Top 32 of the best shonen manga of the moment

Club Dorothée made French otakus discover shonen mangas like Dragon Ball Z or The Knights of the Zodiac. Since then, it is a frenzy, conference, cosplay, with Bleach and Ichigo, One Piece and Luffy and Naruto. Eiichirō Oda or Akira Toriyama have become the Balzac and Victor Hugo of the terrible generation from 7 to 77 years. In shonen manga, we appreciate as much the brush strokes as the dialogues tinged with humor. To satisfy your curiosity and your impatience, here are the 32 best mangas of the moment.

Jujutsu Kaisen T01 1

Jujutsu Kaisen T01

5,52 £ on Amazon

Jujutsu Kaisen is a Shonen manga where we find a pitch that revolves around the quest of a high school student called "Yuji Itadori" to discover the world of exorcists. It is a work "Dark Fantasy" with bloodthirsty monsters, epic battles and overpowering magic.

Dr. Stone - Vol. 01: Stone World 2

Dr. Stone - Vol. 01: Stone World

5,52 £ on Amazon

Dr. Stone - Stone World is an explosive mix of survival and science fiction. The story begins with a mysterious phenomenon that turns all of humanity into stone. As a victim of this phenomenon, young Taiju and his friend Senku wake up after thousands of years and embark on a quest for the survival of humanity.

Black Clover T01 3

Black Clover T01

5,51 £ on Amazon

Black Clover is a shonen manga that immerses you in a bewitching fantasy world of adventure filled with magic and mystical phenomena. It tells the story of two characters who grew up together with the ambition to become the next Emperor-Mage of the kingdom of Clover.

The Promised Neverland 01 4

The Promised Neverland 01

5,51 £ on Amazon

Discover a story anchored in a fantastic and cruel universe, without magic nor powers where children will have to rely only on their sense of observation and their strategic ability to escape. Emma, Norman and Ray, their little brothers and sisters, blossom in an orphanage with full tenderness.

Dragon Ball Super - Volume 14 5

Dragon Ball Super - Volume 14

5,52 £ on Amazon

Volume 14 of the Dragon Ball Super saga takes place as Gohan and his friends buy time for Goku and Vegeta. Back on earth with a new technique to take his revenge, Vegeta deprives Moro of a big part of his power.

One Piece - Original Edition - Volume 97 6

One Piece - Original Edition - Volume 97

5,52 £ on Amazon

The adventures of Luffy, the youngster with the straw hat, in pursuit of One Piece continue. In this part, the Shonen manga continues with the betrayal of Kanjuro and the kidnapping of Momonosuké while Kinemom and his men are about to launch the assault on Onigashima. But the front formed by Luffy, Law and Kidd brings back hope.

One Piece - Original Edition - Volume 98 7

One Piece - Original Edition - Volume 98

5,52 £ on Amazon

One Piece - Original Edition T98 continues with the quest of Luffy and his crew trying by all means to save Momonosuké while Kaido formalizes his alliance with Big Mom. But Kaido will have the big surprise of the attack of the red sheaths which have just landed on the island.

One Piece - Original Edition - Volume 99 8

One Piece - Original Edition - Volume 99

5,52 £ on Amazon

The 99th episode of One Piece - Original Edition brings you the beginning of the final confrontation of the great battle of Onigashima. Here you'll find Luffy trying to reach the top of the dome to confront Kaido while his comrades fight the enemy lieutenants to prevent them from pursuing him.

Kaiju n°8 T01 9

Kaiju n°8 T01

5,59 £ on Amazon

Kaiju n°8 is a manga with a background of spectacular fights against frightening monsters called Kaijus. The manga tells the story of a man, Kafka Hibino, who since his childhood dreamed of joining the defense forces to fight the kaiju. As an adult, Kafka is metamorphosed into a super-powerful half-human, half-kai entity.

Demon Slayer T16 10

Demon Slayer T16

5,59 £ on Amazon

Demon Slayer is a nekketsu shonen featuring heroes exalted in fighting and competing for a cause. After the terrible dilemma between pursuing Hatengu or protecting his sister, Tanjiro goes through special training with Himejima, the pillar of the rock.

Demon Slayer T17 11

Demon Slayer T17

5,59 £ on Amazon

Following the previous volume, the manga Shonen Demon Slayer T17 tells the story of Shinobu Kocho, the pillar of the insect, fighting against Dôma, the 2nd superior moon to avenge his sister. But on the other hand, there is Zenitsu who finds himself facing a demon which emerges from his past.

Skeleton Knight in Another World - Volume 1 12

Skeleton Knight in Another World - Volume 1

5,56 £ on Amazon

Of the adventure and fantasy genre, Skeleton Knight in Another World is a shonen manga telling the story of a gamer in an unknown world under his MMORPG character. This one wakes up under the appearance of a skeleton knight with legendary equipment with swordsman and mage skills.

My Hero Academia T27 13

My Hero Academia T27

5,28 £ on Amazon

The adventure continues with the shonen manga inspired by the DC Comics and Marvel universe. My Academia T27 - The Million reveals the giant leap in the investigation of the supervillain alliance through the interrogation of Black Mist. On the other hand, Hawks continues his undercover mission with all the pieces of the puzzle coming together.

The Reincarnated Swordmaster - Volume 1 14

The Reincarnated Swordmaster - Volume 1

5,56 £ on Amazon

Immerse yourself in a light novel manga with The Reincarnated Swordmaster. It is a fast-paced action book with a dynamic and powerful line. The story tells the tale of a young knight named "Alta" in charge of protecting a princess pretending to the throne of her kingdom: "Iris".

Spy x Family - T5 15

Spy x Family - T5

5,52 £ on Amazon

If you're a fan of manga with a mix of humor, espionage, missions, family life and school, Spy x Family is a must-read. Following the previous volume with the arrival of the new member of the Forger family called Bond, Spy x Family - T5 refocuses on the mission where Anya must get closer to the son of her father's target Loid Forger.

My Hero Academia Two Heroes 16

My Hero Academia Two Heroes

7,72 £ on Amazon

My Hero Academia - Two Heroes is a shonen about a hostage situation in Iceland. All Might and Izuku, students of the Hero Academia, are visiting the island where the biggest exhibition of research on alters is being held. The island is known to be impregnable, but is suddenly attacked by super-villains.

Boruto - Naruto next generations - Volume 11 17

Boruto - Naruto next generations - Volume 11

5,48 £ on Amazon

This manga follows the fourth great ninja war in the manga Naruto. Boruto, son of the hero of the mother series, lives in the shadow of his father. In this episode, the Shonen tells the line where Boruto, Kawaki, Sarada and Kawaki take action by confronting Boro, to save Naruto, held in another dimension.

Boruto - Naruto next generations - Volume 12 18

Boruto - Naruto next generations - Volume 12

5,48 £ on Amazon

Living peacefully after the 6th Great Ninja War, an enemy resembling Kaguya appeared and attacked Killer Bee. Sasuke, Naruto's comrade in arms, investigated in the shadows and warned him of the danger. So Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki asked Sasuke to take them as a disciple to prepare the ninja exam.

Chillin' Life in a Different World - Volume 1 19

Chillin' Life in a Different World - Volume 1

5,56 £ on Amazon

Chillin' Life in Different World is a manga filled with quiet adventure in a world of fantasy and disloyalty. This shonen tells the life of a former merchant summoned to another world as a would-be hero with great potential. By his failure caused by his weak abilities, he gets banished to a remote region.

The Unwanted Undead Adventurer - Volume 1 20

The Unwanted Undead Adventurer - Volume 1

5,56 £ on Amazon

A manga that features an undead adventurer in the merciless battle against the monsters of the Water Moon Dungeon. Wanting to become an adventurer, Lendt goes to the dungeon to train and find resources. He is confronted by a demonic creature who eventually kills him and trains him as a skeleton demon.

The Elf and the Hunter T01 21

The Elf and the Hunter T01

6,39 £ on Amazon

Discover a world filled with magic, adventure and a strong bond of friendship. The Elf and the hunter tells the story of two characters, one an elf and the other a young man who is his hunter. Living in a cabin deep in the woods, they stay together by creating fabulous objects to answer various requests.

Mashle T01 22

Mashle T01

5,59 £ on Amazon

Mashle is a fantasy manga reflecting a society where magic is an integral part. The story tells the tale of "Mash Burnedead" raised in the forest and lacking magical powers. Discovered by the police, Mash is forced to join a prestigious magic academy and become the best to survive.

Mashle T02 23

Mashle T02

5,59 £ on Amazon

Continue Mash Burnedead's adventures in the world of magic with Mashle T 02. In this second part, Mash, like a magnet for trouble, finds himself involved in a fight that could taint his dormitory. But when faced with the opposing side, a group of corrupt nobles, he uses his fists to seek justice.

The Gravedigger T01 24

The Gravedigger T01

6,39 £ on Amazon

Stay inspired by a shonen of adventure, exorcism and horror with The Gravedigger. The manga recalls the life of Hagi, son of a powerful wizard who hunts demonic spirits. Inheriting a powerful guillotine sword that has belonged to his family for generations, Hagi ventures into horrific and epic battles to save humanity.

The Gravedigger T02 25

The Gravedigger T02

6,39 £ on Amazon

Following on from the first volume, on Gravedigger T02, Hagi's adventures continue as he offers eternal rest via his guillotine sword. When each person dies, it happens that an evil spirit takes over their soul during the death phase. Hence Hagi's fight for the salvation of humanity.

Undead unluck - Volume 1 26

Undead unluck - Volume 1

5,48 £ on Amazon

Find action, comedy and supernatural in Undead Unluck. It's about an immortal and an unlucky introverted girl. Andy completely crazy and Fûko determined to die meet and decide to stay together to solve their problem. But during this time, the couple undergoes attacks of a secret organization.

Mission: Yozakura family - Volume 1 27

Mission: Yozakura family - Volume 1

5,48 £ on Amazon

From the genre of adventure and comedy, Mission: Yozakuro Family makes you discover a shonen manga which speaks about a high school student with the sickly shyness " Taiyo Asano ". To discover the real reason of his parents' death, he will have to become a member of the Yozakuro family, a family of high-flying spies.

Mission: Yozakura family - Volume 2 28

Mission: Yozakura family - Volume 2

5,48 £ on Amazon

In this second part, the manga shows rescue actions and strategic fights. This one is about the kidnapping of the head of the Yozakura family "Mustumi" where Taiyo Asano fights against the kidnappers to free her. From where Taiyo starts to support the missions of his new family after a confidentiality test.

Orient - Samurai Quest T09 29

Orient - Samurai Quest T09

5,76 £ on Amazon

The adventure of Musashi and Kojirô continues in the 9th episode of the manga Shonen Orient - Samurai Quest. The manga tells the confrontation of Musashi with Yatarô while facing an amnesiac Michiru. We also find the Uesugi alliance which is on the verge of collapse in the plan to recover the island of Awaji.

Orient - Samurai Quest T10 30

Orient - Samurai Quest T10

5,76 £ on Amazon

The 10th episode of Orient - Samurai Quest follows the attempt to recover the island of Awaji where Kuroko manages to win the strategic duel against Seiroku. Back on their feet, the Uesugi alliance goes back to pursue the plan of recovering the island by defeating the three black dogs that prevent them from advancing.

Fullmetal Alchemist Perfect T07 31

Fullmetal Alchemist Perfect T07

9,52 £ on Amazon

With a subtle blend of action, humor, suspense and tragedy, Fullmetal Alchemist Perfect returns with the Elric brothers in Central City with Winry and Lin. The group discovered that the city has become the scene of a dreadful plot involving the highest levels of the military.

Fullmetal Alchemist Perfect T08 32

Fullmetal Alchemist Perfect T08

9,52 £ on Amazon

Fullmetal Alchemist Perfect T08 takes you back to suspense, action and humor as Edward returns to his home village of Resembol. Edward has a surprising encounter that will provide him with information about his mother's transmutation. In Central City, Scar continues his killing spree among the alchemists.


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