The best perfumes for men

Perfume is not only the prerogative of women, men have also made it their weapon of seduction. More than a matter of taste, choosing the right one is a real science. Indeed, it will have to correspond at the same time to your personality and underline your character. Here is our complete guide to the best perfumes for men.

Parfum Mauboussin Pour Lui

Mauboussin Perfume For Him

25,36 £ on Amazon

Contained in a 100 mL bottle, Mauboussin Pour Lui Eau de Parfum aims to allow men to express and show their best. An obvious choice for small budgets.

Armani Stronger With You Intensely

Armani Stronger With You Intensely

34,55 £ on Marionnaud

Stronger With You Intensely is presented as the male equivalent of In Love With You by Armani. Dedicated to love, this fragrance invites seduction and romance while emphasizing freedom and independence. Its woody oriental fern note contrasts brilliantly with the urban chic environment in which you will wear it.

Guerlain Habit Rouge

Guerlain Habit Rouge

41,35 £ on Marionnaud

Guerlain designed Habit Rouge to reflect the image of the strong, bold man who loves refinement and magnificence. Its straight bottle reflects rigor and elegance. The fragrance starts with a bitter orange note and ends with an amber, leather and vanilla base note.

Versace Eros Flame

Versace Eros Flame

41,71 £ on Amazon

Versace Eros Flame is a very masculine eau de parfum. It is characterized by very noble woody notes, such as cedar, cypress, sandalwood, cedar, mixed with citrus and aromatic notes.

Azzaro The Most Wanted

Azzaro The Most Wanted

41,99 £ on Marionnaud

Azzaro The Most Wanted calls for an intense olfactory experience. The brilliant blend of cardamom, melting caramel and amber wood is an invitation to adventure. Azzaro The Most Wanted is the fragrance for the daring man who wants to live every moment to the fullest.

1 Million Parfum de Paco Rabanne

1 Million Perfume by Paco Rabanne

43,80 £ on Marionnaud

1 Million Parfum affirms man in all his power. Its bottle directly inspired by the gold ingot expresses his excess, his audacity and of course his value. If you are looking for a hot fragrance for men with a strong character, 1 Million Parfum by Paco Rabanne will make you happy.

Jean Paul Gaultier Les Males

Jean Paul Gaultier Les Males

44,24 £ on Marionnaud

Jean Paul Gaultier Les Males is inspired by the sea and its relationship with man. Like the big blue, the fragrance expresses itself through an unleashing of power, unstoppable and tumultuous, which then gives way to the immensity of its calm. Les Males by Jean Paul Gaultier is the fragrance for strong and charismatic leaders.

Givenchy Gentleman

Givenchy Gentleman

47,39 £ on Marionnaud

Rebellious with a strong character, this is the image of the man who wears Givenchy Gentleman. The fragrance, from the woody-floral olfactory family, is as powerful as it is elegant. Its first notes of pepper essence and lavender give way to an Iris and Tolu balsam heart to end on a vanilla note.

Yves Saint Laurent La nuit de l’Homme

Yves Saint Laurent La nuit de l'Homme

49,84 £ on Marionnaud

With an oriental scent, Yves Saint Laurent La nuit de l'Homme will suit mysterious and sensual men. There's no better way to awaken your seductive instincts than with this eau de parfum. Once sprayed on the body, it lasts for hours.

Dior Sauvage

Dior Sauvage

53,86 £ on Marionnaud

Dior Sauvage evokes the immensity of the plains bathed under a starry sky and lit by a crackling fire. The adventurous and the ever-elegant lover of the great outdoors will love the fresh and aromatic scent experience of Dior Sauvage.

Bleu de Chanel

Chanel Blue

58,79 £ on Marionnaud

Through its deep blue color, Bleu de Chanel has a mysterious character. Its aromatic and woody note evokes the freedom and adventurous spirit of the man who, in all circumstances, remains elegant and confident. Bleu de Chanel invites you to an intense olfactory experience that will leave no one unmoved.

Hugo Boss Boss Bottled

Hugo Boss Boss Bottled

59,39 £ on Marionnaud

Boss Bottled gains even more prestige in its limited edition, more intense, warmer and more dynamic. Its cardamom sage heart follows the apple and bergamot top note before giving way to an olive wood and vetiver accord.

Terre d'Hermès

Land of Hermes

64,39 £ on Marionnaud

Terre d'Hermès returns to the sources, to the roots that bind man to his land and make him so powerful. Each drop brings back the harmony of the elements through a woody top note followed by a benzoin heart and a final explosion of Shiso.

L'Homme Prada Intense

Prada Intense Man

84,80 £ on Nocibé

Prada Intense proposes to reveal your masculine identity. This eau de parfum blends extracts of patchouli, amber, tonka bean, all enhanced by the floral refinement of iris. The immense popularity of this eau de parfum for men is born from this audacious association.

Buying guide - perfume for men

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How to choose your perfume for men

Choosing the right fragrance is a real challenge because there are so many choices on the market. To find the right fragrance for you, here are the main criteria to take into account before buying.

Criterion n°1 : Skin type

The alchemy between a perfume and its user does not only depend on the acidity of the product. Skin tone also plays an important role in how well a fragrance holds up on the skin. By identifying your skin type, it will be easier to distinguish the scent that best suits you. You must therefore define the category to which your skin belongs.

Criterion n°2 : Personality

When chosen with meticulousness, a perfume will reveal the character traits of a man. Nevertheless, it is important to specify that some fragrances with very particular notes cannot be assumed by all men. It is necessary that the perfume is in harmony with your person and your personality. It is the perfume that must reveal you and not the other way around.

Criterion n°3 : Composition

The perfume for men is a cosmetic product like any other. In theory, information on the composition of the product is delivered by the manufacturer on the packaging. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned.

Criterion n°4 : Age

As unlikely as it may seem, age is a choice criterion to be doubly taken into account before a purchase. If you're not yet in your 30s, avoid fragrances whose scents were created for mature men. Instead, choose scents that are more in line with your lifestyle.

Criterion n°5 : Season

A stylish man will never wear the same perfume every day or every season. You need to have a different fragrance of the same or different brand that you will use throughout the months.

The olfactory families of men's perfumes

All perfumes have what the world of perfumery calls in its jargon: the olfactory signature. These are odors that are classified into several categories.

The aromatic ones

Classically, the aromatic man perfume is essentially composed of lavender, sage, rosemary or thyme. It is also accompanied by notes of spices or citrus.

The hesperidia

The hesperides are the oldest of the olfactory notes. They are distinguished by citrus notes such as lemon, orange, grapefruit, mandarin or bergamot. The perfumes of this olfactory family are very masculine.

The Orientals

The oriental men's perfume draws its essence from amber, spices, vanilla, cinnamon, resin or exotic wood which is then enriched with citrus notes.

The woody

Woody aromas are based on notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and vetiver that bring character to the fragrance.


These aromas are mainly made up of notes of patchouli, bergamot, jasmine, rose and oakmoss.


This is the youngest of the olfactory signatures. It is mainly based on notes of leather or tobacco smoke.

The different types of fragrances for men

Perfume is a word with a wide connotation that people use, often wrongly, to designate all the products they use to perfume themselves. Nevertheless, we can classify the variants of perfume as part of its family.


Perfume is composed of three distinct elements, namely, the fragrance concentrate, the carrier and the fixative. Today, ethyl alcohol and essential oil are the carriers most used by manufacturers. Highly volatile, this component evaporates quickly once in contact with the skin, leaving only an odorous substance.

As for the fixative, it allows the men's perfume to last longer on the skin. The degree of dilution of the concentrate is what differentiates perfume from other products such as eau de toilette or eau de Cologne which, historically speaking, is the first perfume intended for men.

Perfume extract

Perfume extract is the most exhilarating fragrance concentrate. The odorant extracts of this product represent at least 20% of its formulation. The most prestigious brands go as far as using up to 40% of odorant extracts. As a support, manufacturers usually use ethyl alcohol or essential oil.

In this sense, there is little difference between the classic men's perfume and the perfume extract except for the concentration of the extracts used.
The purer the concentration of a perfume extract, the more adherent and aromatic it is. A few drops are more than enough to disperse a pleasant scent for many hours.

Perfume water

As for eau de parfum, it refers to the odorant concentration that is diluted to 12 to 25%. Let's be reassured, men's eau de parfum remains a luxurious product, although its shelf life does not equal that of men's perfume or perfume extract. On average, the water of perfume holds on a skin until 6 h.

Eau de parfum volatilizes faster than men's perfume, but slower than eau de cologne. This makes it the perfect concentration of fragrance for daily use. If during the day, you feel that the scent of the perfume starts to fade, you can spray a few drops on your skin.

Perfume or eau de parfum?

The perfume

As a reminder, perfume is a solution with an odorant concentration that is diluted with a fixative. The more concentrated and pure the latter is, the more tenacious and long-lasting its odor is. Because of its high concentration, men's perfume is more expensive especially if essential oil is used as the main fixative.

The perfume water

This dosed solution is diluted from 12 to 25% with an alcohol-based mixture. The holding of a water of perfume does not exceed the 6 hours. As it volatilizes more quickly than the man perfume, it is preferable to use this product daily.


These two products are equivalent even if the perfume is more persistent than the eau de parfum. You only need a few drops to perfume your skin for several hours or even days. With perfume, you won't need to put on perfume during the day. Fashion influencers recommend using men's perfume for special occasions. They will perfectly complement a special outfit.


Apply your perfume properly.

You should apply your perfume to the warmest parts of your body, as it is the body heat that will help diffuse the fragrance throughout the day. Good areas to spray your perfume are behind the ears, the back of the neck, the chest, the shoulders, the wrists, the inside of the elbows, and the forearms.

Perfume interacts with your body.

Body chemistry affects the fragrance of a perfume, which is why the same product may smell differently on two different men. When testing a new fragrance, apply a small drop to your arm and let it sit for a few minutes. This gives the essence of the fragrance time to react with your skin.

Use it wisely.

If you're looking for a fragrance for everyday use, prefer lighter formulations containing citrus, water or greenery notes. If you're choosing a fragrance to wear for parties, dates or special occasions, choose one with oriental or woody notes. Ideally, you should own several perfumes, so that you can more easily adapt the fragrances you wear to your schedule or even your mood.

Don't overapply and reapply.

When it comes to perfume, the most important rule is sobriety. If you have a party planned, you can reapply your perfume before you go. But it's not advisable to reapply during the day. This is because your nose may have become so accustomed to the fragrance that you no longer smell it, but chances are your scent will still be perfectly detectable to those around you.

Don't waste it.

Apply the fragrance to clean, dry skin, not your clothes. Spray it directly on you, not into the air: it's a waste of product, because even if you walk through the cloud of perfume left by the spray afterwards, the fragrance that will settle on your skin will be altered.


Which man perfume to choose?

The best men's perfume depends on your tastes, your personality, but most of all on your lifestyle. Discover in this buying guide the products preferred by gentlemen.

How to recognize a good perfume?

A quality perfume gives off a pleasant natural scent. Its longevity is also higher than a cheap perfume elaborated with poor quality materials.

How to make a man perfume last longer on the skin?

Man perfume lasts much longer on the skin if it is well moisturized. The trick is to nourish it well with a body cream.

What perfume to wear for a job interview?

Don't forget that the job interview is also a game of seduction whose objective is to better sell yourself professionally speaking. For an event as important as the job interview, wear the perfume that gives you confidence.

Is it normal that I can't smell my man perfume anymore?

Yes, it is quite natural that you will no longer smell like your perfume on you. Rest assured, the people around you will smell it when they see you.
To smell your perfume again, smell some coffee beans before you put on perfume.


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