The best motorcycles for women and small sizes in the UK 2023

Motorcycles are a popular means of transportation because of their maneuverability. However, if you are a woman or shorter than the average rider, you may have some difficulty finding a model that fits you. Fortunately, there are models that fit your body type. Read our guide to find out more.

Suzuki SV 650 1

Best value for your money

Suzuki SV 650

The best motorcycle for women and small riders in 2021

Efficient and no-frills, this Suzuki SV 650 is made for women and small people. Its unparalleled stability makes it a true ally on any road.

5 559 £ on Nikita Bike

The new version of the Suzuki SV 650 is coming to the market. It is above all a roadster that is both practical in traffic and powerful on highways. Thanks to its 4-stroke V-twin 650cc injection engine, it is also capable of riding rough roads. If this V-Twin was initially more modest, it is now more powerful and more sporty.

With a torque of 6.4 mkg at 8100 rpm, this bike is very fast, yet stable. The high seat height of 785 mm is a big advantage for smaller riders because of its comfort. The ABS braking system makes stopping smoother and more comfortable. It is also an economical motorcycle as it consumes only 4.1 L/100 km.

Yamaha YS125 2

Best value for your money

Yamaha YS125

The best entry-level motorcycle for women and small riders

Simple in appearance, but powerful in terms of motorization, this small urban bike is very light. It is the perfect bike for beginners.

2 399 £ on Audemar

There is no doubt that this is a bike for women! Its small size, its seat and its engine make it an excellent two-wheeler for getting through traffic. With its half-sporty, half-road look, it is easy to handle and very comfortable. Equipped with a 4-stroke single-cylinder engine developing 11 HP at 7500 rpm, it is powerful, yet easy to ride.

The Yamaha YS125 stands out for its 795 mm seat height, which is excellent for smaller riders. Its sturdy steel frame resists any impact from the outside, which is a good thing for this small tourer. As for the front, it proudly displays an analog and digital dashboard. Braking is handled by a typical Yamaha UBS integral system.

Triumph Street Twin 3

Best value for your money

Triumph Street Twin

The best for high-end women and small riders

A real top-of-the-range motorcycle! Triumph, the English brand, offers a new experience with its Street Twin, ideal for ladies in search of great sensations on two wheels.

7 560 £ on Moto Planète

Simple, but powerful, that's what defines this beautiful motorcycle with a very offbeat look. The Street Twin is a large 900 cc motorcycle with a 65 hp 4-stroke injection engine offering 7,500 rpm of torque, enough to delight speed freaks. It's especially its clean lines and its solid steel frame which guarantee robustness that seduce the most. You can choose between Rain and Road riding modes.

But above all, it's a light bike that grips the ground well. The 765 mm seat is very comfortable, while the telescopic front fork and rear shock absorbers provide perfect stability. As for the braking system, the Street Twin is equipped with a Brembo caliper that is extremely precise at standstill.

Kawasaki Z650 2021 4


Kawasaki Z650 2021

A powerful roadster for women and small riders

If there is one brand that is appreciated by motorcyclists, it is Kawasaki. This Z650 is a sporty roadster designed for people who are not very tall and for women who like sporty and aggressive riding.

5 839 £ on Moto Planète

Its look makes you think of an indomitable beast, but this bike is not that aggressive! With a well-thought-out design to highlight its lines and various assets, the Kawasaki Z650 SE is equipped with a 68 hp, 4-stroke, parallel-twin, fuel-injected engine running at 8000 rpm. It is a motorcycle equipped with the latest technology in terms of equipment, with a TFT color screen dashboard and a Bluetooth connection.

In terms of comfort, this new version of the Z650 is thinner, but with an extremely effective grip on the ground. Add to that its 765 mm seat height, low-profile tires and tele-hydraulic forks for optimal stability and unparalleled comfort, even in the most difficult corners. Braking is provided by a good ABS.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best motorcycle for women and small sizes

Any specific needs?

The best motorcycle for women and small riders in 2021

The best entry-level motorcycle for women and small riders

The best for high-end women and small riders

A powerful roadster for women and small riders

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Comparison table of the best motorcycles for women and small sizes

Suzuki SV 650 5
Yamaha YS125 6
Triumph Street Twin 7
Kawasaki Z650 2021 8
Suzuki SV 650
Yamaha YS125
Triumph Street Twin
Kawasaki Z650 2021
Efficient and no-frills, this Suzuki SV 650 is made for women and small people. Its unparalleled stability makes it a true ally on any road.
Simple in appearance, but powerful in terms of motorization, this small urban bike is very light. It is the perfect bike for beginners.
A real top-of-the-range motorcycle! Triumph, the English brand, offers a new experience with its Street Twin, ideal for ladies in search of great sensations on two wheels.
If there is one brand that is appreciated by motorcyclists, it is Kawasaki. This Z650 is a sporty roadster designed for people who are not very tall and for women who like sporty and aggressive riding.
650 cc
125 cm3
900 cc
649 cc
4-stroke fuel-injected V-twin
Air-cooled, single ACT, 2-valve, 4-stroke engine
Inline 4-stroke twin-cylinder engine
4-stroke inline-twin engine
seat height at 785 mm, lightweight, Euro5 standard,
Adjustable shocks, electric start and kick, analog tachometer
Assisted clutch, two riding modes Road and Rain, analog meter, LED taillight, immobilizer, USB power, café racer seat
6-speed gearbox, TFT display, bluetooth connectivity, Euro5 standard

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Buying guide - motorcycle for women and small sizes

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How to choose your motorcycle for women and small sizes

A motorcycle is first and foremost a means of getting around on a daily basis, and it is important that it be comfortable and meet your needs. So, if you are a woman or if you are smaller than the average driver, there are some criteria you should consider to help you make your choice.

#1 - The seat of the motorcycle

This is an important criterion, especially if you have a small body size. You must therefore take into account both the height and width of the saddle. Indeed, a high saddle will have the effect of suspending your feet. Similarly, if it is too wide, the saddle will force you to spread your legs further apart and your feet will be even further from the ground. Thus, a height between 650 and 800 mm would be ideal. As far as width is concerned, a size between 200 and 300 mm will be enough to give you all the comfort you need when riding your motorcycle.

#2 - Your riding level

Experienced riders have more choices, as they have gained the knowledge to know exactly what type of motorcycles suit them. On the other hand, if this is your first motorcycle and you're new to riding a two-wheeled machine, the choice is more limited. We can advise you to turn to the roadster models. Their biggest advantage is that they are very easy to handle. In addition, their lightness will make it easier for you to learn.

#3 - The intended use of the motorcycle

Your motorcycle must correspond to its intended use. If you want to ride in the city, you can turn to the utility bikes also called the basics. A utility bike is extremely maneuverable and keeps you from getting stuck in traffic by weaving in and out of cars. However, if you often make long trips, a road bike would be more appropriate. It is comfortable and can carry relatively large luggage. Finally, if you want to participate in competitions, you can opt for a sporty bike.

#4 - The number of cylinders

The engine's behavior is a fundamental criterion of choice. The single-cylinder engine is suitable for city travel and has low fuel consumption. However, it does not offer enough flexibility of use. Indeed, at low rpm the single-cylinder engine knocks and at high rpm it emits vibrations. If you are looking for flexibility, you should opt for the 4-cylinder engines which are the most common. If you are a beginner, the two-cylinder engines will offer you an excellent base to start with, unlike the 3, 5 and 6 cylinders. Indeed, the three cylinders are quite difficult to handle and the 5 and 6 cylinders are exclusively reserved for big people.

#5 - Your license

Your license must correspond to the type of motorcycle you want to ride. The AM license is for two-wheelers with less than 50 cc. The A1 and B licenses allow you to drive a motorcycle less than 125cm3 and which does not exceed 11 kW. The A2 license is mandatory to drive a medium and large motorcycle that does not exceed 35 kW. To be able to drive a motorcycle of more than 125 cm3 and more than 47 hp, you will need to have an A license.

However, your license should not prevent you from getting the motorcycle of your dreams in the sense that you can always try to get the license that corresponds to the type of motorcycle you want to drive.

Why is it difficult to find a motorcycle for women and small size?

Yes, everyone dreams of riding a big bike one day. Except that women and small people sometimes have a hard time finding the right bike for them. In motorcycling, leg length is a very important factor. If your legs are too short, it will be difficult for you to maneuver or put your stand down when you are stopped. You also need to be able to put your feet down in traffic.

It's not easy to control your bike when you're small, especially if you're riding at a slow pace. And it is especially in the city that it is a problem with the traffic and all the obstacles we have to face.

What is a small frame?

The majority of women are not 5'10" or taller. So, when we talk about the category "small motorcycle", we have to include women. A small size is defined as being less than 1.70m tall. This is the minimum height required if you ride a motorcycle with a seat height of more or less 800 mm.

The different types of motorcycles for women and small sizes

Motorcycles are not just for big, strong men, but there are no motorcycles designed specifically for women and small people. There are, however, lightweight motorcycles that can suit everyone.


A roadster offers a low seat for smaller riders. It is characterized by the absence of a fairing. It is intended for urban use, but is also suitable if you need to make long trips. Note that the absence of a fairing exposes you to wind pressure, which will tend to tire you out quickly if you ride at high speed. To avoid this inconvenience, you can equip your motorcycle with a windscreen or a wind jump.

Sports cars

If you are a fan of speed, a sporty motorcycle will satisfy you. Moreover, it is both low and light. It is also approved for city use.

However, the seat is almost at the same height as the handlebars, so you have to adopt the frog position to ride it. So it is not very comfortable especially when you have to ride long distances.


This model is inspired by the style of the motorcycles of the 90s like the famous Harley-Davidson. Indeed, the custom motorcycle has almost no fairing and is characterized by a riding position with the feet forward. It offers more customization possibilities compared to other models. The custom bike also has a low seat, but comfort is not its major asset. Moreover, this bike is quite heavy. Indeed, they are equipped with large two-cylinder engines.

Motorcycle or scooter?


A motorcycle, no matter how big or small, always requires a minimum of riding skills. Despite this, there are several options if you are not 5'7" or if you are a short woman. This category of two-wheeler has the advantage of being more stable and offers good handling. The seat is also more comfortable so that it follows the curve or morphology of the user. This way, you won't have to lower the bike or modify any parts, such as the shocks.

But a motorcycle is always difficult to handle, no matter how big it is. More aggressive, it can only be tamed if you have a minimum of experience and know the basics of riding. Moreover, this type of motorcycle requires a large budget since there are not many models available on the market.


Just like for motorcycles, there are also scooters adapted to small sizes. Automatic transmission, engine of a correct power, not too wide and well adapted seat are the strong points of these small machines. The models available in this range do not exceed 125 cc, which is very good for driving. It is a very recommended option for women and small sizes who want to start riding two-wheelers.

However, you may be disappointed if you choose the wrong model. Indeed, there are scooters that look small, but are very difficult to handle. It is therefore essential to check the characteristics before choosing one. For a 3-wheeled scooter, for example, the stability is there, but not the handling.


Motorcycle or scooter for women and small size? The key is to know how to unravel the different features and determine your needs. For beginners, a scooter can do the trick and some models have enough power to compete with motorcycles. But for the thrill and fun of speeding, a motorcycle is undoubtedly the best option.


Choose a low-slung motorcycle

If you're a woman or a small person, it's best to look for low-slung bikes. Indeed with models such as customs, sportbikes or roadsters, you will have no difficulty putting your feet on the ground.

Consider the position of the center of gravity

The height of the seat is not enough to offer you absolute comfort and control on your motorcycle. The center of gravity must also be taken into account. If the weight is placed too high, you'll have trouble holding your vehicle when you stop.

Adjust the dimensions of the seat

The crotch arc is a combination of the height and width of the saddle. If you like a model, but the crotch arc doesn't allow you to put your feet on the ground, you can adjust the dimensions of the saddle. You can do this by reducing the thickness of the foam or by hollowing out the seat.

Always test the motorcycle before you buy it

When buying a motorcycle, don't be seduced by the aesthetic appeal of the machine. A motorcycle should be comfortable first and foremost. So you need to ride it for a long time to see if it's fun to ride.

Give it a proper break-in

The break-in period should be 1000 km, not just one day. Indeed, the key to a successful break-in is repetition. You should also choose an urban environment to allow your motorcycle to adapt to speed changes.


What is the best motorcycle for women and small people?

The best motorcycle for women and small builds depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

Is there a power limit for women and small people?

Being a woman or having a small frame shouldn't stop you from having a powerful motorcycle. Even though a motorcycle with big cylinders is relatively heavy, the key is that your feet can touch the ground so you can control it.

What model should you choose for your first motorcycle?

We advise you not to go for sportbikes right away. These models are better suited for riders with experience. If you're looking for dynamism and power, you can turn to roadsters. Indeed, this type of motorcycle is easy to handle.

What license is required to ride a motorcycle?

The A license is the only one that is compatible with all the models of motorcycles that currently exist. However, it requires obtaining an A2 license and going through a two-year transitional period. Beginners therefore cannot access the A license.

Is break-in essential?

We answer in the affirmative. Indeed, this is an important adaptation phase that guarantees the longevity and reliability of your two-wheeler. The running-in phase also ensures that the engine runs smoothly. This stage ensures maximum and long-lasting use of your motorcycle's performance.


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Suzuki SV 650 9
Suzuki SV 650
Yamaha YS125 10
Yamaha YS125
Triumph Street Twin 11
Triumph Street Twin
Kawasaki Z650 2021 12
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