home automation markets. Among its best-known achievements are the PrimaProtect pool bracelet and perimeter alarms. These products are highly acclaimed for their reliability and performance.

Weltico is a brand whose reputation is well known. It is especially known for its filtering, lighting or sealing parts, more precisely for the pool equipment. But its pool alarms are also among the most sought-after products on the market today.

No Stress manufactures pool bracelets. The brand is actually the main competitor of First Innov in this field. It gives you a choice of 2 attachment systems: the bracelet or the necklace. The No Stress products send an alert to the parents' smartphone when the child enters the water.

On the market, you can also find pool collars for pets, especially dogs. Safety Turtle by Terrapin is a brand that specializes in anti-drowning alarms for dogs and pool gate alarms. It also manufactures immersion bracelets for children.

What is the price for a pool alarm

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

80 £ to 200 £
200 £ to 400 £
more than 400 £
Price range diagram


Replace pool alarm batteries regularly.

If your pool alarm uses batteries, be sure to replace them regularly to keep the alarm working properly.

Know how to turn off the pool alarm.


all adults in the household how to turn off the alarm in case of false alarms. And remember to turn it back on when you're done using the pool.

Install a pool fence.


best safety measure is to install a fence around their pool. This will keep kids out of the water, especially if you're not around to supervise. The gate should open outward, away from the pool, and be equipped with an automatic lock.

Have rescue equipment and a first aid kit nearby.

Make sure you

have a life preserver, rescue tube, or rescue hook (also called a shepherd's hook) to pull someone out of the water safely. This equipment should be near the pool in a clearly marked and accessible location, and checked periodically to ensure it is in good condition. You will also need a first aid kit with everything you need in case of an accident.

Inspect the pool area daily for slip hazards.

Children and the elderly can trip over objects and fall into the water if these objects are left near the edge of the pool. Make sure floats, tubes, toys and cleaning equipment are stored away from the water when not in use.


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