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When you're a parent, it's hard to ignore liniment, the new star of changing bags and essential after baby's diaper change. Allowing a cleaning without rinsing, this solution of pale color is essentially composed of 2 elements: the olive oil and the lime water. If you want your baby to benefit from the soothing and moisturizing properties of liniment, check out our guide to the best liniment.

Love & Green BioLiniment

Editor's Choice

Love & Green BioFood

The best liniment in 2021

What could be more effective in caring for your child's bottom than an organic liniment? Composed of only 4 ingredients, Love & Green BioLiniment has been formulated for sensitive skin.

5,16 £ on Amazon

All parents are concerned about the well-being of their children, it is obvious. And the Love & Green brand has understood this. That's why it offers the BioLiniment, a liniment oleo-limestone entirely organic and natural. This product is formulated with organic olive oil to help you clean and protect your little one's delicate bottom.

Love & Green BioFood does not contain any chemical or toxic substances that could harm your baby's health. The risks of allergy are also limited. In this sense, know that this liniment is free of dye, preservative, kerosene, paraben, perfume or petrolatum. On the other hand, it enjoys various certifications such as Ecocert and Cosmébio.

Lingettes Love & Green

The best cheapest

Love & Green liniment wipes

The best entry-level liniment

They can be used like regular wipes except that instead of water, they are soaked in liniment. If you travel regularly with your baby, these wipes will be very practical.

2,56 £ on Amazon

An excellent alternative to the bottle of liniment, these Love & Green liniment wipes are easy to carry from one place to another. The format of the packaging gives them a small footprint. In addition, you no longer need cotton for application. These wipes are made with natural fiber and certified Ecocert and FSC. They will appeal to parents concerned about preserving the environment and their baby's skin.

The Love & Green liniment wipes, incredibly soft, are packaged in 56 pieces. Each piece is impregnated with a liniment lotion with organic olive oil. A cap system gives you the opportunity to open the package, which is very convenient. It should be noted that Love & Green wipes do not contain any perfume, parabens, allergens, chlorine or polysorbate. The only negative point is that we would appreciate them even more if they were better soaked.

Mustela Liniment

The best high end

Mustela Liniment

The best high-end liniment

Recommended from baby's first days, Mustela Liniment leaves a pleasant scent on baby's skin while moisturizing it. Its texture is such that it holds on a cotton ball without moistening your fingers!

12,14 £ on Amazon

Has your child been making a big fuss over the last few days? With Mustela Liniment, the skin of his buttocks will be soothed. There is no risk of irritation in spite of the significant number of cleanings during the day. Considered a dermoprotector, this oleo-limestone liniment comes in a 750 mL pump bottle. It does not only clean, it also protects the child's seat against possible aggressions due to the rubbing of the diapers.

Containing extra-virgin olive oil and other natural ingredients (99%) enriched with omega 6 and 9, Mustela Liniment is guaranteed hypoallergenic, therefore without paraben or other harmful products. It is a care without perfume adapted to the fragile skins of the babies. Better still, the bottle is completely recyclable.

Uriage Oléothermal Liniment 1

Oleothermal ointment

Uriage Oléothermal Liniment

The one and only oleothermal liniment

If your child shows the first signs of redness in his private parts, use Uriage Liniment Oléothermal. It satisfied many parents by its softness as well as its high tolerance.

8,90 £ on Amazon

Thermal spring water, with its soothing and protective qualities, is the key ingredient in Uriage Liniment Oléothermal. This last cleans in-depth the skin of the baby while removing it from the impurities. It also reduces and prevents redness. Mixed with vegetable oils(vegetable oils rich in omega 3 and 6 and Meadowfoam oil), the thermal water provides a repairing care to the attacked skin. Note that it contains no perfume, soap or preservatives.

Uriage Liniment Oléothermal is completely hypoallergenic. You thus do not have anything to fear as for the brittleness of the skin of your toddler. Its texture, of a perfect thickness, promises you an easy application by the means of a cotton. Be sure to shake the bottle well before each use. It is useless to rinse it.

Liniment Oléo-Calcaire Biolane

For atopic skin

Biolane Oleo-Limestone Liniment

The ideal liniment for atopic skin

Designed for atopic skin, Biolane Oleo-Limestone Liniment is ideal for cleaning baby's bottom. No rinsing is necessary, especially since the skin remains soft and moisturized.

2,78 £ on Amazon

A baby's skin is more sensitive and fragile than an adult's. If unsuitable products such as diapers or wipes are used, roughness and redness set in without warning. To limit the effects of external aggressions, use Biolane Liniment Oléo-Calcaire. The perfect marriage between olive oil and lime water ensures a rapid restoration of the skin's pH. It contains only natural ingredients, 98%. Thanks to its cleansing power, it acts in the same way as a superfatted soap.

This product prevents aggressions due to the acidity of the urine and the erythema of the buttocks caused by the stools. In the same way, it will constitute an excellent protective barrier with the daily newspaper. The Liniment Oléo-Calcaire Biolane will give you the possibility of cleaning and of hydrating the skin of your child. Its use is very simple. Just apply it with a cotton pad.

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Best liniment

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The best liniment in 2021

The best entry-level liniment

The best high-end liniment

The one and only oleothermal liniment

The ideal liniment for atopic skin

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Comparison table of the best liniments

Love & Green BioLiniment
Lingettes Love & Green
Mustela Liniment
Uriage Oléothermal Liniment 2
Liniment Oléo-Calcaire Biolane
Love & Green BioFood
Love & Green liniment wipes
Mustela Liniment
Uriage Oléothermal Liniment
Biolane Oleo-Limestone Liniment
What could be more effective in caring for your child's bottom than an organic liniment? Composed of only 4 ingredients, Love & Green BioLiniment has been formulated for sensitive skin.
They can be used like regular wipes except that instead of water, they are soaked in liniment. If you travel regularly with your baby, these wipes will be very practical.
Recommended from baby's first days, Mustela Liniment leaves a pleasant scent on baby's skin while moisturizing it. Its texture is such that it holds on a cotton ball without moistening your fingers!
If your child shows the first signs of redness in his private parts, use Uriage Liniment Oléothermal. It satisfied many parents by its softness as well as its high tolerance.
Designed for atopic skin, Biolane Oleo-Limestone Liniment is ideal for cleaning baby's bottom. No rinsing is necessary, especially since the skin remains soft and moisturized.
Liniment Wipes
500 mL
56 wipes
750 mL
500 mL
300 ml
Natural ingredient content
No fragrance, petrolatum, kerosene, labelable allergen, paraben, phenoxyethanol, coloring, PEG, MIT
Biodegradable and compostable, made of 100% natural fibers
With extra-virgin olive oil rich in omega 6 and 9
Soap-free, unscented, preservative-free
Suitable for all skin types

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How to choose your liniment

The liniment oléo-calcaire is a product containing lime water and olive oil. It is intended above all for the care of the skin being at the level of the genital part of the toddlers. The liniment cleans, moisturizes and nourishes it at the same time according to its complementary ingredients. But how to find the liniment most suitable for your child?
comment choisir liniment

#1 - Use

The choice of liniment will depend on the use you intend for it. In principle, it is intended for the care of the skin of baby, but at times, it is possible that you also wish to use it for the care of your body or your face. In addition to the basic function of cleaning the baby's genital area, some models can act as a moisturizer, protector and nourisher. In this sense, be sure to find liniments composed of the right ingredients and that would provide the required care according to your needs.

#2 - Composition

According to tradition, liniment is a mix of 50% olive oil and 50% lime water, hence its protective virtue and alkaline properties. It is used to clean the baby's bottom, but also to deposit a protective fatty film that will prevent diaper rash caused by the acidic components of urine and stools. It is still possible to find liniments based on various vegetable oils such as coconut oil or almond oil. Preferably, always choose the one witholive oil (with a rate of at least 40 or 50%).

#3 - Undesirable components

As you will have understood, liniment is mainly composed of oil and water, 2 elements that will tend to split when resting. To mitigate this problem, some manufacturers add elements that can prevent the separation of the 2 ingredients like microplastics which are not favorable to the environment. There are also preservatives, often described as harmful to the skin and health. In order to limit the risk of allergies, choose liniments containing as few ingredients as possible. At most, the main components of the liniment should not exceed the number of 4.

#4 - Scent

The current liniments contain almost only natural ingredients and sometimes even organic. This is a guarantee of reliability and a guarantee that your child is not exposed to harmful substances that can cause allergies or skin disorders. If you come across scented liniments, run away! Instead, opt for products with natural aromas of their components such as coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil.

#5 - Capacity

Liniments come in different formats: in a bottle, in a bottle or in a package. The capacity of the product is chosen according to your needs. In fact, if you are looking for a liniment that is easily transportable at all costs, give preference to 250 to 400 mL bottles. They are small and light. Wipes are also an interesting option. On the other hand, parents who want to have enough liniment for several weeks will opt for the larger sizes, between 750 mL and 1 L. It should be noted that a number of brands now offer packaged sales.

How to take advantage of liniment ?

You are now convinced of the usefulness of liniment, but don't really know how to use it and how to get the most out of it? Here are the tips from our experts:

Cleaning the seat

Start by cleaning your child's genital area. You don't have to wipe the little bum with water and a wipe beforehand. You need to pour just the right amount of liniment on a piece of cotton and then apply it to your little one's skin. Make sure that all the parts in contact with urine and stools are well cleaned. You can repeat this process several times if necessary. If you decide to use it after the baby's bath, remember to dry his whole body before spreading the liniment. Massage gently so that all the product penetrates in the skin.

Without rinsing

Liniment is a product that does not require rinsing. This is very practical, especially for parents in a hurry. Like a face cream, it deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Playing the role of a dermoprotector par excellence, it leaves a thin film of fat on the baby's bottom to protect it from the acidity of urine and stools in order to isolate it completely from fecal matter and urination. This avoids irritating effects, skin dryness, cracks and redness.

A diverted but effective use

The liniment oléo-calcaire is applied to the whole body of the babies and thus to be used as cleaning product or lotion of massage. Moreover, as our grandparents did, it can be used to get rid of cradle cap. Here, it will act like pure vegetable oil and sweet almond oil. To do this, you need to apply the product to all the scabs and leave it on overnight. They will be easily removed in a few strokes of the comb.

The different types of liniments

The basic formula remains the same, namely a mixture in equivalent quantities of lime water and olive oil. However, a multitude of liniments exist on the market, in different brands, presentations and diversified complementary formulas. It is important to understand the different categories available to make the best choice.

Classic Liniment

Liniment classique

This is the most common type of liniment at the moment. Lime water mixed with vegetable or olive oil is usually used in its design. In order to prevent dephasing, manufacturers use other ingredients such as beeswax and emulsifiers. Inexpensive, the classic liniment oléo-calcaire is fast of use since you will not have to shake it. To avoid that the fatty substance becomes rancid, one adds to it most of the time vitamin E. Always check the list of ingredients. Some may contain toxic substances that are not suitable for babies.

Organic Liniment

Liniment bio

Unlike conventional liniment, organic liniment contains vegetable oil or organic olive oil, without preservatives or other additives such as parabens, perfume and phenoxyethanol. Since the ingredients, 4 at most, are all of natural origin, the liniment will have no negative impact on the child's skin. This quality of manufacture explains among other things its rather high price compared to the traditional oleo-limestone liniment. Some models even bear labels certifying their compliance with standards such as Cosmos Organic, Natrue, Cosmebio, Ecocert...

Oleothermal Liniment

Liniment oléothermal

For the moment, Uriage is the only brand to produce oleothermal liniment. It is a type of liniment based on thermal water, as its name indicates. Satisfying on the whole, the product is simple to use and very effective on the skin of baby. It comes in an ultra convenient pump bottle. Although there is no perfume among its main ingredients, it still leaves a pleasant smell on the child's bottom and gets rid of impurities while gradually reducing redness. Its perfect texture ensures an easy application.

Liniment Wipes

Lingettes au liniment

Exit the liniments in bottle or bottle, we can also make use of liniment wipes. Impregnated with olive oil and lime water and can be of the classic or organic type, they allow you to clean your baby's genital area without having to use cotton. Naturally, as they are wipes, you can also use them to remove your make-up or to wash your face.

Liniment or baby wipes?


Liniment is by definition a combination of equal proportions of vegetable oil (most often olive oil) and lime water. It is essentially intended for babies, particularly for diaper changes and for cleaning intimate areas. Generally, it is recommended for its soothing effects and the degree of protection it offers against diaper rash. Adults can also use it to get rid of impurities, moisturize and nourish their skin or calm irritations and redness.

Baby wipes

The wipes are of an unequalled practicality. They save time during baby's diaper change and smell great. However, in case of intensive and daily use, wipes become dangerous for children. Indeed, they can cause irritations and various skin reactions. This is due in particular to the ingredients, sometimes considered toxic or chemical, included in the composition of the liquid used to impregnate them. Although there are organic wipes, it is advisable to limit their use.


Baby wipes are very practical. You can use them when you go out without having to carry around a bottle and absorbent cotton. But they may cause irritation and redness in your child's intimate area, which would be unpleasant.

In this case, it is better to turn to the liniment, containing only some ingredients. In addition to being free of perfume and preservatives, it nourishes and moisturizes your little one's delicate skin. Of course, as a compromise, you can choose liniment wipes, which combine all the benefits of liniment in a bottle with those of baby wipes.

Why buy a liniment ?

pourquoi acheter liniment

Maintenance of the natural pH

The olive oil in liniment helps strengthen the skin barrier, which limits the possibility of cracking. In addition, the calcium water or calcium hydroxide solution has a basic pH of about 9. It preserves and rebalances the skin's natural pH while calming the first signs of diaper rash. The skin will remain healthy and well cleansed.

Natural and often organic ingredients

Almost all of the ingredients in liniment are natural or even organic. It is therefore advisable to take advantage of them at each diaper change. Some products, apart from olive oil, contain other vegetable oils such as castor oil, which is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps reduce redness on the child's bottom.


Instead of spending your savings on different face care products, simply treat yourself to liniment. Multi-purpose, it deeply moisturizes the skin while firming it and making it more toned. Your complexion will be cleaner and fresher. Moreover, liniment is highly recommended for sensitive skin. However, always remember to rinse your face after use.

Ideal for a daily use

Liniment is an excellent solution for taking care of your little one's delicate skin. It prevents diaper rash, irritation and redness in the intimate areas thanks to its formula rich in natural ingredients. To be used as of the birth, the liniment is ideal for all the types of skins, even the most sensitive. A daily use does not present any risk for your little one.

A pleasant fragrance

Of course, liniment undergoes dermatological tests before being put on the market and is guaranteed to be fragrance and paraben free. Nevertheless, the natural ingredients that make it up, such as olive oil, produce a fruity, sweet and pleasant flavor, which will undoubtedly leave your child feeling fresh.

The best brands of liniments

In our opinion, the best brands of liniments in 2022 are :

Love & Green

The couple formed by Celine and Gabriel founded the brand Love & Green in 2011. Their philosophy is simple: it is possible to use natural and healthy hygiene products while preserving the environment. Now, Love & Green markets a whole range of organic skincare, liniment wipes, diapers and sanitary pads, etc.

Mustela is the No. 1 choice of the French for baby care. The brand, a subsidiary of Laboratoires Expanscience, was created in 1950. It specializes in the sale of natural care products adapted to the sensitive and delicate skins of children, but also women and babies. With its B Corp certification, Mustela offers sun protection, liniments, anti-stretch mark products and intimate care products...

Best ally of all women, Saforelle was created in 1989 by IPRAD Laboratories. It dedicates its know-how to the conception of specific products for comfort, intimate hygiene and body care. If you have delicate skin or want exceptional care for your baby, don't hesitate to choose Saforelle's product lines.

Uriage uses thermal spring water, with a mineral content of 11 g/L, as the basic ingredient in all its products. The brand has been drawing the element from the very heart of the Alps for over 75 years. Over the years, the thermal water, filtered by the rocks, has been enriched with minerals and trace elements.

Biolane has more than forty years of experience in the field of hygiene and care for baby's fragile skin. It is highly recommended by health professionals not only because of the gentleness of its ingredients, but also because they are active ingredients of natural origin.

What is the price for a liniment

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

3 £ to 6 £
6 £ to 12 £
more than 12 £
Price range diagram


Alternatives to liniment

There is no lack of alternatives to liniment. For baby's diaper change, you can use wipes combined with cleansing water or micellar water. Then, if you want to protect your baby's skin against external aggressions, a diaper cream will do the trick. It will serve as a protective barrier. Micellar water or makeup remover wipes will also substitute liniment for those who use it as a makeup remover.

The perfect product to remove cradle cap

Cradle cap forms on the head of babies because of excessive sebum production. As they harden, they become difficult to remove. But if you have liniment on hand, this problem is a thing of the past. Being an oily product, it spreads easily over the affected areas. Wait a few hours or even overnight and then gently remove the cradle cap with a comb.

Fight dry skin effectively

It's not just baby's bottom that can benefit from liniment. Composed largely of olive oil, this product prevents irritation, cases of eczema and dry skin on your little one's face while providing the necessary level of hydration. You can apply it daily after each bath.

Come up with your own liniment

If you're not sure about the components of ready-made liniment, why not make your own? To do this, you'll need 125 mL of limewater, 125 mL of olive oil, 5 g of beeswax and a clean, empty bottle. Heat the limewater with the beeswax in a double boiler until the beeswax melts completely. Once the two ingredients are well combined, turn off the heat. Add the olive oil and mix. Pour the mixture into the bottle. This homemade liniment will keep for about 3 months in a dry place and away from light.

Use liniment to clean leather!

The liniment can be used to clean furniture, clothes and leather accessories. Take a clean microfiber cloth and soak it with liniment. Afterwards, dab the stained areas with the product. Be aware that the oil in liniment is excellent for nourishing leather effectively.


How to make liniment? How to use liniment? When not to use liniment? How to use liniment for the face?

The concoction of a good quality liniment is already explained here. If you want to keep the product longer than 15 days, it is imperative to add several drops of grapefruit essential oil. In order to transfer it into the bottle without pouring it on the sides, use a spatula or a funnel.

Theuse of a liniment is really child's play. Whether you have a pump bottle or a classic bottle, pour the product onto a cotton ball and spread it over the entire area to be cleaned. Repeat the operation if necessary, as one application may not be enough to get rid of all the faecal residue on the child's bottom. For liniment wipes, use them like the classic models.

Liniment is highly recommended for baby's little seat toilet. Containing lime water, a little beeswax and olive oil, it is able to protect the child's bottom from the inconveniences caused by urine and stools contained in the diapers. However, if the child's private parts already have redness or diaper rash, avoid the use of liniment since the lime water may revive them.

Mom can also use liniment to remove her makeup. It is a perfect substitute for makeup remover lotion because of its greasy and neutral nature. Just apply it on a piece of cotton or a washable wipe and spread it on your face. If you are not used to using leave-on products and you absolutely must, use rose water or micellar water.


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