The best multi-drink machines in the UK 2023

With its wide range of beverages often enjoyed hot, the multi-drink machine or multi-function coffee maker has become a must in any kitchen worthy of the name. It comes in different models that leave many consumers spoilt for choice. In this buying guide, we outline the criteria to be taken into account as well as a comparison of the best multi-drink machines of the moment.

Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Lumio 1

Best value for money

Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Lumio

The best multi-drink machine in 2021

If you have a weakness for thick creamy, richly flavored drinks, the Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Lumio is the multi-drink machine for you. Note its 1L water tank.

77,09 £ on Amazon

The Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Lumio multi-drink pod machine is a must-have for making delicious, creamy drinks: espresso, milk drinks... But it's not just a multi-functional coffee maker that's extremely efficient. It is also an ultra compact machine that combines innovation and design.

It also has additional features such as the energy saving mode and the intuitive selection wheel that automatically doses the drinks. With a capacity of 1 L, the tank can produce XL sizes up to 300 mL per cup. There's even a 3-position adjustable cup holder. Finally, this multi-drink machine is equipped with an exclusive cup holder that makes it very robust and easy to maintain.

Bosch Tassimo Happy TAS1003 2

Best value for money

Bosch Tassimo Happy TAS1003

The best entry-level multi-drink machine

Beyond the price of this multi-drink machine, it is also its design sublimated by its red color that fascinates. The economical operation of the Bosch Tassimo Happy TAS1003 does not affect its efficiency.

36 £ on cdiscount

The Bosch Tassimo Happy TAS1003 is more than adequate for its price. Its ultra-compact design with a trendy red color immediately catches the eye. This multi-drink machine combines all the advantages of the Tassimon series, including a wide range of drinks, Intellibrew technology that recognizes barcodes and delivers the perfect drink in one click, descaling tablets that ensure a long life, an adjustable height that allows the use of several cup sizes, etc.

Low energy consumption is also one of its advantages. Indeed, the Bosch Tassimo Happy TAS1003 spontaneously switches to standby mode after each drink. It also has an automatic cleaning system that eliminates any taste interference between drinks and avoids manual cleaning. In addition, the device is available at an unbeatable price.

Krups Dolce Gusto Esperta YY4102FD 3

Best premium machine

Krups Dolce Gusto Esperta YY4102FD

The best high-end multi-drink machine

Arguably the best choice among connected multi-drink machines, the Krups Dolce Gusto Esperta YY4102FD boasts high performance, a 1.4L tank and 15 bar pressure.

120 £ on Boulanger

Here is a multi-drink machine that leaves no one unmoved. The Krups Dolce Gusto Esperta YY4102FD is not just a sophisticated and innovative machine as Krups knows how to do. It is first and foremost a high-pressure model that uses 3 extraction techniques, 4 temperature levels and 8 cup lengths, so you can make as many aromatic drinks as you want in a very short time.

You can control the Krups Dolce Gusto Esperta YY4102FD remotely via Bluetooth and customize preparations without having to touch it! It also features a customizable automatic preparation technique, a new anti-leakage system and a spontaneous sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity. And as the icing on the cake, enjoy the automatic locking and unlocking of the capsule holder.

Bosch Tassimo Suny TAS3203 4

Excellent best multi drink machine

Bosch Tassimo Suny TAS3203

An excellent best multi-drink machine

The Bosch Tassimo Suny has all the right points (variety of drinks, 0.8 L capacity, automatic SmartStart and T-disc functions). It is also a compact and elegant multi-drink machine.

47,46 £ on amazon

The Bosch Tassimo Suny TAS3203 is a fast and efficient multi-drink machine. It has a 0.8 L tank, which is larger than the other machines in the Bosch Tassimo series, and is sufficient to prepare 5 cups before refilling the water. It also combines other advantages such as a wide selection of beverages, choice of cup size, SmartStart technology that starts the preparation by pressing your cup on the bottom of the machine, fully automatic operation thanks to the barcode system and low energy consumption.

The very compact design (only 16.7 cm wide) magnified by a very elegant red color will look great in any kitchen, no matter how narrow. Relatively easy to use, this multi-drink machine has an indicator light that warns when descaling is necessary. And as with the other machines in the Bosch Tassimo series, there is no risk of transferring flavors between 2 different preparations thanks to the steam cleaning system of the spout between 2 preparations.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best multi drink machine

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The best multi-drink machine in 2021

The best entry-level multi-drink machine

The best high-end multi-drink machine

An excellent best multi-drink machine

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Comparison table of the best multi-drink machines

The best Inexpensive top of the line Excellent
Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Lumio 5
Bosch Tassimo Happy TAS1003 6
Krups Dolce Gusto Esperta YY4102FD 7
Bosch Tassimo Suny TAS3203 8
Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Lumio
Bosch Tassimo Happy TAS1003
Krups Dolce Gusto Esperta YY4102FD
Bosch Tassimo Suny TAS3203
If you have a weakness for thick creamy, richly flavored drinks, the Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Lumio is the multi-drink machine for you. Note its 1L water tank.
Beyond the price of this multi-drink machine, it is also its design sublimated by its red color that fascinates. The economical operation of the Bosch Tassimo Happy TAS1003 does not affect its efficiency.
Arguably the best choice among connected multi-drink machines, the Krups Dolce Gusto Esperta YY4102FD boasts high performance, a 1.4L tank and 15 bar pressure.
The Bosch Tassimo Suny has all the right points (variety of drinks, 0.8 L capacity, automatic SmartStart and T-disc functions). It is also a compact and elegant multi-drink machine.
1 L
0.7 L
1.4 L
0.8 L
Drink concentration
Number of drinks
1500 W
1400 W
1600 W
1200 W
Automatic operation
Easy to use and maintain

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Buying guide - multi drink machine

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How to choose your multi drink machine

There are 6 main criteria to consider before investing in a multi-drink machine safely and without regret.

#1 - The range and quality of beverages

The perfect multi-drink machine will be the one that offers the widest range of hot drinks. Whether for professional or domestic use, you need to satisfy all tastes. So, opt for a large choice of different drinks so that no one is left out. And at the same time, consider the quality of the drinks offered. For example, if you have a preference for creamy and aromatic drinks, check the pressure or other features such as brewing time.

#2 - The availability of pods or capsules

Buying a truly versatile multi-drink machine is good. But make sure the capsules or pods that go with it can be found easily. Otherwise, the purchase isn't worth it. So, prefer a machine that works with pods or capsules that you can easily find on the market. And as much as possible, orient your choice towards models that are compatible with several brands of beverages.

#3 - The performance

Also pay special attention to the characteristics that relate to the performance of the device. It is crucial to choose an equipment that can make your drink quickly with minimal heating time for water, for example. And since we're talking about a multi-drink machine, it's also interesting to opt for a machine that doesn't present any risk of taste interference between the preparations.

#4 - The ease of use and maintenance

Buy a simple multi-drink machine that won't take your head off in the morning. A model that is too sophisticated will also be too complicated to maintain. So, prefer multi-drink machines that are easy to turn on thanks to which you can get your drink in one click. Also, look for machines that can be cleaned automatically or that offer an easy-to-use cleaning solution.

#5 - The capacity of the tank

This is another crucial criterion. If the reservoir is too small, you risk adding water several times a day, which is not very practical. If it is too big, it will obviously play on the size of the multi-drink machine and therefore on the space it will occupy in your kitchen or in the office. The average capacity should be between 0.7 L and 1.5 L. If you plan to use it for professional purposes, you can opt for larger capacities, for example 2 L.

#6 - The energy consumption

Prefer multi-drink machines capable of sparing your electricity consumption, in an economic and ecological concern. Combining performance and energy saving has become the challenge of the best brands of household appliances so it is relatively easy to find a high-performance machine (usually with a power around 1200 W) that automatically goes into standby mode after a few minutes of non-use.

How does a multi-drink machine work?

A multi-drink machine is basically a coffee maker programmed to produce a wide range of hot or cold preparations (for some models). You can make tea, coffee or even the typical Italian beverage selections like cappuccino or espresso.

Most of these machines work with pods or capsules that must be inserted in the appropriate place. The water tank must be filled properly before any preparation. Afterwards, the operation depends on each type of model.

On automatic machines, the generation of drinks is triggered spontaneously thanks to an automated system such as barcode recognition, thanks to which parameters such as duration, temperature or volume will be based on the capsule or pod. On such models, you only have to adjust the height according to the size of your cup and start the preparation.

On the other hand, with manual equipment, all operating criteria must be set by the user. In some cases, the machine is also equipped with a milk tank, allowing you to obtain a good milk foam as a topping. While these models offer more gourmet beverage choices, they require more maintenance.

The different types of multi-drink machines

Manufacturers of multi-drink machines compete with each other to design efficient devices, which come in several models. Here are the 4 main types:

The multi-drink machine with pods

The pod is inserted into the multi-drink machine. It contains coffee, more or less ground, enclosed in paper, almost like a filter. Thanks to the numerous brands of pods available, a multi-drink machine with pods is compatible with a wide range of drinks. It also offers the advantage of being much more environmentally friendly and economical, as the material used for the pods is cheaper paper than aluminum, which can be easily disposed of.

The multi-drink machine with capsules

This type of multi-drink machine requires the use of vacuum-packed coffee capsules in an aluminum or plastic package. This is of considerable interest on the issue of preserving coffee flavors, and therefore in terms of beverage quality. On the other hand, the machine is often compatible with only one brand of capsule, most of the time that of the machine (Nespresso for example).

The manual multi-drink machine

As its name indicates, the manual multi-drink machine requires the user to set all the criteria for making the drink. Whether it is the concentration, the preparation time, the temperature or the quantity, you must necessarily define your own style of drink. For those in a hurry, this could be a disadvantage. On the other hand, the manual multi drink machine will bring a personal touch on your drink.

The automatic multi-drink machine

An automatic multi drink machine produces hot drinks in an automated way. There are modes to set the preparation time, type, temperature or quantity of drinks. One example is the multi-drink machine with barcode recognition that automatically prepares a drink according to predefined parameters. Such a system saves time and is much easier to use. On the other hand, there are few possibilities for customization.

Multi-drink machine or espresso machine?

Multi-drink machine

A multi-drink machine can prepare up to 40 different drinks (cappuccino, espresso, café crème, tea, latte macchiato, hot chocolate, etc.), both hot and cold. This is very practical as it can satisfy all desires, especially for large families, at work or when you often receive guests. On the other hand, on most models, it is difficult to produce a truly authentic flavor, especially for the most demanding coffee drinkers.

Espresso machine

For an espresso with an original flavor, full-bodied, creamy and aromatic as desired, nothing beats an espresso machine. In any case, those who are looking for the best of this type of beverage will only be satisfied with a machine that is truly designed for this purpose. In this sense, an espresso machine works with high pressure to extract a very concentrated amount of material. On the other hand, the choice of drinks produced is logically limited. And you'll have to improvise if you have guests.


For large families, for those who frequently receive guests or for users who simply like to vary their drinks from time to time, investing in a multi-drink machine is the best option. On the other hand, espresso lovers with an authentic taste will be happy with a machine specially designed for their favorite drink.

Why buy a multi-drink machine?

Almost any taste can be satisfied

Whether you're partial to a creamy espresso, latte macchiato, hot chocolate, a nice cappuccino or aromatic tea, the multi-drink machine will make your drink in minutes. In addition to the customization options available on some machines, it is also possible to find models that can produce hot and cold drinks according to preference. There is something to satisfy the tastes of your guests, your children and the whole family, or simply to prepare a little sweetness during the day.

Your drink on the spot, without moving

Investing in a multi-drink machine will allow you to enjoy the drink you want without having to go to the local café. Thanks to the time saving that it generates, it is now easy to optimize your schedule. At the same time, you will save your energy and be able to concentrate on your work or domestic tasks.

Saving costs or energy

It is obvious that a multi-drink machine that prepares any beverage offers the advantage of a combined cost and energy saving, compared to buying several types of machines operating at almost equal power. In addition, there is now a wide range of multi-drink coffee makers that operate in energy-saving mode and automatically switch to standby mode after a few minutes of shutdown.

One machine to replace several

Instead of having several beverage machines to make different types of beverages, buying a multi-drink coffee maker will give you the unique opportunity to save space and have an optimally designed kitchen. It is always ideal for open-plan kitchens and small kitchens.

Fast and automatic operation

Generally speaking, multifunctional coffee machines, whether with capsules or pods, allow you to obtain a given type of beverage in a relatively short time. Preheating the machine takes only a few seconds for most models. And the automatic operation is also among the attractions of multi-drink machines, which will allow you to save time and better organize your days.

The best brands of multi-drink machines

In our opinion, the best brands of multi-drink machines in 2022 are :

Bosch Tassimo

Krups is the benchmark for multi-drink machines. While it is positioned in the mid-range in terms of price, its designs are worth premium quality. The Dolce Gusto series stands out in particular for its very stylish and original design as well as the creamy and aromatic quality of the drinks.

The subsidiary of the German giant is well positioned in the market of multi-drink machines. The Happy, Suny or Caddy series are very popular for their smart and automatic design, their wide range of drinks as well as their simplicity of use combined with ease of maintenance.

The Italian brand is among the leaders in multi-drink machines. De'Longhi specializes in manufacturing very high-end models that can prepare premium quality drinks with generous froth, and featuring a robust and elegant design style.

Another Italian brand that has gained notoriety, Melitta excels in designing multi-drink machines with exceptional taste thanks to high-performance high-pressure operation. The classy, sleek and very intuitive design places it among the references of its kind in the high-end segment.

The Dutch Philips remains a super reliable brand in the small appliance range. It confirms its notoriety in the sub-category of multi-drink machines. In particular, it offers durable, high-end quality models with excellent beverage taste.

What is the price for a multi drink machine

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

25 £ to 40 £
40 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Make your multi-drink machine last

In addition to regular descaling and cleaning, there are other things you can do to extend the life of your machine. For example, if you are going to be away from home for a while, empty the tank, clean your machine properly and dry the removable parts. And be sure to always unplug your machine if you're not using it, for safety's sake.

Prefer the descaling tablets sold with the multi-drink machine

There are appliances that come with specially designed descaling tablets. In this case, use only those products recommended by the manufacturer. It is also possible to opt for liquid descaling kits for coffee machines. If there are no specific products, you can always use citric acid diluted in cold water (2 tablespoons dissolved in 1 L of water). And be aware that some products like white vinegar can damage your appliances, especially on Bosch Tassimo or Krups Dolce Gusto models.

Use a special coffee machine detergent for cleaning

Use a detergent specific to coffee machines to clean your machine. A water rinse alone may not be enough to remove grease. You can choose between a liquid detergent thanks to which you will have a spotless machine in no time. Tablets can also be a good choice because while they effectively clean your machine, they leave a protective film that prevents grease from depositing for a longer or shorter time.

Warm up your cup!.

This is the trick to having a hotter drink. Run a cup of hot water (without the cap). While this method ensures that a drink is always at the right temperature, it is also effective in preventing the deposit of coffee grounds in the drip system and thus ensuring you a better durability of your equipment.

Increase the extraction time for a richer flavored drink

Generally, multi-drink machines work automatically. In this case, the preparation parameters are predefined. However, there are machines that, even if they work automatically, provide several customization options. In this case, choose a higher extraction time for a better concentration of aromas.


How many drinks can a multi drink machine produce?

This will depend mainly on the brand and the way it works: with pods or capsules. But generally, a multi-drink machine can prepare between 20 and 40 different beverages and the number can even reach 70 on certain models. The range varies from simple coffee to hot chocolate, including the must-have espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, lungo, and traditional tea.

What type of water can be used on a multi drink machine?

Tap water can be fine as long as it doesn't have an odor that might compromise the flavor of your drink. For some locations where domestic drinking water is naturally rich in minerals, it's best to prefer filtered water for your machine. Not only can too much mineral water interfere with the taste of your brew, but it can also put your machine at risk of premature wear and tear. Also ban hot or chilled water as it can affect the temperature of your drink.

When should I clean the multi drink machine?

It is often necessary to rinse your multi-drink machine before the first use. Weekly cleaning of the removable parts of the machine (such as the reservoir) is also essential for hygiene and quality. And it is important to check that these parts are dishwasher safe. Otherwise, manual washing is more than recommended. For the water in the tank, it is better to change it on a daily basis.

When should I descale the multi drink machine?

In some cases, the multi-drink machine warns with an LED button or an audible signal that descaling is needed. However, if you bought a model without a warning, the ideal frequency is once a year, or even more if you have the opportunity. This is really essential if you care about the durability of your machine. Otherwise, the first signs of wear and tear can appear early. In particular, if you notice that the temperature of your drinks is dropping, this is also a sign that the machine needs to be descaled.


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Krups Nescafé Dolce Gusto Lumio
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