The best mini freezers in the UK 2023

Are you struggling to find space for a conventional freezer in your kitchen or studio? The solution is to buy a mini freezer that will allow you to store a good quantity of food efficiently while saving space. Chest or cabinet, these small freezers come in several models. To help you, here is our complete buying guide.

Beko FS166020 1

Best value for money

Beko FS166020

The best mini freezer in 2021

Our favorite of the moment! Compact and of average capacity, this Beko mini freezer seduces by its design and its practicality. It can accommodate everything you need for a few days.

183 £ on Boulanger

This model proposed by the brand Beko has a capacity of 65 L, allowing to store different foods in the 3 transparent drawers. Suitable for all small spaces, it saves space and offers freezing capacity of 8 kg in 24 hours. Its small size of 82 cm high and 47.5 cm wide fits in small kitchens as well as in studios or offices.

Practical, Beko FS166020 is an appliance with a refined design, while keeping a modern trait. It offers a reduced energy consumption thanks to its static cooling system as well as an autonomy of 15 hours in case of power outage. This freezer is a good alternative if you want a space-saving and powerful appliance at the same time.

Listo CML50-45b1 2

Best value for money

Listo CML50-45b1

The best entry-level mini freezer

This is without a doubt one of the cheapest small freezers on the market! This model proposed by Listo integrates basic functionalities, but sufficient to freeze some all types of food.

103 £ on Boulanger

This Listo mini freezer is the perfect ally for motorhomes and those who live alone. With an interior volume of 31 L and a freezing capacity of 32 kg per 24 hours, it can store a certain amount of foodstuffs. Its robust and reliable design takes up little space and blends in easily with all kitchen furniture.

It is an economical model thanks to its energy efficiency and its static cold freezing system. It also has a good autonomy of 7 hours in case of power failure. Its reversible door gives you easy access to its 2 compartments. With its low noise level, it does not disturb the most sensitive ears.

Liebherr GX823-21 3

Best value for money

Liebherr GX823-21

The best premium mini freezer

This Liebeherr mini freezer is a must have! Both stylish and powerful, it works well in small spaces and adds a chic touch to even your most sophisticated kitchens.

338 £ on Boulanger

This small mini freezer is suitable for small spaces and medium-sized kitchens. Its 68 L volume is more than enough for small families or a couple. Thanks to a freezing capacity of 6 kg/24h and the SmartFrost technology, it can keep a good quantity of food for several weeks. It is an ultra-quiet appliance with a noise level of 39 dB.

Ergonomically, this appliance is equipped with an adjustable foot and a reversible door with lock for easy access. The 2 compartments with glass shelves also allow for quick and organized storage. With the same power as a large freezer, it is equipped with a temperature control with a graphic display as well as an alarm when the temperature rises.

Candy CCTUS 542 WH 4


Candy CCTUS 542 WH

A versatile mini freezer

The Candy mini freezer is the ideal appliance for storing medium quantities of food while saving energy. Its compact design allows it to be installed and moved as desired.

214 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best mini freezer

Any specific needs?

The best mini freezer in 2021

The best entry-level mini freezer

The best premium mini freezer

A versatile mini freezer

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Comparison table of the best mini freezers

Top Inexpensive High-end Excellent
Beko FS166020 5
Listo CML50-45b1 6
Liebherr GX823-21 7
Candy CCTUS 542 WH 8
Beko FS166020
Listo CML50-45b1
Liebherr GX823-21
Candy CCTUS 542 WH
Our favorite of the moment! Compact and of average capacity, this Beko mini freezer seduces by its design and its practicality. It can accommodate everything you need for a few days.
This is without a doubt one of the cheapest small freezers on the market! This model proposed by Listo integrates basic functionalities, but sufficient to freeze some all types of food.
This Liebeherr mini freezer is a must have! Both stylish and powerful, it works well in small spaces and adds a chic touch to even your most sophisticated kitchens.
The Candy mini freezer is the ideal appliance for storing medium quantities of food while saving energy. Its compact design allows it to be installed and moved as desired.
Total volume
65 L
31 L
68 L
82 L
Type of cooling
Noise level
37 dB
41 dB
39 dB
40 dB
9 hours
7 hours
14 hours
16 hours
Freezing power
8 kg/24 hours
2 kg/24 hours
6 kg/24 hours
4 kg/24 hours

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Buying guide - mini freezer

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How to choose your mini freezer

If this is your first mini freezer, you need to know what you need to consider to find the right model for you.

#1 - The size

This first criterion is very important as it determines the location of the freezer in a dedicated space. The dimension is usually expressed in centimeters. It is the space that the mini freezer will occupy once installed.

Two parameters must be taken into consideration if you have a small kitchen: ease of access and the distance between the back wall and the ventilation system, or compressor, which must be 2 cm for it to work properly.

#2 - The capacity

It is useful to note that the capacity of a mini freezer is different from its size. It translates into the useful volume inside the appliance and it is indicated in liters (L). Very often, a mini freezer has a capacity of 40 to 70 L, but there are models that can hold up to 90 L of foodstuffs.

Be aware that a model with a large capacity is not necessarily a large size.

#3 - The type of cooling

The two most common operating modes for a mini freezer are ventilated cold and static cold.

  • The first is to distribute the freezing process evenly. Thus, all products to be frozen receive the same temperature. This model is known for its ability to eliminate frost instantly.
  • Static cooling is the more classic of the two modes. The freezing is done with the help of a diffuser that spreads the cold freely.

#4 - The energy class

This type of appliance has the bad reputation of being energy-consuming because of the compressor that runs continuously. But currently the mini freezers available on the market consume less energy. The models with the Energy Star label are the most efficient, but there are also mini freezers of energy class A++ or A+++ that are just as reliable.

#5 - The noise level

This element should never be neglected since your peace of mind depends on it. Generally speaking, the sound capacity of a mini freezer should not exceed 40 dB. An appliance with a high noise level will not be practical, both for you and for the neighborhood. But this depends mainly on the technology used in the design and also on the brand you have chosen.

How to maintain a mini freezer?

The life of your appliance depends largely on how you use it, but also on its maintenance. Before removing dirt, you should start by unplugging the appliance. Then follow these steps:

  • To gently scrape the inside of the appliance, use a tool, such as a plastic scraper or a scraper
  • Then, wash with warm water and soda crystals. But you can also use baking soda or white vinegar. To proceed: take a sponge and soak it with a mixture of baking soda and warm water.
  • Then clean the compartments and the walls thoroughly.

In addition to dirt, unpleasant odors remain a scourge for household appliances such as refrigerators. You have two options for dealing with this problem: bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

  • Always use a sponge soaked in one of these two products to clean the interior and rinse properly.
  • If the odor is "persistent", simply introduce activated carbon into the unit. Activated charcoal has a very high absorption capacity for bad odors.
  • A word of advice: if you notice frost, do not use sharp objects such as a knife. Instead, use a wooden spatula.

So much for the inside, what about the outside? All you need is a sponge and a small amount of dishwashing liquid to get rid of the dirt. Don't let the dust and dirt build up on the joints, because eventually they will gradually come off.

In short, the maintenance of a mini freezer is not easy and requires time, so if you can get someone else to assist you, it's even better!

The different types of mini freezers

There are many models of freezer depending on your needs. In addition to the criteria of choice to analyze, it is also useful to know the different types of mini freezers before buying one.

The built-in mini freezer

The mini built-in freezer is very popular because of its size. Indeed, it is one of the smallest freezer models available on the market. Space saving and very practical for small spaces, it blends in completely with the decor. It is the preferred freezing system for motor home owners and those who live in a small studio.

The built-in model is for travelers and those who live alone. It is not suitable for family use, mainly because of its size and compartment. The interior is limited to the products you will need on a daily basis. Its main advantage is the space saving and energy saving.

The mini cabinet freezer

This type of mini freezer is very popular because of its capacity. Even if it is a small model, it can hold a good amount of products to freeze. It is the most spacious model in the mini freezer category. Its design has been thought in such a way that it adapts to all types of interiors. It occupies little space and can be used by a family of 3 or 4 people.

The mini freezer cabinet has a capacity of 30 to 90 L depending on the model and brand you choose. However, it must be installed flush with the floor, which forces you to bend over to take your food or drink or if you want to put something to freeze.

The mini chest freezer

Conscious of the usefulness and practicality of a mini freezer, suppliers have adapted the classic freezer to the needs of small spaces and nomads. From this was born the chest model. It therefore has similar characteristics to the freezer that you usually use at home, whether in terms of efficiency or design.

A chest freezer has a capacity of more than 35 L so you can store all kinds of food. But it is larger and weighs more. Therefore, it takes up much more space than other types of mini freezers. It is a kind of alternative to the ordinary freezer.

Mini freezer or classic freezer?

Mini freezer

A mini freezer is a very practical appliance for those who have limited space or a small kitchen. It does not take up any space and consumes very little energy for an excellent performance. It also has a good autonomy of about ten hours in case of power cut and has a correct freezing power.

However, the basic models can only hold a small amount of food or drink. Therefore, you can only freeze what you need. It is certainly not the right equipment to store a crate of juice or a whole turkey.

Classic freezer

A conventional freezer has a larger interior compartment so you can store everything you need, even for a whole month. So you won't have to worry about that. It's also powerful and easy to use. It's a reliable appliance in case of a power outage.

But a large freezer is not suitable for small spaces and should be installed in a strategic place to avoid any malfunction. The price can also be a problem, depending on the range and the brand chosen. It also has a rather high noise level compared to the smaller model.


If you're short on space or on a budget, a mini freezer is the best option. Not only will you have a powerful appliance, but you'll also save on your electricity bill.

On the other hand, a classic freezer will be useful if you are used to storing a good quantity of food.

Why buy a mini freezer?

Ideal for small spaces

A mini freezer takes up very little space, unlike the classic model which is often very bulky. Small in size, it is easy to install, no matter which model you buy. Most of the available models are compact and have a reasonable size to fit in a small kitchen, a motor home, a studio, an office. The built-in model for example is very discreet and can be hidden in any furniture.

Energy efficient

Even if it has the same power and functionality as a classic freezer, a mini freezer consumes less energy. Also, it can quickly freeze whatever you put inside, and may even be faster than a conventional appliance. In fact, the freezing system is more efficient given the size of the mini freezer.

Easy to maintain

Because of its size, a mini freezer is very easy to maintain and clean. Often with only one compartment, the interior can be washed with a sponge and water after removing the various drawers. In addition, it is easier to find replacement parts for a mini freezer unlike a conventional freezer where parts are often a problem.


It is a simple and easy to use appliance. You don't need to make various settings and adjustments to start it up. Discreet and relatively light, you can move it around at your convenience: when traveling, at the office, etc. With its sturdy design, it can support other devices of the same size if you run out of space.


In terms of price, this is a very affordable product suitable for all budgets. Moreover, it offers performances worthy of the more classic models. It even includes technological innovations to improve the comfort of use. Basically, a mini freezer is a good compromise if you have a limited budget.

The best brands of mini freezers

In our opinion, the best brands of mini freezers in 2022 are :


Whirpool is a world-renowned brand for its practical mini freezers. Its models are indeed equipped with advanced technologies. This is how it ranks among the best manufacturers of mini freezers and other indispensable kitchen appliances.

This German brand specialized in kitchen appliances is winning over more and more customers around the world. It stands out mainly because of the resolutely modern design of its appliances. Apart from that, its success also lies in the fact that it offers good value for money and performance.

Listo is an entry-level brand. Since its creation, it has developed various lines of electronic products and household appliances. It stands out mainly because of its very attractive prices.

The Candy brand offers quality mid-range home appliances. Currently, it is one of those brands that focus on innovation. This is evidenced by its connected home appliances. It seduces with a good quality/price ratio.

The Beko brand mainly suggests products in large appliances. It is known for manufacturing quality and design products. The prices of its mini freezers are also known to be accessible to all wallets.

What is the price for a mini freezer

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 200 £
200 £ to 400 £
more than 400 £
Price range diagram


Conceal a mini freezer so it can blend in with the decor

Sometimes an appliance doesn't really fit in with your kitchen decor. And for lack of means, you don't have the possibility to replace it. Don't panic, you can easily hide it by using wallpaper. If you want to display a metallic and stylish effect, opt for vinyl wallpaper to cover your mini freezer, for example.

Limit energy consumption as much as possible

First, keep your mini freezer away from any heat sources such as an oven or a radiator. This is because if it's hot enough in the room, the appliance will start to use more energy. Then, if possible, do not put inside preparations or food that are still warm. Why not? Simply because the mini freezer is going to consume extra energy to be able to absorb the heat.

Reduce operating noise

While most mini freezer models run quietly, you can always limit the noise if it doesn't. The trick is to install anti-vibration pads to avoid potential noise pollution. Sometimes the noise can also be caused by an unstable position of the device. It is therefore recommended to take a look at the leveling of your mini freezer.

Defrost before cleaning

As with conventional freezers, it is essential to defrost your mini freezer and wait a few hours before cleaning it, if it is of course a manual cleaning appliance. This will keep its performance and also remove all the dirt quickly.

Acquire a mini freezer in less than two

In case you don't have a lot of time to go around, the best solution is to resort to buying online. Otherwise, you can always visit a dedicated store directly. To give you an approximate idea of the price, know that a mini freezer is sold from a hundred euros.


What is the capacity of a mini freezer?

The capacity varies depending on the type of mini freezer you choose and the brand. The smallest model offers a capacity of 30 liters which can largely suffice for a person living alone. Still, there are mini freezers that have a capacity close to a classic freezer of about 100 liters.

How to choose a mini freezer?

Before setting a choice for a specific model of mini freezer, a few points should be considered. First, you have to pay attention to the capacity of the appliance. It all depends on the number of individuals that make up a household. If a volume between 70 and 100 L satisfies the needs of 3 people, 40 L is largely sufficient for one person. Secondly, you should think about its location, because there are different models adapted to a domestic use or rather intended for use in a motor home for example.

How to clean a mini freezer?

To ensure that the appliance can function optimally for a long time, it is necessary to clean it regularly. To do this, it is necessary to regularly defrost it. To do this, you need a sponge and a scraper. You can use a hair dryer in case the frost is thicker. Once this operation is done, all you have to do is clean the inside with a sponge soaked in a mixture of white vinegar and clear water. Then rinse the walls with a cloth before using the product of your choice to eliminate unpleasant odors.

Is the mini freezer easily transportable?

The answer to this question is obviously yes! With an average weight of around 35 kg, the mini freezer can be easily transported wherever you go. If you decide to put it in the trunk of your car, make sure that it is positioned horizontally. This way, you will avoid the risk of damage during transport.


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Beko FS166020
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Listo CML50-45b1
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Liebherr GX823-21
Candy CCTUS 542 WH 12
Candy CCTUS 542 WH


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