The best piping bags in the UK 2023

Pastry is not only enjoyed with the taste buds, but also with the eyes. And what better way to create works of culinary art worthy of the greatest chefs than with a pastry bag? A must-have for all pastry chefs, this accessory allows you to dress, fill and poach eclairs, macaroons or cake designs in the right way. Disposable or reusable and washable? Go for one of the best pastry bags in our selection.

Poche à pâtisserie en silicone De Buyer

Editor's Choice

De Buyer silicone pastry bag

The best piping bag in 2021

With such a model, decorating a homemade cake or making cream puffs becomes child's play. This pastry bag is made of silicone and is very sturdy. It is also very easy to use and practical.

13,10 £ on Laredoute

You will save a lot of money by buying this De Buyer pastry bag. Whether you are an amateur or a professional pastry chef, this accessory will prove to be extremely robust in the long run. Moreover, it will accompany you for years as it is both dishwasher safe and reusable due to its food grade silicone design.

The pastry bag is relatively flexible. The inside is smooth while the outside surface is structured, making it easy to hold and handle. This makes it easy to prepare your sweet or savory treats. The bag comes with two stainless steel sleeves, the diameter of which matches the opening perfectly. The only drawback is that you have to clean the bag between 2 preparations. An evil for a good!

Poche à douilles Lily Cook

Best cheapest

Lily Cook piping bag

The best entry-level piping bag

This is a very high quality fabric pastry bag. Its simplicity of use will seduce you. It will allow you to make macaroons, cream puffs, cupcakes... like a chef.

3,19 £ on Boulanger

Make beautiful decorations with this set of 3 M18 fabric piping bags. Thanks to this waterproof material and the sturdy side seams, there will be no risk of leakage or overflow. Its ease of use is one of its best features. You will be able to fill your choux, make eclairs or macaroons and decorate cakes in a few steps.

The Lily Cook piping bag set is easy to clean. It is offered in 3 different sizes to better fit all types of casings (PM, MM and GM). However, avoid putting your fabric pockets in the dishwasher if you don't want to shorten their lifespan. More importantly, maintain them properly and after each use. The outer surface tends to retain odors and colors.

Poche à douilles Mastrad

Best high end

Mastrad pastry bag

The best premium piping bag

You will receive two piping bags with a capacity of 1 L and 0.5 L respectively. But that's not all! You will also receive a holder and 6 polypropylene sleeves, a pair of pliers, an airtight cap and a brush.

25,19 £ on Boulanger

Very practical, Mastrad pastry bags allow you to decorate your pastries in the right way. They are easy to hold and easy to handle. You can personalize your preparations or fill and decorate entremets, cupcakes or choux. The rigid polypropylene stand makes it easy to fill each piping bag and ensures that all the accessories you need are always at hand.

With 2 x 1L and 500ml silicone piping bags and 6 x various shaped piping tips, the only limit is your imagination. To keep creams and pastries cool, simply close the opening of the bag with the airtight cap. Of course, all these items are dishwasher safe. What's more, they can be reused as many times as you like.

Poche à douilles Essentielb

Excellent choice

Essentialb Sleeve Pouch

The best disposable piping bag

For such quality piping bags, the price seems ridiculous. Here you will receive not one, but 24 units made of transparent plastic. The roll is packaged in a box for storage and transport.

4,79 £ on Boulanger

Useful for both amateur and professional pastry chefs, this roller is made up of 24 pre-cut, detachable pastry bags. They are suitable for all preparations, whether sweet or savory. The packaging box is very practical. It ensures easy distribution of the pockets and can be used as a storage box. Each bag is made of hygienic and robust plastic.

As they are disposable pouches, these Essentielb brand models are single-use. No need to clean them after use. You will only have to put them in the trash to ensure a better hygiene. Easy to handle, the bags are remarkably flexible. Thanks to their dimensions, it is easy to fold down the top of the accessory to fill it.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best pastry bag

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The best piping bag in 2021

The best entry-level piping bag

The best premium piping bag

The best disposable piping bag

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Comparison table of the best piping bags

Poche à pâtisserie en silicone De Buyer
Poche à douilles Lily Cook
Poche à douilles Mastrad
Poche à douilles Essentielb
De Buyer silicone pastry bag
Lily Cook piping bag
Mastrad pastry bag
Essentialb Sleeve Pouch
With such a model, decorating a homemade cake or making cream puffs becomes child's play. This pastry bag is made of silicone and is very sturdy. It is also very easy to use and practical.
This is a very high quality fabric pastry bag. Its simplicity of use will seduce you. It will allow you to make macaroons, cream puffs, cupcakes... like a chef.
You will receive two piping bags with a capacity of 1 L and 0.5 L respectively. But that's not all! You will also receive a holder and 6 polypropylene sleeves, a pair of pliers, an airtight cap and a brush.
For such quality piping bags, the price seems ridiculous. Here you will receive not one, but 24 units made of transparent plastic. The roll is packaged in a box for storage and transport.
Number of piping bags
Fabric M18
2 stainless steel sockets
6 nozzles, 1 polypropylene holder, 1 brush, 1 clip
Size/container size
36 x 20 cm
PM 20 x 12 cm - MM 25 x 15 cm - GM 30 x 17 cm
1 L and 500 ml
41 x 21.5 cm
Dishwasher safe
Hand wash if possible
Airtight, BPA-free

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How to choose your pastry bag

Baking cakes and pastries is one thing, knowing and being able to decorate them is another. However, you can't do this without a piping bag. To help you choose one, we will list below the most important criteria to consider.
choisir poche à douille

#1 - The material

It is easier to make a choice based on the material of the sleeve. There are 3 categories: the plastic piping bag, the fabric piping bag and the silicone piping bag.

  • Plastic : mostly offered in rolls, this type of bag will save you money. It is disposable immediately after use.
  • Plastic coated food paper : like plastic, the piping bag made with this material is also disposable. It can be used with any type of tip. Just cut the pointed end with a pair of scissors.
  • Fabric : The food grade cotton fabric bag is one of the reusable models. It is dishwasher safe and very environmentally friendly. It's a pity that great chefs rarely use it because it needs to be washed after each use.
  • Silicone : practical for daily use, the silicone bag ensures an optimal grip. It is flexible and resistant. Its smooth interior structure allows the fillings to flow easily.

#2 - The strength

The piping bag is subjected to many stresses during its use. That's why it's imperative to choose a pressure and heat resistant model. To do this, check the quality of the seams or welds on one or both sides. The pocket should be as waterproof as possible.

The strength of the utensil also depends on its thickness, expressed in microns. Keep in mind that the thicker the pocket, the stronger it will be. Ideally, opt for a model with a minimum thickness of 80 microns. As far as the temperature is concerned, start with a base temperature of 70°C. This will allow you to work with hot preparations. Beyond this degree of heat, you run the risk of burning your hands.

#3 - The number

In general, the number of piping bags depends on their manufacturing material. Disposable plastic ones often come in rolls and in large numbers, ranging from 20 to 100. They are affordable for everyone (0.25 cents per piece on average) and do not expire.

On the other hand, cloth and silicone bags, i.e. washable and reusable models, can be sold individually or in packs of 2 to 3. Some come with other accessories such as stainless steel or plastic tips, filling racks, pins... This impacts their price, but buying them is well worth the cost.

#4 - The size

Your choice will be made according to your preferences, your level of pastry skill and your usage habits. Usually, pastry bags come in different sizes ranging from 20 to 60 cm long. We recommend pastry bags of about 20 to 30 cm for those who have small hands and want to start in this greedy world. On the other hand, the larger ones will be perfect for people who bake frequently.

#5 - The accessories

The presence of accessories is completely optional. However, you may need them if you are a beginner in pastry making. They will also be useful in case you don't have them in your pastry-making kit. Most often accompanying the reusable pouches, these additional accessories can be different shaped tips, filling cones, cleaning pins or adapters, caps, flower nails, elastics or clips...

How to use a pastry bag?

avis poche à douille

The pastry bag is a must in pastry making. Whether it's to simply fill choux pastries, to make meringues or to decorate a delicious cake, cookies, cake, cupcake, Saint-Honoré, desserts in verrines... like a pro, no pastry chef can do without it. But how to handle it like a real expert in order to obtain the desired effects? Here are the answers to your questions!

Get the right pastry bag

Choose the type of pastry bag you think is best for you. If you are a beginner, don't hesitate to try all the models to find the one you are most comfortable with. The silicone bag is perfect for this. It is flexible and adheres well to the palms of the hand.

Insert the sleeve

The size of the sleeve should fit the opening of the bag. Insert it into the pocket and slide it all the way in. Only the flutes should come out at the end. If you have a closed end pouch, cut the pouch to fit the socket you have chosen. Insert the tip as before to see how far you can cut the pouch. Make sure that the sleeve offers enough resistance when you apply pressure and that it does not come out. You can also use an adaptor that is easier to attach the sleeve to with a screw thread.

The grip

Once the sleeve is in place, take the pocket and fold the 1/3 of the edges towards the outside. Leave your hand in the reverse side and start filling it. Another method that is even simpler, install the piping bag in the provided holder or, failing that, in a large glass. Roll up the edges so you can fill it easily.

The filling

Now use a spoon, pastry horn or maryse to fill your pastry bag. It can be a sweet or savory preparation. In the sweet area, you can choose between smooth and thin pastry, whipped cream, custard, diplomatic cream, meringue, choux pastry, buttercream, chocolateganache... On the savory side, you can fill your gourmet specialties with thick sauce and cream.


Be sure to close the piping bag properly so that the preparation does not escape. Grasp the top of the bag, with the tip pointing down, and scrape out the filling. Make sure the filling sinks to the bottom of the bag and there is no air left in it. Wrap the empty part of the pocket around itself and then around your thumb. If not, you can use a clip or clothespin to close everything up.

To note

To avoid air bubbles, do a small test. To do this, press the bag over a cutting board, tray or plate. Shape your first decoration and let the air escape.

Techniques for use

Every baker has their own techniques. However, it is easy to get the dough/cream out by applying a little pressure from the top of the bag. Your other hand can direct the tip. As the bag begins to empty, turn it on itself to help the filling flow down while pushing out the air. Note that the shape of your preparations depends mainly on the nozzle used (round, basket, wavy, petal, star, flower, leaf, multi-opening, heart, Christmas tree...). Once the cream is beautifully arranged on the cupcakes or cakes, why not make creme brulee using a kitchen flashlight?

The different types of piping bags

There are currently 3 main types of piping bags on the market, namely the disposable plastic bag, the fabric bag and the food grade silicone bag. Let's discover the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

Disposable piping bag

poche à douille jetable

The disposable piping bag is usually made of plastic or plastic coated food paper. It helps you to decorate all your dishes and cakes in the easiest way. In most cases, it is offered in the form of a roll of 20 to 100 pre-cut pieces.

Advantages: The disposable pastry bag saves you from the chore of cleaning. Suitable for small hands and particularly hygienic, it is both handy and easy to use. Moreover, it fits all types of sockets. You just have to cut the end according to the size of the latter. Its transparent appearance means that you will always have an overview of the remaining quantity of dough, royal icing or cream (whipped cream or buttercream).

Disadvantages: Unfortunately, not all disposable piping bags are recyclable. If you decide to wash and reuse them anyway, you run the risk of bacterial growth. Also note that they are relatively thin compared to cloth or silicone models.

Who is it for? Are you creative and love to mix colors? This type of piping bag will meet your expectations. The same is true if you like to save time in the kitchen or if you don't have any piping and just want to make icing quickly, but well done.

Reusable silicone piping bag

poche à douille en silicone

This piping bag was made from food grade silicone, a material known for its durability and flexibility. It is thicker and more expensive than the disposable piping bag, but you can wash and reuse it over and over again. The accessory features a smooth inner surface that allows creams or pastes to flow easily. The outside is rough, which makes it easy to grip.

Advantages: The silicone piping bag is available in an infinite number of colors. It is easy to handle and does not slip out of your hands. You can reuse it over and over again since it is made of durable material. The weld on the side makes it especially hygienic. It has a large capacity and is suitable for all casings and needs. And just like silicone molds, this one can withstand high temperatures and can be put in the oven.

Disadvantages: There are models of silicone piping bags whose end has not yet been cut. Once this is done, however, it is no longer possible to use it with a smaller socket. Moreover, its use is more constraining. You always have to wash it between two productions/preparations.

Who is it for? This type of pastry bag is recommended if you are looking for a model that is easy to fill, clean and dry. You will also appreciate its ecological and economical side in the long run. Moreover, the bag is often offered with decoration accessories such as sockets, nails, scissors, whips...

Reusable fabric piping bag

poche à douille en tissu

The fabric model was the first to be used in the world of pastry. Nowadays, it has been abandoned in favor of silicone and plastic models, and only starred pastry chefs are attracted to it. The bag is made of M18 cotton or waxed canvas.

Advantages: Complying with drastic hygiene standards, the fabric pastry bag is very easy to maintain and use. Its quality is such that it resists efficiently to strong pressures. The socket is perfectly maintained, no fear that it escapes by the opening.

Disadvantages: This type of model does not withstand heat. More difficult to clean by hand, it is preferable to put it in the machine. Its life span remains limited. With each use, the quality of the material tends to deteriorate. The pocket becomes less and less waterproof.

Who is it for? Environmentally conscious people greatly appreciate these fabric pouches. They are easy to care for and can last for years when used and cleaned properly.

Variations of the pastry bag

From now on, you can use different types of pastry bags to decorate, fill and poach your pastries. Each one more practical than the other, they can be made with silicone or stainless steel. The variations come in many shapes: soft bottle, pastry syringe, decorating pen...

Pastry bag or pastry syringe?

Sleeve pocket

The use of a piping bag is not only for professionals. Even novices and the less experienced can use it. Ideal for decorating birthday cakes and other forms of cake design, it can also be used to poach and fill choux pastries, make a perfect icing or to decorate meringues, gougères and profiteroles.

The accessory comes in the form of a +/- large cone. Its end may or may not be pre-cut depending on the brand, type and model chosen. In some cases, you don't need to use a sleeve to make your sweet or savory preparations.

Pastry syringe or pressure piston

The pastry syringe or pressure plunger is, as its name suggests, a syringe with a handle. Rigid and graduated, it can be made of stainless steel, but there are also models made of sturdy transparent plastic.

This accessory will be of great help if you want to save more time in the kitchen. In general, it is sold in kit form with several tips and an adapter. It is important to note that this model is less easy to handle and maintain than the classic piping bag.


If you absolutely must have a model that is easy to use and clean, choose the piping bag. The opening is wide enough to make filling easy. You can also adjust the amount of dough or cream to be used according to your needs. On the other hand, the pastry syringe is more for those who want to do a more professional job. It allows you to work with a thicker consistency of dough. The tips can be replaced in no time.

Why buy a piping bag?

pourquoi acheter poche à douille

An essential pastry tool

The pastry bag is a must for all pastry chefs, whether they are novices or experienced professionals. The tool is practically indispensable to the art of pastry making, especially when it comes to filling and finishing. Cream, sauces and other liquid ingredients are much easier to apply and spread with a pastry bag, hence the need for its use in all pastry chefs.

Ease of use

Apprentices often fear the pastry bag. It must be handled with great delicacy and precision in order to achieve a perfect result for the dishes served. However, the pastry bag is not an utensil reserved for experienced pastry chefs. With skill and a little training, anyone can handle it easily.

A necessary utensil for the CAP pastry exam

You could not do without a pastry bag during the CAP pastry exam. Poaching is indeed one of the subjects always included in the tests. In this case, it is customary to use disposable pastry bags that you will have carefully selected by following the advice in our buying guide. You will need to take eight of them to ensure that you do not run out of piping bags in the middle of an exam.

Affordable prices

Buying a pastry bag doesn't involve a lot of expense. The utensil, although indispensable, will not be the most expensive item in your baking kit. Moreover, you have a wide choice of prices. Disposable models are particularly affordable, but you will have to buy new ones every time you start baking. You can juggle materials and sizes to reduce your expenses when buying a reusable piping bag.

Personalize every dish

Do you want to personalize your pastries? The pastry bag will be your best ally. The utensil can be offered with different sizes and shapes. Choose the right sleeves to decorate your cakes, your petits fours and all your dishes in a unique way. The sleeves are delivered with the bag or can be purchased independently.

The best brands of piping bags

In our opinion, the best brands of piping bags in 2022 are :

De Buyer
Lily Cook

De Buyer is a French brand specialized in the design and manufacture of utensils dedicated to cooking and baking. The manufacturer emphasizes the quality of its items in terms of design and choice of materials. This is the case for its pastry bags, which are of superior quality and are used by many professional cooks and pastry chefs in the UK and around the world.

The Terraillon brand is known today for its intelligent weight scales, which are highly appreciated by the general public. However, it offers other products related to well-being and comfort, but also to cooking and baking. You will find in its product catalog reusable or disposable pastry bags of very good quality, practical and made with modern materials.

Lily Cook is a brand specialized in materials and accessories dedicated to creative pastry. It offers a whole catalog of utensils and devices that allow you to make pastries in the best conditions. These pastry bags are distinguished by their very competitive prices to which is added a satisfactory quality.

Mastrad became known on the market in 1994 with its famous "Déos" soap that cleaned kitchen utensils with an impressive efficiency. Since then, the French manufacturer has expanded its product line by specializing in innovative kitchen utensils. Mastrad piping bags have the distinction of being very simple to use while remaining sturdy and of very good quality.

More than thirty years ago, Mathon sold kitchen utensils by mail order. Today, its products are sold on the Internet. The Mathon brand offers kitchen utensils made from innovative materials and designed to meet the needs of professionals. This is the case of these professional quality pastry bags, which are nevertheless accessible to all in terms of price.

What is the price for a pastry bag

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

3 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 30 £
more than 30 £
Price range diagram


Choose the right liners

The choice of sockets can save you precious euros. Choose seamless models with rolled edges. Sockets with welded edges are less resistant. The welded seams break down quite quickly under pressure over the course of use. The models with rolled edges will be more resistant in the long run. In the long run, you will buy fewer pastry bags and reduce your expenses.

Avoid air bubbles in the machine

The pastry bag will be filled with a cream, ganache, icing or other ingredient that you want to use when dressing your dishes. Filling is an essential step in the success of the presentation. Carefully pour the mixture into the pastry bag so that it reaches the nozzle without air bubbles. Fill the pastry bag 2/3 full. The last third will be used to tighten and hold the bag.

Prefer stainless steel and polycarbonate liners

It's not always easy to pour the filling into the pastry bag especially when you're alone. This is a task you could do yourself. Hold the bag vertically 2/3 of the way up, forming a C with your fingers. Fold up the third of the edges of the pastry bag so that they cover your entire fist. Now you can pour the cream, mayonnaise, or other toppings into the bag, being careful not to pour them all over.

Silicone piping bag for a better grip

Three materials are most commonly used in the manufacture of pastry bags. They are steel, polycarbonate and plastic. The first two materials are preferred. Indeed, steel and polycarbonate have the advantage of being particularly robust and resistant. They are also easier to clean since the sockets will go through the dishwasher without any problem.

Silicone has invested our kitchens for several decades. This material has the advantage of being neutral, safe for health, easy to clean and resistant. The silicone piping bag has these same advantages. Moreover, it provides a better grip than plastic piping bags. However, the silicone piping bag is still very affordable in terms of price.


How to make a pastry bag ?

You've just used your last disposable piping bag, yet you haven't finished dressing? Don't panic! Make your own homemade piping bag out of a freezer bag. Cut one end opposite the opening of the freezer bag. Slip in the tip or sleeve of your choice and your pouch will be ready to use.

How to put a pastry bag ?

You must attach the sleeve to the pouch if it is disposable. The pouch will then be closed at the end. So just slide the socket all the way in, making sure the plastic tip sticks out a few inches. Cut off the end with scissors. The reusable piping bag will already be open. Before putting in the pastry bag, use a clothespin to close the bag at the nozzle to prevent the filling from leaking during filling.

How to fill a pastry bag ?

Filling the pastry bag is simple and do it yourself. Keep your filling handy. Grasp the bag at 2/3 of its height and form a C shape with your fingers. Fold the top 1/3 of the way up so that it covers your fingers. Gently fill the bag, making sure that it reaches the end of the tip.

How to do without a pastry bag ?

It is possible to poach without a piping bag. The freezer bag will again be your best friend. Take a large freezer bag. Spread the filling on one corner of the bag. Roll it into a cone, using the corner where you poured the filling. Finally, take a pair of scissors to create a small opening that will act as a socket head.


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