The best menstrual cup in the UK 2023

Did you know that 70% of women who have tried a menstrual cup say they want to continue using it? Until now, you have always used sanitary pads or tampons, and you want to try something else. We also think you should switch to a more environmentally friendly and healthier protection device. In this guide we will help you choose the best menstrual cup.

OrganiCup menstrual cup 1

Editor's Choice

OrganiCup menstrual cup

The best menstrual cup in 2021

When it comes to reusable menstrual cups, you won't find better than the model offered by OrganiCup. Flexible, ecological and durable, the OrganiCup menstrual cup offers 12 hours of protection.

19,20 £ on Amazon

The OrganiCup menstrual cup features a 100% medical grade silicone design that is completely safe for women's health. This material gives the cup a great flexibility, in addition to being perfectly ecological. In terms of capacity, the OrganiCup is very practical as it can hold the equivalent of three tampons.

On average, you won't empty the cup for more than a dozen hours. So if you insert it in the morning, you won't take it out until evening. Finally, the other advantage of the menstrual cup OrganiCup is that it is appropriate to the majority of the women of which the very young girls thanks to the size "Mini". Indeed, two sizes are available to answer all the needs: a normal size "A" and a smaller size "mini".

Mamicup 2

Best Value


The best entry-level menstrual cup

The Mamicup is dedicated to women with a low to medium cervix who are looking for a flexible menstrual cup with a large capacity. It was the first menstrual cup designed and manufactured in Italy and has a good reputation as a volume-optimized bell-shaped cup.

12,72 £ on Amazon

This menstrual cup has a large body, similar to the Fleurcup. If you're looking for a cup that's wide enough but easy to insert, the Mamicup is the one for you. Its wide base offers maximum capacity even if your cervix takes up space. Made of smooth, transparent silicone, it is hypoallergenic and much softer than the Diva.

It also has four holes drilled at an angle on the short side. On the base and stem side, there are no grip rings or ridges at all. So this is a great advantage for all those who feel self-conscious about grip rings. The device is flexible but not too flexible for a good fit. Some women found it difficult to insert and remove the Mamicup at first. But don't worry! Once you get the hang of it, inserting and removing the cup will be easier and more enjoyable.

Diva cup 3

Top of the Line

Diva cup

The best high-end menstrual cup in 2021

Distinguished by its slimmer and more elongated shape, this menstrual cup, available in three sizes, is a huge success in the United States. Made of medical silicone, it is soft, easy to insert and comfortable. You would be wrong to deprive yourself of it!

23,99 £ on Amazon

DivaCups are among the oldest menstrual cups on the market since 2003. Perfectly leak-proof, they are made from medical grade silicone without BPA, chemicals, plastics and dyes. They are therefore safe for women who have decided to put their trust in the brand.

This menstrual cup can be used for up to 12 hours at a time. The DivaCup models designed for adults can hold at least 30 ml of menstrual fluid, compared to a normal sized tampon with a capacity of about 5 ml. With the DivaCup, you can continue your physical activities with peace of mind during your menstrual cycle. Whether it's swimming, yoga, running, etc.

Coupe menstruelle fine Intimina Lily Cup Taille A

A great choice

Intimina Lily thin menstrual cup

The best organic menstrual cup

This menstrual cup is practical for young women. Peace of mind guaranteed! Thanks to its capacity and its anti-spill edges, it promises up to 8 hours of protection, no matter how much flow there is. Plus, it's reusable and easy to clean.

18,39 £ on Amazon

Lily Cup Size A is recommended for all women who have not yet or have had a C-section. Comfortable and large capacity, it offers up to 8 hours of uncompromised protection, no matter how heavy your flow. Insert in the morning, empty at night and forget about it during the day. It will be very discreet so you will hardly feel its presence.

Made from ultra-smooth, flexible medical grade silicone for easy folding, this cup is easy to insert and provides total comfort while wearing. Collecting your menstrual flow rather than absorbing it, Lily Cup promises an odorless and irritation-free period. Note that Lily Cup Compact is not a contraceptive and does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Remove it before the sexual intercourse.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best menstrual cup

Any specific needs?

The best menstrual cup in 2021

The best entry-level menstrual cup

The best high-end menstrual cup in 2021

The best organic menstrual cup

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Comparison table of the best menstrual cup

The best LOW PRICE Top of the line Excellent
OrganiCup menstrual cup 4
Mamicup 5
Diva cup 6
Coupe menstruelle fine Intimina Lily Cup Taille A
OrganiCup menstrual cup
Diva cup
Intimina Lily thin menstrual cup
When it comes to reusable menstrual cups, you won't find better than the model offered by OrganiCup. Flexible, ecological and durable, the OrganiCup menstrual cup offers 12 hours of protection.
The Mamicup is dedicated to women with a low to medium cervix who are looking for a flexible menstrual cup with a large capacity. It was the first menstrual cup designed and manufactured in Italy and has a good reputation as a volume-optimized bell-shaped cup.
Distinguished by its slimmer and more elongated shape, this menstrual cup, available in three sizes, is a huge success in the United States. Made of medical silicone, it is soft, easy to insert and comfortable. You would be wrong to deprive yourself of it!
This menstrual cup is practical for young women. Peace of mind guaranteed! Thanks to its capacity and its anti-spill edges, it promises up to 8 hours of protection, no matter how much flow there is. Plus, it's reusable and easy to clean.
Medical grade silicone
Food safe silicone
Number of hours of protection
12 hours of day and night protection
8 / 12 hours
12 hours
8 hours
Sizes available
37 mm, 40 mm and 45 mm
Size L, size M
Size 0, size 1 and size 3
Size A (28 ml) and size B (32 ml)
Stem features
Ribbed stem with 4 large holes
Flat, flexible stem
Somewhat short stem with 4 small air holes
Longer stem for easy removal for high neck and heavy flow

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Buying guide - menstrual cup

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How to choose your menstrual cup

The choice of a menstrual cup depends on several criteria. You must first consider whether you have given birth or not, and whether you have little or a lot of flow. Combined with other elements, these two criteria will help you find the right model.

#1 - The flow

This is the first criterion to take into account when buying a menstrual cup. This small accessory specially designed to collect flow during menstruation can collect a good amount of flow compared to a regular tampon. If you have a heavy flow, you should replace the cup every two hours. For normal flow, you can wear the cup longer and change it every four to six hours.

#2 - The size

Giving birth can totally change how a woman's body works. You need to determine the right cup size for your needs based on the number of times you've given birth. Some women may have a shorter or longer organ, depending on their body type and condition. This does not prevent the use of a cup. The most important thing is to choose the right size. Note that the two most commonly used sizes are size 1 for those with a light flow and 2 for women with a heavier flow.

#3 - Stiffness

This is a factor that ensures the device is secure inside the vagina. If the cup is too loose, muscles can propel it out of the reproductive system. The air that enters can interfere with the formation of the suction cup effect and prevent the cup from attaching well to the muscles. On the other hand, if the cup is too rigid, it will struggle to unfold, causing it to leak. Therefore, if you are a very active woman, avoid using a soft cup. On the other hand, if your activity is limited to a few household tasks, opt for a softer cup.

#4 - The material

The material used to manufacture the menstrual cup counts a lot. Opinions are unanimous, rubber cups are no longer relevant, as many women are allergic to them. Suppliers have therefore turned to other healthier materials such as medical silicone or TPE. Products made with this type of material are very durable and do not harm your health.

#5 - The stem

Most menstrual cups on the market have a stem that makes it easier to remove after use. A stem that is too long can become annoying after several hours, while a shorter one will be inconvenient, as you will have difficulty removing the cup once it is full. Be sure to choose the shape of the stem that you find easiest to use: ball, ring, etc.

How do you clean a menstrual cup during your period?

Each brand of menstrual cup has its own specific cleaning instructions. The cleaning recommendations are only a good guideline.

First, it is important to wash your menstrual cup at least twice a day during your period (every 12 hours). So after removing the cup and emptying the contents, simply wash the cup with cold or lukewarm water, then reinsert it. You can also use an oil-free, unscented soap, or a cleanser specifically designed for menstrual cups. It should be noted that even soaps that contain natural oils can actually denature and soften the medical silicone that menstrual cups are made with. You will find that rinsing your cup with cold water, then warm water, will help prevent discoloration.

If you have to clean your menstrual cup in a public restroom, simply empty the contents into the toilet and wipe with a damp paper towel or toilet paper.

Finally, be sure to clean the holes and rim of the menstrual cup. You can carefully stretch the silicone to wash these areas under running water. You can even use a soft toothbrush or toothpick to help remove stubborn debris.

The different types of menstrual cup

Opting to use a menstrual cup is the first step. You still have to choose the type of menstrual cup to use. Indeed, between an ecological, reusable or disposable menstrual cup, soft or firm, you will find many models on the market. You must thus think well about your real needs. Here are the main types of menstrual cup among which you can choose.

Ecological menstrual cup

An ecological menstrual cup is a completely recyclable menstrual cup. That means that it will not produce any waste, even when the time will come to replace it, thus to throw it with the dustbin. The menstrual cups known as "ecological" are generally manufactured under rigorous conditions of hygiene. They are durable and do not need to be replaced for 10 to 15 years.

Advantages :

  • Different sizes and colors available
  • Made of recyclable medical grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
  • Latex and paraben free so as not to disturb vaginal flora


  • May be less flexible due to the thickness of the TPE
  • Expensive

Who is it for?

The ecological models of menstrual cup are intended for the women who want a 100% organic product. They come in all sizes and colors; so any woman who wants to use a menstrual cup can perfectly get one.

Disposable menstrual cup

As the name suggests, a disposable menstrual cup is designed to be removed and discarded after a few hours of use. Generally, disposable menstrual cups need to be replaced every 12 hours. So, if you put one in before you go to bed, you'll need to replace it the next day after your morning shower. And you'll need to replace it again at night, before you go to bed.


  • Easy to use
  • Higher storage capacity than a tampon


  • High risk of leakage if not inserted correctly
  • More expensive in the long run

Who is it for?

Disposable menstrual cups are primarily for women who want to experiment with using a menstrual cup before investing in a much more expensive reusable menstrual cup.

Menstrual cup for sensitive skin

Designed to be even gentler than high-end menstrual cup models, menstrual cups for sensitive skin generally come in the form of a bulb with a long, ridgeless removal stem. This type of menstrual cup is still made with silicone, but much softer. In addition, the material is hypoallergenic, without BPA or toxic elements. The opening of the cup is usually rounded to provide a soft and comfortable feel.


  • Smooth upper with no ridges
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Available in several sizes
  • Reusable


  • Expensive

Who is it for?

If the idea of using a firm silicone menstrual cup scares you, this model of menstrual cup specially designed for sensitive skin will suit you perfectly. In other words, if you have sensitive skin and vaginal walls prone to irritation, this is a great choice.

Why buy a menstrual cup?

Less expensive

Some menstrual cups are designed for long-term use. Some can even last for years. This means you'll save a lot of money compared to tampons. Since you can reuse them, you will throw away much less waste. Keep in mind that some menstrual cups are disposable. Be sure to read the label on the box carefully before you buy if you want one that is reusable.

Less embarrassing odour

With a menstrual cup, you won't have to worry about embarrassing menstrual odor escaping at the most inopportune times. This is because the fluid is not exposed to the air as it would be with pads and tampons.

Vaginal pH and beneficial bacteria remain in place

A menstrual cup does not interfere with your vaginal environment, unlike a tampon. In fact, a tampon absorbs about 65% menstrual fluid and 35% natural moisture. This can disturb the delicate pH and bacterial balance of your vagina.

Sexual intercourse is possible with a menstrual cup

It is possible to have sexual intercourse when the menstrual cup is in your vagina. This is really a personal choice.

Easy to use

Anyone who has used tampons, especially those without an applicator, should have no difficulty inserting a menstrual cup. If you've ever used a diaphragm for birth control, you'll have even less trouble learning how to use your new menstrual cup. Simply fold the menstrual cup so that it looks like a tampon, point it towards the vagina and give it a little push. Once inserted correctly, you shouldn't feel its presence at all.

The best brands of menstrual cup

In our opinion, the best brands of menstrual cup in 2022 are :


Salt is a rather young brand in the menstrual cup market. It was founded in 2018 with the vision of making period care cleaner and more sustainable for everyone. The menstrual care products made by Saalt are natural, distinct, simple and basic.

Created in 2012, OrganiCup has established itself as one of the most popular menstrual cup brands in the market. It is known for making eco-friendly menstrual cups for and with the people who use them. OrganiCup menstrual cups are perfect for women who want a product that respects the vaginal flora and the environment at the same time.

Claripharm™ was created with the objective of designing the most effective and comfortable feminine hygiene products on the market. The main advantage of Claripharm is that it is a quality French brand. On the other hand, ClariCup menstrual cups are among the most expensive on the market.

DoctiCup is also a brand of menstrual cup 100% French. This brand has set itself the goal of offering an ecological alternative to tampons and pads. DoctiCup offers a large catalogue of menstrual cups. You will inevitably find there a model with your size.

DivaCup is a Canadian brand that manufactures menstrual cups. It is one of the first brands of menstrual cups to be marketed in the UK. DivaCup products are certified B Corp and benefit from an excellent notoriety both in the UK and abroad.

What is the price menstrual cup

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 25 £
more than 25 £
Price range diagram


Read the instructions.

Be sure to read the instructions that come with your cup carefully before using it. You need to master the different folding techniques, so you can find the one that works best for you.

Wet the cup.

It is

easier to insert your menstrual cup when it is wet. For this reason, you can moisten the entrance to your vagina with water or a water-based lubricant, as well as the edge of the cup. You can try inserting your cup in the shower the first few times.

Just relax.

Inserting a menstrual cup will be easier if you are relaxed. Try to get used to it before you use it: try it occasionally outside of your period. It will be much easier when the time comes.

Find the right angle.


't insert the menstrual cup at a right vertical angle upwards. The cup should be inserted at a 45-degree horizontal angle toward the base of your spine.

Remove properly.


not pull on the stem! Simply use the rod as a guide to find the base of the cup. Then gently push the side of the cup and slowly pull it out.


What is the best menstrual cup?

The best menstrual cup depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

What are the small holes at the base of a menstrual cup for?

The holes you see at the top of menstrual cups are not there for decoration! They play an important role in ensuring that the cup is easy to remove. These holes can hold blood over time, so be sure to clean your cup after each menstrual cycle.

What is the difference between a menstrual cup and a tampon?

Both are internal menstrual protection devices. A menstrual cup collects blood and the tampon absorbs it. A tampon can only be used once, while many menstrual cup models can be used for many years.

Can you sleep or swim with a menstrual cup?

Of course you can! The menstrual cup is really easy to use when swimming, as there are no strings attached.

Should I remove my menstrual cup before going to the bathroom?

No. You can go to the bathroom just fine while wearing your menstrual cup.


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OrganiCup menstrual cup 7
OrganiCup menstrual cup
Mamicup 8
Diva cup 9
Diva cup
Coupe menstruelle fine Intimina Lily Cup Taille A
Intimina Lily thin menstrual cup


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