The best meridian seats in the UK 2023

The meridienne, this furniture conducive to napping, joins the decor of living rooms with its long seat and backs. Used alone or with a classic sofa, it is perfect in any home. There are a thousand ways to enhance the beauty of this sofa: a noble material, an elegant structure, a bohemian, contemporary or baroque design, a color that brings life to the room.

Miliboo - Right angle fabric sofa 1

Best value for money

Miliboo - Right angle fabric sofa

The best meridian in 2021

No annoying installation is necessary to have this meridian in the heart of your home. Delivered with fixed legs and featuring a polyester structure, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

719 £ on But

Elegance itself comes to your home through this classic and contemporary right angle meridian. Its discreet color will slip into your living room with aesthetic appeal. However, nothing prevents you from putting it in your office to enjoy a well-deserved break after hours of work.

We love to read on this pretty and well upholstered sofa. Its generous seat is made to last and blends perfectly with the 51 cm back. Entirely made in the UK, this model from Miliboo stands out for its impeccable finish and resistant fabric. With its size, it fits easily in any room, with other furniture or alone.

Beliani - High quality leather sofa 2

Best value for money

Beliani - High quality leather sofa

The best entry-level meridian

A cheap leather sofa to embellish your corner. The refinement of its material pleases those who have good taste. And for this price, you would not want anything else to make your interior warm and relaxing.

343 £ on Rakuten

The classic style of this meridienne is its charm. Timeless and irresistible, it is an appreciated decorative element in a home with an antique or modern style. Its design is marked by the reflection of the leather, the curved backrest and its slanted legs.

This model of sofa has more than one trick up its sleeve. It boasts exceptional foam padding. A real guarantee of comfort on its seat of 134 x 56 cm. This classic piece of furniture can support up to 180 kg to fit all users. You'll love how easy it is to clean. Armed with a sponge or a damp cloth, you'll get rid of all stains in no time.

KareClick - Desire velvet sofa 3

Best value for money

KareClick - Desire velvet sofa

The best high-end meridian

Trendy, robust, noble and stylish, this sofa is ready to transform your bedroom or living room by its beauty. Its vintage look will be appreciated in a cosy house. What to bring a romantic atmosphere.

1 567 £ on Rakuten

Make your living room the most chic with this retro chaise longue in premium velvet. With its soft tone, it is synonymous with refinement and elegance. It is necessary to know how to associate it with the other furniture of the room to emphasize this distinguished air which distinguishes it.

Its childlike cleanliness will delight homeowners who like to keep their homes in order. With its classy style, this 2 m long and 0.85 m wide chaise longue will be a welcome addition to your office. No matter where it is installed, it is obvious that it will make your guests envious. A true piece of high-end furniture for your chic living space.

Beliani - Velvet sofa with storage 4


Beliani - Velvet sofa with storage

The best chest meridian

Enjoy the softness of velvet while lounging in this glamorous chaise longue. Its practicality adds to its charm to seduce the masses. Its hidden storage box under the seat is indeed a great asset.

391 £ on Rakuten

Beliani has done a great job in creating this piece of furniture. A color that fits perfectly with the fineness of the meridian. Delicate curves that fit all the morphology with a padding of 11 cm thick. A small pillow to enhance comfort. And its classic and straight legs are not left out. They bring their touch of simplicity in this furniture.

Above all, the discreet storage space of the meridian does not leave indifferent. We are always up for this type of option in a minimalist spirit. Another space saver guaranteed. It is obviously an ideal piece of furniture for small rooms.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best meridian

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The best meridian in 2021

The best entry-level meridian

The best high-end meridian

The best chest meridian

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Comparison table of the best meridian seats

Miliboo - Right angle fabric sofa 5
Beliani - High quality leather sofa 6
KareClick - Desire velvet sofa 7
Beliani - Velvet sofa with storage 8
Miliboo - Right angle fabric sofa
Beliani - High quality leather sofa
KareClick - Desire velvet sofa
Beliani - Velvet sofa with storage
No annoying installation is necessary to have this meridian in the heart of your home. Delivered with fixed legs and featuring a polyester structure, it comes with a 2-year warranty.
A cheap leather sofa to embellish your corner. The refinement of its material pleases those who have good taste. And for this price, you would not want anything else to make your interior warm and relaxing.
Trendy, robust, noble and stylish, this sofa is ready to transform your bedroom or living room by its beauty. Its vintage look will be appreciated in a cosy house. What to bring a romantic atmosphere.
Enjoy the softness of velvet while lounging in this glamorous chaise longue. Its practicality adds to its charm to seduce the masses. Its hidden storage box under the seat is indeed a great asset.
Build quality
Simili leather
Dimensions (L x W x H)
168 x 106 x 75 cm
170 x 61 x 79 cm
200 x 85 x 82 cm
160 x 70 x 77 cm
Set of legs

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Buying guide - meridian

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How to choose your meridian

Here are the characteristics of a meridian, to check when buying.

#1 - The material of the structure

The structure of the meridian will support the weight of those who occupy it. At the same time, it is the first decorative element that we see on this furniture. The idea is therefore to find a material that combines solidity and elegance.

The wooden structure is quite common. You can choose between pine and birch, the most classic, or oak, mahogany or chestnut for a modern look. Aluminum is another choice for those who like a contemporary look. For the exterior, metal and rattan are the choices.

#2 - The style


take advantage of the decorative aspect of the meridian, take the time to imagine the aesthetic touch it brings to your living room. If you want something piercing, the baroque models will appeal to you.

They are often very colorful, extravagant and in velvet. Nevertheless, these furnishings are appreciated in their sumptuousness and stand out for their nobility. For something contemporary, we opt for discreet colors and quality fabrics for the covering.

This style breathes new life into the room. Wooden and somewhat traditional looking meridian chairs seduce with the rustic and elegant effect that characterizes them.

#3 - The measurements

The meridian favors rest. To ensure this role, it must have certain dimensions. Then, they depend on the expected size. Thus, everyone can choose his meridian according to the extent available in the place where it will be installed.

The fact that it will dress up a living room by itself or will be added to another sofa plays a lot. In any case, the height of the back of a meridian is 60 cm minimum and 80 cm at the most. As for its length, it varies from 150 cm to 500 cm. The depth of the seat is 60 cm to 100 cm depending on the size of the furniture.

It is from this information that you will determine the number of people it can accommodate.

#4 - The covering

As with the structure, the rest of the sofa is covered with different materials. The most common are fabric and leather. The latter is prized for its chic side. Easy to maintain, it is however very fragile. The fabrics are numerous to embellish the meridian.

Elegant, they offer quality finishes. But, the maintenance is more tedious compared to leather.

#5 - The way it is used

We indulge in different activities on the meridian. Besides resting by napping, more than one prefers this furniture to read, have a quiet movie day or chat with family or friends. Some uses require comfort and others require space.

Features such as the folding armrest and 2-in-1 function could come in handy if you want to turn the seat into a bed, for example, or when you're entertaining guests. In this case, the meridian seats with a trundle bed are great.

How to install a meridian alone?

The meridian is not difficult. It can be installed anywhere you want. In the middle of the room, it separates the living room and the dining room. The main sofa can be in front of the chaise longue when it defines the space. If its color is soft, it is perfect near a window or a bay window.

This less vivid tone and its rather low back don't prevent the light from illuminating the room. At the same time, it looks good with its back to the light source. In addition, this seat is well suited to a small room.

The corner of your office, bedroom or living room can very well accommodate this trendy furniture. You will save a lot of space. If it has two backs, the one on the side is parallel to the corner of the room. No matter where it is placed, it looks even better accessorized with a plaid or cushions.

The leather chaise longue is a bit tricky. You must choose carefully where to place it so as not to damage the material. Leather is sensitive to heat, so it should be kept away from the fireplace or a heater.

The different types of meridian seats

The three types of chaise lounges each give a unique style. This allows everyone to satisfy their decorating needs.

Cotton liner

The cotton meridian is the most common. It is an easy furniture that adapts to all homes. The upholstery is often made of polyurethane.

Of course, it needs frequent maintenance, but the cleaning itself is not complicated. All styles are allowed with cotton: contemporary, vintage, classic.

Leather liner

It is the high-end version of the meridian. Leather favors a sleek decor. It remains cozy thanks to a feather or fiber padding.

Leather meridian seats are probably the most expensive. But there's faux leather, which is a good alternative if you want to make your room more chic without paying a fortune.

Velvet liner

Velvet brings out the old-fashioned character of a meridienne. It appeals to purists. Especially since this material is most comfortable. It must be said that it calls for idleness with its silky character.

This furniture is vacuum cleaned and can be installed in any room. As with cotton, it offers several color choices. However, the velvet chaise longue is recognized by its cool tones.

Meridienne or Lounge chair


Most of the time, the meridian has only one armrest. It has rounded edges, but rectangular models are also available. It is a versatile chair that fits in all rooms and the office. Having continued to evolve since a beautiful time, the meridian is suitable for outdoor use without ever leaving its embellishing aspect.

Lounge chair

The chaise longue is less aesthetic than the meridian. It omits some decorative details like the simple armrest for example. If you can lie down on a chaise longue, the meridian offers a generous padding for a soft seat. The chaise longue is more like an armchair.


The meridian and the chaise longue have in common the ability to offer a pleasant relaxation inside and outside. However, this first furniture is softer. It is welcome in any room, large or small, while the chaise longue takes up space and is more appropriate in a spacious area.

Both are available in a variety of styles. It's all a matter of taste, but also of use. If you are looking for comfort, the meridian is recommended.

Why buy a (good) chaise longue?

For its comfort

The meridian is the most comfortable sofa. Its design combined with its materials gives it this advantage. Its comfort is not altered by the choice of material, because this furniture is designed to offer you a cozy seat and a well padded back. With its length, you can easily lie down on it like on a bed.

For a considerable space saving

With all the possibilities of installation of the meridian, it does not waste any space of the living room. Moreover, its presence always brings a touch of refinement, whatever its location. It is a thousand times more practical if you have a convertible model.

For a singular design

Depending on the look of your home, you choose the best design according to your preference. Retro or modern, the meridian leaves a note of authenticity in the atmosphere. And the colors offered satisfy all tastes.

Used in various rooms

Any room can accommodate a chaise longue. The living room and the living room are the most usual, but this furniture is welcomed with pleasure in the bedrooms, in a library, in the office and even in a luxurious bathroom to replace the sofa.

Diversified styles

The models focus on diverse styles. A baroque meridian for an interior with an antique style. A more trendy one to fit in a contemporary decor. You will also find Scandinavian models for a neutral and cosy look.

The best brands of meridian seats

In our opinion, the best brands of meridian seats in 2022 are :

Living Divani

Italian brand of reference on the contemporary furniture market, Zanotta is a must for finding quality meridian seats. This type of furniture fits between traditional sofas, armchairs and tables. The brand makes a point of placing innovation at the heart of its production.

The very equivalent of luxury, Maxalto belongs to the B&B Italia group and translates into the most brilliant. This value is reflected by the brand's furniture products. It preserves the traditional richness of furniture and combines it with modern manufacturing techniques to give unique and completely re-engineered models.

A pioneer in the interior design sector, Galloti&Radice offers tables, chairs, office furniture, armchairs, meridiennes, sofas and other home accessories on a global scale. From the choice of raw materials to the manufacturing process, the company puts the expertise of its craftsmen at the service of individuals. It advocates practicality and unique design in its production.

Living Divani is a renowned brand in the high-end furniture market. Refined and sober, the meridian chairs offered by the brand invite themselves into contemporary homes. Other furniture such as armchairs and beds are at the heart of its activities to meet the needs of individuals and to elegantly accessorize work spaces.

A major player in outdoor furniture, Tribù seduces with its warm and sturdy meridiennes, intended for the garden and the pool. It uses the most reliable materials for a discreet and chic structure.

What is the price for a meridian

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

200 £ to 750 £
750 £ to 1200 £
more than 1200 £
Price range diagram


A light-colored meridian calls for a well-lit corner

To keep your light-toned chaise lounge from being too discreet, it's best to place it near a natural light source, preferably along a wall. This color is perfect for lightening the decoration of a room. In this case, we choose pastel or powdery colors.

Velvet is a luxurious choice

Whatever color you choose, velvet is a luxury material that brings a certain personality to the decor. The velvet meridian can be installed in the center, in a corner or in front of a window.

Bamboo meridian for bohemian style

Bamboo is not very common in the yard of meridian. Yet, it knows how to make a statement with its natural color. Add bohemian accessories to your bamboo furniture for an out-of-this-world setting.

Install it in the middle in a large space

Use a meridian to outline a spacious area. This way you can have enough room to create a cocooning dining room or office. In addition, this installation is very popular in the air where the trend is to minimalist.

The meridian can be used outside

At the edge of a pool, in the garden or on the terrace, the meridian is in all its splendor. Just choose the right materials to ensure the durability of your outdoor furniture. In any case, take advantage of it to read quietly in your corner or simply to rest while admiring the birds singing, the summer breeze and the soft warmth of the sun.


Can we add a meridian to a kivik sofa?

In principle, the Kivik sofa is equipped with a detachable armrest. With this system, you can optimize the seating it offers by adding a chaise longue. This is very practical in the sense that the size of the main furniture can easily be adapted to the size of the room. It remains to find the model most compatible with the classic style of your sofa Kivik.

How to change the place of the meridian on a corner sofa?

The meridian of a corner sofa is removable. It can be quickly moved from the right side to the left side. While this is easy to do, it is the interior design that could be a problem. The other furniture should match the position of your detachable corner sofa. What is certain is that this possibility allows you to change the style of the room at any time.

What to choose between a corner sofa and a meridian?

The choice depends on how much seating you expect. Certainly, several people can sit on a meridian, but it is dedicated, a priori, to accommodate only one person and lends itself to solo relaxation. While the corner sofa is intended for the whole family. Then comes the question about the necessary space. The corner sofa can be more invasive than the meridian.

How to install a sofa with a meridian?

The sofa with meridian is distinguished by its compactness. This makes it easy to install in any room. It is located in the middle, back to the wall and in the corner of the living room depending on the situation. It is obvious that this type of furniture is the most suitable solution in a narrow space. It does not interfere with the movement of occupants inside the room, while embellishing the atmosphere.


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Miliboo - Right angle fabric sofa 9
Miliboo - Right angle fabric sofa
Beliani - High quality leather sofa 10
Beliani - High quality leather sofa
KareClick - Desire velvet sofa 11
KareClick - Desire velvet sofa
Beliani - Velvet sofa with storage 12
Beliani - Velvet sofa with storage


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