The best menstrual panties in the UK 2023

Menstrual panties have entered the world of women's intimate hygiene. Comfortable, ecological and effective even with abundant flow, they dethroned the traditional sanitary protections used at the time of the periods. How to choose a menstrual panties? What is the best menstrual panties? All the answers in this guide of purchase.

Neione Sensation Menstrual panties 1

Editor's Choice

Neione Sensation Menstrual panties

The best black menstrual panties

This set of 3 menstrual pants relies on the absorbency of bamboo to collect menstrual fluid. A chic design, anti-leakage barriers and an optimal efficiency during light flows: we love it!

28,39 £ on Amazon

Black panties are a wardrobe essential; menstrual panties in the same color are even more so. With a chic and feminine design, it has beautiful laces on the sides and is worn like a classic panty. For comfort, these three menstrual panties have a cotton bottom to protect your intimacy. For the rest, we find with pleasure a stretchy synthetic material, guaranteed without risk for health and skin.

Let us speak about performance. These lace menstrual panties embark 4 thin layers of protection for a better absorption of the fluids and to fight against the leaks. In fact, leakage barriers stretch from the front half of the panties to the back. With the same capacity as 2 tampons, they are recommended at the beginning and end of your period. Nevertheless, you can wear them at the time of heavy flows, provided that you complete them with traditional sanitary protection.

JolyPanty Ultra absorbent menstrual panties 2

Best Cheap

JolyPanty Ultra absorbent menstrual panties

The best cheap menstrual panties

With an appearance similar to a beautiful classic lingerie, this inexpensive menstrual panty goes unnoticed. However, its effectiveness is equivalent to that of 3 tampons.

13,52 £ on Amazon

A very feminine design accompanies this cheap menstrual panty decorated with pretty patterns on its edges and lace touches on both sides. It is not less efficient: as effective as 3 tampons, it will absorb your menstrual fluids for 12 hours on days when your flow is light, normal or moderate. No unpleasant odor, no feeling of moisture, this menstrual panties will make you almost forget your period.

If you have abundant flows, it would be judicious to associate it with traditional sanitary protections. To protect you with the maximum, the menstrual panties has barriers antifleakage. The effectiveness of this underwear like no other lies in its bamboo core covered by stretch cotton certified Oeko-Tex®. For the maintenance, rinse the menstrual panties with cold water until the water is clear, then wash it cold in the machine.

NoBlood Absorbent Menstrual Pants 3

Best High End

NoBlood Absorbent Menstrual Pants

The best high-end menstrual panties

Compatible with a light to abundant flow, this menstrual panties adapts to the physiognomy of all women. It allows to replace completely the classic sanitary protections.

39,99 £ on Amazon

Starting on a simple design, this menstrual panties bet only on the contrast brought by the white band which crosses its size. But behind this simplistic design hides a great performance due to an absorbent fabric having benefited from an antibacterial treatment to avoid unpleasant odors. If the menstrual panties usually have a core in vegetable fiber, this one has an absorbent cotton zone.

The three layers, which have the same capacity as 4 tampons, perform specific functions: the first directs the menstrual flow to the absorbent zone, the second retains it and the third is formed by a waterproof and anti-leakage coating. The manufacturer recommends to the users to test this menstrual panties at home; it allows to see the frequency of change necessary according to the importance of the flows. As for maintenance, the panties are machine washable and air dry.

Innersy Culottes menstruelles en coton 4

Best in Cotton

Innersy Culottes menstruelles en coton

The best cotton menstrual panties

If you are one of those who can only tolerate high quality cotton for your underwear, don't hesitate to choose this set of 3 menstrual panties.

19,99 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best menstrual panties

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The best black menstrual panties

The best cheap menstrual panties

The best high-end menstrual panties

The best cotton menstrual panties

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Comparison table of the best menstrual panties

Top Inexpensive High end Cotton
Neione Sensation Menstrual panties 5
JolyPanty Ultra absorbent menstrual panties 6
NoBlood Absorbent Menstrual Pants 7
Innersy Culottes menstruelles en coton 8
Neione Sensation Menstrual panties
JolyPanty Ultra absorbent menstrual panties
NoBlood Absorbent Menstrual Pants
Innersy Culottes menstruelles en coton
This set of 3 menstrual pants relies on the absorbency of bamboo to collect menstrual fluid. A chic design, anti-leakage barriers and an optimal efficiency during light flows: we love it!
With an appearance similar to a beautiful classic lingerie, this inexpensive menstrual panty goes unnoticed. However, its effectiveness is equivalent to that of 3 tampons.
Compatible with a light to abundant flow, this menstrual panties adapts to the physiognomy of all women. It allows to replace completely the classic sanitary protections.
If you are one of those who can only tolerate high quality cotton for your underwear, don't hesitate to choose this set of 3 menstrual panties.
Stretch cotton
Stretch cotton
Stretch cotton
Absorbent zone
Lightweight and moderate
Light to heavyweight
Machine wash cold
Machine wash cold
Machine wash cold
Air dry (avoid prolonged exposure to sun)
Air dry
Air dry
Air dry

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Buying guide - menstrual panties

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How to choose your menstrual panties

A menstrual panty is chosen like any other feminine lingerie, but with a few more factors. Let's discover !

#1 - The composition of the menstrual panties

Let us underline, to begin with, that the menstrual panties are composed of fabrics which draw its shape, but also of an absorbing zone which aspires the flow of the periods.

  • For the fabric that forms the menstrual panties, prefer healthy and natural materials. These materials respect the skin and do not cause undesirable effects. This is the case, for example, of organic cotton and fabrics bearing the Oeko-Tex® label.
  • The absorbent zone is generally made up of plant fibers that not only effectively absorb the fluid but also act as an anti-odour filter. These virtues are found in eucalyptus and bamboo.

#2 - The size of the menstrual panties

Like any choice of lingerie, menstrual panties are subject to the requirement of corpulence: choose a model of the same size as your usual panties. Because currently, there are menstrual panties for teenagers, manufacturers design some for 10-12-14 years; in addition to the panties that fit 34 to 48. You would have understood it, menstrual panties come in all morphologies.

#3 - The shape of the menstrual panties

Menstrual panties come in different shapes; it's up to you to choose the one that makes you feel most comfortable.

  • The classic menstrual panties can have a high or low waist. It is open to various aesthetic details, such as lace, satin parts, etc..
  • The covering menstrual panties are distinguished by their enveloping aspect: they are not very aesthetic, but are much more effective, practical and comfortable.
  • The indented menstrual panties are similar to the tangas. It is the choice of those who like to remain sexy during the period.

#4 - Menstrual panties day or night?

We can never repeat it enough: each woman is unique, she will choose the menstrual panties which will correspond to her needs, her desires and her flows. Nevertheless, many do not wear the same shape of menstrual panties during the day as at night. Because when one sleeps, one often forgets to pay attention and one takes various postures. Many women turn to covering menstrual panties at night.

However, nothing prevents you from doing the same during the day, even if some women prefer lighter models, such as classic or thongs. There are even women who wear menstrual panties only at night, since gynecologists strongly discourage the use of intravaginal protection during sleep.

#5 - The flow

The abundance of menstruation will also define the choice of a menstrual panty. Certainly, it is already absorbent and if you have a normal, medium or heavy flow, period panties are more than enough to protect you and keep you dry during the day or all night(menstrual panties are worn for about 8 to 12 hours).

However, if you have a heavy flow, a hygienic protection can supplement the menstrual panties: sanitary towels, menstrual cup, tampon or menstrual sponge: it is up to you to choose according to your habits.

Menstrual panties : what is it ? How does it work?

For a few years already, tampons and sanitary towels have been dethroned by the menstrual cup. Today, this one is in its turn behind the menstrual panties, this 2 in 1 lingerie which is worn until 12 hours and which is put on like a normal brief. The only difference: an absorbent zone made of vegetable fibers that stretches from top to bottom to accommodate menstrual flow like a sanitary napkin.

Barely thicker than traditional panties, menstrual panties are comfortable and practical allies. They pass without problem in the machine and have an important life expectancy: a good ecological point! The only constraint to respect concerns the choice of a model adapted to its flow and its morphology.

Do menstrual panties cause bad odor?

The answer is no. The absorbent zone of a period panty consists of a plant fiber insert (bamboo or eucalyptus). This is an absorbent material that also acts as an odor filter. Sometimes tencel is added to accentuate its antimicrobial aspect. Basically, there will be no embarrassing odors with a menstrual panty. If this is still the case, consult a gynecologist to determine the physiological reasons.

Can menstrual panties be worn for an entire day?

Generally speaking, menstrual panties are worn between 8 to 12 hours. Nevertheless, this varies depending on the flow. Note that a feeling of wetness will tell you that the absorbent zone has reached its limit; this is the time to change.

How to wash menstrual panties

Like conventional panties, menstrual panties can be washed in the washing machine without any problem, but fabric softeners and whitening products should be avoided as much as possible, unless specifically recommended by the seller. Before putting the panties in the machine, rinse them first until the water is clear.

The different types of menstrual panties

To differentiate menstrual panties, refer to their shapes: there are the classic models, those that are more covering and those that are slightly indented.

Classic menstrual panties

When it is said classic, the menstrual panties are similar to the usual panties provided with a high or low size, according to your preferences. Light, but offering a good protection to those who have a medium or abundant flow, it remains the most comfortable choice. This probably explains why manufacturers are so keen to produce this type of menstrual panty that many women are snatching up.

The success of the classic menstrual panties also holds in its aesthetic aspect. Indeed, it receives willingly the various details which feminize it. Laces, small bows, satin parts for a little shine and even feathers: the imagination and creativity of manufacturers are the only limits to the design of classic menstrual panties.

Who is the classic menstrual panty for?

  • Women who have a medium, normal and heavy flow.
  • Women who like to feel light.

What to wear with a classic menstrual panty?

A classic menstrual panties will be worn with any clothing; provided that the material of this one is not too tight, because the edges are likely to be seen.

Covering menstrual panties or menstrual shorties

Far from the image of the "small panties", the covering menstrual panties or the menstrual shorty covers all the lower part of the belly, the zone of the bikini and the buttocks. It appeals to women who have a heavy or very heavy flow, because the level of protection offered is at the maximum. If the classic version argues with the lightness and the femininity, the menstrual shorty puts all on its functional, effective and comfortable aspect.

If you play sports during your period, wear a menstrual shorty to have peace of mind. In addition, the shape of this type of menstrual panties allows to shape the hips and thus to refine them. It is undoubtedly for that that the round women prefer the covering menstrual panties to emphasize their harmonious curves.

The covering menstrual panties is for whom?

  • Women who have a heavy or very heavy flow.
  • Women who play sports during their periods.
  • Women who want to shape their hips.

What to wear with menstrual panties ?

The menstrual shorty being well covering, it does not leave any trace on your clothes. You can wear it with everything, even with tight leggings meant for sports.

Straight menstrual panties or menstrual tanga

Stay sexy, coquettish, pleasantly seductive with a touch of tempting air during your period? It is possible thanks to the menstrual panties that are also called menstrual tanga. The name comes from its design with fine indentations on the buttocks, which considerably enhances its aesthetic appearance.

If its design is immediately convincing, the menstrual tanga is not ideal for the average or normal flows, even less the abundant flows. This type of menstrual panties is only designed for light flows. It is therefore recommended to wear them only at the beginning and end of the period.

Who is the indented menstrual panties for?

  • Women who have a light flow.
  • Women at the beginning or end of their period.

What to wear with a menstrual panty?

The indented menstrual panties are worn with the same clothes as you would wear on a classic thong.

Cup or menstrual panties?

The cup and the menstrual panties are both hygienic protection to be worn during menstruation. If you have to choose, should you go for the cup or the panties?

The menstrual cup

New this last decade, the menstrual cup is an intimate protection that we wear when we have our period. It replaces sanitary napkins, tampons and menstrual sponges. This protection is part of an ecological approach, because it is reusable after a meticulous cleaning, that goes without saying. Its main advantages: it can last 12 hours and it adapts to all flows!

To make it simple, the menstrual cup takes the shape of a small silicone funnel which is inserted in the vagina to collect the fluid which is ejected from the uterus at the time of the period. It has a stem that can be easily removed after each use. Unlike a tampon, which is also an intravaginal protection, the cup does not suck and therefore respects the intimate flora.

Menstrual panties

A menstrual panty is a feminine lingerie that has two functions: that of a classic panty and that of a hygienic protection at the time of the period. With an absorbent zone designed to suck up the menstrual fluid, this specific panty bypasses the use of usual protection such as tampons, sanitary napkins, etc.

The menstrual panties can be used alone. The most elaborate models are just as absorbent as 3 or 4 tampons, which allows you to stay dry even in case of heavy flow. Other models, however, complement the classic protection, especially during periods when blood is abundant. What we like with menstrual panties is that they do not make any concession on the aesthetic aspect. One finds some even in mode tanga or with pretty laces!


Did you know that gynecologists advise against using intravaginal protection at night? Even if the menstrual cup is an ingenious solution against tampons and sanitary napkins that are not very ecological, it cannot be used at night. The menstrual panties can be worn day and night, and if you are not reassured, you can complete it with a classic protection.

Why buy a good menstrual panty?

If the menstrual panties succeeded in dethroning the menstrual cup which however allured millions of women in the world, it is because it convinces with arguments of shocks. Here are some of them.

Menstrual panties: healthy and ecological!

The menstrual panties are a healthy and ecological hygienic protection. Indeed, it has an absorbent zone in vegetable fibers; what allows you to remain dry during several hours. Moreover, the menstrual panties reduce considerably the pollution: no more sanitary napkins or tampons to be thrown away, it is enough to wash it after the use to reuse it afterwards.

Menstrual panties: savings in perspective!

You don't need to be a genius to understand the important savings you will make by opting for a menstrual panty. How much does a pack of sanitary napkins or a box of tampons cost? How many do you need for each cycle? Basically, how much do you spend per month? Multiply that by 12 to get an idea of your annual spending on sanitary protection.

Now, see how much a menstrual panty costs in our comparison. In most cases, they are sold in sets of 3. How often in a cycle do you change your period pants, so how many do you need? Know that the lifespan of a menstrual panties is counted in years; what makes of it a good investment on the long run.

Menstrual panties: an equipment that has proven itself.

It is necessary to understand that the menstrual panties is not any more at a phase of test, its effectiveness was proven. That explains besides the craze of the women towards this comfortable, practical and effective protection. Obviously, you must choose according to your flow and to the limit, you can, from time to time, supplement the panties with traditional protections; the menstrual cup being recommended.

Menstrual panties: as sexy as the classic lingerie!

Even if the menstrual panties have an absorbent bottom, its thickness exceeds the traditional panties of only 3 to 5 mm. This means that it is as light, as comfortable as your usual lingerie and it is also available for all tastes. You will find menstrual panties with lace, with an indentation on the buttocks, with a high waist and transparent sides in veil, etc.

Menstrual panties: a healthy composition for the skin.

Because health is at the heart of our concerns, it is important to understand that menstrual panties are not harmful to the skin. If you have a fragile complexion, only choose models designed with natural and organic materials. Check for the Oeko-Tex® certification: it is a guarantee of the quality and the aspect without risk for the health of the menstrual panties.

The best brands of menstrual panties

In our opinion, the best brands of menstrual panties in 2022 are :

Amazon Basics

NoBlood represents a young French brand that is conquering the women's market with well-made menstrual underwear with an affordable price. Reviews of the brand's menstrual panties are mostly positive; European and French women seem to trust NoBlood well.

Although this name is not very well known by the public, we have to admit that Neione seduces some hearts. With its menstrual panties that combine comfort, quality and efficiency, we don't hesitate to choose models that bear the brand's name.

Innersy is a well-known brand in the manufacture of underwear and lingerie. Joining the eco-friendly sanitary protection movement, the brand offers interesting menstrual panties.

On Amazon, JolyPanty menstrual panties are among those that receive the most positive reviews. This demonstrates the seriousness and know-how of this brand that specializes in women's intimate hygiene.

Amazon Basics, a brand of the giant Amazon, designs various items that we use on a daily basis. It is not surprising that it now offers cheap menstrual panties that are practically unanimous.

What is the price menstrual panties

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 40 £
more than 40 £
Price range diagram


Change your menstrual panties every 8 to 12 hours.

A menstrual panty is generally worn between 8 and 12 hours, which is equivalent to the use of 3 to 4 normal tampons. Note, however, that it all depends on your menstrual flow. You'll know it's time to change your panties when a wet feeling tells you yours has reached capacity.

The number of menstrual panties needed for a cycle.

Let's never get tired of saying it: every woman is different, so the number of menstrual panties used during a cycle really depends on each one. You can use 2, 3 or 4 for 24 hours; it depends entirely on your flow. Multiply that by the number of days you menstruate and you'll have the exact number of menstrual panties you need.

Wear menstrual panties when your period starts.

Effectively, you can put on menstrual panties even when you're not menstruating yet. It will help give you peace of mind when the day of your period is approaching, but you don't know exactly when it will start. And unless you're like clockwork, it'll come in handy.

Menstrual panties: do they irritate the skin or not?

Menstrual panties shouldn't irritate the skin, especially if they're made with natural materials, like cotton. However, even if it's made with polyester, you can rely on the Oeko-Tex® certification, which will mean that the fabric is safe for your health. If irritation persists, however, consult a doctor.

Menstrual panties and bladder leakage

Most menstrual briefs are not effective against bladder leakage in that they are cut to accommodate a slightly thick fluid. Most menstrual briefs are not effective against bladder weakness because they are designed to hold a slightly thicker fluid, and urine is very liquid, so chances are that the panty will not be able to absorb it.


How to wash menstrual panties?

Menstrual panties can be washed like any other lingerie made of the same material. Generally, they can be washed in the washing machine, unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise, in which case they must be cleaned by hand. The models suggested in this comparison can be cleaned in the machine or by hand with your usual laundry products, but require rinsing beforehand.

Can you bathe with menstrual panties?

No, you can't go swimming with menstrual panties, even if you opt for the menstrual shorty cut for sportswomen, because the fabric is not waterproof. You should know that a menstrual brief is specifically designed to absorb a liquid of the same consistency as menstrual fluid. The water being too liquid, the absorbent zone will be very quickly saturated and it will not be able to welcome any more blood.

What are menstrual panties made of?

Menstrual panties are composed of two elements: the fabric which makes it a true lingerie and the absorbent zone which differentiates it from the traditional panties. This absorbent zone will collect menstrual fluids thanks to the vegetable fibers it contains. Thanks to this natural core, the menstrual panties will have the same capacity as 2 or 3 tampons, depending on the model.

How long should you wear menstrual panties?

Generally speaking, a menstrual panties is "filled" after 8 to 12 hours, even if this always varies according to the menstrual flows of each woman. To help you, know that normally, a period panty will keep you dry. If you are uncomfortable with wetness, it means that the capacity of the absorbent zone has been reached.


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