The best pipes in the UK 2023

Supplanted by the cigarette, the tobacco pipe nevertheless keeps its charm and its followers. Still it is necessary to know how to sort out between the thousands of proposed models. Classic or electronic, Dunhill or other brand, with or without charcoal filter, to offer or to offer yourself, find the pipe adapted to your budget and your needs through our buying guide.

Joyoldelf ZBI-JJ167 1

Best value for money

Joyoldelf ZBI-JJ167

The best pipe in 2021

Joyoldelf offers this bent pipe in ebony wood. Sturdiness and resistance are the key words of its design. It comes with a pipe rest that can be easily removed for cleaning.

29,59 £ on Amazon

Made of ebony wood, the Joyoldelf ZBI-JJ167 is a guarantee of quality and robustness. Indeed, the ebony wood resists to high temperatures, which increases considerably its durability. In terms of finishes, you will notice the perfectly polished wood mane without forgetting the deep oven that protects the tobacco from the wind.

This curved pipe comes with a folding wooden stand for easy storage. Plus, cleaning is easy because the pipe can be disassembled. You won't have to worry about maintenance anymore thanks to the presence of pipe cleaner, 3-in-1 stainless steel scraper, cork and pipe cleaner. Finally, the Joyoldelf ZBI-JJ167 works with 9 mm filters.

Joyoldelf X050 2

Best value for money

Joyoldelf X050

The best entry-level pipe

This is the low-cost version of the Joyoldelf ZBI-JJ167. Made of pear wood, the Joyoldelf X050 is compatible with standard 9mm filters for easy filter changes.

17,59 £ on Amazon

The Joyoldelf X050 is sold with an elegant folding wooden stand. This prevents the pipe from getting lost and allows it to cool down when it gets too hot. In a classic and vintage style, its wood finish makes it all the more refined despite its price. This model is compatible with standard 9 mm filters, which makes it easy to change filters.

This pipe is made of pear wood, a durable material. The wood also offers a classic polished finish, a great value for a pipe. Note that the Joyoldelf X050 can be split in two for easy storage and cleaning. The tube is made of acrylic acid, which makes the maintenance and cleaning of the interior even easier.

Dr Watson Holmes 3

Best premium value for money

Dr Watson Holmes

The best high-end pipe of the moment

For want of a dunhill pipe, here is the closest thing we could find. The Dr Watson Holmes is a handmade pipe that is irresistibly elegant and practical.

119 £ on Amazon

The Dr Watson Holmes has a very a very attractive design. Even though it is a new tobacco pipe, its elegance and style are reminiscent of Victorian pipes. The briar root body and ebonite mouthpiece, all handmade and polished with carnauba wax, accentuate its refinement.

In terms of shape, this wooden pipe has a curved style. As far as length goes, it's noticeably shorter, which is perfect for regulars who know what they want for warmth. The carrying pouch is complimentary.

Kamry K1000 4

Electronic pipe

Kamry K1000

A great electronic pipe

The Kamry K1000 is an electronic pipe. No need to put tobacco in it to enjoy the heat. The combination of wooden body and large plastic mouthpiece makes its charm.

35,99 £ on Amazon

It is an electronic pipe of average size, easy to hold between the teeth. We like its compact atomizer. This allows the pipe to provide a larger cloud and exquisite smoke without nicotine taste. The heating is done quickly bringing a nice steam experience. You do not risk burning your tongue or lips thanks to the overheating protection.

The Kamry K1000 pipe is fully removable for easy maintenance. The battery only takes 2 hours to charge and has an autonomy of 8 hours. The pipe of this electronic pipe has a micro USB port for charging. However, this model has no adapter or charger, recharging only requires a USB cable.

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The best pipe in 2021

The best entry-level pipe

The best high-end pipe of the moment

A great electronic pipe

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Comparison table of the best pipes

Top of the top Inexpensive High end electronics
Joyoldelf ZBI-JJ167 5
Joyoldelf X050 6
Dr Watson Holmes 7
Kamry K1000 8
Joyoldelf ZBI-JJ167
Joyoldelf X050
Dr Watson Holmes
Kamry K1000
Joyoldelf offers this bent pipe in ebony wood. Sturdiness and resistance are the key words of its design. It comes with a pipe rest that can be easily removed for cleaning.
This is the low-cost version of the Joyoldelf ZBI-JJ167. Made of pear wood, the Joyoldelf X050 is compatible with standard 9mm filters for easy filter changes.
For want of a dunhill pipe, here is the closest thing we could find. The Dr Watson Holmes is a handmade pipe that is irresistibly elegant and practical.
The Kamry K1000 is an electronic pipe. No need to put tobacco in it to enjoy the heat. The combination of wooden body and large plastic mouthpiece makes its charm.
Ebony wood
Wood and plastic
9 mm
9 mm
9 mm
Metal filter

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How to choose your pipe

Before buying a (new) pipe, you have to take into account selection criteria such as length, shape, pipe material, finish, but also the filter. We explain this in more detail:

#1 - The length of the pipe

The smoke is created in the fireplace and will rise to your mouth through a pipe more or less long depending on the model. The length of this pipe is therefore a major criterion, both for practicality and for aesthetics. Women's pipes, for example, are known for their long and thin pipes.

The real difference between a long pipe and a short pipe lies in the heat of the smoke. Indeed, while passing in the pipe, the smoke cools. So it will be cooler with a longer pipe and vice versa. Thus, pipes with medium length pipes are more suitable for beginners.

#2 - The shape of the pipe

The shape of the pipe can greatly impact the smoking experience. You can encounter dozens of pipe shapes on the market. But the 2 main shapes that are most common are the straight pipe and the bent pipe. Each shape has advantages and disadvantages. But the choice is yours.

Smoking seems to be more difficult with a bent pipe compared to a straight pipe. However, the straight pipe is heavier. The difference between the two is also seen in the ease of cleaning. So, if you want to enjoy the benefits without suffering the disadvantages, go for a slightly curved pipe.

#3 - The material of the pipe

In your quest for the perfect pipe, you should look at the material used to make the pipe. The most commonly used pipe materials are acrylic, cumberland and ebonite. Ebonite pipe is the most common of all, this material made of rubber and containing sulfur with a black color.

As for the cumberland pipes, they have a brown and black striated color in cumberland. This material is almost similar to ebonite in its composition. Finally, you have the acrylic pipes. This material is known for its great resistance and longevity.

#4 - The quality of the finishes

It is often said - and rightly so! - that the pipe is the gentlemen's cigarette. If we follow this logic, pipes should look elegant and imposing aesthetically speaking. Today's manufacturers have discovered a method to color briar with laser or lacquers applied to the wood.

This process has been carefully designed to last and not alter the smoking experience. Thus, pipe manufacturers today offer the embarrassment of choice in terms of finish, color... Your choice will be made considering your personality, your tastes and your favorite colors.

#5 - The filter used

This piece will retain impurities such as charcoal and nicotine. The filter also serves to support the taste of tobacco by purifying the smoke. As with the material, there are many filters that manufacturers can use. However, 3 types of filters stand out. These are the metal system, the 9 mm filter and the adapter for 9 mm filter.

In the past, almost all pipes were equipped with a metal filter. Nowadays, modern brands find more qualities in 9 mm filters. They are more effective in retaining moisture and impurities. You will be sure to have a smooth and pleasant smoke.

How to clean a pipe?

The pipe needs regular maintenance to be pleasant to use and last long. In this sense, there are 3 cleanings to do. The regular cleaning depends on the type of tobacco and the frequency of use. As for the deep cleaning with reamer or salt, it is less frequent but should be done with care.

Routine cleaning

This consists of cleaning the pipe and the draw hole of the pipe. This cleaning removes the moisture, nicotine and tar deposited in the pipe. Get a pipe cleaner soaked in alcohol and start unclogging the pipe. If you have a 9mm pipe, use a cotton swab or tissue dipped in alcohol to clean the bottom of the mortise and flock. Routine cleaning improves the smoking quality and should be done after each smoking.

Deep cleaning with reamer

For a more thorough cleaning, use a reamer to remove the breeching from the pipe. The breech is a layer of carbon deposited gradually inside the hearth. When this carbon deposit becomes too thick, it can clog the pipe. To remedy this, adjust the end of the reamer to the end of the firebox, then adjust the end of the reamer to the end of the pipe's firebox. Insert the tool into the firebox and rotate it slowly clockwise until the reamer claws fit the firebox. Then begin the removal of the bubbles, leaving a thin layer of bubbles in the firebox.

Deep cleaning with salt

Once you have finished unbottling the pipe, consider performing a salt cleaning. This step removes tobacco odors from the pipe. This is an instrument for smoking tobacco, so the presence of other odors can alter the taste of the tobacco you smoke. To begin, let the pipe cool down completely and remove any remaining ash and/or tobacco. Now you can begin the salt cleaning process:

  1. Dip a pipe cleaner in the alcohol and plug the pipe stem with it.
  2. Start filling the pipe bowl with coarse salt or fine cooking salt.
  3. Wet the salt alcohol with drops of salt alcohol using a dropper.
  4. Let it rest for the next 24 hours.
  5. Using a pipe cleaner, clean the pipe and make sure to remove all the salt grains from the pipe.
  6. Dry the bowl and stem and let the pipe rest for at least 24 hours.

The different types of pipes

Whether electronic or classic, regardless of length, pipes can be classified into 3 types: curved pipes, bent pipes and straight pipes.

The curved pipe

The curvature will be more or less pronounced. With long or short pipes, it remains very aesthetic. You can choose between several shapes and degrees of curvature. Perfectly balanced, the curved pipe is light in the mouth and does not require the smoker to squeeze it tightly between the teeth. It is a model not recommended for people with neophytes. Indeed, the smoke from this pipe is difficult to draw and the pipe gets wet easily. It requires regular maintenance.

The curved pipe

The curved pipe is ideal for beginners. It offers a good mouthfeel and a less pronounced curvature than the curved pipe. It can however be suitable for seasoned smokers. Its shape and length give it a pleasant aesthetic. Because of the slightly curved pipe of the bent pipe, the draw is difficult. This can sometimes bring moisture in the stem. Also, the curve does not make cleaning the pipe any easier.

The straight pipe

Simple and easy to maintain, the straight pipe has no curve. In fact, the stem is in the extension of the pipe. This makes it easier to draw and generates little moisture in the stem. It must be admitted that this type of pipe is really easy to live with in almost every respect. Its only drawback is that it is not very easy to use. To tell the truth, the straight pipe is heavier in the mouth and needs to be well maintained between the teeth. It must be said that its weight rests on the teeth of its user.

Pipe or cigarette?

The pipe

The pipe uses a pipe system to allow the smoker to taste the tobacco in the bowl. In short, you place the tobacco in the bowl yourself, pinch by pinch. Then, all you have to do is burn the tobacco to bring out the flavor, and then inhale the smoke produced.

However, the weight and length of the pipe can be a problem for smokers. You have to clench the pipe between your teeth to fit it over your mouth. In addition, you have to maintain it more or less, as it is not disposable and gets dirty easily.

Pipe tobacco is an unprocessed tobacco. Smoking a pipe consists in tasting this tobacco, without inhaling the smoke. It is more cumbersome, but known for its elegance and timelessness. Smoking a pipe has no direct impact on your health, except if you blow the smoke into your lungs.

The cigarette

The cigarette appeared at the beginning of the 19th century. It takes the form of tobacco cut and rolled in a thin paper designed for this purpose. The rolled tobacco may or may not be followed by a filter to reduce the amount of nicotine that enters the lungs. Smoking a cigarette consists of burning the tip and inhaling the smoke.

The cigarette is nevertheless known for the danger of its components. Besides nicotine, it contains carcinogenic substances. These include tar, ammonia and formaldehyde. Also, the cigarette promotes air pollution due to the fact that it is disposable and not biodegradable.

As for the cigarette, the tobacco it contains has been processed, cut and rolled in a factory. The smoke is inhaled, because the goal is to feel a certain dizziness after smoking. The cigarette is thinner and is perfectly disposable. However, the composition of the cigarette seriously deteriorates health in the long run.


If the sensation of a heavy object to hold between your teeth puts you off and you love the sensation of inhaling the smoke, the cigarette is a must. If you're a more old school smoker and love to taste tobacco without necessarily inhaling the smoke, try the pipe. Besides, it's no more cumbersome than a pack of cigarettes and a lighter!

Why buy a pipe?

No health impact if you don't inhale the smoke

As mentioned several times in this article, the pipe differs from the cigarette in that it is smoked in a different way. Indeed, contrary to the cigarette, the smoke of the pipe is not swallowed, but is tasted. The nicotine, naturally present in tobacco, does not risk destroying your lungs, except if you decide to voluntarily inhale the particles.

More economical than cigarettes

In terms of price, it is true that buying a pipe requires more thought than buying a cigarette, especially if it is a single model. However, in the long run, the pipe impacts less your wallet than the cigarette. Indeed, you will only have to think about buying tobacco when you have the pipe at your disposal. Whereas on an average of 2 packs per week, cigarette smokers spend more.

A free choice of tobacco

Choosing which tobacco to smoke is no small matter. However, having this choice is a huge advantage. Indeed, with the pipe, you are free to choose the tobacco you want to enjoy. Cigarette smokers don't have that luxury! In addition, there is an almost infinite choice of flavors, each as tasty as the other. You can just as easily switch from one tobacco to another in the same day.

Bringing the heat

It may seem unexpected, but a pipe can go a long way toward making you feel comfortable in the cold, especially in winter. That's because the pipe's bowl is like a mini fireplace. The heat it gives off makes you feel good.

Does not pollute

Smoking a pipe has almost no impact on the environment. This is largely due to the fact that no emissions are required. Unlike cigarettes, the pipe has no filter to dispose of or cardboard packaging to throw away. Therefore, there is no visible waste or debris.

The best brands of pipes

In our opinion, the best brands of pipes in 2022 are :

Big Ben
Poul Winslow

It is quite simply one of the world's most beloved pipe brands. Headed by Salvatore Amorelli, the Amorelli workshop has been located in the heart of Sicily since 1979.

Bentley is a fairly new brand compared to its counterparts, not to be confused with the car manufacturer. It produces high-end pipes with very modern finishes.

This brand is known for combining the traditional and the modern in the design of its pipes. Contrary to what one might think, it is a Dutch brand.

Chacom is one of the most recognized French pipe producing companies in the world. It is based in Villard-Saint-Sauveur. It has been in existence for more than 90 years and its longevity is based on its notoriety.

Poul Winslow is among other things known for the manual design of pipes. Its products are not only articles as such, they are true works of art.

Dunhill is an English luxury brand, specialized in ready-to-wear, menswear, leather goods and accessories. It is best known as the best pipe brand to date.

What is the price for a pipe

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 40 £
40 £ to 60 £
more than 60 £
Price range diagram


You can't smoke a pipe the same way you smoke a cigarette!

If you are used to smoking cigarettes, you may be tempted to swallow the smoke. This is strongly discouraged with the pipe! Keep in mind that a pipe is smoked in the same way as Cuban cigars, i.e., the smoke is not drawn down into the lungs, unlike cigarettes.

Don't smoke more than twice a day

You've probably heard that a cold pipe is better. Thus, the aroma is more palpable when the pipe is at the ideal temperature. It is then advisable to smoke the pipe once or twice a day to let it rest and cool down. Also, avoid changing tobacco too frequently.

Learn how to fill the fireplace properly

First, you must carefully select your tobacco. To do this, choose tobacco that is neither too dry nor too moist. At first, fill the firebox with successive pinches, packing gently. As the firebox fills up, begin to pack the tobacco more firmly. This will give you a full, smooth flavor.

Light your pipe properly

Some people would think lighting a pipe is as easy as saying hello. Yet, poor lighting can greatly impact the taste of the tobacco. So, light your pipe by making the flame burn across the entire surface of the tobacco.

Take care of your pipe

A clean pipe always brings out the best flavors. So keep in mind that maintaining the pipe after each use is essential. After a good tasting, remove the pipe by turning it clockwise. Then, you only have to clean the stem and the pipe with a pipe cleaner.


How do I make a pipe? How do I smoke a pipe? What do I do if my pipe gets too hot? What is a pipe tamp used for?

Many people do not intend to smoke a pipe on a regular basis, but still want to feel the effect it can have. To do this, you can make your own pipe by removing the cap and cartridge from a pen. You then place a filter in it and it's done!"

Above all, keep in mind that the pipe is to be savored, that is, the smoke is not swallowed. After filling the bowl with tobacco, light the entire surface of the tobacco properly. All that's left is to inhale the smoke and enjoy the taste until the last strand of tobacco. Don't forget to empty the ashes.

It is not advisable to take back a pipe that is still hot. Take the time to rest it. That way, the aroma won't be lost. But don't put it down just anywhere. Get a pipe holder or pipe rest to put it down when you notice it is getting too hot.

The manual method of piling up tobacco has no real impact on tasting. However, if you do it the wrong way, you can ruin theflavor of the tobacco. This is where the pipe tamp comes in. It is used to pack the tobacco evenly. It also prevents moisture from forming in the firebox.


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Joyoldelf ZBI-JJ167
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Joyoldelf X050
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