The best mosquito repellent in the UK 2023

Mosquitoes are vectors of diseases such as dengue and malaria. Each year, this disease affects 500 million people, causing 1 million deaths. And there is no vaccine! Mosquito repellents are highly effective against mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes, as they kill or chase them away. DEET-based sprays, insecticides, ultrasonic repellents, insect killers, bracelets, traps..., read this guide to learn more.

Puressentiel - Repellent spray for insects 1

Best value for money

Puressentiel - Repellent spray for insects

The best mosquito repellent in 2021

This spray gets rid of mosquitoes but also other harmful insects. Delivered in a 200 mL container, it is 100% made with vegetable and natural components.

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Once applied to the skin, Puressentiel anti-biting spray relieves mosquito bites and keeps them at a safe distance. Safe, this product can be used without any problem on the face and the rest of the body. Its protection lasts 5 to 7 hours depending on the type of insect. Even better, it leaves no trace on the sprayed area. On this subject, know that 6 sprays are enough to protect you in infested areas. For the face, you only need to apply one spray by first passing the product on your hands and not directly on the skin.

Autan Family Care - Mosquito Protection Lotion 2

Best value for money

Autan Family Care - Mosquito Protection Lotion

The best entry-level mosquito repellent

Autan Family Care mosquito protection lotion is for the whole family. Its effect lasts up to 4 hours and it is applied directly to the skin. A good protection in infested areas.

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This mosquito repellent lotion is not harmful to the skin, no matter how sensitive. And for good reason, Autan Family Care contains moisturizing agents in addition to aloe vera that softens the skin surface. Easy to use, just a few drops are enough to protect the skin from the bite of mosquitoes and unwanted insects. Be careful, though, as your eyes and mouth do not tolerate the ingredients. On the other hand, you will love the smell, which is essential given the way it is applied. Finally, it is very effective even with the window open. Its effectiveness comes mainly from the addition of icaridine among the components.

Aspectek - Destructeur d'insectes 3

Best high end

Aspectek - Destructeur d'insectes

The best high-end mosquito repellent

The Aspectek kills flies and mosquitoes. This insect destroyer sends them a 2,800 V discharge, recognizable by the noise made with each electrocution. More effective at night than during the day.

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The Canadian brand Aspectek offers this 20W insect destroyer. The device sends out a 2,800 V discharge to electrocute mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects that can bite. Properly placed, this device kills mosquitoes over an area of 20 to 120 square meters. However, it is not very effective in daylight. To avoid accidents, the bulbs are surrounded by a protective cage certified CE and ROHS. To start, simply plug it into an electrical outlet. It does not contain pesticides, aerosols or other chemicals. However, those who are sensitive to noise may be startled by each electrocution!

Raid - Refill for electric mosquito killer 4

135 quiet nights

Raid - Refill for electric mosquito killer

The best diffuser mosquito repellent

With these Raid refills, you'll spend 135 nights away from mosquitoes. The purchase is really worth it since the set includes 3 refills compatible with all electric diffusers.

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No matter which model of electric diffuser you have to get rid of mosquitoes, opt for this pack of Raid refills for maximum effectiveness. With these 3 bottles, you'll have enough for 135 nights, knowing that one container lasts up to 45 nights with 8 hours of sleep per use. It eliminates all the species of insects and its effectiveness is irreproachable. Its effect does not diminish during the day. It remains particularly effective even with the window wide open. In addition, its effect on health is reduced in this condition, as well as when the protected space is ventilated.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best mosquito repellent

Any specific needs?

The best mosquito repellent in 2021

The best entry-level mosquito repellent

The best high-end mosquito repellent

The best diffuser mosquito repellent

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Comparison table of the best mosquito repellent

Puressentiel - Repellent spray for insects 5
Autan Family Care - Mosquito Protection Lotion 6
Aspectek - Destructeur d'insectes 7
Raid - Refill for electric mosquito killer 8
Puressentiel - Repellent spray for insects
Autan Family Care - Mosquito Protection Lotion
Aspectek - Destructeur d'insectes
Raid - Refill for electric mosquito killer
This spray gets rid of mosquitoes but also other harmful insects. Delivered in a 200 mL container, it is 100% made with vegetable and natural components.
Autan Family Care mosquito protection lotion is for the whole family. Its effect lasts up to 4 hours and it is applied directly to the skin. A good protection in infested areas.
The Aspectek kills flies and mosquitoes. This insect destroyer sends them a 2,800 V discharge, recognizable by the noise made with each electrocution. More effective at night than during the day.
With these Raid refills, you'll spend 135 nights away from mosquitoes. The purchase is really worth it since the set includes 3 refills compatible with all electric diffusers.
Keeps mosquitoes away
Keeps mosquitoes away
Kills mosquitoes and other insects
Kills mosquitoes
Spray on body and face
Apply to body and face
UV lamp
Refill for diffuser
Effect evaluation
Lasts 5 to 7 hours
Lasts 4 hours
Range: up to 23 m
135 nights
Lemon Eucalyptus
Aloe vera
Specific feature
200 mL
100 mL
Shock of 2,800 V
200 mL

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Buying guide - mosquito repellent

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How to choose your mosquito repellent

#1 - The purpose

Repellents keep mosquitoes at bay. The most effective products are based on DEET concentrated between 25 and 50%. They are used where there is dengue, chikungunya or malaria.

Other liquid repellents include icaridin, IR3535 and citridiol or citridiora or lemon eucalyptus essential oil. Plant extracts, other essential oils, citronella, traps and ultrasonic devices have limited effectiveness.

Insecticides are a radical solution. However, they are contraindicated for asthmatics. The most common examples are pyrethroid-based aerosol cans and electric liquid diffusers.

Some products, such as transfluthrin and tetramethrin, have proven to be very effective. Permethrin can be used to impregnate clothing and mosquito nets. It kills and repels mosquitoes. Otherwise, use an insect destroyer.

#2 - The geographic area

People living in temperate zones will find happiness with DEET or IR3535. These chemicals vaporize without streaks on contact with skin and clothing. They keep mosquitoes, wasps and other pests away, among other things.

Some repellents can last up to 2 months or 5 washes. There are even some that are suitable for children from 2 years old. Those who live or are going to stay in a tropical area should buy a strong repellent or even an insecticide. The scope of these products is broader than that of conventional repellents, especially against tiger mosquitoes.

For optimal protection, you can complete the package with a mosquito net, an anti-mosquito bracelet, a mosquito trap or a UV lamp to electrocute mosquitoes.

#3 - The users

For a child not yet old enough to walk, it's best to use a citridiol or PMDRBO repellent dosed at 20 or 25%. Apply only once a day and read carefully the legal information regarding contraindications. Apply twice a day if the child is under 2 years old. Between 2 and 12 years of age, apply DEET, IR3535, KBR3023 or citridiol 2 times/day. Increase to 3 applications daily over 12 years of age.

For adults, we must distinguish between pregnant women. In their case, it is better to use DEET dosed at 20%. Do not go beyond that, unless there is a risk of disease or if the manufacturer allows it. IR3535 at 35%, KBR3023 at 20% will also do. However, do not exceed 3 applications/day. For other adults, it will depend on your level of sensitivity and what you can bear.

Prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes

There are certain everyday actions that can limit the purchase and use of mosquito repellents. For example, to limit their proliferation, you can empty the cups under pots and vases every week. Empty anything that contains standing water and cover water collection cans. Finally, raise fish in your ornamental pond.

#4 - The effectiveness

Skin and ultrasonic repellents work at all hours, day and night. Insecticides are long lasting and do not require frequent spraying. Don't hesitate to impregnate your mosquito nets with insecticides. Insect-killing lamps are ineffective during the day, but not at night. For mosquito traps, it is better to wait until nightfall.

Be aware that manufacturers always exaggerate the duration of protection of their repellents. They usually promise 8 hours, but the average protection time is more like 4 hours. Instead of relying on the packaging, apply the repellent as soon as you smell the mosquitoes. Insecticides can last for months. You should also consider the range of action, especially for insect killers, electric sprays and ultrasonic repellents.

Effective components to kill mosquitoes

The Raid 45 Nights contains isoparaffin and butylated hydroxytoluene. The first component diffuses the repellent throughout the room while the second keeps the active ingredients in the air as long as possible. With this mosquito repellent, you'll be able to sleep without fear of bites or the characteristic sound of a mosquito swirling around you.

The product that will really get rid of mosquitoes is prallethrin 1.20%, a pyrethroid insecticide used for mosquito control in homes. Be careful not to ingest it, as a high enough quantity can be dangerous to your health. And to optimize its effectiveness, the Raid 45 Nights has a slider. This device allows you to adjust the intensity of the diffuser according to your needs and the surface area of the room where you plug it in (no more than 30 m²).

However, avoid setting the slider to its maximum level when you are sleeping. Indeed, sensitive people may have difficulty inhaling a large quantity of this mosquito repellent. Also note that Raid 45 Nights provides 8 hours of continuous protection during the night. Used in this way, the diffuser can last a full month. Finally, you can use this electric diffuser day and night.

The best mosquito repellents 9Some reservations about it

As it is an insecticide, it contains many chemicals. These components should not be used by certain people, especially pregnant women, infants and young children. Also, the use of Raid 45 Nights is not recommended for sensitive people, allergic or those who suffer from asthma to avoid the risks of complication. But for peace of mind, only insecticide repellents are effective.

Apart from that, we must talk about the costs of use. Not that the electric diffuser consumes a lot of electricity, but the refills are expensive. Count 10 euros for 3 half-full refills! Moreover, a refill does not really last 45 nights as announced but 1 month at most. And the longer you plug in this mosquito repellent, the less it will last. Also, the plug can overheat, which is very embarrassing.

If the Raid 45 Nights kills mosquitoes, you will certainly need to buy several electric diffusers to protect an entire house or even a large room. This will have an impact on your mosquito repellent budget. And we come back again to the problem of refills!

Verdict: Our opinion on the Raid 45 Nights electric diffuser

If you want mosquitoes to leave you alone, there are no 36 solutions. Either you keep them at a safe distance or you eliminate them. For the second option, the Raid 45 Nights offers better results than the Aspectek insect destroyer, which also makes an excruciating noise with each electrocuted insect. Most ultrasonic repellents are mere gimmicks and the spray only protects one person at a time. And then some!

For its longevity, effectiveness, odorless diffusion (a slight hint of eucalyptus in the air) but also its continuous action, the Raid 45 Nights appears to be the best mosquito repellent of the moment. In addition, refills are very easy to find. And don't hesitate to combine its use with other mosquito repellents for greater effectiveness.

The different types of mosquito repellent

Between sticks, diffusers or sprays ... You will be spoilt for choice to get rid of pests. However, all these products are not equal, because some can affect your health. It is then advisable to choose them well according to their contents.

The spray

Spray sticks are very effective solutions, as they can repel tropical and tiger mosquitoes. However, it is never wise to spray it over an entire area since its use is targeted at infested areas. Alternatively, you can carry it with you in roll-on form.

As far as skin sprays are concerned, vegetable oils such as shea butter, coconut or beeswax with a subtle blend of sweet almond are predominant. Moreover, in order to avoid any sensation of irritation, these components must scrupulously respect a certain level of dosage especially if you wish to make your own anti-mosquito spray.

The electric diffusers

Another alternative consists in turning to the electric diffusers which have for role to cleanse the ambient air. These diffusers contain natural essential oils without alcohol or vegetable oil. However, it is important to respect the time of diffusion, because the fact of connecting them more than fifteen minutes every two hours can compromise its good functioning.

To this end, some users are more inclined to use ultrasonic diffusers. Admittedly, they are less effective due to their rather low flow rates, but you can use them continuously, even sleep with them.

The anti-mosquito oils

You also have a choice between essential oils that repel mosquitoes and those to heal, sanitize and disinfect. In all cases, these oils serve to destroy insect larvae. With its calming and soothing properties, mosquito repellent oils remain your best allies during the night.

What's more, pregnant women can use them without ever experiencing any adverse effects. Finally, these essential oils are also very good anti-inflammatories. The fact is that they relieve mosquito bites.

Combine different mosquito repellents

Don't be afraid to combine different types of repellents. For example, apply a DEET-based repellent during the day. And at night, turn on your bug killing lamp or electric insecticide diffuser. You can also set up a trap near the mosquito breeding area in your garden.

Mosquito repellent spray or diffuser?

Repellent spray

Spray repellents have the advantage of being in roll-on form. They can be applied to the most sensitive and exposed areas of your body, without forgetting your clothes. These products offer at least one month of effectiveness, because they resist repeated washing.

They are, however, only effective on the areas that have been impregnated, so the remaining area is still very much subject to mosquitoes. Then again, they often contain alcohol, a component that can sometimes harm your clothes.

Anti-mosquito diffuser

The electric diffusers, on the other hand, are very easy to use. Indeed, some of them have a recharging tablet that ensures a protection for a duration of 1h30. Thanks to these shelves of refill, you can your diffusers of day like night. In addition, some diffusers have a slider to adjust the amount of product spread. And they do not emit any wave, even less unpleasant odors.

The only thing you can reproach them is that some diffusers contain insecticides and therefore chemical compositions. Pregnant women, infants and people with allergies should not use them.


The choice will depend on your needs. If you find yourself in the middle of nature, especially in the tropics, the repellent spray remains the best solution. If you are looking for long-lasting protection at night, without having to coat your body every 1 or 2 hours, we strongly recommend the anti-mosquito diffuser. You can also combine the two mosquito repellents.

Why buy a mosquito repellent?

Complete protection

By equipping yourself with mosquito repellent products, you can avoid unpleasant and sometimes even allergenic bites. Gels, lotions, essential oils, creams and wipes with mosquito repellent solutions not only tend to protect you indoors, but also outdoors. So, for example, if you're planning a walk by the lake, in a park, or in your backyard, be sure to apply bug ointment for maximum protection.

Instant solution

A mosquito repellent is usually made up of one or more active ingredients, used to keep mosquitoes away. Insect sprays, for example, are based on concentrated chemicals, which are very effective in preventing and killing intrusive fleas, including mosquitoes. This is an effective solution if applied to areas inside the home where mosquito populations are extremely high. Just like other insect sprays, it would kill mosquitoes instantly.

Safe from malaria and other diseases

Mosquito repellent provides an instant solution by getting rid of mosquitoes and other insects that may bother you. The use of personal protective measures such as mats, mosquito nets, liquid sprays and mosquito coils is also an effective tool in the fight against mosquito-borne infections.

Many safety alternatives and types

The use of mosquito repellent, whether synthetic or natural, is that you can use personal protective measures in any way you prefer. For example, if you are allergic to insecticides or sensitive to certain types of lotions or gels, you can choose to sleep under a mosquito net treated with insecticides to avoid contact with mosquitoes.

Safe for pets

It is safe for your family, pets and the environment. Most mosquito repellents do not have an EPA pesticide registration number.

The best brands of mosquito repellent

In our opinion, the best brands of mosquito repellent in 2022 are :

Insect Ecran

Owned by the American Johnson Group, Raid produces mosquito sprays, diffusers and plugs capable of killing any species. The brand also helps you get rid of flies, roaches and other pests. Its reputation is well established.

Specialist in mosquito control, Insect Ecran is the brand that sells the most repellents in the world. Its offer covers all the needs of users, both in tropical and temperate zones. We can mention Zones Infestées, Vêtement Insecticide or Special Tropiques.

If you are looking for an insect destroyer that is really worth the price, choose a model from the brand Aspectek. Originally from Canada, this manufacturer has no equal when it comes to designing these famous lights that are capable of attracting and roasting the little beasts. No chemicals are used.

A subsidiary of the British group Evergreen Land, this brand is specialized in mosquito repellents. Its particularity lies in its constant research aiming at combining comfort of use, safety and effectiveness. The brand's unusual bottles and bracelets are a testament to this.

1 out of 4 English people own a product from this brand and 88% know it. Created by the Merck Médication Familiale laboratory, Apaisyl produces anti-lice biocides, after-bite creams, antifungals, antibacterials and mosquito repellents. All their formulas are tested under dermatological control.

What is the price mosquito repellent

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

2 £ to 10 £
10 £ to 20 £
more than 20 £
Price range diagram


Combine several mosquito repellents.

Using only one mosquito repellent or insecticide may not be completely effective. For the best protection, use a combination of products: mosquito traps, liquid repellents, wristbands, electric diffusers and insect killers.

Spray your clothes with insecticide.

Many products can be applied to keep mosquitoes at bay. Permethrin will make your clothes insect repellent. Once applied, it lasts for 6 washes or 6 weeks. However, only impregnate your clothes, as this product can cause irritation if applied directly to your skin.

Take care of your shoes.

There are

certain things on the human body that really attract mosquitoes. Smelly feet happen to be one of them. One publication found that mosquitoes are attracted to skin odors like moths to light.

Reduce your beer consumption.


study published in the American Journal Mosquito Control Association

found that drinking beer made a person more attractive to mosquitoes. To date, the exact reason for this attraction cannot be explained. That doesn't stop people from cutting back on drinking the famous beverage, especially in the summer to avoid mosquitoes.

Grow plants that are naturally repellent to mosquitoes.

There are

several plants you can grow in your garden to help keep mosquitoes away. Lemon balm, lavender and mint are all excellent mosquito repellents. Basil has additional mosquito repellent power. It contains a toxin that is fatal to mosquito larvae.

Change your perfume.


mosquitoes are not sucking blood, they are feeding on flower nectar. So your flowery scent might attract them. By pure chance,researchers found that mosquitoes hate the smell of Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume

! According to tests, the perfume was as effective as DEET in repelling mosquitoes for 2 hours.

Take care of the garden.


may not realize it, but it's possible that your backyard is a good place for mosquitoes to thrive. All they need is standing water to lay their eggs in. So turn water buckets upside down, keep garbage cans covered and don't leave kiddie pools outside. Also remove water from saucers under flower pots.

Go on the offensive.

Most tips for preventing mosquito bites are defensive measures. But as they say, the best defense is offense! Use all available products and traps to reduce the mosquito population in your home and garden.


What is the best mosquito repellent?

The best mosquito repellent depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available today.

Are essential oils effective against mosquitoes?

Citridiol or citridiora or lemon eucalyptus essential oil is known for its ability to keep mosquitoes away. But other essential oils are no match for it. Besides citridiol, only chemicals like DEET, icaridin, IR3535 and pyrethroids have been proven to work.

Can you make your own mosquito repellent?

Yes, but the effectiveness may not be there. There are many videos and tutorials explaining how to make grandmotherly recipes against mosquitoes. But insect destroyers, insecticides and repellents are much better.

What really attracts mosquitoes?

The female mosquito needs the proteins in the blood of mammals in order to lay eggs. Then we emit carbon dioxide when it exhales. This can attract a mosquito from 50 yards away. You also become a prime target for mosquitoes when you sweat. In addition, people with blood type O and smelly feet are more attractive to mosquitoes than others.

What are the best brands of mosquito repellent?

Raid and Insect Ecran are the most recommended. Other brands include Paraakito, Aspectek, Apaisyl, Seekavan and its famous anti-mosquito snowshoes, Zhenrog, Mouskito, Puressentiel or Hkiytime.


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Puressentiel - Repellent spray for insects
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Aspectek - Destructeur d'insectes
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