The best online furniture stores in the UK 2023

Online sales have seen an exceptional jump following the covied-19 pandemic, with a 60% increase in items sold. Furniture is not left behind with many owners wishing to bring a new look to their decoration or to fit out their new home. There are many online stores offering furniture of all kinds. Read this guide to find the best ones.

Ikea 1

Best value for money


The best online furniture store in

Ikea offers its services and products to consumers around the world. Attached to various physical stores, this online furniture site has become a must. You can find everything there.

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Ikea emphasizes the price to seduce customers, without neglecting the quality of its furniture. In addition to furniture products, the Swedish company sells decorative items. The real plus?You have 365 days to return a piece of furniture that does not comply with the regulations, provided that it has not yet been installed.

The big drawback is that delivery leaves something to be desired, as Ikea is a victim of its own success. Consumers complain of a delivery time too slow. As for the costs, prepare between 3 and 100 €. The after-sales service of the site is available by phone from Monday to Sunday. You should know that furniture purchased from Ikea is covered by conditional guarantees.

Alinea 2

Best value for money


The best entry-level online furniture store

Alinéa remains the cheapest option for finding furniture on the Internet. This online furniture store aims to satisfy as many people as possible. This explains the quality of its customer service.

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In order to reduce its prices compared to those of its competitors, Alinéa constantly offers good deals and various discount codes. In addition to the website, the brand has a chain of 26 stores that it has built up over 25 years. It knows how to satisfy those who are looking for original solutions to decorate their homes.

In addition to the furniture products, there are other decorative items that appeal to individuals thanks to the unique touch they bring to their living space. Despite the affordable prices of the furniture at Alinéa, quality is not neglected.

Roset Line 3

Best value for money

Roset Line

The best high-end online furniture store

This online furniture store offers luxury products. However, expect high prices. With a wealth of experience, it knows how to adapt its offers to the requirements of the public.

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Timeless classic collections on the one hand and contemporary, luxurious furniture on the other. These are the elements that make up Ligne Roset's offer. While it initially focused more on sofas and armchairs, the brand has long been exploiting a variety of materials to expand its offerings.

Fabric, velvet and leather are the most popular materials. This company also promotes the production of designer lamps to create a unique atmosphere in each room. While most of Ligne Roset's services live up to its reputation, its after-sales service is not the most functional.

Conforama 4

Best value for money


The best value

Conforama has a large online furniture store. The brand is not limited to furniture, but also offers household appliances. All at extra prices.

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Conforama is flexible when it comes to prices. But not only! The choice of product is quite large, although limited compared to Ikea, since the site is divided between furniture and other items for the household. In any case, they are intended to furnish all rooms. Conforama offers different brands for all products: sofa, bedroom, storage, bedding.

This brand has nothing to envy to other online furniture stores when it comes to promotions and discounts of all kinds. It never ceases to bring forward competitive offers every season. In other words, you don't have to wait for the sales period to pay less at Conforama.

Buying guide • November 2023

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Comparison table of the best online furniture stores

Ikea 5
Alinea 6
Roset Line 7
Conforama 8
Roset Line
Ikea offers its services and products to consumers around the world. Attached to various physical stores, this online furniture site has become a must. You can find everything there.
Alinéa remains the cheapest option for finding furniture on the Internet. This online furniture store aims to satisfy as many people as possible. This explains the quality of its customer service.
This online furniture store offers luxury products. However, expect high prices. With a wealth of experience, it knows how to adapt its offers to the requirements of the public.
Conforama has a large online furniture store. The brand is not limited to furniture, but also offers household appliances. All at extra prices.
Diversity of furniture
Physical store
Used furniture
Return time for items
365 days
30 jours
14 days
14 days

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Buying guide - online furniture store

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How to choose your online furniture store

Carefully check the selection criteria below to find great furniture deals online.

#1 - The type of collections

The number of items presented online should not be less than that available in physical stores. Indeed, Internet sellers offer a wide range of trendy and timeless collections. You need to look for a few particular features in these products to ensure your satisfaction, i.e. ergonomic, sturdy and stylish furniture. The wider the selection, the faster the shopping experience. Prefer sites with various styles if you are looking for different types of furniture. On the other hand, you need to see a specialized seller in case you already know what you want.

#2 - New or used furniture?

Depending on what you are looking for, look for new or used furniture sellers. The price will be better at specialized online stores, especially for second-hand items. Be careful about the quality in this case, especially since the products are rarely covered by guarantees. You buy at your own risk. This does not mean that you should shun used furniture. There are sites that prioritize reliable items to allow consumers to have good furniture without necessarily spending a fortune. But if your budget allows it, nothing beats new models. There are sites that offer reasonable prices for high quality.

#3 - The brands offered

The best online furniture sites offer brand name furniture made in Europe or Japan. The most reputable brands, however, charge high prices, even though it is often worth it. Some brands sell their furniture on their official website, without going through an intermediary. This guarantees a lower purchase price, as there is no commission. In addition, these brands offer a good customer service. These stores are often attached to physical outlets. This is an undeniable advantage when you want to touch the furniture, see its quality directly before buying.

#4 - The styles of furniture

Your choice of online furniture stores depends on how you want your home to look. Between industrial design, modern style and vintage decor, everyone will find his account on the Internet. Just browse the merchant's catalog to imagine the type of style offered. This criterion applies to both indoor and outdoor furniture. Follow the trend with the diversified offers of these online stores. For this, advocate the generalized sites with varied proposals regarding not only the look, but also the materials and finishes.

#5 - The delivery options

You buy your furniture online partly to have the option of delivery. Therefore, the delivery options should be to your advantage. Be sure to check the fees. Sometimes they add significantly to the total price you pay. However, there are sellers who offer free shipping when you reach a certain amount.

Next, check the waiting time, which can vary from 1 to 15 days, or even longer at some stores. This depends on where the product is manufactured. The fact is that it takes time to get it from one country to another unless it is a locally produced brand. It is more convenient to be able to set the date and time of delivery according to your availability, but not all sites offer this privilege.

Finally, you will need an assembly service so you don't have to worry about the details and technicalities. Not everyone has good DIY skills. It will save you time.

How to successfully buy furniture online?

Shopping online is not without risks. That's why you need to follow a few rules before getting started. Especially since furniture is an expensive item that should not be purchased lightly. First, you must have an idea of the characteristics of the furniture in question and they must be in adequacy with the dwelling. The dimensions are the most crucial. The furniture should easily fit in the space provided. Then, make sure that its colors match the overall decor.

Don't be overwhelmed by the many offerings. To be more efficient, you must stick to the budget you have defined beforehand. In addition, there are other objectives in terms of style or type of product. Seduced by the many trendy furniture items on the web, some people end up buying items that are not necessarily useful. Don't hesitate to get in touch with customer service if you need to ask for advice on the items themselves or on the sales policy or delivery options.

Be prepared for a possible non-conformity.

In the event that the furniture delivered does not match the seller's images or descriptions, it should be easy to return it. It is already necessary that the merchant agrees to this process, then check the conditions for doing so. If so, you still need to determine who pays for the return and what the refund is. Sellers can also offer an exchange.

The different types of online furniture stores

Online furniture stores are either generalists or specialize in a particular type of furniture or a specific style. It's up to you to choose according to your needs.

Large online furniture distributors

These are the big name sites that sell everything from tables to bedding to shelves, chairs and more. The possibilities are immense with this type of store. It is very rare that they do not offer a delivery service. In addition, the prices are very varied to give the same satisfaction to all budgets.

Again, there are 2 types of sellers: those who only offer furniture in several styles and in large distribution and those who sell other types of products on the same site. The latter seek to broaden their offer by targeting specific consumers.

Specialty online furniture stores

Specialty stores, on the other hand, offer a single type of product. The most common are living rooms, beds, and kitchen furniture. These sites most often work with particular brands as resellers. On the other hand, there are those that sell decorative elements that fit perfectly with luxury furniture.

Online second-hand furniture stores are considered to be specialized sites. The same goes for craftsmen's sites that only offer authentic style furniture.

Online furniture store or physical store?

Online furniture store

Buying online means saving time on research. You also benefit from a more attractive price since, like other sites, online furniture stores have fewer financial charges due to the absence of a sales location. Good deals abound on the web with the number of discounts and promotions. In addition, deliveries are free above a certain amount.

Physical store

Physical stores offer the possibility to actually see the products, possibly to try them on. It is more reassuring regarding their quality, their comfort and their real dimensions. Indeed, it's difficult to judge a piece of furniture that you've only seen online. In addition, a sales team guides you in your choices. And the offers are as plentiful as on the catalogs of online stores.


Price, delivery, variety of choices, service are the points of comparison between physical stores and web stores. The latter outweighs the former in all criteria. You have access to a large number of possibilities with a quality/price ratio defying the competition.

Why trust a (good) online furniture store?

Find the best furniture quickly

The advantage of online furniture stores is that you have the old collections and the new models at your fingertips. No need to spend a whole day browsing through them. With the ergonomic presentation of the sellers' sites, choose the furniture you need in no time after deciphering all their features. These offers are aimed at both private individuals and interior design professionals.

Take advantage of a good customer service

You have a whole team to accompany you in this purchasing process. This is not the case in physical stores. All the selling points are already visible on the website, so the customer service will be an additional assistance at any time. Being online, the customer service can be reached 24 hours a day by e-mail, message or call for possible complaints or clarifications.

Benefit from a good price/quality ratio

Online furniture is affordable. It's a great way to find high-end items without breaking the bank. And the quality is there on the best sites.

Have a wide selection of furniture and prices

Furniture choices go by the thousands on the web. You will be spoilt for choice while keeping to your initial budget. Like other sectors, the internet is a real furniture fair. You can find every style imaginable.

Find excellent quality used furniture

Take part in an action against waste and act in an eco-responsible way by giving a second life to furniture. Used furniture means less exploitation of natural resources and non-ecological materials. By choosing them, not only is the price affordable, but you prioritize ecological consumption.

The best brands of online furniture stores

In our opinion, the best brands of online furniture stores in 2022 are :

Ligne Roset
Roche Bobois
B&B Italia

This Italian brand produces design furniture. It places creativity at the heart of its productions, mostly in plastic. However, it also offers models in wood, leather and metal. With an international reputation, this company collaborates with a large number of distributors in Europe.

Do you like minimalist decoration? You'll love the creations of Muji, a Japanese brand that puts forward furniture and accessories for decoration and furnishing in the taste of the day. It is recognized by its pure design through storage furniture, bedding, tables and desks as well as sofas.

This French brand is a must on the furniture market. Ligne Roset is a prestigious brand, present in almost all online stores. Original styles are featured in its catalogs, which are nevertheless quite expensive. A true icon of high-end furniture, including chairs and armchairs.

A family-owned company, Roche Bobois brings ambiance to many homes with its original furniture. Daring styles are a must with this brand. This is the result of the hard work of the brand's talented designers and architects. We notice that it does not skimp on the colors and this is what gives charm to its works.

It is the essential brand in the design furniture. True to the Italian reputation in furniture, it is far from being behind the meteoric developments of interior design in Europe. It aims to bring comfort and elegance to homes that dare to be prestigious.

What is the price for an online furniture store

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

30 £ to 230 £
230 £ to 700 £
more than 700 £
Price range diagram


Wait for the sales!

There is no shortage of sales on online furniture stores. You just have to find the ones that offer them at the time of your purchase. Compare prices and feel free to quickly switch between a few sites to get the best deals. You don't even have to wait until there's a sale since the stores, and therefore the options, are quite numerous on the internet.

Be on the lookout for any discount offers

It's not just the sales that deserve attention on these stores. There are coupon codes and other types of good deals not to be missed. Subscribe to newsletters to be alerted regularly of all the interesting offers on your favorite site. The downside is that you may be inundated with advertising emails.

Take advantage of your cashback membership

Cashback site members can pay less for their furniture. This benefit is not effective on all online stores, but the majority of sites are involved. There are conditions to enjoy the "refund" obtained with cashback vouchers.

Opt for a site with a reliable payment method

There are different online payment methods suitable for furniture stores. In all cases, you are going to have to send some personal or bank information to validate the payment. That's why you're advised to stay vigilant about the online seller's security policy.

Check all product features before ordering

To make sure the furniture fits in the intended room and meets the dimensions you expect, find out the size of the room and the measurements of the furniture. Other specifics (color, materials used...) are equally important to ensure the aesthetics of the home, it goes without saying.


Can you find cheap furniture online?

Online furniture is very affordable in itself. But apart from that, promotions and good deals make the prices even lower. You have to know how to take advantage of them. Then, some stores sell specially cheap items for its community like the second hand furniture sites or the clearance stores.

What is the best time to buy cheap furniture online?

To the delight of online shopping enthusiasts, there is a period every month to take advantage of discounts. There are also several periods when sales are all the rage on the web as well as in physical stores. Year-end and New Year's sales, spring discounts, summer outdoor furniture discounts, Thanksgiving weekend...

Can we find decoration items on the Internet?

Like furniture, decorative items are in huge numbers online. To name just a few of the most popular sites, you can shop easily and quickly at Maisons du Monde, Casa or even Zara Home. You can find furniture of all kinds at these same stores.

What site to buy a sofa online?

If your request is very specific, prefer stores whose offers focus solely on the type of furniture in question or which allocate a specific section to present the models of this product. For sofas, La Maison du Canapé, Authentica, France Canapé or Cuir Center are at the top of the list.


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