The best limoncello in the UK 2023

Deliciously fruity, limoncello is an Italian liqueur made from lemon. It is recognized by its beautiful sunny color, but not only! To enjoy the best limoncello, you'll need to consider several criteria and know the nuances of the drink. Read this detailed guide to discover the best limoncello manufacturers and the top products of the moment!

Limoncello Luxardo 70 cL 1

Editor's Choice

Limoncello Luxardo 70 cL

The best limoncello in 2021

Let yourself be seduced by the taste and freshness of this lemon flavored alcoholic limoncello. Accompanied by an ice cream or a fruit salad, it is the ideal drink to delight your guests.

16 £ on Amazon

This limoncello from Luxardo brand offers a fruity flavor and develops strong aromas. This liqueur is made from an infusion of freshly picked lemon peel in pure alcohol with some sugar added. With an alcohol content of 27%, this drink is perfect to get you in the mood for an evening out or a party with friends.

In addition to being delicious, this lemon liqueur also has a beautiful bright yellow color. It comes in a 70 cl glass bottle with an elegant and refined style. Serve it well chilled as a digestif or as an aperitif according to your preferences.

Limoncello Sorrentini 50 cL 2

The best cheapest

Limoncello Sorrentini 50 cL

The best entry-level limoncello

What better way to have a good time with loved ones than with a delicious alcoholic lemon liqueur? Enjoy a good time with Sorrentini's 24% limoncello.

7,99 £ on Monoprix

Sorrentini presents its limoncello dedicated especially to lemon liqueur lovers. Made with freshly picked lemons, this drink is fruity and delicately acidic. This liqueur is thus characterized by an extraordinary taste and perfect for a variety of cocktails.

Its alcohol content of 24% makes this limoncello an excellent digestif a little lighter. However, for a perfect tasting, it is always better to accompany it with fruit salads or good ice cream. Concerning its packaging, this limoncello is presented in a nice 50 cL bottle.

Prestige Box - Organic Limoncello with Menton lemon 50 cL 3

The best high-end

Prestige Box - Organic Limoncello with Menton lemon 50 cL

The best premium limoncello

Ultra sweet and aromatic, this organic limoncello with Menton lemon will please everyone during small parties and summer evenings.

66,40 £ on Pour De Bon

For those who want to enjoy an original drink, this lemon limoncello from Menton is for you. This product is the result of an infusion of organic lemons in alcohol. Thus, it offers a very tasty taste, a lemon scent and an intense yellow color. Moreover, its alcohol content is perfectly moderate.

Consumed as a kir, on a chocolate cake or with fruit salads, this drink will serve as an aperitif or digestif. Delivered in a box with other products based on lemon of Menton, this lemon liqueur is proposed by La Maison du Citron, which totally confirms its quality.

Limoncellu - Organic lemon cream 26%. 4

The best alternative

Limoncellu - Organic lemon cream 26%.

A great alternative

For an assured atmosphere during moments of conviviality or a special occasion, opt for this limoncello cream. Its authentic, rich and gourmet flavor will certainly seduce you.

23,20 £ on Bien Manger

Do you prefer limoncello cream? Try this 26% alcoholic lemon cream from Mavela. The recipe of the limoncello has been revisited this time by the distillery for a greater aromatic power and a much more pronounced taste, and unctuous. Deliciously refreshing and intensely fragrant, this lemon liqueur has everything it takes to enhance desserts or make many cocktails.

It goes very well with a small square of chocolate or for glazes. The advantage of this limoncello also lies in its organic character, the lemons being cultivated right next to the distillery and the recipe including neither coloring nor added flavors.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best limoncello

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The best limoncello in 2021

The best entry-level limoncello

The best premium limoncello

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best limoncello

Limoncello Luxardo 70 cL 5
Limoncello Sorrentini 50 cL 6
Prestige Box - Organic Limoncello with Menton lemon 50 cL 7
Limoncellu - Organic lemon cream 26%. 8
Limoncello Luxardo 70 cL
Limoncello Sorrentini 50 cL
Prestige Box - Organic Limoncello with Menton lemon 50 cL
Limoncellu - Organic lemon cream 26%.
Let yourself be seduced by the taste and freshness of this lemon flavored alcoholic limoncello. Accompanied by an ice cream or a fruit salad, it is the ideal drink to delight your guests.
What better way to have a good time with loved ones than with a delicious alcoholic lemon liqueur? Enjoy a good time with Sorrentini's 24% limoncello.
Ultra sweet and aromatic, this organic limoncello with Menton lemon will please everyone during small parties and summer evenings.
For an assured atmosphere during moments of conviviality or a special occasion, opt for this limoncello cream. Its authentic, rich and gourmet flavor will certainly seduce you.
70 cL
50 cL
50 cL
70 cL
Water, alcohol, sugar, glucose, lemon peel infusion, natural flavors, coloring
Water, sugar, alcohol, natural lemon peel infusion, stabilizer, antioxidant, coloring agent
Liqueur made with organic alcohol, infusion of organic Menton PGI lemon peel and organic sugar
Alcohol, organic lemon, no coloring, no added flavors
Alcohol content
28 %
26 %
Origin/Country of manufacture
France (Menton)
France (Corsica)

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How to choose your limoncello

The choice of limoncello depends largely on the quality of the drink itself. To recognize this quality, the following criteria should be taken into account.

#1 - The origin

Basically, limoncello is an Italian product. But again, refer to the exact region to ensure the quality of your liqueur. For example, limoncello from Sorrento is one of the most popular in the world. It is made from PGI Sorrento lemons with a medium thick peel that is rich in essential oils and aroma. Read the label carefully to be sure of the origin. For example, "packaged in Italy" does not necessarily mean that the limoncello was made in Italy.

#2 - The attestations and certifications

The Protected Denomination of Origin or PDO is a certification that guarantees the quality of the limoncello, and satisfies even the most demanding consumers. The PGI is also a criterion to consider when choosing a limoncello, as it guarantees the authenticity of the drink. You can also bet on other certifications such as the organic label, which assures you of quality and the absence of elements harmful to health.

#3 - The composition and taste

The composition of this lemon liqueur depends on the producer as well as the type of lemon used. This is a significant criterion due to the fact that the taste largely depends on it. The taste of limoncello can be sweet or sour with an alcoholic aftertaste, depending on the ingredients used and their quantity.

#4 - The alcohol content

On the market, you will find limoncello with an alcohol content between 20 and 30% of its total volume. So it all depends on your preference, but whether you prefer your liqueur strong or sweet and light, it is still to be consumed in moderation. Note that most artisanal limoncello recipes recommend the use of 90 degree alcohol. This will bring out the essential oils and the taste of the lemon. It will improve the drink and at the same time facilitate its conservation. The level of alcohol to use also depends on the type of lemon used to make the limoncello.

#5 - The volume and design of the bottle

The bottle is a not insignificant detail for a quality limoncello. The design of the bottle helps determine the producer as well as the quality of the drink. Usually made of glass and transparent, the bottle will already allow you to see the beautiful intense yellow color of the limoncello. This type of bottle also helps to keep the freshness and flavor of the limoncello. It exists in different volumes and the choice depends on the taste of each one.

How is limoncello made?


Limoncello is a liqueur made from lemon peels macerated in alcohol. This product of Italian origin has currently become a staple drink in many restaurants and pizzerias around the world.

Where does limoncello come from?

Until today, it is difficult to find the true origin of limoncello. But according to some written sources, limoncello was invented in the 19th century on the island of Capri by a certain Maria Antonia Farace. It is said that she owned a wonderful garden of lemon and orange trees and produced the first lemon liqueur. The family recipe was then passed on to the next generations and it was the grandson who had the idea to register a patent in 1988. In parallel, the city of Sorrento also has its own lemon liqueur that it claims to be the real limoncello, a liqueur drunk since the 19th century.

The preparation of limoncello

The preparation of limoncello is simple as it uses few ingredients: lemon peel, sugar, alcohol and water. You just need to wash the lemons and then peel the yellow part of the zest. After that, put the peel in a glass jar and add alcohol 90-95°C. Then close the jar and place it at room temperature in a cool, dark place. Let the product macerate for 30 days and stir every 2 days to balance the concentration of the liquor. Once the maceration period is over, heat the product in a pan and add sugar. Finally, strain the alcohol and remove all the lemon peel before pouring the liqueur into a glass bottle.

The best lemons for the best limoncello

The nature of the lemons you use in the preparation determines the success of the liqueur. Now, each variety of lemon tree offers different specific flavors to limoncello. Good lemons generally grow in areas with mild Mediterranean climates and in clay-rich soils. If you plan to make an organic and healthy drink, the use of chemical fertilizers should be banned.

The different types of limoncello

In order to get an idea of the particularity of each limoncello, you should know that there are mainly three types of limoncello: the traditional version, the revisited version and the cream of limoncello.

The traditional limoncello

Every alcoholic product in the world was invented from a combination of ingredients. The same is true of "traditional limoncello". The particularity of this traditional drink lies in its characteristic taste. Made of lemons, the traditional limoncello differs from the cream liqueur and other variants by the absence of milk and other additives to compose it.

But also, the traditional method of making it is felt during the tasting by a strong lemon taste and devoid of acidity without eliminating the bitterness of the lemon itself. It is the perfect drink to refresh yourself during a cocktail.

The creamy limoncello

Cream limoncello is an alcoholic drink made with lemon cream. In general, this type of limoncello is composed of whole milk, lemon, vanilla, sugar and pure alcohol. The preparation of limoncello gives it an aromatic and sweet taste.

The concoction of the limoncello cream requires the use of untreated organic lemons. The lemons are then extracted and peeled to remove the bitter white part. After 7 days of fermentation, the lemon peels are removed and mixed with sugar, milk and vanilla to have the creamy drink.

The revisited limoncello

In order to distinguish themselves from other producers of alcoholic beverages, brands are constantly researching to amaze consumers' taste buds with a unique taste. And, the limoncello recipe is also going through it to have a new version.

However, even revisited, this type of limoncello keeps the basic ingredient, which is none other than lemon, in its new recipe. The steps also remain more or less the same. On the other hand, each revisited drink has its own personal touch, such as a new aroma, spice or a completely different ingredient, to give life to the limoncello and make it special, sometimes even with a color a little different from the usual strong yellow.

Limoncello or mojito?

Generally, these two liqueurs contain in their composition of the lemon. If one was born in the Caribbean, the other is an alcoholic drink of Italian origin. Both conquer the alcohol lovers, but which one is the best?

The mojito

In addition to being an excellent cocktail that is easy to prepare, the mojito is also tasty and seductive with its varied flavors. Moreover, depending on your preference, this liqueur can be adapted to all kinds of fruits and can contain a very high degree of alcohol. All in all, this drink is the best alternative to enjoy the benefits of fruits.

The limoncello

Since limoncello is made from natural ingredients, its advantages are mainly focused on its organic character. Indeed, lemon is the basic ingredient of limoncello. Therefore, this drink is perfectly healthy, rich in flavor and nutrients.


Limoncello or mojito are both excellent drinks to toast the holidays. However, the mojito is still widely appreciated by a larger number of consumers. It is much more popular than the limoncello. And yet, the latter deserves to be tested and enjoyed on all occasions. It has unsuspected qualities that may well tip the balance in its favor and make you succumb to pleasure!

5 good reasons to sip a glass of limoncello

Limoncello is a drink with many advantages. Here are 5 that will convince you to enjoy it at every opportunity!

1- It is good for the immune system

Made from lemon, limoncello is rich in vitamin C. This liqueur helps boost and strengthen your immune system. In winter, it serves as a shield to protect you from the cold. It is also an excellent antibiotic and antiviral against possible attacks of viruses harmful to your health.

2- It is good for athletes

Sipping a glass of limoncello also prevents cramps and fatigue for athletes. In fact, it is proven that lemon like cucumber helps to dissipate the alcohol in the blood. You can drink it before or after physical activity. Nevertheless, as the drink contains alcohol, you must drink a lot of water to avoid possible dehydration.

3- It will enhance your moments of relaxation

Sipping a glass of limoncello is ideal after a long day at work. Consumed in a moderate dose, it can be a mild antidepressant. This drink is considered a good pick-me-up and allows you to evacuate the stress stored up during the day. However, everyone knows their own body, so it is up to you to manage your consumption so as not to affect your health.

4- It helps to prevent serious diseases

With the presence of lemon in limoncello, this liquor can be considered as an antioxidant. Apart from its sweet flavor, this natural product more precisely helps to prevent different diseases such as cancer and infections of all kinds. The main ingredient of the drink also promotes intestinal transit and helps fight against bloating, etc.

5- It is an excellent digestive

Drinking limoncello during and after the meal helps to digest your hearty food better. Especially during the holidays, the citric acid present in lemon will prevent you from nausea and bloating after eating fatty foods. In addition, the fibers in lemon contribute to a better intestinal transit.

And all this, not to mention its exquisite taste and intoxicating fragrance!

The best brands of limoncello

In our opinion, the best brands of limoncello in 2022 are :

Villa Massa
Distillerie Mavela
La Maison du Citron

Born in 1821, the brand is famous around the world for its Italian liqueurs, especially for maraschino. The Italian family-owned company also remains one of the leaders in limoncello, especially thanks to their excellent price/quality ratio.

The brand was born in 1990. Its famous limoncello recipe, on the other hand, dates back to 1890. Today, it is among the biggest houses offering traditional Sorrento limoncello both in Italy and internationally, at a very reasonable price.

The Italian brand belongs to the Maunier group and is dedicated to Italian liqueurs. In addition to its exquisite-tasting limoncello, it also offers spritz and amaretto. The brand stands out for its very affordable prices.

Installed in Corsica, Domaine Mavela specializes in brandies and whiskies concocted in an artisanal way. Its limoncello boasts exceptional quality, especially since it is made with organic lemons planted right next to the distillery.

As its name suggests, this French company specializes in the production of citrus fruits and its derivative products. This includes liqueurs such as limoncello, offered individually or as a pack with other products selected by the brand. The specificity of this brand also lies in the organic character of its lemons.

What is the price limoncello

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Always read the label

It is advisable to read the label on the bottle of limoncello to know its origin as well as the type of alcohol and lemon used to make it. It indicates important information both to better dose the limoncello in your recipes and to enjoy it with knowledge.

Make limoncello cocktails

With a limoncello, it is possible to make cocktails. For example, you can make limoncello spritz which is the mixture of lemon liqueur with prosecco. With gin, you will have lemon gin and tonic. As for the lemon drop, it is made with limoncello and vodka, while the daiquiri is made with rum and lemon liqueur.

Try limoncello in its natural version

Limoncello is easily combined with other types of alcoholic drinks. But the biggest fans prefer it in its most natural version, as a digestif. To do this, pour a little limoncello into a glass of tequila and sip it after your meal. You'll see how much more awesome the flavor of the drink is!

Consume limoncello in moderation

Limoncello is a quality liqueur, very good for the heart. But, you shouldn't abuse it. This drink contains alcohol, so it remains to be consumed in moderation.

Include limoncello in your recipes

Numerous are the dishes and recipes that can be combined with limoncello such as risotto with limoncello, limoncello soufflé or limoncello baba.


How to store limoncello?

The preservation of limoncello is not as difficult as it seems. However, it is a necessary step to preserve the quality of the drink. The best way to do this is to keep the limoncello for 10 days in a cool place, at room temperature. But, it is also possible to keep this liquor in the refrigerator (and not in the freezer so as not to alter the aromas).

Is limoncello served as an aperitif or a digestive?

Limoncello is not like any other type of alcoholic beverage that can be enjoyed at the beginning or end of a meal. In fact, it would be better to have a glass of limoncello at the end of a meal for its physical acidic property, ideal for better digesting food.

How to serve limoncello?

In Italy, limoncello is consumed iced and in a shot glass of 5 to 6 cl. This amount is enough to feel the freshness and combination of flavor in this liquor. However, it is good to point out that the glass where the limoncello is going to be served should be made of porcelain in order to accentuate its taste.

How to prepare limoncello?

If we refer to the traditional technique, the preparation of the limoncello is done at the beginning of the winter season. This is when the lemons are ripe to give the maximum flavor to the drink. There is no official recipe for a limoncello, but everyone has their own way of preparing it and dosing the basic ingredients.


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Limoncello Luxardo 70 cL 9
Limoncello Luxardo 70 cL
Limoncello Sorrentini 50 cL 10
Limoncello Sorrentini 50 cL
Prestige Box - Organic Limoncello with Menton lemon 50 cL 11
Prestige Box - Organic Limoncello with Menton lemon 50 cL
Limoncellu - Organic lemon cream 26%. 12
Limoncellu - Organic lemon cream 26%.


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