The best magic slates in the UK 2023

Are you looking for an interactive, educational and entertaining toy? The magic slate is a very interesting solution for young children as well as for those who are already in school. Suitable for all kinds of activities (drawing, tracing, shape and color recognition, sound and visual awakening...), the magic slate contributes greatly to the sensory development of children. Follow our buying guide to get one quickly.

TOMY Megasketcher T6555 1

Best value for your money

TOMY Megasketcher T6555

The best magic slate in 2021

Perfect for your child's intellectual development, the TOMY Megasketcher T6555 magic slate will also be so comfortable to use that your child will never want to be without it.

17,20 £ on Amazon

The TOMY Megasketcher T6555 Magic Slate has a large drawing surface to accommodate your child's imagination. The device has interesting ergonomic options such as the handle for better mobility, as well as the cord that holds the stylus so that it is not easily lost. The board itself is quite rigid, a guarantee of durability.

With the TOMY Megasketcher T6555 Magic Slate, drawing remains easy even when placed on the lap. The four included stamps help children with basic shape recognition. The screen is designed with superior technology for crisp, honeycomb-free drawings.

Lexibook CRANX550 2

Best value for your money

Lexibook CRANX550

The best entry-level magic slate

Get this Lexibook CRANX550 magic slate at a low price: its ergonomic settings make it easy to use and your child will benefit from an easy introduction to drawing and writing.

11,99 £ on Amazon

To start drawing and writing, the Lexibook CRANX550 magic slate is a good alternative, and cheaper too. It has four colored areas that will enhance your child's creations. The ultra-precise stylus allows for all kinds of tracing. The three stamps in the shape of a star, a flower and a square are used to decorate the masterpiece.

In the blink of an eye the whole thing can be erased with a sliding button at the bottom of the magic slate. The design with animal motifs chosen is unisex and suitable for all ages. To prevent the pen from getting lost, it connects to the magic slate with a strong cord. The Lexibook CRANX550 magic slate is absolutely practical and portable.

Gamenote 3

Best value for your money


The best high-end magic slate

The Gamenote magic slate has a very attractive 3D design: its color, the look of its accessories and the slate itself. With such a toy, your child will not get bored easily and will be able to exploit his creativity over and over again.

40,24 £ on Amazon

The screen of the Gamenote magic slate has 8 zones of 4 colors, a striking magic that will enchant your child in its initiation. For writing, drawing or tracing, the stylus offers an easy and accessible grip. Three cute stamps with animal faces will encourage the child to animate his creations.

The erasing system on the Gamenote magic slate is relatively simple: just move the little snail to the left or right, and that's it. The drawing surface is large enough to give the child the freedom to overflow with imagination. The ergonomic design makes it easy to carry thanks to the handle that holds the little hand.

VTech 169305 4

Excellent selection

VTech 169305

The best interactive magic slate

How about this multi-functional VTech 169305 magic slate? In addition to satisfying the writing needs of little learners, it also stimulates hearing with instructive melodies and voices.

24,79 £ on Amazon

If you haven't found the right magic slate yet, the VTech 169305 is sure to be a good fit. This smart toy teaches your child the alphabet with its 26 keys: by pressing it, a voice spells out the letter concerned and the child can then use the interactive screen that instinctively guides him/her in writing the spelled letter.

All in all, the VTech 169305 Magic Slate promotes hand-eye coordination, supports language development, helps with letter tracing and activates creativity through drawing. Among other things, a child's entire psychomotor and sensory development can be based on the use of this wonderful toy.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best magic slate

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The best magic slate in 2021

The best entry-level magic slate

The best high-end magic slate

The best interactive magic slate

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Comparison table of the best magic slates

Best value for your money Best value for your money Best value for your money Excellent selection
TOMY Megasketcher T6555 5
Lexibook CRANX550 6
Gamenote 7
VTech 169305 8
TOMY Megasketcher T6555
Lexibook CRANX550
VTech 169305
Perfect for your child's intellectual development, the TOMY Megasketcher T6555 magic slate will also be so comfortable to use that your child will never want to be without it.
Get this Lexibook CRANX550 magic slate at a low price: its ergonomic settings make it easy to use and your child will benefit from an easy introduction to drawing and writing.
The Gamenote magic slate has a very attractive 3D design: its color, the look of its accessories and the slate itself. With such a toy, your child will not get bored easily and will be able to exploit his creativity over and over again.
How about this multi-functional VTech 169305 magic slate? In addition to satisfying the writing needs of little learners, it also stimulates hearing with instructive melodies and voices.
Target age
Ages 3 and up
Ages 3 and up
Ages 3 and up
Ages 3 to 6
Dimensions (L x W x H)
45 x 35 x 5.4 cm
32 x 23.5 x 2.5 cm
40.64 x 30.48 x 4.32 cm
36.5 x 30 x 6.5 cm
1 magic stylus and 4 stamps
1 magic stylus and 3 stamps
1 magic stylus, 3 stamps and stickers
1 magic stylus, 2 stamps and 8 stencils
Initiation to drawing, shapes and writing
Initiation to drawing, shapes and writing
Initiation to drawing, shapes and writing
6 play modes including letter and shape learning, sound awareness

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Buying guide - magic slate

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How to choose your magic slate

For a better use of your magic slate and especially not to be disappointed, here are the criteria on which you must absolutely base your choice.

#1 - The age of the child

In order for your child to get the most out of the magic slate's features, you must first make sure that it is age appropriate.

There are important developmental stages for each age group. It could be that the games on the magic slate are not yet relevant to your little one's senses. Vice versa, he may come across games that he already takes for granted and his curiosity is no longer satisfied. In any case, the child will get tired of it and the magic slate will no longer be of any interest to him.

Generally speaking, the magic slate is suitable for children as young as 18 months, and can be used for up to 3 years. As much as possible, find a magic slate with a specific age indication: specifically, if your child is 2 years old, opt for a magic slate adapted to his age.

The mention " and + " is also essential in the search for a corresponding magic slate: for example " 24 months and + ".

#2 - The dimensions

The criterion of the dimension concerns especially the ease of handling. Thus, you must make sure that the magic slate will not escape your toddler's little hands.

Magic slate models offer a wide variety in terms of size, then this factor obviously takes into account the age. For example, for a 15 month old child you will necessarily have a smaller magic slate, and so on depending on the age.

On this question of dimensions, also give importance to the writing surface, which will allow a better comfort of use for the child. He will then be at ease to realize his different scribbles.

#3 - The material

As for the material of the magic slate, you must redouble your vigilance because it necessarily influences the very safety of the child.

Especially if your child is young, there are still many possibilities: he could put it in his mouth, knock it out, sit on it, etc. Normally, it is necessary to ensure that the quality of manufacture meets strict safety standards (the most common being CE) so that the magic slate is a healthy and harmless toy for the child.

The material chosen for the design of a magic slate also has an impact on its durability. As mentioned above, you can expect anything from a young child. All the more reason why you should carefully study the product you are going to buy.

Finally, it must not contain any material that could be toxic for the toddler, both the slate itself and the accessories that accompany it.

#4 - The accessories

The magic slate is imperatively accompanied by some accessories that will optimize its use, the goal being to entertain the child. Most often, you will find something to write on (pens or magic markers), something to erase (eraser), something to play with shapes (various stamps), and even removable frames.

The accessories are musts on the magic slate, their use depends on the age of the child who will use it. If the child is still small enough, keep an eye on him or her to make sure they don't swallow the stamps.

The best option is even to accompany him in the use of the magic slate and its accessories: show him how to use it and encourage him to do it properly.

#5 - The design

Since it is a product intended for children, the first impression remains very important.

Indeed the child has a decisive visual capture, and if he is already able to choose he will point to the magic slate that caught his eyes first. In this case, the design is an important element in the choice of a magic slate: it contributes to the first pleasure of the child who will use it.

On this point, you will be spoilt for choice. You can spoil your child with a slate in any shape, color, theme or effigy you want, wherever he or she wants: popular animated heroes (Snow Queen, Fireman Sam, etc.), animals (rabbit, tiger, etc.), or solid colors.

What is behind the magic of slate?

The name "magic slate" was invented not only to provide an impressive effect to the child's ears but also to characterize its essential property. The toy was created by André Cassagnes in 1959. He was inspired by aluminum powder and decided to turn this idea into a practical invention.

How a magic slate works

The principle is simple: the magic slate consists of a drawing board with a multitude of metal balls and aluminum powders. When the metal-tipped stylus moves over the surface of the screen, it activates the aluminum powder and this is what gives the drawing. If you shake the screen, the aluminum powder spreads and disappears from the board as if by magic, this is the magic effect of the slate.

This magic happens no matter what kind of writing your child does on the magic slate. This tool allows him to develop his creativity, he can allow himself all the fantasies and express his imagination as he wishes. The accessories that come with the magic slate will help him in his inspirations.

Magic slate or tablet for children?

Magic slate

The magic slate is like a drawing board where the child can let his creativity run free. With this fun and instructive toy, he can externalize his inspirations, enjoy his work himself and do it again according to his motivations.

The magic slate has accessories and features that further encourage the child's desire for his exploits. Simply shake it lightly to quickly erase the drawings made. By pressing the stamps on the drawing surface, he will discover the shapes. By using the magic pen, he will undertake all kinds of tracings. All this learning is done in the effective cleanliness.

Children's Tablet

Another form of entertainment has gained momentum in this age of accelerating technology: the children's tablet. The tablet can be both an entertainment and a learning tool, with a wealth of applications and games suitable for all ages. Here, the child is exposed to the imminent worry of the screen, which can have undesirable effects on his visual capacity.

However, the tablet also becomes an easily accessible way to spark the child's curiosity and interest. In addition, when the classmate or neighbor has one, mom and dad need to buy one for them as well.


If you have to choose between a magic slate and a tablet for children, you should know that the functionalities are relatively different. With a magic slate, the effect is more concrete for the child: he/she is initiated and familiarized with drawing.

The children's tablet is not a bad alternative, but the sight issue can be a big factor that makes the magic slate take over.

5 key benefits of the magic slate

It develops creativity

When a child reaches a certain age, usually around 18 months, it is the ideal time to assign responsible tasks at his level. At this stage, they are full of imagination and many elements in their environment attract their attention. The magic slate is a great tool to stimulate baby's neurons. By accompanying and encouraging him, he will easily indulge in many inspirations.

It educates and entertains

For a young child, learning still takes the form of toys. It is with playful tools that he builds himself and that he becomes aware of what surrounds him. You can freely let your child play with his magic slate, you will see that he will discover new things every day. At times, show him what to do and play with him to support his momentum.

It has excellent ergonomics

The design of the magic slate is extremely simple to use and is perfectly suited to a child in the discovery phase. It is easy to use thanks to specific accessories: the stylus which will be used to undertake as many traces and the sliding buttons to erase and start again. Moreover, the magic slate exists in many proportional dimensions suitable for all ages.

It goes everywhere

As your child discovers magic, he won't want to be without his magic slate. Luckily, they can take it with them wherever they go. If you decide to travel or go out with the family, baby will be thrilled not to be bored: he'll be so engrossed in his quests that he'll leave you time to have fun, while still keeping an eye on him.

It keeps the environment clean

The magic slate saves you from chalk dust, markers everywhere and wet sponge residue. The child can draw and write as much as he or she wants, all in a clean way. This mechanism obviously influences the housework and the laundry, so there is nothing to worry about in this respect. Moreover, the use of the magic slate would reduce the need for paper and chemical paints, an initiative that is highly appreciated for the preservation of the environment.

The best brands of magic slates

In our opinion, the best brands of magic slates in 2022 are :


The French brand is very well known in the design of educational and interactive games for children of early age. It is one of the best brands thanks to its reliable and latest innovation products.

Specialized in the world of toys, the brand has been accompanying children of all ages for several years thanks to its range of early learning and board games. It adapts its products to new technologies to better arouse children's curiosity.

Leader in the manufacture of educational toys, this brand sharpens learning and awakening by means of electronic entertaining devices of all kinds. It offers different ranges for all age groups.

For decades, this Italian brand has found its bearings in the production of educational toys for children from 0 to 12 years. Its innovative products are very successful all over the world.

This brand is very well known for its remote control toys. Progressively it has made its steps in the elaboration of educational toys and is doing quite well, it even becomes a competitive reference of size.

What is the price for a magic slate

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Stay on guard

In order for magic slate fun to go smoothly, you still need to keep an eye on your child. Accessories like tampons are quite critical in size, conducive to sudden ingestion. This is especially true for toddlers under 18 months, who can't yet discern what to put in their mouths.

Prefer interactivity

What's interesting for a toddler is to see that the toy reacts with him, i.e., he makes sounds, blinks lights in colors, repeats what he says. This exchange contributes a lot to his development and understanding. Many magic slate models have these sound or light options.

Accompany your child

Although sometimes the magic slate is used to distract your child while you are busy with other tasks, still allow a few minutes to assist him, to see up close how he does it, what interests him most among the various features of the toy.

You will also have the opportunity to show him how to proceed, which will encourage him in his discoveries.

Find the right way to put it away

As the child begins the discovery phases, you must apply certain methods to make him easily understand how to use the magic slate. This depends on his level of assimilation and his main interests.

For example, if he is attracted to colors, use colorful practices. If he likes music, find a sound model. The goal is to keep him focused and entertained at the same time.

Once your child has enjoyed using his magic slate, he will look for it himself. With him, agree on a fixed place where he can retrieve it without your intervention. You must then find a place that is easy to access that the child can reach and without risk around (for example by grabbing the magic slate he drops a trinket or he takes a heavy object on his face, etc.).

At the same time, you will sharpen his autonomy by teaching him to take the magic slate when he needs it and to put it back in its place when he is not using it anymore.


At what age can a child start using a magic slate?

The ideal is to offer him a magic slate at 18 months, because from that age the child distinguishes his connection to the world: he makes noise, he addresses others, he observes and records what he sees. This is the right time to give him the freedom to discover what he hides inside himself. Themagic slate will be an excellent way for him to express himself.

How does a magic slate work?

The magnetic stylus that accompanies themagic slate will be your child's main ally for drawing. When this one slides on the surface it causes a reaction on the aluminum powder inside, to produce all the traces of the child. Depending on the model, you can find colored backgrounds. The magnetic stamp has the same principle: by putting it on the drawing surface, the shape appears on it.

What accessories are found on a magic slate?

At the base, there must be a stylus to draw and write and an erasing system depending on the models: it can be a magic eraser, a sliding strip or buttons. Depending on the age, other additional tools are possible: stamps to work with shapes, magic markers to play with colors, buttons to play with sounds, etc.

Does the magic slate require a power source?

Some models of magic slates that include sound and light options obviously need a power source: in these cases batteries are enough to power the slate. In addition, make sure that the pocket that holds the batteries on the magic slate is securely closed; it's even better if it's screwed on: this will prevent any accidents.


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TOMY Megasketcher T6555 9
TOMY Megasketcher T6555
Lexibook CRANX550 10
Lexibook CRANX550
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VTech 169305


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