The best musical nightlights for babies in the UK 2023

Does your child often have nightmares and refuse to sleep alone? An interesting and versatile option, get a musical nightlight for baby. Far from being a simple toy, it has many useful options to help your little one spend peaceful nights. But which one to choose? Follow our guide to the best baby musical nightlights.

Moredig Proiettore Stelle Bambini

Best value for your money

Moredig Proiettore Stelle Bambini

The best baby musical nightlight in 2021

One of the most popular among French parents, the Moredig Proiettore Stelle Bambini is a very well-made musical LED nightlight. It has a timer and comes with a remote control.

23,99 £ on Amazon

The Moredig Proiettore Stelle Bambini projects beautiful images on the walls of your child's room (stars, rockets, astronauts, elephants...). When it's time for bed, your child will fall asleep quickly following the movements of the projection. In addition to this interesting feature, the device also offers 12 integrated music, thus exercising the hearing of your little one.

With the included remote control, you don't have to go into the baby's room to adjust the volume, change the song, set the timer or turn off the nightlight. The timer can be set from 5 to 500 minutes. Once the scheduled time is reached, the automatic shut-off function will be activated.

Badabulle B015007

Best value for your money

Badabulle B015007

The best entry-level baby musical nightlight

This musical nightlight is relatively soothing. It allows your child to fall asleep in peace, whatever his age. With its projector function, it converts his room into a beautiful starry sky.

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Do you want your baby to feel like he's sleeping under the stars? You can quickly and easily transform your baby's room with the Badabulle B015007, a musical nightlight that provides soft lighting to reassure your baby at night. In the form of a plush toy, it can help him fall asleep with its 12 built-in music tracks.

The timer function is very practical. The device stops automatically after 30 minutes. In addition, the removable case ensures easy cleaning of the plush. Although it doesn't come with a remote control, you'll find all the essential buttons on the back of the Badabulle B015007.

Pabobo - Calm Océan

Best value for your money

Pabobo Calm Ocean

The best high-end baby musical nightlight

Available in blue and grey, the Pabobo Calm Ocean has a prominent place in our comparison. It has the particularity to light up by itself when baby cries. Even better, its features contribute to the soothing and the sleep of the child.

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As the name suggests, the Pabobo Calm Ocean removable projector exclusively projects images of fish and waves. It's as if your child's room is in the underwater world. Even the lullaby can be set to the sounds of the waves for total immersion. This musical nightlight is incredibly smart. In fact, it turns itself off and on again when baby starts to cry.

Practical, the Pabobo Calm Ocean is equipped with a plush in the shape of a star that can be washed and a box. It offers 2 distinct modes for agitated children (40 min) and for calm children (20 min). The rhythm of the music, the light effects and the atmosphere vary according to the chosen program.

Fisher-Price Petit Hippoc'Lampe

Excellent selection

Fisher-Price Small Hippoc'Lamp

Usable from birth

From baby's first days, the Fisher-Price Little Hippoc'Lamp helps create a soft and soothing atmosphere in his room. Relaxation, stimulation of auditory and visual abilities... these are some of the advantages of this model.

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The Fisher-Price Petit Hippoc'Lampe musical nightlight offers up to 5 minutes of continuous music. Once this time is up, the music and sound gradually decrease. A simple press is enough to activate the light projection and the sounds. You can choose between 8 different lullabies, including the sounds of the sea which are particularly comforting.

In case baby tends to wake up at night, the Fisher-Price Little Hippoc'Lamp is easily turned on with a gentle touch. The sound level can be adjusted to 2 levels. This musical nightlight helps stimulate the child's different senses: sight, hearing and touch.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best musical nightlight for baby

Any specific needs?

The best baby musical nightlight in 2021

The best entry-level baby musical nightlight

The best high-end baby musical nightlight

Usable from birth

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Comparison table of the best musical nightlights for babies

Moredig Proiettore Stelle Bambini
Badabulle B015007
Pabobo - Calm Océan
Fisher-Price Petit Hippoc'Lampe
Moredig Proiettore Stelle Bambini
Badabulle B015007
Pabobo Calm Ocean
Fisher-Price Small Hippoc'Lamp
One of the most popular among French parents, the Moredig Proiettore Stelle Bambini is a very well-made musical LED nightlight. It has a timer and comes with a remote control.
This musical nightlight is relatively soothing. It allows your child to fall asleep in peace, whatever his age. With its projector function, it converts his room into a beautiful starry sky.
Available in blue and grey, the Pabobo Calm Ocean has a prominent place in our comparison. It has the particularity to light up by itself when baby cries. Even better, its features contribute to the soothing and the sleep of the child.
From baby's first days, the Fisher-Price Little Hippoc'Lamp helps create a soft and soothing atmosphere in his room. Relaxation, stimulation of auditory and visual abilities... these are some of the advantages of this model.
100% polyester plush
12 tunes
12 tunes
8 tunes
Power supply
4 AAA batteries
3 AAA batteries
3 AA/LR6 batteries
2 x AA (R6) Zinc Carbonate
12.7 x 12.7 x 15.24 cm
22 x 16 x 14 cm
27 x 27 x 12 cm
14 x 13 x 29.01 cm
353.8 g
290 g
420 g
308 g

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Buying guide - musical nightlight for baby

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How to choose your musical nightlight for baby

Give your baby the best by finding the right musical nightlight for a good night's sleep. Here are the parameters to take into consideration when choosing a nightlight.

#1 - Impact on sleep quality

A musical nightlight should not interfere with your child's sleep and negatively influence the child's health. The musical nightlight is meant to follow your child through the first few months of life. See how your child reacts without a nightlight and decide whether or not it would be wise to buy one.

#2 - Practicality

The musical nightlight must be easy to handle. Picking up a musical nightlight also means considering its power system. In other words, you would need to know whether the device runs on battery power, electricity, or a battery. The dimensions of the device are also a parameter to consider. For a wired model, make sure the wire is long enough for the nightlight to be plugged into any corner of the baby's room.

#3 - Shape and design

Choose the design and shape of your child's musical nightlight based on what they like or how you want to direct their desires. On the market, there are musical nightlights that borrow the shape of animals such as rabbits, cats or sheep and are more like stuffed animals. Some musical nightlights for babies are also shaped like musical instruments and others like a crescent moon or a star. You are spoiled for choice.

#4 - A timer option

Most musical baby nightlights have a timer function. The timer feature saves energy and allows the nightlight to turn off its light or lullaby sound automatically after a few minutes.

#5 - Material

Because babies tend to put their toys in their mouths, make sure the musical nightlight you choose for your little one is sturdy, unbreakable and has soft, gentle textures. For this purpose, choose a nightlight that is free of toxic materials. CE approved models are the most reliable and therefore the most recommended.

Good to Know

According to numerous studies, preschoolers who sleep less than 10 hours per night are twice as likely to be overweight, hyperactive, and perform poorly on cognitive tests later in childhood.

Music may help baby's brain develop better

The best musical nightlights for babies 1

Exposing your baby to music and teaching them the basics of how music works could help them learn to speak a language faster.

In fact, learning a language and learning the basics of music are almost identical. From birth, babies quickly learn to listen to their parents' voices, long before they understand actual words. At this stage, conversation is little more than patterns of rhythms and sounds that convey emotional meaning.

By three to six months of age, babies begin to experiment with their voices to produce a wide variety of sounds, including cries, coos, yells and other vocalizations. These random sounds soon classify as "babble," or non-speech that follows the cadence and patterns of speech. Consonant sounds quickly emerge and babies begin to experiment with repetition, rhythm and complexity.


The standards in application for the musical nightlight are NF EN 62471 and EN 60598-26-12. The first standard is related to the light and indicates the good quality of the luminosity emitted by the nightlight, while the second is related to the validation of the connection to an electric plug.

Musical nightlight or musical mobile?

Musical night light

The musical nightlight takes on several forms that contribute to the awakening of baby and help him fall asleep for naps as well as for the moments of the big sleep at night. A real ally for parents, it helps calm the fears of children who are afraid of the dark and can also be used as a decorative object. The great advantage of the nightlight is that it can also be used as a flashlight for your child once he has reached the age of going to the bathroom alone in the middle of the night for example.

Musical mobile

The mobile is the first toy of awakening of baby on which are hung small colored forms, animals or small characters. Generally suspended above the cradle or hung on the bars of the bed via a PVC or wooden pole, it remains high up within reach of baby to awaken his senses (sight and hearing) and participate in his development. Most of the mobiles on the market are musical. Models that help baby fall quickly into the arms of Morpheus in a reassuring and soothing atmosphere. The mobile is especially suitable for toddlers from birth until they are able to sit up.


In conclusion, both the musical nightlight and the musical mobile can make baby's bedtime easier to manage for parents and can be used as decorative objects. However, the musical nightlight is more versatile thanks to its timer and automatic shut-off functions. Some models are even remote controlled, allowing parents to turn on the nightlight remotely when needed. In addition, a musical nightlight can be used by your child for many years, unlike a mobile.


Getting a child used to a musical nightlight

You may not see instant success. A child may have to get used to the music in the room or need it in tandem with a pile of stuffed animals and a weighted blanket. Like everything else about parenting, trial and error is not inevitable but it does allow for learning. Music can be a winner at night but distracting during daytime naps. It all depends on your baby's reaction. If he doesn't feel comfortable with his musical nightlight at night and gets cranky, don't force him to adapt to it all at once.

Time to use a musical nightlight


don't want to leave the lullabies on all night, because the brain is still listening to the sounds and may not fall deeply asleep. Playing music for a half hour after bedtime is fine. Also, you can start the music when you begin the bedtime routine, to let your child know it's time to go to bed.

Starting to use a musical nightlight for a baby


playing the music emitted by the nightlight at about 24 weeks of your pregnancy. That's when your little one starts to hear. That way, there's a good chance the baby will appreciate it once he or she arrives in the world. "Music that is soothing to mom is also soothing to baby," says Dr. Gaither.

How to use your musical nightlight


pediatricians warn parents against too much visual and sound stimulation from nightlights. Your offspring's room shouldn't look like a nightclub because your child may also be tempted to play and replay music over and over if he or she doesn't feel like sleeping. So it's up to you to use the musical nightlight wisely.


What is the best musical nightlight for baby?

The best musical baby nightlight depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there today.

Why is music important for my baby?

Music strengthens the bond between parent and child and helps regulate baby's excitement level. It's a sense of awareness and attention. By altering the baby's mood, singing can help with feeding and sleeping. This in turn positively affects the baby's growth and development.

Can a nightlight be used for naps as well?


. You can also use a nightlight to rock baby to sleep


At what age is a musical nightlight appropriate?

There is no age for using a musical nightlight. However, early childhood specialists advise parents to use them especially at the age when the child develops fear of the dark, which is between 3 and 6 years old. The nightlight will allow him to relax and fall asleep easily.


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Moredig Proiettore Stelle Bambini
Moredig Proiettore Stelle Bambini
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Badabulle B015007
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Fisher-Price Petit Hippoc'Lampe
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