The best Mitsubishi air conditioners in the UK 2023

At Mitsubishi Electric in 2020, sales of air conditioners increased by 19% over the previous year. Quality, reliability and energy efficiency make its equipment a success. Do you want to take advantage of these benefits too? Find the ideal Mitsubishi air conditioner that meets the heating and insulation requirements of your home in this comparison.

Mitsubishi MSZ-AP35VGK + MUZ-AP35VGK

Editor's Choice

Mitsubishi MSZ-AP35VGK + MUZ-AP35VGK

The best Mitsubishi air conditioner in 2021

The Mitsubishi MSZ-AP35VGK + MUZ-AP35VGK is a reversible air conditioner with the ability to make your home a comfortable and inviting place to live.

841 £ on Manomano

The Mitsubishi MSZ-AP35VGK + MUZ-AP35VGK reversible air conditioner brings fresh air in the summer and raises the room temperature in the winter when it is cold. In both functions, this unit has an A++ energy class. It is very efficient while limiting your energy consumption. Its inverter power system helps optimize this energy efficiency.

To maximize comfort when using the Mitsubishi MSZ-AP35VGK + MUZ-AP35VGK, a model from the brand's AP series, its noise level is reduced to a minimum. In fact, the noise emitted by this air conditioner does not exceed 19 dB. You will hardly hear it when it is working to heat or cool your living spaces. In addition, its 2 fins facilitate the distribution of the air flow in the directions you want.

Mitsubishi MSZ-HR25VF + MUZ-HR25VF

Best cheapest

Mitsubishi MSZ-HR25VF + MUZ-HR25VF

The best entry-level Mitsubishi air conditioner

Make substantial savings by installing the Mitsubishi MSZ-HR25VF + MUZ-HR25VF reversible air conditioner in your home. Note that with a minimum sound pressure of 21 dB, it is barely audible.

610 £ on Manomano

The Mitsubishi MSZ-HR25VF + MUZ-HR25VF is among the most affordable reversible air conditioners in the Japanese manufacturer's catalog. The 2.5 kW unit is powerful enough to cool or heat a medium-sized room without blowing up electricity bills. Its cooling capacity ranges from 0.5 to 2.9 kW while its heating capacity ranges from 0.7 to 3.5 kW.

It is a split fan composed of two blocks. Its installation requires work that consists of installing the units and passing the air ducts to the outside. Despite this, the purchase is still very advantageous as this air conditioner is offered at a very competitive price. Of course, it benefits from Mitsubishi's expertise in terms of manufacturing quality. This cheap air conditioner is very robust and works perfectly.

Mitsubishi MUZ-LN50VGHZ + Zubadan Outdoor Unit

Best high end

Mitsubishi MUZ-LN50VGHZ + Zubadan Outdoor Unit

The best high-end Mitsubishi air conditioner

Available in 4 colors, the Mitsubishi MUZ-LN50VGHZ + Zubadan Outdoor Unit will enhance the comfort level in your home while decorating it through its elegant design.

2 045 £ on Manomano
Mitsubishi MSZ-AP60VGK + MUZ-AP60VG

Excellent choice

Mitsubishi MSZ-AP60VGK + MUZ-AP60VG

The best Mitsubishi single-split air conditioner

With a power of 6000 W, the Mitsubishi MSZ-AP60VGK + MUZ-AP60VG is able to bring pleasant warmth and coolness to any room in your home.

1 406 £ on Manomano

The Mitsubishi MSZ-AP60VGK + MUZ-AP60VG air conditioner is rated at 6000W. It rivals the top of the line models in terms of performance. In both heating and cooling mode, the unit is very efficient and has an energy efficiency rating of A++. It should be noted that it can cover a large area of 45 m². Whether it's the indoor or outdoor unit, the nominal sound pressure level for cooling or heating does not exceed 56 dB.

This equipment works with a remote control and is pre-charged with R32 refrigerant gas. You don't need to go anywhere to adjust the temperature, air flow and other parameters. You can do it remotely without any difficulty. This reversible air conditioner comes with a purifying filter that greatly improves the air quality in your home.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Mitsubishi air conditioner

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The best Mitsubishi air conditioner in 2021

The best entry-level Mitsubishi air conditioner

The best high-end Mitsubishi air conditioner

The best Mitsubishi single-split air conditioner

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Comparison table of the best Mitsubishi air conditioners

Mitsubishi MSZ-AP35VGK + MUZ-AP35VGK
Mitsubishi MSZ-HR25VF + MUZ-HR25VF
Mitsubishi MUZ-LN50VGHZ + Zubadan Outdoor Unit
Mitsubishi MSZ-AP60VGK + MUZ-AP60VG
Mitsubishi MSZ-AP35VGK + MUZ-AP35VGK
Mitsubishi MSZ-HR25VF + MUZ-HR25VF
Mitsubishi MUZ-LN50VGHZ + Zubadan Outdoor Unit
Mitsubishi MSZ-AP60VGK + MUZ-AP60VG
The Mitsubishi MSZ-AP35VGK + MUZ-AP35VGK is a reversible air conditioner with the ability to make your home a comfortable and inviting place to live.
Make substantial savings by installing the Mitsubishi MSZ-HR25VF + MUZ-HR25VF reversible air conditioner in your home. Note that with a minimum sound pressure of 21 dB, it is barely audible.
Available in 4 colors, the Mitsubishi MUZ-LN50VGHZ + Zubadan Outdoor Unit will enhance the comfort level in your home while decorating it through its elegant design.
With a power of 6000 W, the Mitsubishi MSZ-AP60VGK + MUZ-AP60VG is able to bring pleasant warmth and coolness to any room in your home.

3500 W

2500 W

6000 W

6000 W
Area coverage
30-35 m²
25 m²
55 m²
45 m²
Operating range
Cooling: -10 to 46 °CCHeating

: -15 to 24 °C
Cooling: -10 to 46 °CCHeating

: -15 to 24 °C
Cooling: -10 to 46 °CCHeating

: -25 to 24 °C
Cooling: -10 to 46 °CCHeating

: -15 to 24 °C
Sound pressure
19 to 50 dB
21 to 50 dB
25 to 47 dB
29 to 56 dB
Energy class
Cooling : A+++Heating : A++
Cooling : A++Heating : A+
Cooling : A+++Heating : A++
Cooling : A++Heating : A++

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Buying guide - Mitsubishi air conditioner

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How to choose your Mitsubishi air conditioner

In order to choose your Mitsubishi air conditioner, it is important to take into account several very important criteria. This will allow you to know if this or that model is compatible with your home.
choisir climatiseur Mitsubishi

#1 - The type of Mitsubishi air conditioners

Mitsubishi offers a wide range of air conditioners, from single-package units toin-and-out systems, and from stationary to mobile split air conditioners. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. A single-package air conditioner will be sufficient to cool the air if your home is located in a temperate zone.

An expensive, high-performance split unit will be necessary when temperatures tend to reach very high levels in your geographic area. So the choice of which type of Mitsubishi air conditioners to get depends on the general climate and your budget. Note that a single-package model will be less expensive than a fixed split air conditioner.

#2 - The power

The power of a Mitsubishi air conditioner is expressed in Watt (W) or BTU. It varies a lot from one model to another. The optimal capacity will be chosen according to the size of the room or home to be cooled. For example, a minimum of 1425 W (4862 BTU) is needed to cool a 10 m² room with one window.

A minimum of 5100 W is required to cool a 45 m² room with two windows. The larger the room, the more power is needed. This will of course have an impact on the cost of the unit, but also on its energy consumption. If you get a very powerful Mitsubishi air conditioner, you will have to prepare a larger energy budget.

#3 - Single or reversible

The Mitsubishi air conditioner can be simple or reversible. In the first case, the device is only used to lower the room temperature. It will be used in summer, when temperatures soar and you want to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable coolness in your home. The reversible model, on the other hand, is of great help to you in any season. It cools an indoor space and can also heat it. This type of equipment easily replaces a heating system such as a radiator. It is versatile, but costs much more.

#4 - The installation

Like the radiator, the air conditioner can be fixed or mobile. A fixed air conditioner is installed permanently. You can't move it after installation. The installation requires drilling into the walls to allow the air ducts to pass through. This installation has a cost and usually has to be done by a professional. Nevertheless, the fixed air conditioner is often very efficient.

The mobile air conditioner is used as a backup air conditioning unit. You can move it from one room to another as needed. It will be less efficient than a permanent air conditioner. However, moving and installing it is not always easy. The indoor unit must be placed near a window, which must remain open. The mobile air conditioner is affordable and does not require installation costs.

#5 - The maintenance

To keep your Mitsubishi air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently, you must maintain it. This maintenance is done in the same way for most of the brand's models. It's the complexity that changes from one unit to another.Access to the filter is quite complex on some Mitsubishi air conditioners. The same goes for the condensate pan, which contains water that you will have to empty. Before you decide which air conditioner to buy, make sure it is easy to maintain. Ideally, you should be able to clean and empty the unit without having to call in a professional.

Inspection and maintenance requirements for certain air conditioners

The law requires regular and regulatory inspections of air conditioners with a capacity of more than 12 kW (12,000 W) and those that contain more than 4 kg of refrigerant. Refrigerant, similar to that used in refrigerators, is an environmentally hazardous greenhouse gas. Inspections and maintenance will verify the proper functioning and conditioning of the fluid, but also the energy efficiency of the unit.

How do I maintain a Mitsubishi air conditioner?

An efficient and durable air conditioner needs to be maintained. Lack of maintenance will very quickly cause the unit's performance to decline and even deteriorate the quality of the air it is blowing. Mitsubishi air conditioners usually have lights that come on when maintenance is needed. When an indicator light comes on, act promptly to avoid possible damage to the unit. Here are the main things you need to do to service a Mitsubishi air conditioner:

  • Clean the filters: Mitsubishi air conditioners' filters trap dust and fine particles so that they redistribute clean, healthy air. They become clogged over time. It is then necessary to clean it. To do this, remove them and wash them with soapy water. Let them dry thoroughly before replacing them.
  • Clean the fan: All Mitsubishi air conditioners have a fan. Its job is to collect warm air and distribute cold air around the room. It is often exposed to a lot of dust. Dusting with an air blower is therefore required. Make sure to avoid the use of soap or other solvents. Instead, use a wet, wrung-out cloth to remove hard-to-remove stains.
  • Empty the condensate pan: This is the container in which water accumulates over time. This volume of water must be emptied regularly. It stagnates and can harbor bacteria and various allergens. Follow the instructions in the user manual carefully when emptying the container. If possible, wear gloves to avoid contact with the water.

This should be done every three months. It is possible that an indicator light will come on before this period. In this case, proceed with the cleaning required by the device without waiting for the recommended period. A general overhaul of the system is also recommended, especially for stationary air conditioners. It should be done every two years by a professional.

Mitsubishi air conditioner or air cooler?

Mitsubishi air conditioner

The Mitsubishi air conditioner remains the best option for lowering temperatures in living areas of a home. The device is efficient. It blows hot air, collects it and cools it. The fresh air is then redistributed in the room. The gain in comfort is important especially in summer, when temperatures reach alarming levels and during heat waves.

The unit is relatively expensive. Its installation can be complex on certain models, especially if the place of residence is subjected to many constraints. Nevertheless, the benefit in terms of comfort is notable since it is possible to choose the ambient temperature as with the heat of a radiator. Therefore, the Mitsubishi air conditioner is increasingly present in homes in the UK and elsewhere.

Air cooler

Like the air conditioner, the air cooler is ideal for cooling a room. It works differently. It does not use refrigerant to cool the air. Instead, the device uses the principle of evaporative cooling, which is capable of lowering the room temperature.

The cost of purchase is one of its main advantages. The air cooler is more affordable than the air conditioner. Its installation is also less constraining. On the other hand, its performance is very limited. You can't choose the room temperature to the nearest degree Celsius. Moreover, the humidity level in the room may increase a lot if the room is not well ventilated.


The air cooler is undoubtedly more advantageous in terms of purchase price. However, the Mitsubishi air conditioner far surpasses it in efficiency and comfort. If you really want to enjoy a noticeable drop in temperature in your home, invest in a Mitsubishi air conditioner.

Why buy a Mitsubishi air conditioner?

pourquoi acheter climatiseur Mitsubishi

The quality

Mitsubishi is one of the market leaders as a manufacturer of air conditioners in the UK. The Japanese firm has been able to establish itself by offering appliances that meet the needs of customers, but above all that display reliability and superior quality. Mitsubishi is a sure value in which you can invest to raise the level of comfort in your home or business.

The richness of the catalog

Mitsubishi offers several main lines of air conditioners including the M and Ecodan series. Each of them is composed of a well-stocked list of air conditioners of all types, from simple split models to ultra-powerful reversible units. Whatever your needs and the constraints of your home, you'll find an air conditioner at Mitsubishi that will satisfy you.

The design

An air conditioner is first and foremost a practical device. At Mitsubishi, we go beyond convenience to make the air conditioner a real piece of design. Some of these models have won prestigious awards like the IF Product Design Award. A Mitsubishi air conditioner will bring coolness to your living spaces and increase your sense of well-being while decorating them with finesse and elegance.


Mitsubishi air conditioners are appreciated for their elegant and contemporary design, but not only that. They also impress with their reliability. These units benefit from many innovations and advanced technologies to be always more efficient. Their efficiency is such that they can offer the best performance. Moreover, they are made to last without suffering recurring breakdowns or operating problems.

The prices

Mitsubishi has the lowest prices on its entire catalog of air conditioners. Nevertheless, the prices are very often affordable considering the superior quality of its units. In fact, on some models, Mitsubishi even charges lower prices than the average without compromising on quality and reliability.

What is the price for a Mitsubishi air conditioner

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

500 £ to 1500 £
1500 £ to 2250 £
more than 2250 £
Price range diagram


Close windows to optimize the performance of the Mitsubishi air conditioner

As soon as the sun rises, it is advisable to close your windows before turning on the air conditioning. This will prevent warm air from outside from reaching the air-conditioned area, limiting the cooling efforts provided by the Mitsubishi air conditioner.

Move the indoor unit away from appliances that heat

The location of your Mitsubishi air conditioner's indoor unit is critical. To enjoy optimal cooling, it is recommended that you move this indoor unit away from any heat sources in your home. These may include electric or gas stoves, computers, or other appliances that produce heat when running.

Place a portable Mitsubishi air conditioner near a window

A portable air conditioner has a duct that drains air to the outside. Because the unit is portable, you can't cut a hole in a wall to run the hose through. The solution is simple. Place the unit near a window through which the air duct can pass. There are also caulking kits available that allow the duct from an air conditioner to pass through while closing the window.

A reversible Mitsubishi air conditioner to take advantage of cooling and heating

The reversible air conditioner is a great option if you live in an area with harsh winters and very hot summers. The unit will be able to cool the air in the room when temperatures rise. In the winter, it can be added to the central heating system to provide heat. In fact, some models are so powerful that they can serve as central heating for an entire home.

Keep the exhaust pipe straight

Keeping the air duct straight can help optimize the performance of your air conditioner. This is primarily the case with portable air conditioners. So, in addition to choosing its location carefully, make sure to keep the duct as straight as possible, avoiding kinks. This will ensure that the hot air is expelled quickly and efficiently to the outside.


How to clean Mitsubishi wall air conditioner?

Cleaning a wall-mounted air conditioner may seem difficult since the unit is mounted on the wall at an often high height. This is not the case. The most important thing is to remove the front panel to access the filter and the fan. The first part can be removed and washed with soapy water. A spray can is enough to remove the dust accumulated on the fan.

How to put the heater on a Mitsubishi reversible air conditioner?

The heating is one of the operating modes on a Mitsubishi reversible air conditioner. Activating it is relatively simple. You can use the remote control that comes with some models. If the air conditioner does not operate with a remote control, activate the heating from the control panel. In some cases, the reversible air conditioner has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Which Mitsubishi air conditioner for a 100 sqm house?

It takes a lot of power to cool a 100-square-meter house. Theoretically, you should get a Mitsubishi air conditioner with 9700 W or 35,000 BTUs. These figures are given as an indication. Indeed, the cooling needs of the house will depend on several other variables such as the layout of the house or the number of windows.

Why do you install the Mitsubishi air conditioner quite high in a room?

The choice of the high position of the indoor unit of a Mitsubishi air conditioner is important. It is important to know that warm air tends to rise while cold air, which is more massive, descends. Placed high, the indoor unit will have the ability to collect the warm air more easily in order to cool it and redistribute it into the room.


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Mitsubishi MSZ-AP35VGK + MUZ-AP35VGK
Mitsubishi MSZ-AP35VGK + MUZ-AP35VGK
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Mitsubishi MSZ-HR25VF + MUZ-HR25VF
Mitsubishi MUZ-LN50VGHZ + Zubadan Outdoor Unit
Mitsubishi MUZ-LN50VGHZ + Zubadan Outdoor Unit
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