The best pellet stoves in the UK 2023

The pellet stoves have the wind in their sails with French households. It must be said that this fuel from wood has proven itself in terms of energy efficiency. And to burn it to heat a house, the Italian brand MCZ is a must. Indeed, its pellet stoves have a recognized efficiency among users. Beyond the thermal efficiency, they have an impressive ease of adjustment thanks to the integrated programmer. MCZ pellet stove classic, flue or suction cup, make the right choice through this guide.

MCZ Club 1

Best value for money

MCZ Club

The best MCZ pellet stove in 2021

Control your stove remotely with MCZ's own Maestro technology. This Club model is one of those that is certified to be airtight and offers enough power for a renovated home.

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The MCZ Club offers a power range of 2.3 to 10 kW. In addition to this high performance, it can house up to 2 additional fans for better heat distribution. Users have the option of top exhausting the fumes with the UP system. Its ventilation mode is provided by a front blower and is suitable for a corner location. Compared to other appliances in its category, this model is attractive for its large capacity. It is quieter, its auger is very efficient on this point. We also like the well thought-out design of the MCZ Club.

This pellet stove works with 2 modes: Timer and Timer Eco. The former is recommended for homes with little insulation. Able to support up to 6 time slots per week, it is more suitable for continuous use. No power adjustment is necessary here. It is done automatically according to the desired temperature. The second mode satisfies the needs of a house with good insulation. The unit does not run continuously. Once the required temperature is reached, it turns off and keeps the right level of heat for 20 minutes.

MCZ Star 2

Best value for money

MCZ Star

The best entry-level MCZ pellet stove

The MCZ Star combines performance, robustness and aesthetics. Its ceramic coating adds a touch of elegance to the room it's in. And its performance is acceptable. An excellent quality/price ratio.

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The nominal output of the MCZ Star pellet stove is between 7 and 9 kW. Despite its entry-level price positioning, it is suitable for large spaces. Moreover, its 39 L tank can hold enough pellets to heat an entire house for 40 hours. In addition, it has a good efficiency of 92.6% at maximum power. It is an efficient and economical piece of equipment.

Note that the MCZ Star has a cast iron brazier that guarantees a silent and therefore more comfortable use. This material also facilitates the maintenance of the container, especially since this part is detachable. This 100% waterproof device is characterized by a lower CO2 emission and a controlled fuel consumption.

MCZ Musa 3

Best high end

MCZ Musa

The best high-end MCZ pellet stove

No more need for a remote control to control this channelizable pellet stove. This is now done via an app on a smartphone or tablet. This version is more efficient and provides optimal heating for the entire house.

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The MCZ Musa pellet stove will be perfect to replace the electric heating of a house. Less energy consuming, it is also more economical, especially in terms of fuel consumption. It offers an efficiency of 93.20%. In total, the MCZ Musa pellet stove can heat up to 4 rooms with temperatures ranging from 21 to 18 °C. There is no problem with its pellet refill, as its tank has a capacity of 30 kg.

The MCZ Musa's 12 kW power output and its ducting give it a certain edge over its competitors. Enjoy several operating modes on this device: Manual, Auto, Eco, Timer, Timer Eco. In terms of noise pollution, the stove becomes too noisy from speed 3 knowing that it has 5.

MCZ Raam 4

Waterproof and compact

MCZ Raam

A great sealed, compact pellet stove

Less powerful than the previous models, the MCZ Raam still covers a space of 193 m3. Its 28 L pellet tank is perfectly adapted to its compact size and offers a 36 h autonomy.

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It is a certified airtight pellet stove, which takes the necessary combustion air from outside. This has a positive effect on fuel consumption and air quality in the house. The resulting thermal comfort is accompanied by the absence of harmful fumes in the rooms. In addition to the ducted air technology used in the MCZ Raam, it supports the No Air function.

Thanks to this system, the MCZ pellet stove uses less forced ventilation. This reduces noise pollution throughout its operation. As for its installation, you have free rein thanks to its small size. It can be placed in any room, even the smallest in the house. And choose the finish that best suits your interior style.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best pellet stove

Any specific needs?

The best MCZ pellet stove in 2021

The best entry-level MCZ pellet stove

The best high-end MCZ pellet stove

A great sealed, compact pellet stove

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Comparison table of the best pellet stoves

MCZ Club 5
MCZ Star 6
MCZ Musa 7
MCZ Raam 8
MCZ Club
MCZ Star
MCZ Musa
MCZ Raam
Control your stove remotely with MCZ's own Maestro technology. This Club model is one of those that is certified to be airtight and offers enough power for a renovated home.
The MCZ Star combines performance, robustness and aesthetics. Its ceramic coating adds a touch of elegance to the room it's in. And its performance is acceptable. An excellent quality/price ratio.
No more need for a remote control to control this channelizable pellet stove. This is now done via an app on a smartphone or tablet. This version is more efficient and provides optimal heating for the entire house.
Less powerful than the previous models, the MCZ Raam still covers a space of 193 m3. Its 28 L pellet tank is perfectly adapted to its compact size and offers a 36 h autonomy.
Remote control
Power rating
10 kW
8.1 kW
12 kW
7.8 kW
26 kg
39 L
30 kg
28 L
Dispersion technology
Front ventilation
Forced ventilation or natural convection
Front ventilation
Forced ventilation, ducted air, No Air

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Buying guide - pellet stove

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How to choose your pellet stove

These criteria are very important to have an equipment that meets your needs.

#1 - Power

The power is the first criterion for choosing a pellet stove. We always refer to the minimum and maximum power to assess its performance. The maximum power determines its capacity to heat the house even during the coldest seasons. Avoid using too much power or you may not be able to use the appliance to its full potential. This has consequences for the maintenance of the glass and the stove itself, which tend to get dirty more quickly when the device is not running at maximum power. Not to mention that the homogeneity of the diffused heat could be impacted.

So there's no point in getting a device that's likely to cause a heat spike. Instead, choose one that is capable of maintaining an even room temperature in all rooms. The minimum power is much more important, as it will be used the most. Then, it maintains the ideal temperature throughout the use. The consumption of fuel is reduced by this material.

But the appropriate power depends on the size of the house. It is best to ask the MCZ team for advice, as other parameters come into play, including the type of housing and the characteristics of the insulation. Here is an indicative base for a 10 m² space:

  • RT house built from 2013: 600 W
  • RT house built from 2006: 800 W
  • Renovated old house: 1000 W

#2 - Leak tightness

MCZ offers airtight pellet stoves that allow consumers to comply with the insulation rules of the 2012 Thermal Regulations. This equipment has an air intake from the outside. The air obtained is therefore fresher. With conventional pellet stoves, the device draws the air to be heated from the room itself.

These special devices improve the air flow and thus contribute to the improvement of the thermal insulation of the house. Better sealing of all parts of the stove ensures healthier air. The stove gets all the oxygen it needs to operate and the fumes are exhausted from the house.

#3 - Tank capacity

The larger the tank capacity, the less you need to refill it. It ranges from 15 to 35 kg. Again, this is based primarily on the volume and number of rooms to be heated. The purpose of using MCZ is to find modern and practical appliances. In this case, you might as well choose models with an automatic filling system. With this option, the device is equipped with a pellet level sensor that saves you this rather tedious task.

#4 - Adjustable settings

The pellet stove is a device that is supposed to work every day. It would be handy to have access to a scheduling tool. That's not all, these settings manage the pellet consumption in a way that makes for significant savings. You will be able to preset the time of activation of a particular program on the device according to your needs. This will give the house time to heat up to the right temperature determined by the owner. Most MCZ pellet stoves have an economy mode and an absence mode. With the former, the user has the option of reducing the heating speed. The other option is to keep the temperature at a minimum without consuming too much. There is also remote activation using Wifi technology.

#5 - Sound level

The biggest drawback of the pellet stove is the noise level, which is quite high due to the noise of its fan. However, this is an annoyance caused by using too much power. You do not have to suffer from this if the device is used wisely. In any case, you should always know what to expect. To do this, test the device with the maximum performance when you buy it. This is essential if it does not have a silent mode.

How does an MCZ pellet stove work?

The handling of an MCZ pellet stove is not that complex. The first step in its use is installation. This is best done by professionals, as it requires some technical study to meet insulation requirements. Improper location reduces the performance of the unit and deteriorates the air quality. Respect the necessary safety distances to avoid this situation.

Apart from that, the unit should be located close to a power source so as not to affect the aesthetic appearance of the house. Preferably, the air outlet should be outside. Once all the installation steps are done, the unit is ready to be used. Start by reloading the pellets before plugging in the stove. When using the stove for the first time, the room should be well ventilated to limit the dispersion of odors from the products used on the stove.

It heats up automatically after about 5 minutes. After that, the pellets start to spark. This is a sign that you can make the first necessary adjustments.

The different types of pellet stoves

The pellet stoves offered by MCZ come in two types. They adopt a different ventilation mode each other.

Forced air pellet stove

Among the range of pellet stoves of the brand is a handful of equipment with forced ventilation. In this case, the device embeds a fan that ensures a more uniform distribution in the room where it is installed. Moreover, this model can be placed anywhere you want. The hot air pulsed is sufficient for the entire space to heat. Another advantage of this type of pellet stove is that it has several power levels. The noise level can be reduced thanks to this wide choice. The highest power level runs continuously only during the cold seasons.

Channelled air pellet stove

Channeled air MCZ pellet stoves are more powerful. Users who need to heat an entire house choose this variation. They are able to distribute the heat produced to several rooms. This is due to the fact that they operate through a duct system inside the house. Thus, the forced air can pass through all the rooms, including those on the floor. Then, MCZ uses Comfort Air technology for a more optimized use of its units. It provides access to compact ducts that fit all walls and partitions. The intensity of the heat delivered to each room is customized thanks to a remote control with a thermostat, provided by the brand.

MCZ pellet stove or log stove?

MCZ Pellet Stove

From a comfort standpoint, the pellet stove is unsurpassed. It is also more autonomous with its large capacity and control via a convenient and advanced remote control or an app. It is an equipment that promises interesting performances. For proof, it offers an output of up to 80% to 90% or even more. The negative side of this equipment is the noise pollution. It also needs electricity to operate. This can be a problem in areas prone to repetitive power cuts.

Log burning stove

The log-burning stove offers an efficiency of 85% at most. It is not better than the pellet model in terms of energy performance. It does not even reach 60% with wet wood. The fuel used is the origin of a significant urban pollution. On the other hand, the log stove does not need a source of electricity. This represents an investment in less.


It goes without saying that the use of a pellet stove is economical compared to a log stove, especially in the long term. However, the price of logs is relatively low. If you are sensitive to noise, you should choose the wood-burning model. But, pellets are the ally of ecological users. The corresponding equipment is more modern, moreover, with its various programs and settings. These two heating devices meet different needs, so everyone knows what suits him.

Why buy a (good) MCZ pellet stove?

An expert and recognized brand on the market

Trust an Italian brand that is a leader in its market. It has more than 40 years of experience and produces around 150,000 appliances per year. The company's decision to enter the field of pellet stoves has greatly expanded its field of expertise and its clientele, which is now international.

A complete range of pellet stoves

The pellet stoves offered by MCZ are as functional as they are decorative. They are suitable for all types of housing and meet all expectations. Various models are available for small and large spaces, for one room or for the whole house. The brand also takes into account all budgets.

Modern technologies

The appliances offered for sale by MCZ incorporate a variety of advanced technologies. To name a few, the Matic system promotes automatic cleaning and the Maestro allows for easy control of the stove from a smartphone. With the Active system/ Active+ technology, the air that causes combustion is properly regulated at all times.

For better energy yields

Pellet stoves are among the most efficient equipment with an efficiency of around 90%. The fuel is also cheaper to buy with a difference of 25% compared to other materials.

Stoves easy to use

The stoves themselves are revolutionary devices. Add to that the convenience of the fuel to use. Pellets are easily accessible, but not only that ... In fact, they do not require many refills. And even if you have a device with a small tank capacity, MCZ can provide models with an automatic refill mode.

What is the price for a pellet stove

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

1600 £ to 2800 £
2800 £ to 3600 £
more than 3600 £
Price range diagram


Install by a professional

By delegating the installation of the equipment to a professional, the owner is likely to be eligible for assistance on the energy transition tax credit.

Improper adjustment results in low efficiency

Inappropriate adjustment reduces the performance of the unit. To be sure, ask the seller for advice. He will know how to direct you to choose the best settings and programs for each circumstance.

Complete annual maintenance is required

The pellet stove is obligatorily maintained by a professional once a year. This is equivalent to 2,000 hours of use. During this general maintenance, a thorough cleaning is performed, both inside and outside the appliance. Apart from this, two chimney sweeps per year are also required by insurance.

Ash cleaning

The cleaning of the ash pan does not need a professional. It is done more frequently with a vacuum cleaner, preferably one with a HEPA filter. Use this time to wash the glass and the firebox.

Things to do as part of maintenance

No matter what kind of maintenance needs to be done, make sure the appliance is turned off and off before you start. The reason is that you may have to use water. Generally, the ashtray should be emptied first. Then you move on to the vacuum and make sure the air circulation system is working properly.


Which MCZ pellet stove to choose?

The best MCZ pellet stove depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products of the moment.

What pellets to use?

There are several brands of pellets, trust known and certified brands like Din Plus, O-Norm or Pellet Gold. The certifications of these products are displayed on their label. The bags of pellets that benefit from it are sure to comply with the European regulations governing the use of this fuel.

What is the economic advantage of pellets?

Pellets are durable and more affordable. They cost 25% less than methane and 50% less than diesel. In addition, the price of this material is quite stable. It hasn't changed for years and that benefits users who use pellet stoves year-round.

Do you need an air intake?

All heating equipment requires an air intake to ensure proper combustion and guarantee good air pressure in the room where it is located. This element also promotes the efficiency of the air duct to the outside. There is an exception, however, for airtight models that do not require an air intake in the room.

Does it make sense to install a flueless pellet stove?

You are not complying with stove installation regulations by doing this. It doesn't meet safety and energy standards. And this technique is not environmentally friendly. To top it all off, a flueless installation is not good for your health.


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