The best moisture testers for firewood in the UK 2023

There is nothing more frustrating than having wet firewood. You can do something about this by using a moisture tester. This probe-based device displays accurate readings so you can have dry wood all year round. Raw or dry? In this guide, you will find the best and most popular firewood moisture testers of the moment.

Stanley 0-77-030 1

Best value for money

Stanley 0-77-030

The best moisture tester for firewood in 2021

Used to determine the durability of materials, this moisture tester is useful in sorting firewood. Stanley 0-77-030 helps you select fuels for optimal heat in your home.

20,79 £ on Amazon

You will find on this moisture meter, 2 sensors of 7,62 mm in steel and with pointed head. These resistant pins are to be pushed on the surface of the firewood to know its moisture content. Stanley 0-77-030 is a device that indicates the moisture content between 6 and 44%. This information will be displayed on a large LCD screen arranged vertically.

In the event that this moisture tester is accidentally dropped, its sturdy plastic casing will protect it from being broken. This device has a 1100 rating for battery life. To ensure proper operation, you must insert 4 AAA batteries. Stanley 0-77-030 is economical and turns off 3 minutes after its last use.

Dr.Meter MD812 2

Best value for money

Dr.Meter MD812

The best moisture tester for entry-level firewood

After checking the near-real numbers provided by Dr.Meter MD812, fire up your fireplace insert this winter season. This moisture meter easily detects the driest of your firewood.

15,99 £ on Amazon

Unlike other humidity testers, this one has a better reliability index with an accuracy of less than 1%. The lower this figure, the closer the statistical data indicated by the device is to reality. This means that the humidity level displayed on the Dr.Meter MD812 LCD is credible. The battery that powers it is 9 V.

This moisture meter is equipped with 2 heavy duty steel pins whose sharp ends should penetrate your firewood. When you choose the Dr.Meter MD812 moisture meter, 2 other spare pins are available to keep it in use. With a medium size and weighing only 100 g, the device is easy to handle.

PeakTech 5201 3

Best value for money

PeakTech 5201

The best moisture tester for high-end firewood

With this moisture tester, protect your family from the freezing winter cold by providing better energy wood. PeakTech 5201 has the ability to indicate the moisture content of materials in your home.

82,40 £ on Amazon

From now on, use only dry firewood to fuel your living room fireplace. For absolute certainty, this tester collects information on wood up to 40 mm deep. Its LCD screen with white backlighting will display all collected data. The detection of high humidity triggers a sound signal.

With its rugged plastic housing, the PeakTech 5201 is a moisture meter that gives you data in a short time. Its unique steel sensor is a tube with a ball on top. In addition to humidity, the device warns if the wood is in poor condition. PeakTech 5201 is suitable for professionals because of its various features.

Bosch UniversalHumid 4


Bosch UniversalHumid

The best alternative

Unravel the mystery behind your firewood by using Bosch UniversalHumid to check the moisture content. This instrument can provide real-time data.

35,48 £ on Amazon

Using the same sensing system as other moisture testers, Bosch UniversalHumid has 2 steel pins. Both rigid and sharp, these metal sensors are easily inserted into your firewood with less physical effort. This moisture meter is powered by 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries.

With this equipment, the relevance of the numerical data about humidity is no longer in question. Bosch UniversalHumid guarantees an accuracy of ± 1%, which is an ideal rating for humidity meters. After each use, cover the pins with the plastic cap. This will protect these sensors from possible shocks that could break them.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best moisture tester for firewood

Any specific needs?

The best moisture tester for firewood in 2021

The best moisture tester for entry-level firewood

The best moisture tester for high-end firewood

The best alternative

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Comparison table of the best moisture testers for firewood

Top Inexpensive High-end Excellent
Stanley 0-77-030 5
Dr.Meter MD812 6
PeakTech 5201 7
Bosch UniversalHumid 8
Stanley 0-77-030
Dr.Meter MD812
PeakTech 5201
Bosch UniversalHumid
Used to determine the durability of materials, this moisture tester is useful in sorting firewood. Stanley 0-77-030 helps you select fuels for optimal heat in your home.
After checking the near-real numbers provided by Dr.Meter MD812, fire up your fireplace insert this winter season. This moisture meter easily detects the driest of your firewood.
With this moisture tester, protect your family from the freezing winter cold by providing better energy wood. PeakTech 5201 has the ability to indicate the moisture content of materials in your home.
Unravel the mystery behind your firewood by using Bosch UniversalHumid to check the moisture content. This instrument can provide real-time data.
6 to 44%
5 to 40%
0 to 100%
Mode 1 : 7.1 to 74.7 % Mode 2 : 6.4 % to 61.9 %
Error margin
1 to 2%
1 %
Probe type
Stainless steel pins
Steel sensor
Reverse display
Power supply
4 AAA batteries
9V battery
3 AAA batteries
3 AAA batteries

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Buying guide - moisture tester for firewood

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How to choose your moisture tester for firewood

A moisture tester is useful to know the condition of the wood. But today, there are so many models that it is difficult to choose! What criteria should you take into account to make the right choice?

#1 - The measuring range

Before buying a moisture meter for firewood, it is important to check the measuring range. Indeed, it must be as accurate as possible. Depending on the model chosen, the device can perform measurements according to 2 distinct ranges: one regarding wood and another regarding building materials.

#2 - The power supply

To operate, a moisture meter must include a battery (or a battery). Before you buy one, make sure it offers enough autonomy to allow you to use it properly. There are models that include an automatic shut-off feature. This means that after a few minutes of inactivity, the device goes into "sleep" mode so that it doesn't waste energy unnecessarily.

#3 - The ergonomics

This is a criterion not to be overlooked! In order for you to handle the device easily, it must be not only compact, but also light. Furthermore, make sure it takes up as little space as possible. As for the screen, whether it is placed higher or below the handle, it should allow you to read the data clearly and easily.

#4 - The features

If you want to enjoy more comfort of use, you would do well to take a look at the features offered by your moisture meter. Among the most appreciated by users of this type of device is undoubtedly the "Hold" function. This gives you the ability to measure the humidity level in a corner and read the result when you bring the device back in front of your eyes.

#5 - The handling

Finally, the last criterion you should take into consideration is the grip. Turn to models that are intuitive and suggest a simple grip! In general, a moisture tester is not complicated to use. Once the metal tips are out, all you have to do is stick them into the wood and wait for the result to appear.

What is a moisture meter for firewood and how does it work?

As the name implies, a moisture meter is a small measuring instrument used to determine the moisture content of firewood. There are two types of moisture meters, the spike type and the radio frequency type, but the spike type is the most commonly used.

In general, they include two metal tips, a screen, some buttons, indicators and other indicators of load. These small electronic tools are powered by a built-in battery that ensures their autonomy. Depending on the model, they can be equipped with various features to make them more user-friendly.

How do I use a moisture meter?

To make this device work properly, there are a few steps to follow. First of all, you have to remove the cover that contains the metal spikes. Once this is done, press the button that turns the device on. Then, you must wait a few seconds before taking the measurements. But be careful, you must not do it anyhow!

You must follow the following rules: it is better to take the measurements in different parts of the wood. The best is to reach the heart of the wood, as the surface is always drier, because it is permanently in contact with the air. Do not hesitate to split the wood and place the metal spikes in the heart of the wood. This way, you will obtain a more reliable result!

The different types of moisture testers for firewood

It is important to know the different types of firewood moisture testers in order to better choose the right model.

Raw-based moisture tester

The raw base moisture tester offers some advantages to its user. It is the most appropriate tool for firewood. Its greatest asset is that it is able to provide the actual moisture content of your wood. You will then know if it is necessary to dry them outside for some time before burning them!

On the negative side, the raw base moisture meter has some limitations. First of all, it is not really suitable for assessing the moisture content of lumber and other woodwork. In addition, the raw basis moisture testers are less widespread and therefore a little more difficult to find than the dry basis moisture testers!

Raw-based moisture testers are more for home use. In other words, they can be used by anyone who wants to check their firewood before burning it. This with a very specific objective: not to make the mistake of burning their logs while they are still wet.

Dry-based moisture tester

The dry-base moisture tester has quite a few assets. First of all, it is the right device to efficiently estimate the moisture content of wood for carpentry, construction and framing. Furthermore, it is the most common moisture meter on the market and therefore easier to find than a raw material moisture tester!

On the other hand, a dry-base moisture tester is lacking in a few aspects. For example, it is not recommended for firewood. Therefore, its use is rather limited! It is not suitable for individuals who want to know the exact moisture content of their logs. However, they can always have the moisture content on a gross basis by using a small calculation.

Dry moisture testers are ideal for professionals who use mainly dry wood. They need to be sure that the wood they are going to use is moisture free. It is important to know that if the wood is not dry, it tends to swell or shrink!

Moisture tester for firewood or multifunctional detector?

Moisture tester for firewood

Compared to a multi-function detector, a moisture meter provides a number of advantages. Firstly, it offers the possibility of easily assessing the humidity level inside wood, walls, floors, plaster or any other building material such as concrete for example. There are even some models that provide the temperature of said materials. Moreover, it is a device that is not only compact, but also very handy!

If we compare a moisture meter to a multi-function detector, it is obvious that the first is rather limited in its use! Indeed, the moisture meter simply provides its user with the moisture content of a specific material. This is its main purpose and therefore it can unfortunately not do more.

Multifunction detector

As its name indicates, the multi-function detector can help the user in several aspects. Indeed, this device is able to detect various materials like wood or metal. It is also able to locate hollow spaces as well as electrical cables. It is a tool that can locate accurately by emitting either sound or visual signals.

One of the big drawbacks of the multifunction detector compared to the moisture meter is that it does not provide the moisture content of a particular material. It is a device that is limited to its scanning functions. In addition, it is much larger and more cumbersome than the small size of the moisture meter. Therefore, it is less practical and manageable!


The firewood moisture tester and the multi-function detector are both very useful devices! Their use can be complementary.

However, if you only need to know the moisture content of your wall, then in this case, the moisture meter is the one you need. But if, for example, you need to detect electrical cables buried under a depth of 50 mm, the multifunction detector is your best ally!

Why buy a moisture tester for firewood?

To detect damp areas

A moisture meter is very useful to help the occupants of a house to detect damp areas in time. This helps to prevent the appearance of certain molds that can affect health and cause allergies. But the use of the moisture meter also allows to take adequate measures on the deterioration that some materials subjected to high humidity may suffer.

To prevent fire hazards in chimneys

The use of a moisture meter is strongly recommended to prevent chimney fires. If the wood you use for heating is frequently damp, soot and tar can build up dangerously in the chimney. This creates conditions that are favorable for fires to start. And this has every chance of reaching the neighboring houses.

To have a good heat combustion

For wood to burn properly, it must have a moisture content of less than 20%! If this is the case, we will have a good combustion and therefore, the amount of heat produced will be satisfactory. Moreover, it will be easier to keep the fires burning! With wet wood, not only will the heat generated be less, but the fire tends to go out fairly quickly.

To avoid backfires

If you make sure that your wood is dry enough before burning it, you will avoid problems such as backfires. These are usually caused by burning wet logs. By using only dry wood, this kind of problem is less likely to occur!

To avoid the spread of chemicals

It is strongly discouraged to use wet wood for heating purposes, as it results in the production of harmful gases and fine particles. In the long term, such exposure will of course have negative impacts that can strongly deteriorate an individual's health. With the moisture meter, you will avoid the spread of chemicals in your home.

The best brands of moisture testers for firewood

In our opinion, the best brands of moisture testers for firewood in 2022 are :


This tool brand is no longer to be introduced. It is renowned for designing mid-range devices with a high manufacturing quality. The brand is known for its devices that perfectly combine reliability, practicality and robustness. It also strives to make them easy to use. All these characteristics can be found, for example, in its MD912 moisture meter!

This German brand, born in 1886, has long been associated with quality and robustness. This one has built a solid reputation in the world of household appliances, but also in the sector of power tools. The appliances offered by Bosch are subjected to extremely thorough testing. This is why users and DIYers from all over the world consider it trustworthy.

Existing for more than 50 years, this brand of German origin is an expert in the manufacture of measuring instruments dedicated to industry. Among the tools it offers we can find multimeters, hygrometers, GBF, etc. When it comes to moisture meters, it ranks nowadays among the best brands that receive very positive feedback from people who have used its devices.

The brand is among the big names in the electronics and electrical engineering sector. Its devices are innovative and stand out from the competition due to their high quality and careful design. Apart from that, the safety of the users is also a central concern of the brand. For this, the products are subject to very serious tests.

This brand founded by Frederick T.Stanley specializes in designing all kinds of high quality tools. Reliable and robust, its products are aimed at both individuals and professionals. Products that are easy to use and can be used without problems for many, many years!"In 2010, Stanley took a new step by merging with the company Black &Decker.

What is the price for a moisture tester for firewood

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Follow the safety instructions

As an electronic device equipped with sensitive sensors, the moisture meter must be used in accordance with a series of safety instructions. Failure to comply with these rules compromises the proper functioning of the equipment and, above all, disrupts the determination of the humidity percentage. Among the recommendations emanating from the manufacturers of this tool is the formal prohibition of exposing it to solar radiation, which damages it.

Read the instructions carefully before use

As humidity testers develop advanced technology, they are reserved for professionals, but can be used by laymen. If you are one of those amateurs looking for a moisture meter for personal reasons, first consult the instruction manual. This manual, which comes with the instrument, details how to use it and prevents you from making false manipulations.

Remember to remove the protective cover from the probes when taking measurements

Two types of moisture testers exist on the market: non-contact moisture meters and those with metal pins. The first category refers to instruments that determine the moisture content of the material, by detecting temperature via infrared. The second category includes instruments with a protective cover that must be removed before using the pointed probes.

Clean your tool regularly

Required to be held in your hands each time you use it, the moisture sensor can easily fall into a messy state. Particles such as dust or other dirt will create an unpleasant feel and cause your moisture meter to fail. Without the need to use a large amount of water, regular cleaning should be done with a damp, unpeeled cloth.

Never use your unit in areas containing oil, sulfur, chlorine or salt

It is important to know that moisture meters do not give exact figures on the moisture content of a material. Thus, the appropriateness of this moisture content is checked according to the principle of accuracy, which is an approximate percentage. The device must not be in contact with oil, chlorine and sulfur, which will alter the figures.


How to choose a firewood moisture tester?

If firewood is the material on which you want to use the moisture meter, it must meet 2 conditions. The first requirement is the measuring range, which is the distance required between the sensor and the wood. Secondly, the choice of a moisture tester is based on the difference between the true moisture content and that displayed on the device.

What is the moisture content of dry wood?

The term dry wood is used to refer to fuels that have a moisture content of 20% or less. To check if your firewood meets this condition, it is imperative touse a moisture meter to be sure. Depending on their respective features and functionality, moisture testers will tell you between 5 and 45%.

How to measure the moisture content of firewood with a moisture meter?

The model of your moisture tester will determine the technique used to measure the moisture content of your firewood. With a tester belonging to a classic version, the 2 metal sensors are to be pushed on a part of the wood. As for modern non-contact devices, turn on the moisture meter and respect the recommended distance between it and the firewood.

On which part should a tester be placed to measure the moisture content of firewood?

The ideal location for the sensors of your moisture meter is at 1/3 of the thickness and length of the wood. It is necessary to position the tips of the pins on the least solid part of each firewood. Each device has its own specific moisture sampling system and it is up to the user to determine the difference.


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Stanley 0-77-030 9
Stanley 0-77-030
Dr.Meter MD812 10
Dr.Meter MD812
PeakTech 5201 11
PeakTech 5201
Bosch UniversalHumid 12
Bosch UniversalHumid


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