The best outdoor Christmas lights in the UK 2023

Even if you don't participate in the Christmas Battle, getting ready for Christmas and putting up outdoor lights is still a great time to spend with your family. Battery operated, classic or solar powered, there's something for everyone. If you haven't found what you need yet, we'll guide you through this comparison of the best outdoor Christmas lights.

Ankway Aky 69

Best value for your money

Ankway Aky 69

Best outdoor Christmas lights for 2021

Decorate your garden in an original and personalized way with the Ankway Aky 69 garland. This model, equipped with a solar panel, is composed of 100 warm white LEDs that will offer a festive look to your exterior.

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The Ankway Aky 69 is at the top of this ranking because it is the only model to offer free lighting. Fully waterproof, it has an IP65 protection rating, proof of its resistance to water and dust. You can perfectly use it outside to brighten up your garden, your trees, your pathways, your railings or your cottage.

The outdoor Christmas light has up to 8 lighting modes and can be adapted to your mood setting needs. It has 100 LEDs connected with a 12m high quality copper wire. This model is not just for Christmas, you can use it for any occasion.

DeepDream ST003

Best value for your money

DeepDream ST003

Best outdoor lights for entry level Christmas

To awaken your holiday spirit, choose the DeepDream ST003 outdoor garland. A reference decorative item at Christmas, this luminous ornament composed of a total of 120 LEDs can be purchased at a really discounted price.

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Sold for less than 20 euros, you will get your money's worth. And for good reason, the DeepDream ST003 outdoor Christmas light is available with 120 LEDs to beautify your green space. The warm white light helps to create a harmonious and soft holiday atmosphere. It is powered by 3 AA batteries and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Like the previous model, the DeepDream ST003 is also water and dust resistant with an IP65 rating. The timer function is very effective since the garland stops automatically after 6 hours. It can be controlled by a simple button and allows you to save energy. The lighting settings (modes and brightness levels) can be adjusted via the remote control over a maximum distance of 10 m.

Svater S14

Best value for your money

Svater S14

Best outdoor lights for high end Christmas

Perfect for a classic light decoration, the Svater S14 will enhance your living room, your Christmas tree and your garden. Of course, you can use it outside, whatever the weather, thanks to its excellent waterproofing.

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The Svater S14 outdoor Christmas light is sturdy and weather resistant. It can be installed effortlessly outdoors, whether on the terrace, in a tree, on a pergola... Thanks to its LED bulbs, this garland will save you up to 90% of energy. The lifespan of these bulbs reaches 30 000 hours.

The Svater S14 comes with 2 rubber cables, 2 sockets and hanging loops. The glass bulbs have a power of only 2 W. It is relatively durable because of its WeatherTite technology. You can connect several garlands to form a chain and decorate the front of your house.

Creashine LEDT300DV

Excellent selection

Creashine LEDT300DV

Best light curtain

The Creashine LEDT300DV is best suited for those looking for a touch of magic to put in the garden. Usable indoors and outdoors, this light curtain will sublimate your windows, your bay windows, but also the walls of your home.

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By choosing the Creashine LEDT300DV, you will get a beautiful curtain with 300 LEDs spread over 10 channels. 5 models can be connected if you want to decorate the entire walls of your living room or your outdoor. The transformer allows you to control the mode of diffusion of brightness: permanent light, slow, sequential ...

Low voltage LED mini bulbs avoid the risk of overheating despite hours of use. Unlike the previous 3 models, this outdoor Christmas light is IP44 rated. It remains however resistant to dust (greater than 1 mm) and water (small projection). No worries about wiring since the light curtain will be delivered with a 3 m extension cable.

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Best outdoor Christmas garland

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Best outdoor Christmas lights for 2021

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Comparison table of the best outdoor Christmas lights

Ankway Aky 69
DeepDream ST003
Svater S14
Creashine LEDT300DV
Ankway Aky 69
DeepDream ST003
Svater S14
Creashine LEDT300DV
Decorate your garden in an original and personalized way with the Ankway Aky 69 garland. This model, equipped with a solar panel, is composed of 100 warm white LEDs that will offer a festive look to your exterior.
To awaken your holiday spirit, choose the DeepDream ST003 outdoor garland. A reference decorative item at Christmas, this luminous ornament composed of a total of 120 LEDs can be purchased at a really discounted price.
Perfect for a classic light decoration, the Svater S14 will enhance your living room, your Christmas tree and your garden. Of course, you can use it outside, whatever the weather, thanks to its excellent waterproofing.
The Creashine LEDT300DV is best suited for those looking for a touch of magic to put in the garden. Usable indoors and outdoors, this light curtain will sublimate your windows, your bay windows, but also the walls of your home.
Number of LEDs
Power supply
3 AA batteries
12 m
2 x 12 m
30 m
3 x 3 m
Protection index
580 g
200 g
4.98 kg
540 g

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Buying guide - outdoor Christmas garland

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How to choose your outdoor Christmas garland

For a warm and friendly decoration, the outdoor Christmas garland guarantees an unforgettable festive atmosphere. And for good reason, in addition to the welcoming atmosphere, it will also help you welcome your guests under a bright and warming light. To help you choose an outdoor Christmas garland adapted to your needs and tastes, discover the essential parameters to take into account in this section.

#1 - The style

If before, the choice of an outdoor Christmas garland was quite limited, now you have a wide choice of models and styles. Apart from the standard garlands without too many tricks, there are also models of fancy garlands, snowflake garlands, unicorn garlands, light curtains, LED garlands like the String Light AICase, garlands guinguettes ... In short, just determine the theme you want to address and the use you plan to make of your garland in order to make the best choice.

#2 - The length and size

The length and size of an outdoor Christmas garland depends on its style, model and brand. To choose the most suitable model, you must first know the dimensions of the space where you want to install it. Otherwise, you risk having gaps in the space (spaces without any light) or not being able to reach the mains connection. This could lead to additional expenses.

#3 - The power source

Now you have a choice of 3 types of power sources: electric, battery or solar. Think carefully before settling on a particular model. If you don't want the wires to get tangled up and risk creating accidents in your garden, opt for solar or battery powered string lights. In addition, they will allow you to save a lot of money in terms of energy consumption.

#4 - The color of the bulbs


choice of the color of the bulbs depends mainly on the atmosphere you want to create. Indeed, you can choose between a brighter, softer or subdued light and opt for bulbs with solid colors or multicolored garlands like the Berocia peach flower garland

. In order to adapt to various situations, prefer models that offer the possibility to vary the lighting modes and adjust the level of light intensity.

#5 - The degree of sealing

The outdoor Christmas garland is particularly characterized by its waterproofness. Thus, it is advisable to know its waterproofness degree before the final purchase. The code usually consists of 2 numbers. If the first number indicates the resistance capacity of the device to the possible intrusions of solid bodies, the second one presents the level of waterproofness of this one with regard to the liquid. As these numbers are raised, the outdoor garland is therefore safe. The ideal is a waterproofness IP44, while the minimum protection index observed so far is IP23.

Why decorate the outside of your house at Christmas?

As soon as November rolls around, everyone starts getting out their Christmas decorations. Indeed, the Christmas holidays are really festive and it's the best time for you to bring out your childish soul, make your house more visible and show the neighborhood and your friends that you too have some creative spirit to spare.

Whether you have a garden or not, outdoor decorating is highly recommended. For this, you can place garlands of lights all around your house and around your windows. Light curtains will be installed on your veranda for even more light. And if you have a beautiful garden, why not decorate your plants, paths, shrubs and trees with multicolored LED garlands?

If you are concerned about the environment, choose LED models. Vary the colors between warm white, cold white, solid color, multicolor ...

The different types of outdoor Christmas lights

To spend a magical Christmas, don't forget the outdoor garlands. Window sills, tree trunks, in the alleys... the possibilities are endless! In addition to the way to distinguish them according to their shape: guinguettes, in tubes, in the form of light curtain, etc., we can also differentiate the outdoor Christmas lights by their mode of operation.

Classic outdoor Christmas light garland

The classic outdoor garland is generally composed ofhalogen bulbs

. It offers a very powerful lighting. As a timeless decorative item, it brings a touch of chic and elegance to your garden. Depending on the shape of the bulbs, some models can be used for other occasions.

Waterproof, with an IP44 code, this type of light garland is resistant to solid bodies with a diameter greater than 1 mm and to splashes. Its light is often warm. You can either hang it up or hang it to make the most of its brightness.


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Ideal to create festive atmospheres according to your taste
  • Large choice of colors


  • More energy consuming than LEDs
  • Frequent risk of burnt out bulbs

Who is it for?

This type of outdoor Christmas garland is specifically suitable for those who want powerful lighting and those with a fairly limited budget.

Outdoor battery operated Christmas light garland


battery operated outdoor garland consists in most cases of LED bulbs. The intensity of the light is quite soft. It displays a more consistent lifespan

compared to those equipped with halogen bulbs. Also, this device allows you to save more energy thanks to its low consumption.

It is characterized by the fact of its mode of supply. So you will not need a power outlet to enjoy all the benefits of your battery powered outdoor garland.


  • No need to connect to an electrical outlet
  • Easy to use
  • Economical


  • Additional cost for batteries

Who is it for?

This outdoor Christmas garland is perfect for anyone who does not want to install electrical connections in their garden.

Outdoor solar Christmas light garland


could be more environmentally friendly than a garland that runs entirely naturally

? This is the biggest advantage of the outdoor solar garland light. If it is charged during the day, it automatically turns on when the light intensity is low.

Its autonomy depends on the rate of energy absorption during the day. In general, it is accompanied by a battery or a rechargeable battery, located under a solar sensor. In addition, it is the solar panel that transforms the energy charge into electricity. The solar garland is of course waterproof and does not require any particular maintenance except for the preservation of its battery.


  • Ecological and economical
  • No need to connect to an electrical outlet
  • Strong and durable
  • Good autonomy


  • Cost
  • Need to run the battery at least once a month

Who is it for?

The solar garland is suitable especially for places that are at a good distance from an electrical outlet. Also, you can use it if you do not want to use extension cords.

Outdoor Christmas garland or Christmas spotlight?

Outdoor garland for Christmas

Available in different versions, the choice of colors, length, size depends on your desires and your imagination. In addition, the best models are often powered by batteries or solar charging.

The installation of the outdoor Christmas garland requires a long time, a precise study and a good spirit of creativity. Indeed, you have to be strategic to get all the benefits of such a device.

Christmas spotlight

There are 3 types of projectors namely the laser projector, the LED projector and the solar projector. The laser projector offers a wider coverage, between 48 to 625 m². The light beam is more intense. It offers a great visibility on trees as well as on plants and the front of the house. The best part? You can choose the images to be projected.

In addition, the LED projector is of a softer intensity, but covers only between 3 to 15 m². On the other hand, the solar projector seems to be the most ecological, like the solar garland, and the most economical.


Each decoration device has its own advantages and disadvantages. If the garland can be manipulated at will and according to the needs, the Christmas projector is not. It is installed in a specific place and covers a distance more or less long depending on the models chosen. In short, these two types of light decorations can be complementary.

Why buy an outdoor garland for Christmas?

To highlight a place or an object

The outdoor garland for Christmas is distinguished by its wide availability in a wide range of colors. In addition to this characteristic, you also have the possibility of choosing the shapes that suit you best. Very colorful, the outdoor garland allows you to highlight your windows, your pathways, your stair railings, your shrubs, your trees ...

To create a festive atmosphere

Thanks to an outdoor garland, your evenings will be well illuminated. It provides a real festive feeling, whether it is installed on walls, railings or in the branches. It is also possible to use garlands with micro LEDs to decorate your table (in the middle of the table, in jars, in bottles...)

Save money

Most of today's outdoor garland models are equipped with LEDs, which allows you to make huge savings in terms of electricity. Note that garlands are much better if they are powered by solar energy.

More practical and durable

Many models of outdoor garlands are relatively more practical than others. And for good reason, they no longer need an electrical outlet to function effectively. Therefore, you can install your outdoor garland wherever you want, whether in a small corner of your garden, on the terrace ... It is robust and durable, as it is designed to be used outdoors.

No particular maintenance

You will save money since the outdoor garland does not require any particular maintenance. Moreover, its life span is relatively long compared to the models intended for an interior use.


Avoid too much Christmas decoration. Keep your garlands perfectly in place.

First of all, it is advised to put your outdoor garlands following well-defined forms as along the contour of your windows, along the staircase ramps... Then, choose your color. It should be noted that the mix of colors may not be in line with the decor you were looking for. For example, if you have not installed a light curtain, we recommend a Christmas spotlight for your facade. Don't overdo it, opt for a simple, but nice to see decoration.

Protect the electric cables!

Unlike LED ribbons, the outdoor Christmas garland has no self-adhesive side. So, use ties, adhesive tapes, fishing line or clip-on hooks to make the garlands fit well in their place.

Welcome guests with your garland.


checking the length of the electrical cables so that they effectively reach your power outlet, you must protect them at all times. This is to avoid accidents in case of bad weather. To do this, make use of a plastic bag or, better yet, a solid tunnel. Do not hesitate to secure them as much as possible by using cable covers. In this sense, either buy one in a store, or use a tarp or thin branches to cover them.

Opt for a decoration that is both aesthetic and harmonious.


this, nothing could be easier than using the best outdoor garland for Christmas to create a welcome message. Then hang it on your gate or door.


, but no less important, the decoration must be harmonious while being aesthetically pleasing. To do this, install your outdoor Christmas lights so that they run along well-marked features such as the gutter, tiles, walkways, wall corners...


What is the best outdoor garland for Christmas?

The best outdoor garland for Christmas depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available today.

How to make an electrical connection?


best outdoor garland for Christmas requires an efficient electrical connection. In this sense, use power strips or extension cords for outdoor use. Be careful not to overload them.

How to hang an outdoor garland for Christmas around the front door?

First measure the

length of the garland you will need (the 2 sides of the door and the width of the top). Use decorative garland hooks to hang it on the top of the door frame and you're done! These hooks can be easily removed and will not damage your door.

When to install its outdoor garland for Christmas?


installation of decorations, and thus of outdoor garlands, can begin as early as mid-November. However, avoid as much as possible placing your Christmas decoration items on a rainy day especially if they are all electric.

Where to install a light curtain?

Ideal for highlighting

the front of a house, the light curtain can also be installed in front of a bay window or on the railing of a terrace. Similarly, you can dress the overhang at roof level with such a decorative item.


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Ankway Aky 69
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