41 Netflix series to watch or rewatch

Netflix is among the biggest streaming platforms of the moment, ahead of Amazon Prime Video, OCS, Disney+ and Apple TV+. Despite a somewhat timid start in the UK, the American firm has finally established itself in the audiovisual landscape. The streaming service now offers a vast catalog of films, series and documentaries that follow the times.

in the UK alone, Netflix currently has nearly 30% of the Video On Demand or VOD market share. In terms of series to be more precise, the American giant certainly has the largest library in the world. This is despite the variation in numbers from one country to another depending on local legislation in force.

In addition to buying the rights to a plethora of series, Netflix has also produced its own content. Among the most streamed are House Of Cards, La Casa de Papel, The Witcher, The Umbrella Academy and Orange is The New Black. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the best Netflix series that you should know about.

Thriller and Psychology

Squid Game

Squid Game

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At first glance, Squid Game looks like a game for children. But the stakes are lethal. More than 400 people, mostly in debt and desperate, agree to participate. The series follows a small group who, tempted by the grand prize, will play this game whose only outcome is victory or death.

Peaky Blinders 1

Peaky Blinders

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The story revolves around the Shelby family, known as the Peaky Blinders gang. The siblings, led by the dangerous Tommy Shelby, make their living mainly from theft, smuggling, racketeering and illegal gambling. But the arrival of Chief Inspector Chester Campbell will complicate matters.

La Casa de papel 2

La Casa de papel

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While eight thieves carry out a hostage situation in the Spanish mint, a criminal mastermind does everything he can to make the plan succeed by manipulating the police and public opinion. The adventures of these thieves continue to grow more exciting.

Dark 3


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The disappearance of a child sets four families on a quest to find the truth and get answers about the situation. Sometimes compared to another similar netflix series, this German work offers a darker side and an exciting journey through time.

The Blacklist 4

The Blacklist

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After learning Raymond Red's true identity, Elizabeth Keen desperately tries to understand what really happened during the last few years. At the same time, Red tries to eliminate his rivals by revealing to Liz and the FBI the identity of the most dangerous criminals.

The Frankenstein Chronicles 5

The Frankenstein Chronicles

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In 1827, in London, the lifeless body of a child was discovered following the arrest of several opium dealers. In fact, it was an assemblage of different body parts, which greatly horrified Inspector John Marlott. His investigation leads him into a world where prostitution, kidnapping and murder are rampant.

The OA 6

The OA

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Let yourself be transported into a mix of genres with this series that tells the story of Prairie Johnson. Reported missing while blind, she resurfaces after 7 years of absence by recovering her sight. A quest will then engage her entourage, science and even the FBI.

Narcos 7


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Narcos tells the story of Pablo Escobar's fast-paced life and fall. Americans and locals alike, politicians, the DEA, Colombian forces and enemy cartels all try to bring him down. Some have even risked their lives. Will they succeed in their goal?

Orange is The New Black 8

Orange is The New Black

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Piper Chapman has been locked up in Litchfield Federal Prison for 15 months. The reason? Ten years ago, she was arrested while carrying a suitcase full of money for her then-lover, Alex Vause. She then tries to adjust to her new life, trading her comfortable life for an orange uniform.

How to get away with a murder 9

How to get away with a murder

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Annalise Keating is not only brilliant and sexy, she is also a charismatic and dangerous professor of criminal law. Whether in class or on trial, the lawyer brilliantly defends criminals and tries to win their freedom. But everything changes when it is discovered that she and her students are involved in a murder case.

Orphan Black 10

Orphan Black

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Orphan Black tells the story of a young con artist named Sarah Manning. She finds herself witnessing the suicide of a young woman who strongly resembles her. She sees a rare opportunity to make a new life for herself by stealing her identity. However, she will quickly be dragged into a sinister story of cloning...

Sherlock 11


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Sherlock Holmes, the most brilliant of detectives, finds himself once again on British soil. He will have to do better to get rid of Moriarty. On the other hand, Watson and Mary are also faced with a major challenge: becoming parents.

Making a murderer 12

Making a murderer

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This documentary series, made over 10 years, is about a convicted man who was cleared by his DNA. In an effort to fight corruption in his region, he finds himself once again a suspect in a heinous crime that could seriously harm him.

Bloodline 13


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This thriller series features the Rayburns, who seem to be a good, respectable, successful family. With the arrival of a family member who returns after a long time, secrets surface and threaten the cohesion of everyone.


The Crown 14

The Crown

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The story takes place in Great Britain between 1964 and 1972. In this new season of The Crown, Prince Charles, the heir to the crown, will be at the center of all interests. New events appear, including the case of Princess Margaret.

Lucifer - Full season 15

Lucifer - Full season

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Lucifer got bored with his role as "Lord of the Underworld" and swapped it for Los Angeles, literally translated as the City of Angels. He is now the absolute master of Lux, his nightclub. Searching for the culprit who murdered a young pop star, Lucifer meets a female cop named Chloe Dancer.

House Of Cards - Unabridged 16

House Of Cards - Unabridged

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House Of Cards will show you how power-hungry politicians are in modern Washington. The series focuses on the life of Congressman Frank Underwood and his wife and alter ego Claire. Both are ready to conquer everything, implementing every conceivable scheme.

Vikings - Complete seasons 1 to 4 17

Vikings - Complete seasons 1 to 4

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Although they consider themselves allied brothers, Ragnar and Rollo fight because of jealousy and ambition. Aslaug and Lagertha, the two women that Ragnar is so passionate about, both want to rule and lead the country.

Outlander 18


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While quietly playing her role as a nurse during World War II, Claire Randall is instantly thrust into the 1743s. There, she is forced to marry the Scotsman Jamie Fraser. Unsure of what to do, she slowly learns to love her husband and to live in this violent and unpredictable time.

Captive 19


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A young Irish immigrant to Canada finds herself accused of murdering her employers after working as a maid. In 1843, the two women get along until Grace Marks begins to have feelings for the husband, which leads to her dismissal before the alleged murder.

Black mirror 20

Black mirror

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This scary anthology tells the story of today's man's addiction to all things screen and new technology. The story, the time and the characters differ in each episode which can be frightening by featuring traumatic dystopias.

13 reasons why 21

13 reasons why

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This series about teenage suicide is based on a well-known book and tells the story of a teenager and his lover. When he finds a box in front of his house with his name on it, he will discover the 13 reasons why the girl committed suicide two weeks before.

Riverdale 22


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For those who like to see real couples acting in a series as a couple, this work tells the story of a small with dark secrets. With the death of a friend, several groups of students have their lives turned upside down by tragic events.


The Originals 23

The Originals

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Season 5 of The Originals focuses more on the young Hope, now 17 years old. The future of the Michaelsons rests on her shoulders. Stubborn, but talented, will the pretty witch mark the end of the original family or will it reunite them?

Gotham - Complete 24

Gotham - Complete

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Gotham City is a city of crime, corruption and mobsters of all kinds. One night, Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered in an alley while their son Bruce watched. Inspector Gordon, the only honest cop in town, is on the hunt for the culprit. You will discover the origin of some of these crime figures.

Teen Wolf - Complete series 25

Teen Wolf - Complete series

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Scott McCall was just another teenager until he was bitten by an alpha. His life will change forever. He gains exceptional abilities and even becomes the co-captain of the lacrosse team. But can he keep his werewolf urges in check?

Flash 26


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The arrival of the Flash's direct descendant, Nora West-Allen, in the present disrupted the time stream and the multiverse. Arriving from the future, her goal was to help her family fight the Thinker, which was successful. But fate changed the course of history with the unexpected appearance of a new enemy named Cicada.

Supergirl 27


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Kara is in despair since Mon-El left. That's why she has decided to devote her life to being Supergirl. All her family and friends are really worried; the young woman has abandoned her human life altogether. New enemies keep threatening National City.

The Walking Dead 28

The Walking Dead

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In this season 8 of The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes, accompanied by the Hill, the Kingdom and Alexandria, will declare a real war against Negan and The Saviors. He will quickly get the upper hand and lock him in a cell. Rick and his new alliance will fight at all costs to regain their freedom.

The 100 29

The 100

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Follow the adventure of 100 delinquents sent to Earth to test the chance of survival on the planet that was destroyed after World War III. This post-apocalyptic sci-fi series combines action and philosophy to find out the fate of the 4,000 remaining earthlings.

3% 30


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Dive into a dystopian world where only 3% of the population is rich and the rest are poor. To be part of this minority, participants will not have the right to make mistakes knowing that only 3% of competitors will reach the end of the tests.

Youth and Family

Modern Family 31

Modern Family

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Modern family features the humorous daily lives of three households including Mitchell, Claire and Pritchett. With children of unusual behavior, these three American families try to remain "normal" by dealing with everyday themes.

How to raise a superhero 32

How to raise a superhero

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Nicole Reese has been caring for her young son Dion alone since the unfortunate death of her husband on their son's seventh birthday. One day, the widow was stunned to discover the incredible gift of her offspring. Later, Dion's godfather heard this news and dug to find out the origin of this power while protecting this young man.

Pretty Little Liars 33

Pretty Little Liars

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Young Alison DiLaurentis disappears without a trace during a sleepover at the Hastings' estate. Months went by before her body was found. Then her friends (Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer), now separated, start receiving threatening messages signed with the letter "A".

Girlboss 34


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This success-story tells the story of Sophie, a girl with a rebellious character, but no money who wants to succeed. While learning how to manage her online empire, this comedy series is loved by all. It is based on the autobiography of an existing person

Pokémon the series: Indigo league 35

Pokémon the series: Indigo league

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In Sacha's world, there are creatures called pokémon with magical powers. The goal of the young boy? To become a pokemon master with the help of his friends in exciting adventures. He will also face the most famous thieves of his universe: Team Rocket.

Master of none 36

Master of none

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This series which proposes to follow the daily life of Dev, a 30 years old actor from New York, follows well his time. A funny, ambitious and film-loving character, he discusses and participates in various subjects concerning today's society and its vagaries.

As the days go by 37

As the days go by

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A mother is left to raise her two teenage children who have not finished bothering her. With her mother's help, the children grow up with archaic parenting methods. Expect adventures full of laughter and discussions about modern society.

Anne with an E 38

Anne with an E

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This romance series takes place in 1980 when a 13-year-old girl, Anne, accidentally lands in the home of an elderly woman. Alone and childless, she lives with her brother and will be delighted by the arrival of this cheerful and intelligent girl.

Atypical 39


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For fans of series depicting first love and student friendships, this series follows the life of 18-year-old Sam, who is autistic. A story that is both fun and challenging, his quest for self-discovery impacts the entire family.


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