Noirot radiators : our opinion and best deals in the UK 2022

Are you looking for a powerful and affordable electric heater? Noirot, a reference brand in terms of heating and air conditioning systems, has many models. Convector, cast iron unit, connected... you have a lot of choices! We have put together this short guide to help you find the best Noirot radiator for your needs.

Palazzio Smart ECOcontrol 1

Best value for money

Palazzio Smart ECOcontrol

The best Noirot radiator in 2021

The Palazzio Smart ECOcontrol is your best ally to enjoy an optimal thermal comfort at home. This radiator ensures an even distribution of heat in all the rooms of your home.

228 £ on Amazon

All in white, the Palazzio Smart ECOcontrol is CE and NF certified and has a rather discreet design. With a weight of only 6.8 kg, its installation is both simple and quick. Due to its acceptable dimensions, a width of 46 cm, 61.5 cm in height and a thickness of 14.1 cm, this model is really not bulky.

In terms of performance, this controlled inertia radiator is equipped with a built-in thermostat to easily obtain the desired temperature. It is able to diffuse a constant and homogeneous heat, thus contributing to the well-being of the occupants of the house. In addition to the comfort it provides, this radiator includes an Eco mode for reduced energy consumption. In addition, it has a presence and window opening detection as well as a child safety lock system!

Spot Digital 6 orders 2

Best value for money

Spot Digital 6 orders

The best entry-level Noirot radiator

Simple and efficient, the 6-order Digital Spotlight. Diffuse a soft heat in your favorite room. You will appreciate its functional ergonomics and its various pre-recorded programs.

57,05 £ on Manomano

The Spot Digital 6 orders presents an excellent quality of manufacture. This robust convector is highly resistant to shocks. Thanks to its low weight of 3 kg, the installation is not complicated and requires only fifteen minutes. Once in place, it is hardly noticeable thanks to its reduced dimensions (L 34 cm x H 44 cm x E 10, 2 cm).

Noirot has done everything possible to simplify the use of this model. Indeed, the user has a control box with an easy-to-use digital display. In terms of comfort, this convector integrates the RX Silence® heating element, which offers the possibility of increasing the temperature in record time. Its 3 pre-recorded programs are practical for energy savings.

Bellagio smart ecocontrol 3

Best value for money

Bellagio smart ecocontrol

The best high-end Noirot radiator

If you have a large room to heat, the Bellagio smart ecocontrol will do just fine! It seduces with its various technologies. This radiator has everything to please, both in terms of design and performance.

740 £ on Rue du Commerce

The ultra-compact Bellagio smart ecocontrol does not pose any installation constraints. Due to its narrow width and vertical format, it does not take up much space, regardless of the room in which it is placed. The user also benefits from a significant space saving. Thanks to its design and its sober lines, this device will ideally embellish your decor.

With a power of 2000 W, this model can heat a room of more than 15 m2 without any problem. This intelligent radiator benefits from Smart Ecocontrol technology, which guarantees simplified use. Thus, at any time, you can control the device while managing your energy savings remotely. In addition, the Active Cast Iron technology with dynamic inertia developed by Noirot ensures optimal efficiency of the device.

AXIOM Smart ECOControl 4


AXIOM Smart ECOControl

The best all-around Noirot radiator

It is the right device to heat a rather spacious room. It is equipped with innovative technologies that are the trademark of Noirot: remote control, absence detection, integrated thermostat...

449 £ on Manomano
Buying guide • November 2023

Best Noirot radiator

Any specific needs?

The best Noirot radiator in 2021

The best entry-level Noirot radiator

The best high-end Noirot radiator

The best all-around Noirot radiator

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Comparison table of the best Noirot radiators

Top Inexpensive High-end Excellent
Palazzio Smart ECOcontrol 5
Spot Digital 6 orders 6
Bellagio smart ecocontrol 7
AXIOM Smart ECOControl 8
Palazzio Smart ECOcontrol
Spot Digital 6 orders
Bellagio smart ecocontrol
AXIOM Smart ECOControl
The Palazzio Smart ECOcontrol is your best ally to enjoy an optimal thermal comfort at home. This radiator ensures an even distribution of heat in all the rooms of your home.
Simple and efficient, the 6-order Digital Spotlight. Diffuse a soft heat in your favorite room. You will appreciate its functional ergonomics and its various pre-recorded programs.
If you have a large room to heat, the Bellagio smart ecocontrol will do just fine! It seduces with its various technologies. This radiator has everything to please, both in terms of design and performance.
It is the right device to heat a rather spacious room. It is equipped with innovative technologies that are the trademark of Noirot: remote control, absence detection, integrated thermostat...
500 W
500 W
2000 W
1500 W
Built-in programs
Remote control, Built-in thermostat, Constant heat, Absence detection, Open window detection
6 commands, Open window detection, Integrated thermostat
Muller Intuitiv compatible Behavioral indicator Code lock
Remote control, Integrated thermostat, Absence detection, Open window detection

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Our opinion on the Noirot radiators

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Our opinion on Noirot radiators

Today, when it comes to heating, there are many solutions available to households. Several offers are currently available on the market. Among these are the radiators of the Noirot brand. This French brand strives to produce appliances that meet the requirements of environmental standards. It also ensures that its radiators allow users to save as much energy as possible. In general, all Noirot radiators stand out for their manufacturing quality and reliability. It is not for nothing that the manufacturer was awarded the Chaptal prize in 2012 in recognition of its efforts in designing quality products.

Products at the cutting edge of technology

In terms of technology, the appliances developed by Noirot have nothing to envy to other products offered by its competitors. To achieve such a result, the company does not hesitate to mobilize important resources in Research and Development. As a result, most of Noirot's radiators benefit from innovative technologies and are therefore a step ahead of the competition. These different technologies contribute to constantly pushing back the performance of the appliances so that they are not only economical, but also ecological. Noirot therefore suggests very advantageous solutions for users who are large consumers of heating. For example, in order to alleviate the problems of energy loss, there are models that are able to detect the presence of people in a room. The device starts as soon as it detects movement by the occupants of a house. As soon as the room is deserted by these occupants, the radiator stops automatically. No wastage is possible!

A long service life

One of the qualities of Noroit radiators is without doubt their great robustness. If they are used correctly, they can last a long time. The user can therefore enjoy their gentle warmth for about 10 years. Provided, of course, that regular maintenance is carried out!

Aesthetics are not outdone

Apart from their exceptional quality and performance, Noirot radiators also stand out in terms of their design. When you think of a radiator, most people immediately think of a large appliance that is not really attractive! In addition to being compact, the Noirot radiators all have a neat and modern design. This means that they are perfectly suited to all types of interiors and can be easily installed on the wall. They are also very discreet due to their small size. Some models even go unnoticed in the room where they will be installed.

In short, there's not much to criticise about Noroit radiators! Reliability, performance, design... they have all the features you would expect from this type of device. Users will not be disappointed at all! So it's not surprising that Noroit is considered a leader in the French heating market.

Noirot radiator or Thermor radiator?

Noirot radiator

Noirot radiators guarantee optimal comfort to its users due to the advanced technology present on most of its models. In addition, thanks to their various functions, the brand's appliances are easy to use.

Despite their many advantages, Noirot heaters have a few weak points. Starting with the absence of indicator lights on some models, which are still useful to know if the appliance is on or not.

Thermor radiator

Like Noirot radiators, Thermor radiators incorporate highly advanced technologies. They include an intelligent control system that allows you to control the temperature while saving energy.

As far as weak points are concerned, there is not much to say about Thermor radiators, except perhaps that some models can be a little bulky. Indeed, these radiators tend to take up space and need room for the installation of its components.


In terms of quality and performance, the two brands are not so different from each other. The Noirot radiator is more ergonomic and adapts to small spaces, while the models manufactured by Thermor have a good performance. It's up to the user to choose according to their tastes and needs!

How to choose your Noirot radiator

The brand's models are renowned for their reliability and performance. But it is still essential to analyse a few criteria if you want to find the radiator that meets your needs, such as the space to be heated or the power.

Criterion 1 : The volume to be heated

Before choosing a particular model, consider first the volume to be heated. It's logical, the larger it is, the more power the heater will need. And the more power you need, the more energy you need. But whatever the volume to be heated, the quality of the insulation is also essential.

Criterion 2 : The power

The power is a criterion not to be neglected if you consider buying a radiator. If the power is low, the device will not be able to heat the room properly. To give you an idea, you should know that to heat a room of 15 m2, you need about 1000 W for a temperature of 20°C.

Criterion 3 : Heat diffusion

A feeling of discomfort is quickly felt by the occupants of a house if the heat inside is not properly diffused. Indeed, it could well be that the diffusion is not at all homogeneous leading to a bad distribution of the heat. The heat may vary from one room to another. If you want to keep peace and quiet in your home, look for models that don't cause noise pollution. Nothing beats a unit that is able to radiate heat quietly. This way, you won't have to put up with unpleasant noises that could stress you out unnecessarily. So this criterion is important!

Criterion 4 : Noise pollution

In order to benefit from more comfort of use, don't forget to take a look at the options present on some models. For example, we can mention the systems that avoid blackening the walls, the anti-overheating system or the control via Smartphone. Among these options, there may also be the various safety devices suggested such as the child safety lock that blocks the controls.

Criterion 5 : The options

How do Noirot radiators compare to the competition?

Compared to conventional radiators, Noirot radiators are a step above in terms of quality! Simplicity of use is also one of the brand's strong points. In terms of performance, its appliances stand out from the crowd thanks to their innovative technology. For example, they give the user the possibility to adjust the temperature very precisely by means of a thermostat.

But what really sets these units apart from competing brands is that they offer a real solution to problems related to energy consumption. It must be said that the other models available on the market are rather greedy in energy! This is the case, for example, of the German brand KLARSTEIN and more particularly its electric radiator KLARSTEIN BORNHOLM. The same observation applies to the CAYENNE brand! Indeed, its model CAYENNE 49613 JARPA 2000 (although it offers an ultra-simple use) displays a very high energy consumption. Apart from being economical, Noirot radiators are also appreciated for their great discretion, especially with regard to the noise they emit during operation. It must be said that the brand has done everything possible to ensure that users do not have to complain about this aspect. They can use their radiator for many hours without the noise level changing.

A final advantage of Noirot heaters is their ability to cool down slowly after they are turned off. This feature allows them to provide continuous heat production. The same cannot be said of some models developed by competing brands. This is the case with the DE'LONGHI DRAGON4 TRD4 1025 electric heater, for example! Although this model has many strong points, the fact remains that it tends to cool down very quickly once it is switched off.

Why buy a Noirot radiator?

For its power

Without a motor, a radiator will have difficulty functioning. Most Noirot radiators are equipped with a powerful motor in order to distribute the heat correctly. This is not always the case with the appliances offered by certain competing brands. Thanks to this power, the heat reaches the room quite quickly, within a few minutes of the radiator being switched on.

For its technologies

Consumers will appreciate the various technologies that equip Noirot radiators and make them very easy to use. One example is the Wi-Fi connectivity that allows the device to be connected with mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphone. This compatibility with various devices is really very practical for the user who will be able to control his radiator remotely without any problem.

For its easy installation

The installation of a Noirot radiator is within everyone's reach. Firstly, most of the brand's models are fairly light, which makes them easy to handle. This means that the user can do the installation himself without having to ask for help from another person. Moreover, the operation does not take much time. Moreover, if needed, a user guide shows the different steps of the installation.

For its low noise level

There's nothing more frustrating than an appliance that makes too much noise when it's on. By purchasing a Noirot heater, you won't have to suffer from this kind of problem. When it is in operation, this intelligent appliance does not make any unwanted noise. No matter how long you use it, you will enjoy a sound level that is always acceptable.

For its safety

In a household with children, the risk of one of them manipulating the heater is more than likely. There are Noirot models that are equipped with a code locking system. This means that the heater cannot be operated in the absence of the parents, as access to the various functions is completely locked.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the Noirot radiators:


This brand was created in the 1920s by Frédéric Sauter. He designed the very first electric water heater! Shortly afterwards, Sauter began to manufacture thermal appliances. In 1935, the company launched its first electric heaters on the market. Since then, the manufacturer has continued to innovate, ensuring that its appliances offer maximum comfort while saving energy.

Established in 1931, Thermor is a French brand that designs heating solutions. Its objective is to offer users of its products an optimal comfort experience. To achieve this, Thermor relies on innovation. Nowadays, the appliances designed by Thermor are "intelligent" and connected. They take advantage of embedded technology.

This German brand was founded in 2005 in Berlin. It specializes in household appliances, kitchen appliances, but also air conditioning. It strives to offer quality products that combine reliability and performance. Klarstein's main mission is to simplify the lives of consumers while providing them with unparalleled comfort. Today, the brand's heaters have a modern design and a wide range of functions.

Founded in 1902, this Italian brand began its activities by manufacturing spare parts for household appliances. From 1950 onwards, the brand began to create its own appliances. Soon, it became known worldwide for the quality of its air conditioners. Today, Delonghi air conditioners are environmentally friendly with no greenhouse gas emissions.

Founded in 1893, the Thomson brand has built a solid reputation in the field of consumer electronics. But little by little, it has also turned its attention to the design of electric heating appliances. And in terms of radiators, it has chosen to focus more on solutions that are able to heat small spaces. To this end, the models developed have small dimensions and are therefore space-saving.


Cleaning your Noirot radiator

To properly clean your radiator, simply use a damp sponge or cloth to remove dust. For nooks and crannies that are not easily accessible, use a hair dryer! Don't forget to remove any dust that has accumulated behind the unit. To do this, take a spatula long enough and attach a cloth to the end. With this tool you can easily clean the back of your radiator.

Adjusting a Noirot electric radiator

Features may vary depending on the model. However, here are some tips that will help you make the right settings. You should know that the ideal temperature changes from one room to another. If it is a bedroom, the proper temperature is 19°. In rooms that are rarely occupied, use the eco mode. Use the thermostat to adjust the temperature according to the room.

Choosing the right time to buy your radiator

If you want to get a discounted price on a product such as a radiator, you can use two tricks. The first is to do as some consumers who bet on buying off-season. Indeed, at this time, manufacturers tend to liquidate their stock and offer lower prices. The other trick is to find products on special offer!

Noirot radiators connected to save money

It is possible to manage the energy consumption of connected radiators. If you are not at home, you have the possibility to control your installation remotely. This control can be done either through a tablet or a smartphone. You will be able to follow in real time the energy consumption of your Noirot radiator and intervene at any time when necessary.

Embellish your interior design with a radiator

With their very neat design, the radiators can be used as decorative elements in their own right! Horizontal or vertical, high or low, you can choose the shape that seems most appropriate to you! If you have a small room, turn to the "column" type radiators. You can also place your radiator in a corner with a bracket.


How to program a Noirot radiator?

Noirot radiators are easy to program. Thanks to the programmable thermostat, you can set the heating temperatures according to your lifestyle. When you are in the office, choose the "eco" mode which offers a temperature of around 17°C. If you are away for more than 3 days, the "frost-free" mode can be adapted provided your house is well insulated.

How to connect a Noirot electric heater?

To connect your Noirot electric radiator, simply connect it to your home's electrical network. If your home does not have an electrical line for central heating, it is imperative to install it. You should also know that a simple socket is not suitable, as it will not be able to withstand the power required to supply all your electric radiators.

How to choose the power of a Noirot radiator?

The choice of the power of a radiator depends largely on the volume to be heated and the insulation of the house. For a room of less than 10 m2 with a volume of approximately 25 m3, a radiator with a power of 750 W is required. For a room larger than 25 m2 and with a volume of approximately 55 m3, a power of 2000 W is required. But you should know that each Noirot radiator has its own characteristics.

What to do with a radiator during the warm seasons?

During the warmer seasons, heating systems are not very busy. Take advantage of this break to maintain your radiator! This way you can anticipate any technical problems and not be caught unprepared when winter comes around. For example, you can take advantage of the summer to maintain your heater and purge it by removing the air from the heating circuit.


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