The best L.O.L. dolls in the UK 2023

Small and cute, this doll has been a hit with toddlers since its release in 2017. And the plebiscite remains intact. Did you guess? We're talking about the L.O.L. doll, of course! You don't know what you're going to get, yet these sets continue to be as popular as ever. Through this guide to the best L.O.L. dolls, let's discover a world full of collectible figures!

L.O.L. Surprise Mega Coffret LLU93

Best value for your money

L.O.L. Surprise Mega Set LLU93

The best L.O.L. doll in 2021

This mega box contains up to 70+ surprises, including 14 exclusive L.O.L. dolls. Accessories such as pairs of shoes, bottles and hangers complete the collection.

112 £ on Amazon

Yes, it's not time to put presents under the tree yet, but this mega set is sure to delight your little girl. With 70 surprises in the pack, make way for endless crazy adventures and thrilling stories you can invent with her. Unwrapping takes an average of 90 minutes, enough to keep the suspense going.

The L.O.L. Surprise Mega Set LLU93 is exclusively composed of 14 L.O.L. characters including 2 OMG dolls of 28 cm long, 6 small dolls of 8 cm, 2 Lils of 3 cm and 4 farts of about 6 cm. Note that all these elements are articulated. Among the accessories, there are 19 fashion accessories, 8 pairs of shoes or 2 pairs of earrings, hangers, clothes covers, keys, doll bases, brush and stickers.

LOL Surprise Hairgoals Série 2

Best value for your money

L.O.L. Surprise Hairgoals Series 2

The best entry-level L.O.L. doll

In this mysterious pack, 15 amazing surprises await you. Just know that it includes an L.O.L. doll with real hair as well as accessories and a poster.

16,16 £ on Amazon

Beware of the picture on the package. It may not be the doll you receive. What is certain is that your toy will have beautiful real hair to style. There are 9 new characters in series 2, each with their own style and personality. The L.O.L. Surprise Hairgoals Series 2 comes in 100% original packaging in the form of a can of hair spray. Don't throw it away, as it can be used for storage or as a display case.

The L.O.L. Surprise Hairgoals Series 2 stands out for its color change. Just soak it in water, without wetting the hair, and the surprise color will reveal itself. Since your doll has hair, use the comb and accessories included in your pack to change her hair as you wish.

L.O.L. Surprise! 422020 O.M.G.

Best value for your money

L.O.L. Surprise! 422020 O.M.G.

The best high-end L.O.L. doll

Are you missing one or all of the OMG dolls from series 1 ? Look no further, the 4 collectible L.O.L. O.M.G. dolls are in this box set, along with their 80 surprises.

119 £ on Amazon

You won't have to wait long to complete your collection, all the L.O.L. O.M.G. dolls from series 1 are included in this giant box set. And it's not just the dolls, you'll also get the full set of accessories, 20 per character. Neonlicious, MC Swag, Royal Bee and Lady Diva will look great in your room.

Each mannequin in the L.O.L. Surprise set! 422020 O.M.G. is 27 cm long. She has a beautiful head of hair that you can style to your liking. With the help of the 9 movement points, changing grooming becomes easy, as the box acts as a fitting room. Open the surprises one by one to perfect their outfit (shoes, necklaces, handbag, glasses, earrings...).

L.O.L. Surprise! Lils Winter Disco Series

Excellent selection

L.O.L. Surprise! Lils Winter Disco Series

A Lil sister or brother? How about a Pet?

The Winter Disco Series may contain the Lils or Pets that are missing from your collection. The disco ball includes 5 surprises including the secret message and stickers.

18,32 £ on Amazon

The L.O.L. Surprise Lils Winter Disco Series allows you to unwrap 5 surprise bags each containing a beautiful accessory and either a Lil sister, a Lil brother or a pet. The latter you can easily recognize by its fluffy coating. You just have to dip it in water (cold and warm) and wait a few minutes to reveal the character.

The crystal ball has a transparent front so it can be used as a showcase. Apply the stickers as you wish if you want to decorate it. And if you already have some, put the balls on top of each other to form a nice snow ball.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best L.O.L. doll

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The best L.O.L. doll in 2021

The best entry-level L.O.L. doll

The best high-end L.O.L. doll

A Lil sister or brother? How about a Pet?

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Comparison table of the best L.O.L. dolls

L.O.L. Surprise Mega Coffret LLU93
LOL Surprise Hairgoals Série 2
L.O.L. Surprise! 422020 O.M.G.
L.O.L. Surprise! Lils Winter Disco Series
L.O.L. Surprise Mega Set LLU93
L.O.L. Surprise Hairgoals Series 2
L.O.L. Surprise! 422020 O.M.G.
L.O.L. Surprise! Lils Winter Disco Series
This mega box contains up to 70+ surprises, including 14 exclusive L.O.L. dolls. Accessories such as pairs of shoes, bottles and hangers complete the collection.
In this mysterious pack, 15 amazing surprises await you. Just know that it includes an L.O.L. doll with real hair as well as accessories and a poster.
Are you missing one or all of the OMG dolls from series 1 ? Look no further, the 4 collectible L.O.L. O.M.G. dolls are in this box set, along with their 80 surprises.
The Winter Disco Series may contain the Lils or Pets that are missing from your collection. The disco ball includes 5 surprises including the secret message and stickers.
Number of figures
2 O.M.G. dolls, 6 dolls, 2 Lils dolls, 4 Pets
1 Hairgoals doll
4 O.M.G. Fashion Dolls from the 1
Number of surprises
80 series
2 x 5
Recommended age
From age 3
3 years and up
5 years and up
6 years and up
12.1 x 91.4 x 36.8 cm
9 x 9 x 17.1 cm
8.3 x 91.4 x 31.7 cm
2.54 x 2.54 x 4.45 cm
997.9 g
227 g
907.18 g
210 g

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Buying guide - L.O.L. doll

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How to choose your L.O.L. doll

You've probably heard of it, the L.O.L. doll is the darling of all little girls. For those of you who are fashionable parents, here is how to choose the best model for your little one:
choisir poupée L.O.L.

#1 - The collection

Understanding that not all children will have the same taste, the brand has launched a wide variety of L.O.L. surprise dolls, including the most popular:

  • The L.O.L. surprise Under Wraps : packed in a beautiful capsule, it is delivered with secret messages readable with a monocle. In total, you will have to discover no less than 15 surprises. The L.O.L. doll changes color when you dip it in cold and warm water.
  • The L.O.L. surprise Fluffy Pets : the pet (dog, cat, rabbit, monkey...) is about 6 cm high. Its clothes and accessories remind those of the L.O.L. dolls of the same family. It is easily recognized by its egg-shaped packaging.
  • The L.O.L. Bigger surprise : as its name suggests, it contains more surprises than the other sets. In addition to the doll, you'll find accessories in mysterious capsules. The figurine is capable of crying, peeing or changing color when you put it in water.
  • The L.O.L. surprise Hairgoals : it has the same characteristics as the other dolls. However, it is distinguished by its real hair: brown, blond, red and sometimes multicolored.
  • The Glitter Globe : the glitter ball is easily transformed into a snow globe. You just have to add water to it.
  • The L.O.L. surprise Boys : it embeds a lot of accessories. Some of them make incredible tattoos appear on their arms when they come into contact with water, pee, come out of the water through their ears, cry...
  • The L.O.L. surprise Light Glitter: the disco style, they know it. These L.O.L. dolls have the ability to glitter in the dark.

#2 - The models

There are quite a few models, which often does not make it easy for parents. Among the current collection, there are the 3 cm Lil Sisters, the 8 cm Tots and the 6 cm Pets. You can choose the O.M.G Mannequin dolls which measure 27-28 cm. Each series usually comes with many accessories such as handbags, glasses, earrings, combs... Choose L.O.L. dolls from the same collection if you want to get all the figurines of the series.

#3 - The accessories

As a general rule, the accessories go with the L.O.L. dolls when you buy them. Each doll has its own elements, specific to its style. In addition to fashion accessories(earrings, clothes, bags, shoes, glasses, necklace, etc.), one can no less discover surprise L.O.L. houses cut according to the doll's dimensions. It includes furniture for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and outside.

#4 - The size of the dolls

You can choose between several sizes of L.O.L. dolls. The Fashion Dolls OMG mannequins measure 28 cm at the most and the Hairgoals are 8 cm. The surprise balls contain figurines or mini animals not exceeding 10 cm. Each size is aimed at a specific age group.

#5 - The age of the child

The vast majority of L.O.L. dolls are very small. That's why they are forbidden for children under 3 years old. They could swallow them or choke on them, which you would not want. Don't hesitate to take into consideration the age recommended by the manufacturer when choosing the ideal L.O.L. doll.

How to play with an L.O.L. doll?

The American giant Micro-Games Entertainment or MGA designs and markets L.O.L. dolls. Its acronym, the same as for "Laughing out loud", has greatly contributed to its rise. These little collectible dolls measure between 3 and 28 cm, with or without real hair, and adopt equally different looks. A surprise appears at every step of the unpacking process, no matter which model you choose.

Unpacking the L.O.L. doll

The primary purpose of the L.O.L. box is to reveal what's inside only when you unpack it. You only have an idea of how many surprises it is likely to contain. The packaging, in general, includes the image of a zipper. This is where you should start opening the pack. You can then unzip the small bags that include the figure(s) and any accessories. In some cases, you will be asked to solve a riddle to find the code required to open a compartment.

The collection of all L.O.L. dolls

As you can see, L.O.L. dolls are extraordinary. The unpacking will reveal dolls and accessories with which you can stage and dress your figurines. The discovery goes from surprise to surprise. Indeed, some models are equipped with a bottle that will allow them to spit water or pee afterwards. Others can change color in contact with water - cold or warm. If the main thing is to have a complete collection, you must be patient and persistent. It is not uncommon to find yourself with a double or triple L.O.L. doll. In order to get rid of them and find the ones you are missing, go to the exchange forums dedicated to the passionate collectors.

The educational value of L.O.L. dolls

Collecting L.O.L. dolls will ensure your child learns patience easily. He will be able to pay more attention to these little toys and handle them with care. Your little one will easily develop his creativity while understanding the value of an object when he finds the ultra rare L.O.L. doll.

L.O.L. doll or Enchantimals?

L.O.L. doll

The creation of the L.O.L. dolls was inspired by the various unboxing videos that have made the buzz on YouTube in recent years. These are also the same ones that made them a worldwide success. It comes in various formats: balls, cases, bottles, capsules ... containing figurines and a multitude of accessories. The biggest objective of the brand is to allow each child to collect as many L.O.L. dolls as possible. The number of surprises varies according to the series and the model. The same goes for the size and look. Basically, there are the Tots or big sisters, the Lils Sisters or little sisters, the boys and the Pets.


Suitable for children between 3 and 9 years old, the Enchantimals are collectible figurines. They are offered by Mattel, the brand having understood the importance of pets for little girls. It all started with a cartoon and unlike the L.O.L. dolls, the Enchantimals universe is specifically set in the forest with characters living in perfect harmony with nature and animals. So that each child can create his own story and make this little imaginary world real, Mattel has developed figurines in the image of its main characters. It should be noted that the Enchantimals are supplied with their respective pets upon purchase.


The L.O.L. doll is actually a revisited version of the Kinder Surprise and the surprise bags of yesteryear. We choose it precisely for the surprise effect it provides, but not only... The Lil Outrageous Littles are available in a plethora of models, ranges and styles, enough to amaze all children, girls or boys, from the age of 3. You can also customize the look of the dolls based on the accessories received. On the other hand, there is no surprise effect when buying the Enchantimals since you already have a preview before the purchase. Although the figures are less provided, you can still collect the 15 cm dolls with their inseparable pet.

Why buy a L.O.L. doll?

pourquoi acheter poupée L.O.L.

The L.O.L. doll becomes one of the most popular toys in the blink of an eye. Accessorized, it can be offered on any occasion to children of at least 3 years old. But why is it so popular? Find out why your children want to buy them.

Collectible dolls

Big, small or medium, there is a whole universe of L.O.L. dolls. So don't be surprised if your little one wants to have them all in his collection. They are accessible to all budgets and know that a collection can include different models packaged in a specific package (ball, capsule and case).

Suitable for small hands

The minimum size of a L.O.L. doll is 3 cm while the largest ones reach 28 cm in length. It has been designed with easy handling in mind for toddlers. Your little ones' chubby hands will be able to hold them perfectly. This way, they will be able to create new scenarios on a daily basis.

Endless moments of fun

The L.O.L. doll comes complete with accessories and will allow your toddler to have lots of fun and understand the world around him. The mere presence of the accessorized dolls invites imagination. Vocabulary development, skill development, storytelling and memory will also be stimulated to the fullest.

Only surprises

We particularly appreciate the surprise effect. There's not just one unpacking, as is the case with some toys. You'll discover more surprises as you unpack. Your child won't know which one to get until after they open each container. If he wants to get different characters, you'll have to buy him several boxes.

Dolls... and accessories

The number of surprises contained in an L.O.L. box, ranging from 5 to 20, varies according to the model and the collection purchased. Your child will discover glasses, shoes, clothes, a baby bottle, necklaces, handbags, earrings, etc. The hard plastic packaging can be used as a storage box or fitting room.

What is the price for a L.O.L. doll

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 75 £
75 £ to 145 £
more than 145 £
Price range diagram


An L.O.L. doll diary for teenage girls

Among the products derived from L.O.L. dolls is the diary. It is intended for all the teenage girls who are fans of these figurines and allows them to express their feelings. Like the dolls, these items come with accessories such as colored pens, scented pens or glitter pens and a lock.

A matching L.O.L. backpack

Your little one wants to show her friends her love for L.O.L. dolls? If so, give him a backpack with beautiful pictures of his favorite figures. You'll find something for everyone, especially since there are also matching school bags and shoulder straps.

Many derivative accessories to complement the L.O.L. dolls

It's not just bags and diaries that are all the rage these days, other derivative accessories can complement your child's L.O.L. dolls. Fan that he is, he will be able to delight in these authentic products like snack bags, caps, bath towels, dental kits, clothes, hair clips...

Learn to select dolls carefully for a complete collection

You should already know that L.O.L. dolls are produced in series or in waves. For each series, you can discover between 28 to 45 dolls without forgetting the pets and the glittery figurines. It is also possible to group them by club. There, L.O.L. dolls dress and wear their hair in the same way (retro, sport, dance...).

Play with your favorite L.O.L. dolls on the Roblox multiplayer platform

L.O.L. dolls lovers can go even further. Indeed, they can now play online with their favorite figurine on the Roblox platform. A way for the brand to promote its dolls, the L.O.L. Surprise! Official Party is accessible to everyone from the age of 7. Create an avatar, share your own game and visit those of others.


At what age can a child receive his or her first L.O.L. doll?

Some L.O.L. dolls can be used as early as 36 months, while others can only be offered from the age of 5. Around this age, the child will have quite developed fine motor skills, which will give him the ability to understand the idea of the figurines. In addition, the size of the dolls is in no way suitable for a small child under 3 years of age at the risk of choking when swallowing the miniature pieces.

What characterizes the surprise L.O.L. Hairvibes?

Whenunboxing, you have to separate the giant ball into 2. The first part contains wigs that you can interchange at will. The second part, on the other hand, includes various accessories both for hairstyling and for changing your look. In total, you must collect all 12 L.O.L. Hairvibes.

Are there any rare L.O.L. dolls?

Yes, and more, the L.O.L. dolls are classified according to their rarity, 5 in number: the fabulous, the popular, the fancy, the rare and the ultra-rare. The most frequent ones, your child will have them several times and will thus possess a double or even a triple of the same copy. The hope of getting an ultra-rare L.O.L. doll is established as the collection grows. For example, Queen Bee, from the Glitter series, is one of those rare L.O.L. figurines.

How many L.O.L. dolls have there been to date?

So far, there are nearly 530 L.O.L. figurines divided into series, types and clubs. To give you an exact idea, there are currently 11 series, 7 types as well as 26 clubs including Rock, Retro... In each series, we discover 3 types of characters, including the Tots (big sisters), the Lil Sisters or little sisters (miniature versions) and the L.O.L. Pets, considered to be the dolls' best friends.


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L.O.L. Surprise Mega Coffret LLU93
L.O.L. Surprise Mega Set LLU93
LOL Surprise Hairgoals Série 2
L.O.L. Surprise Hairgoals Series 2
L.O.L. Surprise! 422020 O.M.G.
L.O.L. Surprise! 422020 O.M.G.
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L.O.L. Surprise! Lils Winter Disco Series


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