The best motorcycle helmets in the UK 2023

The offer in terms of motorcycle helmets does not stop growing. Each new model takes advantage of the innovations brought by the brands (Soei, Scorpion, Arai, Nolan...). This protective equipment is essential for safety on two wheels. Indeed, fatal accidents happen 22 times more on motorcycles than in cars. Are you looking for a modular, full face, jet or cross helmet? Find out more in our comparative guide.


Best value for money

Yema YM-627

The best motorcycle helmet in 2021

Offered in a vintage design, the Yema YM-627 has a dual visor system that will protect the biker from sunburn and UV rays while providing maximum clarity.

55,99 £ on Amazon

Don't let the price of the Yema YM-627 fool you. This jet motorcycle helmet has all the features of a professional model and is approved for road use. Its design quality has allowed it to pass numerous safety tests. Its features even allow it to be used for bike and ATV riding, racing, snowmobile and dirt bike riding.

The Yema YM-627 stands out more specifically for its materials. The aerodynamic shell is made of ABS and multi-density EPS. The chin strap has been reinforced so that you can get out of the way quickly in case of an accident. The dual visor incorporates a sun shield and a flip-up screen so you can enjoy optimal clarity.

LS2 OF562 Airflow 1

Best value for money

LS2 OF562 Airflow

The best entry-level motorcycle helmet

The OF562 Airflow is part of the newest line of motorcycle helmets produced by LS2. The redesigned shell and visor provide optimal protection at a competitive price.

43,99 £ on Amazon

The LS2 OF562 Airflow has a Class A 3D polycarbonate visor. This polymer is used in the aeronautical industry for its resistance to impact and distortion as well as its clarity. This visor has a quick release system and UV protection. The helmet fits perfectly to the head thanks to a micrometric buckle adjustment.

On this motorcycle helmet, it is essential to get a perfect fit to your head from the outside to the inside, as well as the shell. The configuration of the EPS liner must closely match the shape of the head. Moreover, this EPS lining is removable, washable, breathable and hypoallergenic. Finally, we note the presence of an upper vent offering excellent ventilation.

Scorpion Motocorpion Exo Combat

Best value for money

Scorpion Motocorpion Exo Combat

The best high-end motorcycle helmet

The Scorpion Motocorpion Exo Combat is one of the most popular full face motorcycle helmets. From the aggressive look to the quality materials, it will not fail to seduce.

138 £ on Amazon

The Scorpion Motocorpion Exo Combat has a polycarbonate shell. This full face motorcycle helmet is best used during the day. Removal of the SpeedView screen is quite simple, although you can not mount a Pinlock. This screen has a high resistance to scratches. The helmet comes in handy in winter weather because of its efficient ventilation system and EverClear anti-fog treatment.

From size XS to XL, we're willing to bet you'll find what you need. On the other hand, the Scorpion Motocorpion Exo Combat can't, for the time being, embody perfection because there is only one color choice and it still weighs 1.7 kg. This motorcycle helmet is also sensitive to fingerprints due to its matte black color.


Motocross helmet

Yema YM-915

A great motocross helmet

For motocross enthusiasts, here is the Yema YM-915 helmet. Apart from safety, which is its primary function, this matte black model does not forget to be elegant and comfortable.

59,99 £ on Amazon

The Yema YM-915 is designed for motocross enthusiasts. Comparable to many professional models, this motorcycle helmet is also suitable for mountain biking, dirt biking and other activities. It is suitable for both men and women, and comes in 3 different sizes: S, L and XL. To design the aerodynamic shell, the manufacturer has relied on ABS and EPS multidensity.

To limit damage in case of accident, the Yema YM-915 motorcycle helmet has a reinforced chin strap. The 100% adjustable ventilation system includes air intake and exhaust vents. This keeps the air flow constant and light. Its removable liner offers an excellent level of comfort.

LS2 FF902 Scope Solid 2

Modular motorcycle helmet

LS2 FF902 Scope Solid

A great modular motorcycle helmet

The LS2 FF902 Scope Solid is the ideal motorcycle helmet for two-wheeled trips thanks to its special features that ensure comfort without neglecting safety. The modularity is a real plus.

91,20 £ on Amazon

The LS2 FF902 Scope Solid is a modular sport/road helmet with a sun visor and many practical features. The compact aerodynamic HPTT composite shell includes a folding chin strap with high quality metal locks. The position of the anti-scratch, anti-UV and anti-fog visor can be changed with the included Pinlock Max Vision insert.

And the sophisticated, progressive adjustment system makes it easy to adjust the visor while you're on the road. And the adjustable ventilation system ensures excellent airflow. This modular motorcycle helmet is suitable for those who wear eyeglasses and has a removable EPS liner that is breathable, extremely comfortable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. It can even work with a Bluetooth intercom.

Westt Classic 3

Jet motorcycle helmet

Westt Classic

An interesting jet motorcycle helmet

The Westt Classic offers a modern take on the open face jet helmet. Its vintage style and cool design make it the ultimate helmet for scooter and small bike owners.

39,96 £ on Amazon

The Westt Classic has a lightweight ABS shell with reinforced chinstrap. The quick release micrometric buckle makes it easy to use even when wearing gloves. The ECE 22.05 certification legally approves the use of this jet motorcycle helmet on European roads. The interior of the helmet is safe and comfortable. It features a breathable, removable, easy-to-wash padded liner.

The visor is also removable, easy to clean and even replace if it cracks. Note the versatility of the Westt Classic. You can use it to ride a bike or a scooter. Much more than a simple jet helmet, it is a reassuring and elegant gift for a young person.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best motorcycle helmet

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The best motorcycle helmet in 2021

The best entry-level motorcycle helmet

The best high-end motorcycle helmet

A great motocross helmet

A great modular motorcycle helmet

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Comparison table of the best motorcycle helmets

LS2 OF562 Airflow 4
Scorpion Motocorpion Exo Combat
LS2 FF902 Scope Solid 5
Westt Classic 6
Yema YM-627
LS2 OF562 Airflow
Scorpion Motocorpion Exo Combat
Yema YM-915
LS2 FF902 Scope Solid
Westt Classic
Offered in a vintage design, the Yema YM-627 has a dual visor system that will protect the biker from sunburn and UV rays while providing maximum clarity.
The OF562 Airflow is part of the newest line of motorcycle helmets produced by LS2. The redesigned shell and visor provide optimal protection at a competitive price.
The Scorpion Motocorpion Exo Combat is one of the most popular full face motorcycle helmets. From the aggressive look to the quality materials, it will not fail to seduce.
For motocross enthusiasts, here is the Yema YM-915 helmet. Apart from safety, which is its primary function, this matte black model does not forget to be elegant and comfortable.
The LS2 FF902 Scope Solid is the ideal motorcycle helmet for two-wheeled trips thanks to its special features that ensure comfort without neglecting safety. The modularity is a real plus.
The Westt Classic offers a modern take on the open face jet helmet. Its vintage style and cool design make it the ultimate helmet for scooter and small bike owners.
ABS, multi-density EPS, expanded polystyrene
HPTT (High Pressure Thermoplastic Technology) shell
Polycarbonate, thermoplastic, foams, EPS
Expanded polystyrene, ABS, EPS multidensity
Sizes available
S to XL
S to XXL
XS to XL
S, L, XL
XS to XL
ECE 22.05
ECE 22.05
ECE 22.05
ECE 22.05
Closing system
Micrometric buckle
Micrometric buckle
Micrometric buckle
Micrometric buckle
1200 g
1.4 kg
1700 g
1.4 kg
2.2 kg
900 g

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Buying guide - motorcycle helmet

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How to choose your motorcycle helmet

Much more than a safety equipment, a motorcycle helmet must be chosen according to your personality, your taste and especially your needs. The criteria listed below will help you make the best choice.
choisir casque moto

#1 - The type of helmet

Before looking at the technical or aesthetic features, you need to have a clear idea about the type of helmet you want. There are 3 main types on the market: the full face helmet, the jet helmet and the modular helmet.

The full-face helmet is the model with the most coverage. Fully enclosed, it protects the entire face up to the chin. It is mostly used on long trips or high speed races and tours that require maximum protection.

More aesthetic and more airy, the jet helmet is used more when driving at a limited speed, especially in the city. It offers good visibility and allows you to feel the wind on your face. It is especially adapted to mopeds, small two-wheelers and old motorcycles. The bowl helmet is the most basic version of the jet helmet.

Also available in a convertible or cross-over version, the modular helmet is a hybrid. Thanks to the possibility of raising the chin strap, it offers both the protection of a full-face helmet, but also the ventilation and wide field of vision of a jet helmet. Thus, it can be used in any season, in the city as well as on the road.

#2 - The approval

This criterion is another essential point. Indeed, the French legislation requires to wear an approved helmet under penalty of fine and withdrawal of license points. Moreover, article L. 431-1 of the French Highway Code requires the motorcyclist and his passenger to wear helmets meeting the European standard ECE 22.05 for shock absorption, retention system, etc.

Each type of helmet has an approval mark identified by a letter on the white label sewn inside. The letter "J" stands for jet approval, "P" for full face helmets and "NP" or "P/J" for modular helmets. Make sure the helmet is approved before you buy.

#3 - The material

Motorcycle helmets can be made of polycarbonate, thermoplastic, fiberglass, Kevlar, multi-fiber, and more rarely carbon. The material used to make the shell affects the price. Be aware that these materials offer a good level of safety in case of impact. However, not all materials are the same.

For example, the carbon helmet is very light. Made of woven carbon fibers reinforced with a layer of fiberglass for strength, it absorbs impact energy evenly and is more resistant than polycarbonate or thermoplastic. Obviously, a carbon helmet costs more than other helmets.

Fiberglass composite is also a lightweight and fairly expensive motorcycle helmet material. However, it can flex, crush and crack on impact. Finally, polycarbonate and thermoplastic helmets have a weight that is quickly felt on the rider's head. Polycarbonate is often the least expensive material, but it flexes on impact.

#4 - The size and weight

It is important to choose a motorcycle helmet that fits your head perfectly. The helmet should not squeeze so tightly that it hurts. You will, however, feel a little pressure at your temples and cheeks. The motorcycle helmet should also not move when you turn your head or bend over.

In addition to sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL, you should consider the weight of the helmet before buying. This criterion depends a lot on the materials used, which usually account for 1,400 to 1,550 g of the total weight. Modular helmets are often heavier than full-face helmets, with an average weight of between 1,600 and 1,800 g. The weight of a jet helmet varies from 1,100 to 1,200 g.

The few grams that separate 2 helmets of the same type and size show their importance during long journeys or at high speed, when you have to make great efforts to face the wind. Logically, choose a motorcycle helmet that your head can handle!

#5 - The comfort of wearing

To allow the evacuation of fog and avoid overheating in the helmet under high temperatures, ventilation is an essential element. But don't think that a very well ventilated helmet is the best. Ventilation systems increase noise and can be a nuisance while riding.

In addition to ventilation, the helmet must also protect against sun, rain, noise, insects and wind. The visor and the seal allow this. Similarly, the solar screen or anti-UV allows driving in the summer without being attacked by the sun's rays.

Other secondary options such as the nose guard or the bib also help to ride with more comfort even in extreme conditions. In case you are used to carrying passengers, it would be interesting if your helmet has a built-in microphone/headset to facilitate communication.

The design

A motorcycle helmet is also an aesthetic accessory, which should not clash with your look and should correspond as much as possible to your taste in clothing. Depending on your style, you can choose between different designs: sporty, aggressive, classic, vintage... However, avoid giving priority to this criterion, because aesthetics will not protect your head in case of accident.

When and why change your motorcycle helmet?


Change your helmet every 5 years, really?

No mention of the legal duration of a motorcycle helmet appears in French and European regulations. Yet, we hear everywhere that you have to change your helmet every 5 years. At the risk of offending the supporters of this thesis, changing a helmet every 5 years is not mandatory. Moreover, a well-maintained helmet can outlast this supposed duration.

That said, a helmet used every day and one used 5 or 6 times a year will not experience the same wear and tear. Heavy use will have an effect on the foams, which will eventually settle. Opting for a removable and washable interior should already extend the life of your motorcycle helmet.

Nevertheless, your helmet won't last forever. And no need to look for the expiration date, it's more complicated than that! It's all about frequency of use, materials and build quality.A thermoplastic helmet won't last 5 years while a carbon fiber helmet can last up to 7 years.

Changing helmets after an accident

Even a carbon helmet purchased less than 24 hours ago will need to be changed in the event of a motorcycle accident or crash. Riding with a helmet that has been in an accident is like riding in a car with a damaged interior. Helmets are the only thing that really protects your head on a motorcycle, don't cut corners on your life!

Change your helmet due to severe wear

Make sure the inside of your motorcycle helmet is still in good condition.Compacted foams provide less protection and interfere with the helmet's fit.Ditto for screws, hinges, and various locking systems. So pay close attention to the signs of wear. In general, they are what tell you when to change the helmet.

Should you change a helmet that has fallen off accidentally?

Most motorcyclists have asked themselves this question.A helmet that has fallen from your seat or a piece of furniture should not necessarily be thrown away. A small fall will not cause irreversible damage. On the other hand, a violent fall can cause micro-cracks. So avoid throwing your helmet on the ground or against a wall when you are angry!

The brand, often a guarantee of quality

Among the most reputable manufacturers is Shark, based in the UK. Its motorcycle helmets offer often unbeatable value for money. Nolan, an Italian group that owns the X-Lite and Grex brands, is a must if you're looking for a full-face helmet.Shoei is also a safe bet, as are Scorpion, HJC, Arai and Schuberth.

Some practical tips

Maintaining a motorcycle helmet consists mainly of regularly washing the shell and the foams. The latter avoid settling.Please read the instructions carefully before the first cleaning.For example, the Arai models must be fully immersed in a bath before drying. Others have a removable interior. In the worst case, the foam will not come off.

Clean the exterior of your motorcycle helmet with alcohol-based cleaners, including window cleaners. Apply the product with a dust- and grit-free cloth or wipe to avoid scratching the helmet. For the interior, use soapy water if the foams can't be washed. Don't forget to dry to avoid mildew.


Some of the most stubborn stains are traces of glue from stickers. To remove them, heat the glue residue with a hair dryer before carefully peeling it off. If the stains persist, pour a few drops of White Spirit and rub gently with your fingers or a microfiber cloth. Do not use gasoline or nail polish remover to avoid damaging the helmet paint.


Don't forget to store a motorcycle helmet you don't use. Favor a dry place. Also, be sure not to leave your gloves and neck lanyards there, especially if they are wet and dirty. The ideal is to use the helmet cover as much as possible to store it with the visor ajar.

The different types of motorcycle helmets

As previously mentioned, there are 3 main types of motorcycle helmets: the jet, the modular and the integral. Add to that 2 variants that have become types in their own right.

The full face motorcycle helmet

casque moto intégral

Fully enclosed, the full face helmet is considered by many to be the best face protection for motorcycling. Suitable for all high-speed riding on the road or track, it protects the face and head from impact. However, the sound insulation and the reduced visual field make it a less suitable accessory for driving in urban areas. Its shell is made of carbon. This allows it to withstand all types of impact. It is also the only helmet approved for the track.

However, it is more difficult to put on than other motorcycle helmets because of the chin strap that cannot be lifted. Choose another model if you like riding in urban areas, as this model is not really recommended for riding in these areas. The full-face motorcycle helmet is the best equipment for motorcyclists who are used to riding on trails and driving at high speeds. Its fully enclosed design fully protects the head and allows riding during winter with greater comfort.

The modular motorcycle helmet

casque moto modulable

The modular motorcycle helmet offers all the benefits of a jet helmet while offering better facial protection. The comfort of wearing is also suitable for high speed riding. Often heavier than a full face helmet because of its flip-up chin strap, it guarantees a fairly good soundproofing. It allows you to ride in the city and on the road.

It is easier to put on than a full face helmet and is suitable for high speed riding. It is a very versatile helmet with good sound insulation. But this type of helmet is quite heavy and the approval in open position (jet) is not systematic. The modular helmet can be used for city or road riding. Indeed, with the chin strap closed, it protects almost as well as a full-face helmet, even when driving at high speed. Flip up the chin strap and it becomes a jet helmet.

The jet motorcycle helmet

casque moto jet

The jet helmet covers the area from the temples to the top of the skull. This is the lightest type, between 1,100 and 1,200 grams. Its open design gives it an extra wide field of vision. Due to the lack of a chin strap, it is not suitable for high speed riding and is often used with less powerful machines: scooters, customs, roadsters or trails. It is a stylish and trendy helmet. It is suitable for driving in urban areas. But its advantage lies mainly in its price. However, this helmet is not really suitable for high speed riding. It also exposes the face to various external elements that can disturb the field of vision.

The jet helmet is perfect for driving in urban areas or on the road, but at limited speeds. Because of the exposure of a good portion of the face, it is not very suitable for driving in cold weather, but more so in summer.

The cross-over motorcycle helmet

casque moto cross-over

Manufacturers have taken the concept of the modular helmet to the extreme, resulting in the cross-over. This hybrid helmet is on the border between a full-face helmet and a jet helmet. It offers a larger field of vision than the two types mentioned above. In addition, it has a removable chin strap that can sometimes be lifted towards the back of the helmet. It is very light and offers a good field of vision. Rather hybrid, it offers the protection of a full face helmet and adapts to all weather conditions.

However, if you like to ride at high speeds, this helmet is not your best ally. Also, the chin strap is not easy to manipulate and it lacks soundproofing. The cross-over or convertible helmet can be used both in summer and winter, because of the possibility of removing or tilting the chin strap to the rear. It is more suitable for city riding, but can also be worn on the road, at limited speed.

The bowl motorcycle helmet

casque moto bol

Mostly used by old motorcycle enthusiasts, the bowl helmet covers the top of the skull. The most recent models can no longer be used on the road, as they do not meet the homologations. Therefore, enthusiasts are turning more and more to old models. They make up for the lack of visor by wearing aviator-type glasses.

The advantage is that it's a vintage-looking helmet that's designed for hardcore bikers. But, it's not the right solution if you want a helmet that protects you from any danger. Also, it is not suitable for high speed riding. This type of helmet is used more for its vintage look, less for the protection it offers. In real life or on TV, you've probably seen a German bowl helmet. Perfect for short rides in town or in the country, it will be perfect during the summer.

Modular or full face motorcycle helmet ?

Modular motorcycle helmet

The modular motorcycle helmet is equipped with a chin strap that can be easily removed for more freedom. Therefore, the user can drive with his face uncovered. It also has a double P/J approval, which means it can be used both in the city and on the racetrack. This means that the modular helmet is very comfortable and allows you to ride for many miles without getting hot inside.

However, the modular helmet does not allow you to ride in an upright position on the motorcycle and if not properly attached, it can suddenly detach from your head. In terms of soundproofing, this type of helmet is not the most appropriate choice. In addition, the helmet shell is made of several pieces, which considerably reduces the level of protection.

Full face motorcycle helmet

The full-face motorcycle helmet offers greater protection due to the one-piece design of its shell. The level of soundproofing inside this type of helmet is also very appreciable. But what differentiates it from other types of helmets is its aerodynamic design, which allows for a pleasant ride in both a raised and seated position.

But the modular helmet is not really made for long rides because of the interior which is completely padded and heats up quickly. Moreover, it weighs a lot and prevents the head from moving freely.


If you are looking for comfort and practicality, the modular helmet is an excellent compromise. It gives you more freedom and there are currently helmets with decent soundproofing, which is close to that of a full face helmet. For those who want more protection, a full face helmet is more appropriate. It has good sound insulation and excellent aerodynamics.

Why buy a good motorcycle helmet?

To protect yourself against accidents and shocks

To reduce the damage in case of an accident, wearing a motorcycle helmet is imperative, both in the city and on the road. Integral, jet or modular, this protection considerably limits the risks of concussions, but also serious injuries that can affect sensitive areas such as the eyes, nose, mouth and any other part of the face.

In addition, since scooter and motorcycle riders are very exposed to flying objects that can come from anywhere, the motorcycle helmet prevents them from hitting dangerous projectiles, or contact with insects and birds. This kind of thing is potentially very dangerous at high speed.

To avoid penalties

Article L. 431-1 of the Highway Code requires motorcyclists and their passengers to wear approved helmets that meet the minimum safety requirements defined by the European standard ECE 22.05. As with all regulatory provisions, failure to comply with this law will inevitably result in penalties that vary according to the offence.

To avoid penalties, it is advisable to equip yourself with a motorcycle helmet that meets certain safety requirements. But you must also make sure that you wear it correctly when you ride your motorcycle. It is also necessary to have a separate helmet, in case you are used to carrying passengers.

To protect yourself from bad weather

Faced with the vagaries of the weather, the motorcyclist has nothing to protect himself except his suit and helmet. With a full-face helmet, for example, you can ride in the winter or in the rain while keeping your face dry and warm. To protect drivers' eyes from the sun's rays and avoid glare, most models are equipped with sun visors with UV protection.

For comfortable driving

Apart from its protective function, a motorcycle helmet also helps to drive with maximum comfort. Some of them are made of very light materials, in addition to very sophisticated ventilation systems that allow to evacuate the fog and reduce the heat when riding in high temperatures.

On the other hand, manufacturers are increasingly incorporating additional options into their helmets to offer more convenience to bikers. This is the case with integrated speakers or intercom kits that allow you to answer calls in hands-free mode or communicate easily with your passengers. The same goes for the nose guard or the anti-darkening bib.

Never buy a used motorcycle helmet!

This is certainly the best advice we can give you on this issue dedicated to motorcycle helmets. Indeed, no one can predict the quality of a helmet that has already been worn. Especially since we don't know everything about its history: accidents, regular or occasional use, foam changes... The longevity and the level of protection are logically reduced.

The best brands of motorcycle helmets

In our opinion, the best brands of motorcycle helmets in 2022 are :


Originally, the Japanese brand manufactured helmets for industrial use. In 1954, the company began designing motorcycle helmets. Shoei was the first to use Kevlar fiber for the shell, a material that resists abrasion and tearing.

It's impossible to love motorcycles and speed without knowing about Nolan. This Italian brand manufactures over 1 million helmets a year! It also owns the famous X-Lite brand which mainly manufactures high-end full-face motorcycle helmets as well as the Grex brand.

Recognizable by the famous oval logo affixed to the front of its models, Arai is one of the key players when it comes to motorcycle helmets. Founded in 1937, the Japanese brand manufactures all types of helmets. Integral, jet or modular, the name Arai is a guarantee of quality.

This French brand is the French, European and world leader in motorcycle helmets. Based in Marseille, it signed among others the famous Raw and Skwal. Shark is known for its innovative side and also for the always reasonable prices of its models.

Of the 5 helmet manufacturers presented here, Scorpion is the most recent since it was created in the 2000s. The success of the VX series for off-road and EXO series for road has been confirmed over the years. Its EXO-1000 AIR full face helmet has been a worldwide bestseller.

What is the price for a motorcycle helmet

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 125 £
125 £ to 170 £
more than 170 £
Price range diagram


Replace the visor if it gets scratched.

If your helmet visor is scratched, replace it promptly. A scratched visor can affect your ability to see where you are going.

Clean your helmet regularly.

Keep your helmet clean by washing it with mild soap and water. Petroleum-based cleaners can damage the inside and outside of the helmet.

Change your helmet if you feel the comfort of wearing it decreasing.

For the safest ride, you should buy a new motorcycle helmet when you feel the foams start to settle, even if you haven't had any accidents. Technically, helmets don't have an expiration date, but it's best to be careful. But it's best to be cautious.

Replace your helmet if it has suffered serious impacts.

A helmet can be damaged even if there are no visible signs on the outside. So don't take any chances. You could have fallen with it, hit it hard against a piece of furniture, or even had impacts that seem harmless to you... but with consequences that could compromise your safety. So, replace the helmet if you are no longer sure of its reliability.

Determine the proper fit.

A helmet should be comfortable: fit firmly on your head without causing discomfort or pain. The helmet should make contact with your head and face. Try sticking a finger between your forehead and the helmet, you should not be able to get past the tip. If you move it, it should be tight enough for your skin to move with it.


What is the best motorcycle helmet?

The best motorcycle helmet will depend on your needs and your budget. Read our comparison of the best motorcycle helmets to find yours.

Why is it important to choose the right motorcycle helmet?

The choice of a motorcycle helmet is not about aesthetics. It's mostly a matter of safety. Articles L 325-1 to L 325-3 provide fines and penalties to those who do not wear a helmet or if the helmet does not have the proper approval. This also applies to motorcyclists who do not wear their helmet properly.

How to maintain your motorcycle helmet?

A motorcycle helmet is an essential accessory since your life, in case of an accident, depends on it. It is therefore essential to take care of it. To properly maintain your helmet, avoid storing it anywhere. It is best to put it back in its case when you are not using it, or at least in a dust-free place. Regular cleaning with cleaning products, water and soap is also a must.

Are tinted visors effective for riding?

Yes, tinted visors are very useful in case of strong exposure to sunlight or when you ride under a sunny day. But be careful, only 50% tinted visors can be used when it's darker. The best is to choose an iridium, orange or photochromic screen.

How to know the size of your helmet?

You need to measure your head size by placing it more than 2 cm from your eyebrow and pulling it over your ears to know the size of your helmet. Here are some references to give you an idea: XS is 53-54 cm; S is 55-56 cm; M is 57-58 cm, L is 59-60 cm; XL is 61-62.


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Yema YM-627
LS2 OF562 Airflow 7
LS2 OF562 Airflow
Scorpion Motocorpion Exo Combat
Scorpion Motocorpion Exo Combat
Yema YM-915
LS2 FF902 Scope Solid 8
LS2 FF902 Scope Solid


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