The best multivitamin supplements in the UK 2023

Do you suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiency? Do you want to give your body a boost? Buy vitamin supplements specially produced for this purpose. For a revitalized body, choose from our selection of the best vitamin and mineral supplements for this year.

Gloryfeel Multivitamins and Minerals - 450 tablets 1

Best value

Gloryfeel Multivitamins and Minerals - 450 tablets

Best multivitamin supplement

Support the balance and vitality of your body with GloryFeel multivitamin complex. The 450 tablets allow a daily consumption during 15 months!

15,96 £ on Amazon

A single tablet of GloryFeel Multivitamins and Minerals contains all the vitamins your body needs: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, C, D, E. Also included are minerals such as calcium, selenium and zinc. The organic formula, without artificial fertilizers or pesticides, ensures a healthy and easy consumption. Through this composition rich in vitamins and minerals, the multivitamin supplement GloryFeel contributes to a normal energy metabolism and strengthens the immune system. It helps to fight against chronic fatigue and gives you well-being and dynamism.

Juvamine Top Forme Multivitamins - 30 tablets 2

Best cheap

Juvamine Top Forme Multivitamins - 30 tablets

Best entry-level multivitamin supplement

Stay in top form with 30 Top Forme Multivitamins from Juvamine Laboratories. One month's intake is enough to give you all the pep you need!

4,72 £ on Amazon

The box of Juvamine Top Forme Multivitamins contains 30 tablets, whose primary utility consists of a contribution of the 12 vitamins necessary to the organization, in magnesium and in selenium. Consequently, the consumption of this multivitamin complement makes it possible to decrease the effects of tiredness, to increase the physical vitality and finally to stimulate the immune and nervous systems. The Siberian Ginseng brings tonicity to the formula. Through its 30 years of expertise in the field of nutrition, Juvamine laboratories deploy all their know-how in this multivitamin supplement. During the course of the treatment, be sure not to consume other supplements with a high selenium content.

The Multi NUTRI&CO 3

Best high end

The Multi NUTRI&CO

Best high-end multivitamin supplement

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line multivitamin supplement to provide you with a sufficient daily intake of vitamins and minerals, NUTRI&CO's Le Multi is specially formulated to allow you to obtain convincing results.

21,16 £ on Nutriandco

Multi NUTRI&CO contains precisely 25 active ingredients, including 14 vitamins, 4 highly absorbable minerals and various plant extracts such as carotenoids and bio-flavonoids. It should be noted that the formula does not contain pro-oxidant minerals such as iron, copper or manganese. On the other hand, there is magnesium. The recommended dose is 3 capsules per day. One bottle contains 90 capsules, so it can be used for 30 days. The main advantage of this multivitamin supplement is the use of so-called "ready-to-use" vitamins, such as the plant forms of vitamins 1, E and D3.

Alpha Men 4

For men

Alpha Men

Best multivitamin supplement for men

Specially formulated for men, Alpha Men is a multivitamin supplement containing the right vitamins and minerals to ensure health and well-being in everyday life.

10,39 £ on Myprotein

Alpha Men contains about twenty vitamins, including pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). This variant of vitamin B5 is known to reduce fatigue and exhaustion. This formula also contains calcium, selenium, biotin, and natural energizing extracts, including Korean ginseng, kelp powder, grape seeds and nettle leaf extract. One bottle of Alpha Men contains 60 tablets to be taken twice a day, one tablet in the morning and one in the evening. Take a tablet preferably during the meal to benefit the maximum of the benefits.

Nutravita Multivitamins and Minerals - 365 tablets 5

For vegan

Nutravita Multivitamins and Minerals - 365 tablets

Very good multivitamin supplement for vegans

Suitable for men and women of all ages, the Nutravita Multivitamins and Minerals complex is composed of 26 nutrients. It is very well suited to a vegan diet.

17,59 £ on Amazon

The bottle of Nutravita Multivitamins and Minerals contains a total of 365 tablets. This generous ration allows a daily intake during all the year. Certified vegan by GMP, this food supplement has a complete formula with 26 components, perfect to fight against fatigue, activate the immune system or strengthen bones, teeth, hair and skin. It contains no lactose, no nuts, no gluten, no wheat, no coloring, no artificial flavors, no allergens. With Nutravita Multivitamins and Minerals, you will have the guarantee of a healthy, rich food supplement with multiple benefits.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best multivitamin and mineral supplement

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Best multivitamin supplement

Best entry-level multivitamin supplement

Best high-end multivitamin supplement

Best multivitamin supplement for men

Very good multivitamin supplement for vegans

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Comparison table of the best multivitamin supplements

Gloryfeel Multivitamins and Minerals - 450 tablets 6
Juvamine Top Forme Multivitamins - 30 tablets 7
The Multi NUTRI&CO 8
Alpha Men 9
Nutravita Multivitamins and Minerals - 365 tablets 10
Gloryfeel Multivitamins and Minerals - 450 tablets
Juvamine Top Forme Multivitamins - 30 tablets
The Multi NUTRI&CO
Alpha Men
Nutravita Multivitamins and Minerals - 365 tablets
Support the balance and vitality of your body with GloryFeel multivitamin complex. The 450 tablets allow a daily consumption during 15 months!
Stay in top form with 30 Top Forme Multivitamins from Juvamine Laboratories. One month's intake is enough to give you all the pep you need!
If you are looking for a top-of-the-line multivitamin supplement to provide you with a sufficient daily intake of vitamins and minerals, NUTRI&CO's Le Multi is specially formulated to allow you to obtain convincing results.
Specially formulated for men, Alpha Men is a multivitamin supplement containing the right vitamins and minerals to ensure health and well-being in everyday life.
Suitable for men and women of all ages, the Nutravita Multivitamins and Minerals complex is composed of 26 nutrients. It is very well suited to a vegan diet.
Vial size
450 tablets
Calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, copper gluconate, manganese sulfate, potassium iodide, chromium chloride, sodium molybdate, sodium selenite, copper gluconate
Magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate, zinc oxide, manganese sulfate
Number of vitamins
1 tablet per day
90 capsules
120 tablets
1 tablet per day
Main minerals
Anti-caking agents, D-calcium pantothenate, zinc oxide, sodium selenite
Recommended dose
1 tablet per day
Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine
Calcium, Zinc, Copper, Phosphorus, Manganese
3 capsules per day
2 tablets per day

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Buying guide - multivitamin and mineral supplement

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How to choose your multivitamin and mineral supplement

Find your best multivitamin supplement by carefully considering the following few criteria.

#1 - needs and deficiencies

The choice of multivitamin supplements is made according to the needs required by your body. Before deciding which multivitamin supplement to take, you must determine what deficiencies you need to fill, if taking a multivitamin supplement is really necessary.

Be careful, the same cases do not imply the same treatments: do not rely on bits of advice from your family and friends, find out about the diet that suits you from professionals in the field. Also beware of drug interactions.

#2 - the composition


the list of ingredients carefully before making your choice: be sure there are no components you are allergic to among the list. Indeed, some nutrients are known to be highly beneficial, namely choline, carnitine, etc., while others are considered harmful, such as fructose and glucose. Also look for vitamins that are recommended to be taken daily, such as thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin, folic acid, etc.

#3 - quality

Try to

always invest in quality products. When it comes to multivitamin supplements, price is not necessarily the deciding factor. Every vitamin supplement, whether natural or homeopathic, must be approved. Furthermore, take the time to read the labels carefully, prefer products available in pharmacies or health food stores, and if necessary do not hesitate to consult your doctor or pharmacist.

#4 - the dosage


dosage plays a primordial role in the effectiveness or not of a multivitamin supplement. An excess on the dose would lead to perhaps irremediable side effects: the surplus could be stored in fatty tissues, to the detriment of your health. Make sure you know what you are taking before you start taking your multivitamin supplement.

#5 - the form


encourage you to take it, choose the form that seems easiest to ingest: tablet, capsule, lozenge, powdered solution, syrup or injectable formulas. Avoid colored coated tablets, synthetic products and products with too many dyes as much as possible.

What multivitamin supplements for athletes?

The health of each individual requires specific nutritional contributions which incite to take the adapted and most effective multivitamin supplement. These few lines refer to the particular case of sportsmen and women, who need a large amount of energy at all times.

Since you regularly engage in physical activities, your body must quickly recover the energy it releases in order to maintain its balance. In addition, a healthy and varied diet is necessary, and the use of multivitamin supplements is an absolutely interesting additive option. In this perspective, give preference to multivitamin supplements made from natural ingredients.

To guide your choices, here are some basic components that should be included in the list of ingredients of multivitamin supplements for athletes:

  • Flax: very rich in Omega-3, flax acts favorably on neuronal function, blood flow, tissue oxygenation and the cardiovascular system.
  • Acerola: it provides a rich complement of vitamins, including a considerable content of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). This helps to stimulate the immune system and fight against stress.
  • Spirulina: very rich in proteins, it provides the athlete with the energy necessary for all his efforts, accelerates cell regeneration and develops the muscles.
  • Ginseng: it brings a better resistance to sportsmen. It is recommended to consume a ginseng-based multivitamin supplement in the morning to avoid sleep disorders.

In parallel with these fortifying diets, a balanced diet and regular hydration are the main obligations of athletes. For their comfort and well-being, they can also use essential oils to soothe fatigue and muscle pain.

The different types of multivitamin supplements

The ingredients of multivitamin supplements are synthetic or natural. The nutritional quality of the products obtained will not be the same.

Multivitamin supplements of natural origin

The ingredients here are derived from natural products such as fruits, vegetables and other nutrient-rich plants and foods. They meet all vitamin and mineral needs and deficiencies and are suitable for all ages. These multivitamin supplements often contain ingredients such as baobab, green tea, moringa, cordyceps and many others. Organic farming is at the heart of the manufacturing of these substances. They are recommended to remedy more severe deficiencies.

Synthetic multivitamin supplements

Synthetic multivitamin supplements are easy to access. Sometimes you can buy them without even having a prescription. Most of the time, doctors proscribe them to treat classic cases. The varieties of synthetic multivitamins are also very abundant. However, they are not quickly or well assimilated by the body, unlike products based on extracts of natural products. This is because the substances used may not be recognized by the body at first. This second type of food supplement is manufactured in a laboratory and is characterized by chemical formulas. Beware of overdosing on synthetic vitamins. Adults are most often subject to this.

Liquid or tablet multivitamin?

Liquid multivitamin supplement

The liquid multivitamin supplement is the easiest to swallow. Generally, it is kept in a dark glass bottle to preserve its effectiveness. Indeed, the solution breaks down and is easily absorbed. In addition, the doses of ingredients are more active and stronger. However, the shelf life of this type of multivitamin supplement is very short. In addition, some may contain sweeteners that can be harmful to your health.

Multivitamin supplements in tablet form

Multivitamin supplements in tablets contain the purest nutrients. Easy to consume, they are suitable for people who do not like the taste of certain ingredients. You can choose to chew it, swallow it directly or mix it with something else. The disadvantages of multivitamin supplements in tablet form are that they are difficult to swallow for some. They can also cause constipation in some people.


Liquid or tablets, the multivitamin complex will do the trick. Both are beneficial to your health. Multivitamin supplements in tablet form are more accessible and contain rich ingredients. However, liquid multivitamins are easier to digest and may be more suitable for children.

Why buy a multivitamin supplement?

To make up for a vitamin deficiency

The need for vitamins varies according to age and health status. Vitamin deficiency can lead to serious health problems and should be treated as soon as it is diagnosed. Children, women of childbearing age, pregnant women, the elderly, vegans and people on diets may have vitamin deficiencies.

For health reasons

A healthy, balanced diet should generally provide the nutrients your body needs. In some individuals, illness, stressful situations or an unstable lifestyle may lead to spontaneous vitamin deficiencies. In this case, the use of multivitamin supplements is essential.

For a vital rebalancing

When the deficiencies and specific nutritional needs are well determined and the regular prescribed doses are respected, multivitamin supplements act with great efficiency. You will then feel a certain strength coming back to you and little by little, you will become more dynamic than ever.

For sports

Sport requires a lot of physical effort, which sometimes requires the use of supplements in order to stay fit and toned. Multivitamin supplements become a potion for the great sportsmen. Some vitamins are known to promote muscle growth, while others are known to bring strength and vitality (vitamin C for example).

Beware of undesirable effects

In all cases, be aware of side effects or drug interactions that can wipe out the beneficial effects of multivitamin supplements. The best precaution is to trust a professional before taking any multivitamin supplement.

The best brands of multivitamin supplements

In our opinion, the best brands of multivitamin supplements in 2022 are :

Nutri & Co

As a nutraceutical expert, Nutri & Co selects ingredients from nature in all its diversity to make rich and approved supplements. The benefits of its products concern the entire human body: heart, digestive mechanism, immunity, sleep, skin and hair, etc.

The GloryFeel brand originates from Germany and produces its products according to the strict quality standards set by the food legislation. The selection of ingredients respects the increased needs of the customers and is suitable for vegetarians.

Over its 30 years of experience, Juvamine Laboratories has transformed numerous plants into rich and active supplements. All of our products meet world-approved quality standards, ensuring their reliability.

Established in 2013 by the Goodmington AG organization, Foodspring has evolved its production in line with demand, and currently offers numerous vitamin and protein formulas for all needs.

Founded in 2018, Nutralie brings innovation to multivitamin supplement formulas with well-selected core components that meet increased needs for balance and wellness.

What is the price for a multivitamin and mineral supplement

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5 £ to 25 £
25 £ to 75 £
more than 75 £
Price range diagram


Beware of excess iron, manganese and copper.

Adult men and postmenopausal women are advised to avoid MVMs that contain 18 mg or more of iron. Unless iron deficiency is diagnosed, too much iron can accumulate in body tissues and organs and cause damage. This is also true for manganese and copper.

Keep multivitamin supplements out of the reach of your children.

Multivitamin supplements can cause poisoning accidents in children, who would consider them candy. Thus, you should keep them out of sight of children: well locked in your medicine box or in a locked drawer for example.

Make consumption a habit.

To make your multivitamin supplement treatment effective, do not cut the consumption thread and respect the right doses.

Ask your doctor.

If you have any questions or other doubts about taking multivitamin supplements, don't hesitate to seek advice from your doctor.

Avoid excessive doses.

Nowadays, some multivitamin supplements on the market contain much higher concentrations of nutrients than you need. Don't think that taking a higher dose than prescribed will give you more nutrients, on the contrary it could be detrimental to your health.


What is the best multivitamin supplement?

The best multivitamin supplement depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

Can diabetics take multivitamin supplements?

Yes, but given the complexity of the disease, he must be careful with the medications he takes. For example, an intake of vitamin B, magnesium and zinc would be more appropriate. However, it is always recommended to seek advice from a doctor.

When should I take a multivitamin supplement?

It is important to know that a varied and balanced diet guarantees a complete nutritional intake. The multivitamin supplement is a second necessity to provide reinforcement.

How to detect a lack of vitamin?

If you are exposed to a stressful daily routine, if you make frequent physical efforts, you surely need to take a multivitamin supplement because your body releases a lot.

What are the main positive effects of the multivitamin supplement?

The multivitamin supplement strengthens the resistance of the immune system, provides moral appeasement in times of stress and gives strength.


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Gloryfeel Multivitamins and Minerals - 450 tablets 11
Gloryfeel Multivitamins and Minerals - 450 tablets
Juvamine Top Forme Multivitamins - 30 tablets 12
Juvamine Top Forme Multivitamins - 30 tablets
The Multi NUTRI&CO 13
The Multi NUTRI&CO
Alpha Men 14
Alpha Men
Nutravita Multivitamins and Minerals - 365 tablets 15
Nutravita Multivitamins and Minerals - 365 tablets


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