The best ponchos for women in the UK 2023

The poncho is a key piece in the women's wardrobe. Originating from Latin America, this warm and ample garment is worn for a bohemian style. But although it is very trendy, its choice depends on several criteria. This guide gives you all the tips to enhance your look with a poncho.

Striped Poncho with turtleneck Ferand 1

Editor's Choice

Striped Poncho with turtleneck Ferand

The best women's poncho in 2021

This turtleneck poncho by Ferand is soft to the touch. It is made of a warm and comfortable fabric, perfect to protect yourself from the cold.

23,99 £ on Amazon

If you are looking for a poncho that is both warm and stylish, this one will not disappoint you at all. It has a turtleneck that effectively keeps your neck from getting cold. Likewise, its length goes all the way down to your buttocks to keep your body warm, while adapting to highlight your silhouette, no matter your morphology.

It is also a very stylish poncho, with stripes in shades of light and dark colors well thought. And long, beautiful bangs add an aesthetic touch to the hem. This poncho from Ferand is great for all occasions, you can wear it with your favorite jeans, or your pencil skirt to be more elegant.

Extra large poncho imitation cashmere Shmily Girl 2

Best cheap

Extra large poncho imitation cashmere Shmily Girl

The best entry-level women's poncho

Large and well-covered are the key words of this Shmily Girl poncho. Made of acrylic and polyester, it insulates well from the cold during the winter season.

15,99 £ on Amazon

Needa well-covered poncho? Choose this extra-large poncho by Shmily Girl. It is a thick winter poncho. Indeed, its material made of a mixture of acrylic and polyester mimics well the cashmere to keep you warm. Moreover, its length reaches the knee to cover you completely when the temperature is at its lowest.

In addition to its perfect thermal insulation, its style is also another advantage. This poncho is light and flowing. Reversible, it goes well with your clothing looks, whether you wear a mini skirt or tight pants over thigh-high boots or pumps.

Cashmere poncho Dalle Piane Cashmere 3

Best premium

Cashmere poncho Dalle Piane Cashmere

The best high-end women's poncho

Elegance and refinement will be the order of the day with this 100% cashmere poncho for women. It is extremely soft to the touch and very comfortable.

75,99 £ on Amazon

Cashmere is a noble and cozy material. This cashmere knitted in this textile will protect you from the cold while giving you a very refined look. It is a material that insulates very well from the cold, despite the fact that this poncho is a little smaller, you will love its softness.

It is a poncho of very simple appearance, without embellishment. But the quality of manufacture of the Italian brand is simply at the rendezvous. Moreover, given its elegance, you can wear it to major events, such as a wedding or a baptism. It is also a luxury gift to offer for yourself or for someone you care about.

Hooded poncho with bangs Ferand 4

Excellent alternative

Hooded poncho with bangs Ferand

The best hooded women's poncho

If you're looking for a cute hooded poncho, look no further than this crocheted pattern. Signed Ferand, this fringed poncho is as cozy as it is stylish.

23,19 £ on Amazon

The Ferand brand offers a hooded poncho with bangs to keep you warm during the winter season. Made of acrylic, this poncho offers warmth and comfort on cold days and evenings. It is also large enough to cover you up to mid-thigh, while the large hood is very practical to keep your head warm.

It's also a stylish poncho, with long bangs at the hems knitted with crochet as well as around the hood. This gives it a lot of originality and elegance. It is perfect for a chic and bohemian look.

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Best poncho for women

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The best women's poncho in 2021

The best entry-level women's poncho

The best high-end women's poncho

The best hooded women's poncho

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Comparison table of the best ponchos for women

Striped Poncho with turtleneck Ferand 5
Extra large poncho imitation cashmere Shmily Girl 6
Cashmere poncho Dalle Piane Cashmere 7
Hooded poncho with bangs Ferand 8
Striped Poncho with turtleneck Ferand
Extra large poncho imitation cashmere Shmily Girl
Cashmere poncho Dalle Piane Cashmere
Hooded poncho with bangs Ferand
This turtleneck poncho by Ferand is soft to the touch. It is made of a warm and comfortable fabric, perfect to protect yourself from the cold.
Large and well-covered are the key words of this Shmily Girl poncho. Made of acrylic and polyester, it insulates well from the cold during the winter season.
Elegance and refinement will be the order of the day with this 100% cashmere poncho for women. It is extremely soft to the touch and very comfortable.
If you're looking for a cute hooded poncho, look no further than this crocheted pattern. Signed Ferand, this fringed poncho is as cozy as it is stylish.
Thermal insulation
100% acrylic
50% acrylic and 50% polyester
100% cashmere
100% acrylic
Dimensions (Length x Width)
90 x 100 cm
130 x 150 cm
80 x 80 cm
60 x 85 cm
Wall opening
Roll neck
No collar
Round neck
Collarless, hooded

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How to choose your poncho for women

To feel comfortable in this square of fabric that is the poncho, you must base your choice on these four criteria.

#1 - The fabric

Not all the materials from which ponchos are woven offer the same degree of comfort and warmth. If you like lightness, a thin fabric like cotton is the best option. If you're looking for a full coverage, warm, thick poncho, we highly recommend wool or cashmere ponchos, perfect for winter. In addition to natural fabrics, polyester and acrylic are best if you want a lightweight, yet cozy poncho. Some ponchos are also made of waterproof materials. These are to be worn during the rainy season or while hiking for example.

#2 - The morphology

If you are rather tall, avoid ponchos that are a little too short and prefer those that go down to mid-thigh. If, on the other hand, you are short, a long poncho may make you look chubby and shorten your figure even more. Also, choose materials such as cashmere or fur. If you are a woman with curves, any length will suit you perfectly. In addition, fabrics that are fluid enough like flannel, or with an elegant fall like wool are to be favored so as not to "inflate" your silhouette.

#3 - The color

With ponchos, you have a wide choice in terms of colors. On the one hand, you have ponchos with traditional ethnic patterns, those with checks or stripes. On the other, you have models with solid colors. To help you choose the right color, try to visualize looks with a particular patterned poncho and focus on a timeless pattern that will go well with many of your basics. Otherwise, simply choose a poncho in the color you love. But be careful, as some patterns tend to bulk up or slim down the figure!

#4 - The cup

While in the beginning the poncho was very simple and the styles were differentiated by the patterns, nowadays you have different possible cuts. For example, there are ponchos with a V-neck, a turtleneck or Claudine. Some models are also equipped with a hood to protect your head from the cold. In terms of length, you have ponchos that are short enough to fit almost all body types, and those with oversized cuts that sometimes fall to the ankles.

How to wear the poncho in style?


The poncho is generally a very easy to wear outerwear. It completes your fall or winter look with great elegance.

What to wear under your poncho

If you want to wear a warm garment underneath, you'll need to respect the volumes. In other words, you definitely won't be able to wear it over a big quilted down jacket! In fact, you should make sure that your arms are free and light. Also, go for long-sleeved sweaters with a tight fit underneath to complete your look. Otherwise, if you wear your poncho in mid-season, it goes great with a shirt.

Skirt or pants?

The poncho goes really well with skinny, slim-fitting pants or leggings. If you prefer skirts, avoid like the plague very long and wide skirts that will make you look like you're straight out of a Native American tribe... On the other hand, a short and close-fitting skirt will go very well, for example, a leather or skater miniskirt.

What shoes to wear with a poncho?

The poncho goes great with all types of shoes, whether it be boots, pumps, sandals, or sneakers. For example, you can wear skinny jeans with a pair of ankle boots. Or why not black thigh-high boots with a black miniskirt and a beige or grey poncho? You will have a really glamorous and feminine look!

The different types of ponchos for women

Basically, the poncho is a square of fabric with an opening in the middle to let the head through. But designers and fashion creators have made many variations. Here are the main types of ponchos.

The classic poncho

The classic poncho is the closest in style to the traditional alpaca wool poncho, worn for centuries by the indigenous peoples of Latin America. It is simple, but refined, sometimes with beautiful ethnic patterns. It is also a functional garment, warm and comfortable in winter, light and refreshing in summer. Besides, this type of poncho flatters all morphologies: it hides your little flaws, but highlights your femininity.

The fur poncho

If the classic poncho is a woven garment, this one is, as its name indicates, made of real or fake fur. This type of poncho is obviously very warm. Also, it is preferable to wear it during the winter or when the temperature is rather low. For sure, it will be very cozy. It is also a very elegant poncho that reminds a bit of fur coats. For a successful look, you can for example combine it with leather pants or skirt, you will be very glamorous.

The ruana

This variant worn mainly by Venezuelans, Colombians and peoples of the Andean region is another variant of the poncho. Traditionally, it is made with wool, precisely because it is a thick garment, designed to withstand the weather conditions of the region. Moreover, its length reaches the knees and this poncho hangs at the level of the shoulders. Because of its length, it can be worn with a belt! Still on the style side, ruanas are often woven with stripes and geometric shapes very aesthetic.

The turtleneck poncho

As its name suggests this poncho has been woven with a turtleneck. It is therefore indicated for those who are a little chilly. Warm and comfortable, this poncho has a length reaching at least to the buttocks and whose "sleeves" go down to the arms. As for the material, you will most often find quality turtleneck ponchos made of wool, cashmere or cotton.

The hooded poncho

This type of poncho will know how to preserve your head from the cold in winter or fall. Indeed, if the traditional poncho has a simple V-neck, this one has a stylish and cozy hood. As it is made for the cold seasons, it is most often made of warm materials such as wool, cashmere or even fur. Hooded ponchos are also great for adding a bit of a casual touch to your look.

The opening poncho

You'll also find ponchos that are open in the front. Like a shawl or cape, these are easier to put on and very practical to subtly reveal the clothes you're wearing underneath. But in general, they do not have a closure. So they are more suitable for mid-season. Also, remember to put a warm sweater underneath in winter if you don't want to catch cold!

The waterproof poncho

Much more functional and modern, the waterproof poncho was designed to stay dry during the rainy season. It has a hood, most often adjustable to preserve well from rainwater. This type of poncho covers up to the knee. And because of its cut, it is very practical for people moving on two wheels in the rain. It is also an ideal windproof poncho for hiking.

Poncho or cape?

Many people confuse poncho and cape, some even think that these two terms are synonymous. Yet these warm garments have different cuts and styles.

The poncho

The poncho is a square or asymmetrical fabric with an opening in the middle to let the head through. It exists in different variants, with or without hood, with V-neck or turtleneck, long or short, open or not on the front. It can also have or not fringes on the bottom, giving it a unique style. But its greatest particularity lies in the originality of some models with ethnic patterns, although there are plain ponchos or made with check and stripe patterns. It is also warm, comfortable and very easy to put on.

The cape

As for the cape, it is closer to the coats, except that it does not have sleeves like the poncho. Indeed, it has an A shape, has a collar and always opens on the front. Unlike the poncho, it can be closed with buttons for example. The cape can also be long or short, with or without a hood, and made of thick, warm materials such as fur, wool, cashmere, etc. It is a fluid, light, but very cozy coat that you can wear even in winter.


Cape or poncho, these two covering garments are very easy to wear. They are both warm and comfortable to complete your winter outfit. In addition, they can be worn with any style to give you an original look. However, the poncho is best worn for a bohemian chic look, while the cape is much more elegant if you want to have a dressy outfit.

5 good reasons to wear a poncho

The poncho has everything to appeal to women. Here are five good reasons to add this timeless garment to your wardrobe!

1- It goes with every look

Whether you're going for a stylish look or a casual one, the poncho will always be your perfect ally. It can be worn with your favorite jeans as well as with your evening dress.

2- Wear it anytime

No matter the season or the occasion, you can wear your poncho. In the summer, just put a t-shirt or a shirt underneath. In winter, add a sweater and get out your best boots. Then add a poncho and you're done!

3- It hides imperfections

The poncho fits all body types well. Whether you're thin, round, tall or short, there's a poncho that will fit you well. Moreover, it is perfect to hide your small curves, thanks to its fluid and ample cut. If on the other hand you want to emphasize your waist, you will just have to put a belt.

4- It comes in different styles

Long, short, asymmetrical, with or without hood, open or not, the poncho lends itself to all styles. Likewise, in terms of colour or pattern, there is something for every taste and every need.

5- It pays tribute to Latin American culture

The poncho is above all an ethnic garment. Wearing it is like a tribute to its origins, a way to perpetuate the culture of the people who have worn it for centuries.

The best brands of ponchos for women

In our opinion, the best brands of ponchos for women in 2022 are :

Dalle Piane Cashmere
Shmily Girl

Ferand is a brand specialized in the design of ponchos. Hooded, turtleneck, open or not, its ponchos are distinguished by their quality of manufacture. They are elegant and adapted to all morphologies and all seasons.

The Italian brand specializes in 100% cashmere clothing. The family business has managed to build up a loyal following of customers who love this noble and soft textile. And this is because its products are beautifully finished thanks to a manufacturing process using traditional techniques.

Specializing in women's items, Shmily Girl is among the best women's clothing brands on Amazon. Dresses, pants, tops and blouses, its items are all very pretty, especially its very large and well-covered ponchos.

Virblatt is a reference brand in terms of clothing fashion. Its poncho collection has excellent finishing, while the choice of materials and patterns is made with indigenous mountain tribes. Certainly, quality and originality will be at the rendez-vous.

Founded in 2000, Puli is a Montreal-based fashion house. The brand specializes in clothing and accessories for women. It offers ponchos and shawls woven with very fine yarn and dense enough to avoid snags. Its products are also tested to ensure that they meet established quality standards.

What is the price for a poncho for women

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Take into account the season

Even if the poncho does not cover you completely, you should avoid being too hot or too cold by choosing a model adapted to the season. In winter, you can easily choose a poncho made of alpaca wool or cashmere. But in mid-season, you should wear a lighter model, in cotton for example.

Wear your poncho as a scarf

Long and fluid, the poncho can very well be worn simply as a scarf. That's right! Nothing forbids you to just put it on your shoulders instead of putting it on, for a very successful semi-casual look.

Avoid loose clothing

To perfect your look with a poncho, don't put loose clothes underneath. Whether it's baggy pants, a long full skirt, a big coat or a down jacket, avoid all these "big" clothes and always bet on light, fitted and close to the body outfits.

Belt your poncho

For more originality in your style, you can very well wear a belt on your poncho. This will allow you to better draw your curves, especially since the poncho tends to hide them.

Take care of your alpaca wool coat

If you wash by hand, use cold water and a special wool detergent. For machine washing, select the delicate or wool program and a specific detergent. In both cases, avoid the use of fabric softener which could damage the fabric. When machine washing, it is even advisable to place the alpaca wool poncho in a pillowcase to protect it.


When should I wear a poncho?

The poncho can be worn for almost any occasion. You can wear it to the office with skinny pants, long boots and a simple bun. At a brunch, you'll have a more casual look with skinny destroy jeans and a tight sweater. You can even wear it on a date with a skirt and thigh-high boots for a seductive look.

Can I wear a poncho over a dress?

Of course you can! But this time, choose noble materials such as cashmere or wool on your cocktail or evening dress. The poncho will be light and comfortable while keeping you warm throughout the event. And you can easily remove it to show off your pretty dress if you want.

Which handbag to wear with a poncho?

As for handbags, you're spoilt for choice. Whether it's a small clutch with your evening dress or a pea jacket with jeans and a sweater, it will go perfectly with your poncho. You can also match it with it or go for a mismatched look. In any case, your style will remain perfect as long as you choose the right clothes to wear with your poncho.

Who invented the poncho?

The poncho is a garment worn since the dawn of time in South America, by the inhabitants of the Andes. Made of alpaca and with coloured symbols representing animals or geometrical figures, it is worn throughout the year to protect oneself from the vagaries of the weather in the high mountains.


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Striped Poncho with turtleneck Ferand 9
Striped Poncho with turtleneck Ferand
Extra large poncho imitation cashmere Shmily Girl 10
Extra large poncho imitation cashmere Shmily Girl
Cashmere poncho Dalle Piane Cashmere 11
Cashmere poncho Dalle Piane Cashmere
Hooded poncho with bangs Ferand 12
Hooded poncho with bangs Ferand


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