The best nebulizers in the UK 2023

Nothing is more efficient than the nebulizer to diffuse a treatment against asthma, seromucous otitis or cystic fibrosis. Although it is relatively recent, this device is currently a huge success, but how to choose it? In this buying guide, discover our advice, as well as our selection of the 4 best nebulizers of this year.

Medisana IN 500 1

Editor's Choice

Medisana IN 500

The best nebulizer in 2021

This versatile ultrasound nebulizer treats a wide variety of upper and lower respiratory infections, including asthma and seromucosal ear infections. To ensure that patients of all ages can use it, this device comes with a full set of accessories.

29,59 £ on Amazon

Approved by the MDD standard, this nebulizer is very effective for the selective treatment of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, such as the common cold or asthma. The ultrasonic technology embedded in this medical device allows it to transform drug treatments in liquid form into very fine particles that a patient can easily inhale.

The nebulizer chamber of this device is quite large and can hold up to 10 ml of treatment. This item comes with various accessories for inhalation, but the mask is more effective. The transparent hose is 2 m long and offers more flexibility during treatment administration. The only drawback is that this device weighs 1.3 kg, which restricts its use somewhat.

Atomisor Nebulizer NL9MP Minidose Pediatric 2

The best cheap

Atomisor Nebulizer NL9MP Minidose Pediatric

The best entry-level nebulizer

Intended exclusively for children and babies, this mini-dose nebulizer is compatible with all conventional and sonic aerosol devices. Health specialists recommend it for the administration of cystic fibrosis and asthma treatments in children aged 2 to 6.

10,34 £ on Santediscount

Although it is far from being a concentrate of technology, this nebulizer impresses by its performance and its simplicity of use. It is particularly indicated for the diffusion of a bronchopulmonary treatment like Pulmicort or Pulmozyme. Don't be surprised by the small size of the tank of this device, it doesn't make it less efficient. Even if the dose of medication deposited in this trough is reduced, the cost-effectiveness of the aerosol therapy session is still optimal.

To best assist parents during the administration of treatment, this nebulizer comes with various accessories, including a hyper-flexible hose, a pressure tube and a children's face mask with ball and socket attachment. Before each use, the manufacturer recommends sterilizing this device in boiling water for 2 minutes.

Omron-Healtcare C28P 3

The best high-end

Omron-Healtcare C28P

The best high-end nebulizer

Powerful and easy to use, this nebulizer offered by Omron is suitable for both children and adults. Perfect for quick and frequent use, this medical device will meet the needs of people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory infections.

79,99 £ on Omron

This nebulizer benefits from a simple, yet robust design. It consists of a compressor, a hose and a mouthpiece that can be substituted with the transparent mask that covers the entire nose and mouth. The advantage of the latter is that it prevents air infiltration and leakage of the misted treatment. In addition, the Advanced Valve Technology (AVT) allows the device to retain the patient's exhaled medication, which greatly reduces waste.

As for the nebulizer chamber, it can hold up to 7 ml of medication solution. The Omron C28P is completely waterproof and can be easily cleaned after use. Although it offers a high nebulization rate, this device seems to be handicapped by two drawbacks. In addition to being cumbersome, it is also a bit noisy. This nebulizer is more suitable for sedentary than nomadic use.

Omnibus BR-CN116 4

The best nebulizer for the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases

Omnibus BR-CN116

The best nebulizer for mobile use

Design and colorful, this nebulizer with piston compressor is ideal for the treatment of chronic diseases in children and adults. As it is quite compact, this medical device can be used on the go.

31,92 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best nebulizer

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The best nebulizer in 2021

The best entry-level nebulizer

The best high-end nebulizer

The best nebulizer for mobile use

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Comparison table of the best nebulizers

Medisana IN 500 5
Atomisor Nebulizer NL9MP Minidose Pediatric 6
Omron-Healtcare C28P 7
Omnibus BR-CN116 8
Medisana IN 500
Atomisor Nebulizer NL9MP Minidose Pediatric
Omron-Healtcare C28P
Omnibus BR-CN116
This versatile ultrasound nebulizer treats a wide variety of upper and lower respiratory infections, including asthma and seromucosal ear infections. To ensure that patients of all ages can use it, this device comes with a full set of accessories.
Intended exclusively for children and babies, this mini-dose nebulizer is compatible with all conventional and sonic aerosol devices. Health specialists recommend it for the administration of cystic fibrosis and asthma treatments in children aged 2 to 6.
Powerful and easy to use, this nebulizer offered by Omron is suitable for both children and adults. Perfect for quick and frequent use, this medical device will meet the needs of people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory infections.
Design and colorful, this nebulizer with piston compressor is ideal for the treatment of chronic diseases in children and adults. As it is quite compact, this medical device can be used on the go.
Ultrasonic Nebulizer
Ultrasonic nebulizer for children
Pneumatic Nebulizer
Ultrasonic Nebulizer
Spray rate
0.2 ml/min
0.12 ml/min
0.5 ml/min
0.35 ml/min
Particle size
5 µm
3.9 µm
3 µm
3 µm
Sound level
55 dB
60 dB
50 dB
Content of delivery
Nebulizer kit, 1 child mask, 1 adult mask, 1 mouthpiece, 1 air hose, 5 replacement filters, 1 nebulizer part, 1 instructions for use.
1 child mask, 1 connecting tube, 1 small capacity reservoir, 1 mouthpiece.
Nebulizer kit, 1 child mask, 1 adult mask, 1 mouthpiece, 1 nozzle, 1 air hose, 5 air filters, 1 instructions for use, 1 carrying case.
1 child mask, 1 adult mask, 1 mouthpiece, 1 air hose, 5 spare filters, 1 instruction manual.

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How to choose your nebulizer

Because of the many variations on the market, it is essential to clarify certain aspects of the nebulizer so that you can make the most appropriate choice.

#1 - The type of the device

There are different categories of nebulizers and each of them works differently. You will have to choose between a pneumatic model with a compressor and a nebulizing chamber, an ultrasonic model that produces high-frequency ultrasonic waves, and a vibrating screen model that is more intended for ENT diseases. A little further down in this buying guide, we detail the main differences between these three types of devices.

#2 - The efficiency of the device

The effectiveness of the device is gauged by the maximum flow rate produced as well as the rate of nebulization, and the nominal time required to complete the volatilization of the treatment. You need to verify that the device allows for the ingestion of the sufficient dose of drug treatment while limiting wastage. A nebulizer is also effective if the particles it produces are no larger than 5 µm.

#3 - The dimensions

Nebulizers tend to be smaller and smaller. Today, you can find models on the market that fit in one hand. These ergonomic medical devices are recommended for adults. Because of this small size, the owner will have no trouble using it when the time comes. To administer treatment to a baby or child, prefer the larger devices that are more efficient.

#4 - Noise level

The noise of a nebulizer depends on its size and the technology that drives it. For large devices, the average noise level is 50 dB. A noise of this intensity is not annoying in itself, but you will find even quieter devices if you narrow your search. Smaller ultrasonic nebulizers produce only 40 dB. They are ideal if you need to administer treatments in the evening or late at night.

#5 - Accessories

Generally, a nebulizer comes with a compressor, a nebulizer chamber, a plastic tube, a mouthpiece, and two masks. Some manufacturers offer a USB adapter and replacement filters as extras. Prefer devices that come with complete accessories. This will save you from buying optional accessories that can be very expensive.

How does a nebulizer work?

The nebulizer takes its name from the Latin word "nebula" which literally means cloud. This Latin word was chosen for a good reason. Indeed, the functioning of this medical device is based on nebulization which consists in transforming a liquid medicine into a cloud of particles or aerosol.

In its most classic form, the nebulizer consists of a compressor that creates air and a nebulization chamber inside which the medication is converted into an aerosol. These two elements are connected by a plastic tube whose dimensions vary according to the manufacturer. Many accessories accompany this medical device, such as a face mask, mouthpiece or medication mixer.

Airway infections such as asthma often occur unexpectedly. In children, the attacks can be quite dramatic and disconcerting, which is why it is important to act quickly with proper treatment. During an emergency situation, the medication must be put into the nebulizer chamber and the device activated. The liquid treatment is then transformed into fine droplets that the asthmatic person can inhale.


During the administration of the treatment, it is important that no outside air gets in. If the person uses a mouthpiece instead of a mask, he or she must clench his or her teeth tightly to avoid inhaling air.

The different types of nebulizers

To date, there are three types of nebulizers that, of course, do not work in the same way. In this sense, these three categories of devices are not prescribed to treat the same infections.

The pneumatic nebulizer

This is the most classic treatment nebulizer device on the market. This device works mainly thanks to a compressor which injects a flow of air into the nebulization chamber which has just transformed the liquid treatment into a mist. The patient only has to inhale deeply his medicine. This device is capable of transforming all medications into very fine particles. Doctors recommend it for the treatment of respiratory infections such as asthma.

The ultrasonic nebulizer

Much more recent, this device works via an ultrasound source. For this category of nebulizer, the power source and the nebulizer are one. Once the device is plugged in, the ultrasound produced through high frequency vibrating piezoelectric crystals transforms the liquid treatment into a cloud of particles without altering its quality. The ultrasonic nebulizer is particularly recommended for serious infections such as cystic fibrosis.

The vibrating screen nebulizer

The operation of this device also relies on the emission of vibrations. However, the nebulization is operated by the action of a curved and perforated sieve which vibrates when it comes into contact with the drug treatment in liquid form. This device is designed to take care of the most fragile molecules. It is recommended for the treatment of ENT diseases such as seromucosal otitis, but also congestive infections such as colds or coryza.

Nebulizer or inhaler?


The nebulizer, also known as a nebulizer, is a semi-portable device whose main function is to transform a liquid drug treatment into a mist of particles that a patient will inhale. This device is available in three variations, each with its own nebulization mode and each operating with a built-in battery or via an electric cable. The nebulizer can be used to treat various respiratory infections.


The inhaler is a portable medical device made of plastic and metal. It consists of a pressurized tin canister containing a medication solution that is released in fixed doses by pressing the spray button. This device is used by people with asthma in case of an attack. Today, it is possible to find inhalers that work in much the same way as the nebulizer.


Inhalers can be carried anywhere by the patient. However, its use requires perfect coordination of breathing so that the medication can reach the lungs. If the administration is not done properly, complications may occur. The nebulizer, even in its most basic form, delivers medication more effectively with less risk and less waste.

5 good reasons to use a nebulizer

It provides a more targeted treatment
Treating a respiratory infection by nebulization optimizes the local action of the medication while limiting the risk of systemic side effects. When used as an aerosol, the treatment is more effectively targeted to the affected anatomical areas. In addition, the device delivers a larger amount of medication, making it even more potent.

It can be used to treat different types of lung infections
Nebulization is indicated for the treatment of lung infections as well as less serious conditions such as seromucosal ear infections and chronic sinusitis. This device is also effective in the treatment of asthma, cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD.

It is suitable for all patient profiles
The nebulizer allows for quicker and more effective delivery of medication to the upper and lower airways. As the device does not require much coordination of breathing from a patient, it is easy to use. Thus, this medical device is suitable for children, seniors and people with limited mobility who suffer from lung ailments.

It takes care of almost all medications
Today, there are still no standards for nebulizing medications. However, some medications respond better to nebulization than others. The pneumatic nebulizer has no problem nebulizing all liquid treatments. The ultrasonic nebulizer is more effective with drug solutions that contain cortisone. As a reminder, the choice of a nebulizer will depend on the nature of the medication.

It limits the side effects
With a nebulizer, the desired effect is obtained very quickly. Moreover, when medication solutions are administered via inhalation, undesirable effects are rarer, which is not at all the case with the ingestion of tablets.

The best brands of nebulizers

In our opinion, the best brands of nebulizers in 2022 are :


Medisana excels in creating medical devices that allow patients to monitor their health and administer their own treatments. The company's range of nebulizers is highly effective, reliable and easy to use.

Omnibus is a brand whose activities are essentially focused on the manufacture of inhalers and nebulizers. Its know-how in this sector is no longer in question, as its creations are so reliable and effective. Even children can use some of the nebulizer models offered by this manufacturer.

Omron has had one goal since its inception: to provide the best medical solutions to healthcare professionals and consumers alike. The manufacturer has fully achieved this goal if the excellent quality of its nebulizers and remote monitoring devices is any indication.

To improve your daily life and your quality of life, such is the general objective of this manufacturer. To achieve this goal, Tenswall relies on innovative technologies, particularly for its nebulizers, whose merits are widely acclaimed by health professionals.

VicTsing is a jack-of-all-trades in the electronics sector. After the immense success of its essential oil diffusers, the brand has started to design nebulizers that shine with their excellent quality/price ratio.

What is the price for a nebulizer

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

25 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 80 £
more than 80 £
Price range diagram


Consult a doctor

The nebulizer is a very effective device, but it does have some contraindications. Therefore, before purchasing one, it would be wise to consult your personal physician. Only a professional can authorize the effective use of this device.

Follow the instructions for preparing the medication

If the medication is prepared in advance, you simply pour it into the nebulizer chamber and activate the device. However, the procedure is different if you still need to combine treatments. For best results, inject the medication one after the other into the chamber with a syringe, making sure that there are no air bubbles inside.

Be careful with your children

As some categories of nebulizers are quite advanced, children and seniors will need assistance during treatment. Before using the device, check that the child has nothing in his or her mouth and then position the mask to cover the nose and mouth completely. If the child is using a mouthpiece, tell the child to wrap his or her lips tightly around it so that no air can get through.

Clean your nebulizer

It is customary to thoroughly clean the mouthpiece, mask and spray chamber after each use. By doing so, you will maximize the longevity of your device. As this medical device is somewhat delicate, maintenance must be done meticulously and step by step.

Vary the speed of the treatment

If the device is equipped with a variable speed drive, it is best to adjust the treatment delivery velocity according to the age of the patient. A medium diffusion speed is more appropriate for young people.


How does a nebulizer work?

Anebulizer works on the principle of nebulization. Regardless of the technology used by the device, the treatment that is put into the nebulizer chamber is transformed into a cloud of particles that a patient will inhale. In this mist form, the medication is more effective because it provides a more targeted treatment.

How to use a nebulizer?

After the drug solution in the spray chamber has turned into a mist, put the nozzle in your mouth with your lips closed and inhale gently but deeply. Exhale through your nose. If you are using a mask, just make sure that no air gets into it, otherwise the effectiveness of the treatment will be reduced.

When should a nebulizer be used?

The use of a nebulizer is recommended in cases of lung infections or bronchopulmonary diseases. However, before using this device, a patient should seek the advice of his or her physician. Only a health care professional can authorize the use of such a device. Like all other health devices, the nebulizer has contraindications.

How to clean your nebulizer?

Thenebulizer is a delicate medical device. Therefore, it must be cleaned meticulously. All parts of the device should be cleaned after each use, including the nebulizer chamber, mouthpiece and inhalation mask. Washing with clean water and air-drying should remove all traces of medication and fine particles.


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Medisana IN 500 9
Medisana IN 500
Atomisor Nebulizer NL9MP Minidose Pediatric 10
Atomisor Nebulizer NL9MP Minidose Pediatric
Omron-Healtcare C28P 11
Omron-Healtcare C28P
Omnibus BR-CN116 12
Omnibus BR-CN116


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