The best heaters in the UK 2023

After a long, tiring day, who doesn't want to relax on a comfortable bed or sofa? If this is your case, join the thousands of English people who have opted to buy a sofa. The market is now very developed and reaches a turnover of more than 13 billion euros. If you are looking for the best sofa (classic, BZ or modular), let our comparison guide you.


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The best heater in 2021

This heater is an impressive decorative element. It can be used as a sofa during the day and as an extra bed at night. Moreover, it is offered at a very attractive price.

127 £ on Amazon

This lounge chair offers only one seat and yet it can be used as an extra bed at night. It has a grey fabric covering. The upholstery is very durable since it was made with quality materials. Showcasing a contemporary style, this BZ style sofa bed is very trendy, especially with its timeless black color. The seat is firm enough to ensure immeasurable comfort and supports your back and spine effectively.

The Homcom heater is filled with very soft foam, a material particularly known for its ability to provide you with satisfying moments of relaxation. It is however important to note that this model is only used as an occasional bed. However, this does not prevent it from being used in the living room as a sofa and to receive guests.

Natalia Spzoo Driver 2

Best cheapest

Natalia Spzoo Driver

The best entry-level heater

Offered in a very attractive design, the Natalia Spzoo lounge chair is very well suited for a living room. Its gray color is very trendy especially since its backrest can be adjusted in several positions.

72,22 £ on Amazon

This model has a convenient adjustable backrest and a headrest. You can adjust the angle of recline to make it more comfortable for you. The headrest is equally multifunctional. You can use it on the backrest or as a massage cushion or pillow.

The Natalia Spzoo heater is very resistant to warping. The padding of the footrest is completely made of polyester, which makes the chair more flexible. The grid was specially designed to provide more comfort and the even filling gives it its comfortable character. Best of all, this model is very easy to clean. The removable cover is made of 100% polyester and is easily machine washable. And the heater takes up only a small amount of space in your home.

HOMCOM Folding Booster Seat Mattress 3

Best high end

HOMCOM Folding Booster Seat Mattress

The best high-end heater

This upholstered chair will brighten up your interior and sublimate any decoration. Indeed, it is a model with the top of the qualities which will find well its place in a modern living room.

175 £ on Amazon

This contemporary style sofa can be installed in a bedroom as well as in a living room, an office or even on a terrace. This model of sofa bed will ensure you moments of unequalled relaxation after a hard day of work. It has a thick 10 cm padding that will ensure maximum comfort. You can sleep or sit on this multipurpose heater that is both chic and classy.

Its backrest is also adjustable to 13 positions. In terms of stability, you don't have to worry. All the materials have been carefully chosen to ensure that the heater enjoys a good longevity. So you can use it for many years without it showing any signs of deterioration. It is also very easy to maintain. Simply remove the cover and put it in the washing machine.

FortisLine Chair Prune 4

Excellent choice

FortisLine Chair Prune

Alternative quality

Do you dream of a lounge chair that can be converted into an extra mattress? The FortisLine Prune is sure to please. With 2 comfortable seats, it has all the characteristics of a superior quality heater.

87,20 £ on Cdiscount

This extra mattress is very interesting both in terms of shape and quality. Indeed, it can accommodate two people and is very easy to install. This model is especially designed for those who like simplicity and elegance. It even comes with a storage bag upon delivery. You can put it in the living room, in the bedroom or take it with you when you go camping, on a business trip...

The most remarkable thing is that the mattress was made by hand. This gives the assurance of a top quality product. Its polyurethane foam composition will make you enjoy more comfort. Very compact, the FortisLine Prune heater knows how to be discreet since it is foldable.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best lounge chair

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The best heater in 2021

The best entry-level heater

The best high-end heater

Alternative quality

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Comparison table of the best heaters

Natalia Spzoo Driver 6
HOMCOM Folding Booster Seat Mattress 7
FortisLine Chair Prune 8
Natalia Spzoo Driver
HOMCOM Folding Booster Seat Mattress
FortisLine Chair Prune
This heater is an impressive decorative element. It can be used as a sofa during the day and as an extra bed at night. Moreover, it is offered at a very attractive price.
Offered in a very attractive design, the Natalia Spzoo lounge chair is very well suited for a living room. Its gray color is very trendy especially since its backrest can be adjusted in several positions.
This upholstered chair will brighten up your interior and sublimate any decoration. Indeed, it is a model with the top of the qualities which will find well its place in a modern living room.
Do you dream of a lounge chair that can be converted into an extra mattress? The FortisLine Prune is sure to please. With 2 comfortable seats, it has all the characteristics of a superior quality heater.
65 x 69 x 82 cm
200 x 70 x 10 cm
100 x 71 x 54 cm
195 x 120 x 9 cm
Cushioned foam
Thick foam
Polyurethane foam
3.45 kg
120 kg
120 kg

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How to choose your lounge chair

There are several types of heaters on the market. Choosing a model is not always that easy. If you are at a loss, here are some things to consider to help you choose the right heater for you.

#1 - The size

The chair can offer one or two seats. Thus, the format of the lounge chair can be a mini sofa or an armchair. If you have a small space, you can adopt the mini-format. This would also be the case if you want to install it in your room or your children's room. However, for a family living room, the armchair version is more suitable.

You will have both a nice sofa and a double bed. So, if you have a guest, you will always have a place for him. For the mattress, the length can vary from 1.60 to 2 m while the width of a double-seater usually measures 120 cm.

#2 - The materials

First, if you intend to put it indoors or outdoors, a memory foam or polyester foam heater will be more suitable. You can choose between single or double density. The firmness of the mattress varies according to the density. So if you want a soft mattress, choose a low density heater.

Secondly, there are inflatable warmers if you intend to take it on a trip. By the way, this is also a very good alternative for people with allergies. In addition, they require less maintenance. Inflatable heaters can be made of polyester, cotton or synthetic leather.

#3 - The seat

The seat of a heater particularly influences the level of comfort it offers. The best heaters on the market can even double as a chaise longue. So you have to be quite picky on this point.

The height of the seat can vary from 30 to 45 cm. On the other hand, you can opt for a floor-standing chair. In this case, you will have a customizable leg style. Depending on the model, one heater can be more interesting than another if it has several options to be a cozy nest. This can be a reclining seat, a removable headrest, a rounded footstool that matches the heater, or a storage box.

#4 - Modularity

Modularity mostly indicates the particular capabilities of the heaters. Indeed, there are models that offer much more than the role of a recliner. Some allow you toadjust the recline and turn into a reclining sofa while others can be accompanied by other accessories like a two-seater footstool. If you intend to install the heater in the main room, these are great features.

#5 - The cover

Most heaters have a memory foam mattress. Regarding the cover, the main models offered on the market are intended to resist over time. However, you should choose the cover according to how you intend to use it. If you plan to use it on a daily basis, opt for a slipcover. You can change and wash it at any time. Also opt for machine washable covers.

How to clean a heater?

The cleaning of a heater depends on its covering. The fabric, leather and imitation leather heaters require cleaning from time to time.

  • The cleaning of a fabric heater

To clean a fabric heater, it is necessary to vacuum the dirt that is embedded between the small threads. You must then have a hand vacuum cleaner to better remove them. Then, continue the cleaning by sprinkling it with baking soda. After a 15-minute break, vacuum again. If you have a white fabric heater, we finish by spraying a solution of 500 ml of white vinegar, 200 ml of warm water and a tablespoon of washing up liquid.

  • Cleaning a leather heater

Leather is a more complex material that requires special measures to clean. Thus, we start with the surface by rubbing lightly with a damp cloth. Do not use chemicals because they tend to alter the leather. After drying, you can finish with a special leather product or simply a make-up remover.

  • Cleaning a leatherette heater

Leatherette heaters are very easy to maintain. Being a synthetic material, imitation leather requires a simple cleaning. To do this, we vacuum the dirt with a vacuum cleaner to remove the residue thoroughly. The final step is to use a special solution for synthetic material, which is available in all stores and supermarkets.

The different types of heaters

In all, there are three types of heaters depending on how they are installed. There are the simple heaters, the BZ heaters and the ultra-modular heaters.

Single heater

This is the classic model of the heater that can be found on the market. As its name suggests, the single chair is an ordinary chair adapted for one person. In bed format, it is not spacious enough. However, it is the best model to accompany a nice living room sofa. It will serve as both a decoration and a piece of furniture for relaxation if necessary.

Because of its small size, it is the perfect model to put in the child's room or in the guest room. The single chair takes up little space, whether in armchair mode or in sleeping mode. It also provides more comfort than other models.

BZ armchair

The BZ heater is based on the same concept as a BZ sofa. It differs from other models by its unfolding system. Indeed, a BZ heater folds in accordion with three parts and unfolds perpendicular to the wall. Thus, it is very easy to install and offers a real space saving.

On the market, most models offer two beds. When folded, it takes up three times less space. However, if you opt for a BZ heater, you should bet on the best brands and models. This is because the mattress tends to sag in the middle.

Ultra-modular heater

The ultra-modular heater is the most comfortable heater. This is one of the reasons why it is so sought after. It offers several functionalities and it can be transformed into a bed, a reclining couch and a footstool at the same time. This particular capacity invites itself in the room or in the terrace to relax in the evening after a very busy day.

The ultra-modular heater offers a very soft mattress that provides more comfort. It will also be a great decoration in your bedroom and some families even install it in their living room. In general, an ultra-modular sofa can accommodate two people.

Fireside or accent mattress?

Fireside chair

The heater acts as a folding mattress when extended and as an armchair when folded. It is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can be used every day to relax and even to welcome guests. The plates can even be stacked for easy storage in the closet. This is especially true of the footless heaters. If you want to go on a trip, you can take an inflatable heater with you. This type of model takes up much less space. A heater is always covered with a removable cover. This means that you do not have to put a sheet on before sleeping.

Booster mattress

The extra mattress is often an inflatable mattress. Since it has no structure, you only need to inflate it to get the final shape. A special feature of a mattress is that it is easy to transport. It takes up less space and is very light. You can even put it in your carry bag once deflated. This makes a sleeping pad the perfect model for a light trip. On the market, it is also sold at a very attractive price. On the other hand, you can always have an air mattress at home and store it in your closet to accommodate unexpected guests.


Fireside or accent mattress? The choice depends on your needs and the level of comfort you are looking for. If you intend to use it at home or on your terrace, choose a heater. However, if you intend to take it on a trip, choose an extra mattress.

Why buy a good heater?

For a modern decoration in the living room

The sofa is the centerpiece of the living room. However, it is much better if you have both a nice sofa that can be transformed into a bed. A lounge chair can perfectly accompany a coffee table to give style to your living room. In addition, they come in many shapes and colors on the market, you have plenty of choice depending on the style of your interior. It can also give style in your room, especially since you can fold it at any time.

To save space

To save space, there's no better way than with an armchair. Its practicality is undeniable. This very compact piece of furniture is just what you need if you have a smaller living room but want to have a second bed. It is even very interesting if you live in a studio and you want to have both a bed and a sofa. In fact, it is in the rather narrow apartments that you can find a heater.

For a guaranteed comfort

A heater at home is guaranteed comfort. There's nothing better than coming home after a long day while thinking there's a cozy bed waiting to relax in. That's exactly the case if you have a heater at home, especially if you have an ultra-modular heater that can be turned into a footstool. The memory foam mattress is very comfortable and all you have to do is unfold the heater to get that pleasure.

To have an additional bed

A convertible sofa is very practical, especially if you are on a tight budget. Indeed, it is the best investment because you will have two pieces of furniture for the price of one. This way, you don't have to set up a special room for guests because they can sleep comfortably in your living room on the sofa.

For its practicality

A heater is very easy to set up, which is rarely the case for a guest bed. It only takes less than three moves to get the chair or bed format. This is its main advantage, but it also invokes the fact that you can easily move it anywhere in the house without any problem. It is not bulky at all and this gives you the freedom to put it in the room you want according to your needs.

The best brands of heaters

In our opinion, the best brands of heaters in 2022 are :


The GoPlus brand was created in 2008 in the United States. It offers several models of very good quality heaters.

It is one of the best-known brands in the market for heaters. It also sells other furniture items.

This brand was started in Germany in 2015. Now, it continues its momentum throughout Europe and the world by offering quality models at low prices.

Fortisline is an internationally recognized brand. Its heaters and all its products are very comfortable with a good quality/price ratio.

Homcom offers mainly articles for the home and especially a vast catalogue of furniture, all of high quality.

What is the price for a lounge chair

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

30 £ to 80 £
80 £ to 170 £
more than 170 £
Price range diagram


Check the dimensions before you buy

Before you make your purchase, be sure to check the size of the heater you intend to buy. Just like beds, two double seaters can come in different sizes. To avoid disappointment, don't just rely on the label, but check the exact dimensions.

Choose a model with a removable cover

The best thing would be to opt for a removable cover. That way, you can remove it and change it for cleaning. In this way also, you can change the cover according to the style you want to give to your interior or according to the seasons.

A multifunctional model

Multifunctional heater models are more suitable in the bedroom or on the terrace. Indeed, they can be transformed into a pouf and let you enjoy your relaxing moments without anyone getting in your way.

Maintenance of the heater

You should clean the heater periodically. This way, dirt doesn't get stuck inside and you don't have to spend hours on it. You only need to wipe after every use in bed mode and vacuum every three months for example if you use it frequently. On the other hand, if you wait longer before cleaning it, food stains may even spoil the covering.

Models for children and adults

On the market, there are models for children and for adults. Using an adult model in a child's room is not a problem, but the reverse is. In fact, if you put the children's models to use by everyone, they will degrade very quickly.


How to make a heater?

It depends on the type of heater, but in general, just follow the instructions in the manual. It's very easy and very intuitive. If you want to make your own heater, you have to use shipping carton tubes with glue. This is especially possible if you have handy hands.

How to cover a heater?

If you want to clean your heater, you will have to remove the covers and cover it. So, you start by putting the heater in the bed position. Then, you have to choose a cover whose dimensions perfectly match those of the mattress. We start from the lengths and slide the cover gently. This is quite easy because the memory foam mattress is very manageable.

How to make a cover for a sofa?

To make a cover for a heater, you have to take the dimensions of each cushion. Cushion covers can be made. To sew the cover, it is essential to take into account the height of the mattress. So, you have to fold the fabric in order to have about 40 cm on the sides and adopt an end of 1 cm for each edge.

Where to find a heater?

To find the best heater, you can choose to go directly to a store or buy online. Buying online is especially good because you have more choices and buying is more convenient. It is easier to compare prices and models. Online stores offer a more affordable price.


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Natalia Spzoo Driver
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