The best kitchen sinks in the UK 2023

An essential element of a good kitchen, the sink represents a practical equipment for the cleaning of utensils and food. It is also an element that gives a particular style to this functional room. Existing in several materials, sizes and shapes, discover through this guide how to choose a kitchen sink.

FRANKE - Tectonite XL Sink 1

Best value for money

FRANKE - Tectonite XL Sink

The best kitchen sink in 2021

An opportunity for functional, practical and quality kitchen enthusiasts! Here is the Tectonite XL sink from Franke. It is a built-in material whose measurements are adapted to a piece of furniture from 43.5 cm.

160 £ on Amazon

This kitchen sink from Franke has been designed for easy installation. As proof, the model comes with two holes for the mixer tap and you have a nicely designed plug to elegantly plug the free one. The elegance doesn't stop there, as this sink is made of onyx-colored tectonite. Unique to Franke, this material is resistant to vibration and high temperatures, up to 180°.

This sink has a smooth, sealed surface with a grid drain design. It was designed specifically for food use. In addition, this synthetic material is easy to maintain as you only need to wipe it down. This equipment will beautify any contemporary and modern kitchen.

Mizzo Design Under plan 2

Best value for money

Mizzo Design Under plan

The best entry-level kitchen sink

For those who have a small kitchen, but want to have the best equipment and material, here is an opportunity not to be missed. The stainless steel kitchen sink of the brand Mizzo Design is dedicated to you.

99,20 £ on Amazon

The Mizzon Design stainless steel kitchen sink has a European style. Measuring a total of 34 cm, it is a sink made of stainless steel with 304 quality steel alloy, with flush or undermount installation, and with a type of drain in grid. Its size is suitable for furniture from 40 cm.

This sink with a square bowl has a soundproofing system thanks to an integrated soundproofing adhesive coating. It can be built in, as well as installed underneath or flush. Functional and practical, it also comes with a lifetime warranty for a risk-free investment.

Blanco 522105 Axis III 6 S-If 3

Best value for money

Blanco 522105 Axis III 6 S-If

The best high-end kitchen sink

Looking for practical and functional luxury equipment for your kitchen? The Blanco 522105 Axis III 6 S-If kitchen sink is your answer. This sink will bring a touch of luxury to your kitchen, while being practical.

352 £ on Amazon

The Blanco stainless steel kitchen sink is 60 cm long and has an edelstahl color. Its design emphasizes practical and functional use thanks to its sliding glass cutting board, offering the possibility to work directly in the pots or baking dishes. Even better, this equipment comes with a siphon already included.

In addition, it is equipped with a perforated multifunctional bowl that can be freely integrated into the main bowl. The C-overflow and InFino technology makes the equipment practical in that the overflow is hidden and the integrated draining system is easy to maintain. Thus, the sequence is as smooth and ergonomic to use on both axes.

VidaXL Undermount Kitchen Sink 4


VidaXL Undermount Kitchen Sink

The best two-bowl kitchen sink of equal size

Elegant, this contemporary style granite sink from vidaXL is decked out in its finest colors to transform your kitchen. Indeed, it has a black color with a diamond hue for a beautiful visual effect.

196 £ on Amazon

Indeed, VidaXL introduces the 2-tank undermount kitchen sink in black colors to bring a contemporary touch to your kitchen. Adopting granite as the material of manufacture, and using a type of grid drain, this sink fits perfectly in a contemporary kitchen to bring even more style to it.

With its 2 deep basins, this sink benefits from an elegant design with clean lines in the kitchen. Its durable and ecological material makes it even more resistant to shocks, scratches and high temperatures up to 280°C. Moreover, it is also resistant to dirt and stains, while being easy to clean.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best kitchen sink

Any specific needs?

The best kitchen sink in 2021

The best entry-level kitchen sink

The best high-end kitchen sink

The best two-bowl kitchen sink of equal size

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Comparison table of the best kitchen sinks

Editor's Choice Inexpensive Premium Excellent
FRANKE - Tectonite XL Sink 5
Mizzo Design Under plan 6
Blanco 522105 Axis III 6 S-If 7
VidaXL Undermount Kitchen Sink 8
FRANKE - Tectonite XL Sink
Mizzo Design Under plan
Blanco 522105 Axis III 6 S-If
VidaXL Undermount Kitchen Sink
An opportunity for functional, practical and quality kitchen enthusiasts! Here is the Tectonite XL sink from Franke. It is a built-in material whose measurements are adapted to a piece of furniture from 43.5 cm.
For those who have a small kitchen, but want to have the best equipment and material, here is an opportunity not to be missed. The stainless steel kitchen sink of the brand Mizzo Design is dedicated to you.
Looking for practical and functional luxury equipment for your kitchen? The Blanco 522105 Axis III 6 S-If kitchen sink is your answer. This sink will bring a touch of luxury to your kitchen, while being practical.
Elegant, this contemporary style granite sink from vidaXL is decked out in its finest colors to transform your kitchen. Indeed, it has a black color with a diamond hue for a beautiful visual effect.
78 x 43.5 x 20 cm
51.8 x 46.2 x 29.2 cm
100 x 51 x 17.5 cm
86 x 51 cm
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Easy to clean
7,8 Kg
6.94 kg
11.88 kg
30.9 kg

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Buying guide - kitchen sink

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How to choose your kitchen sink

#1 - Dimensions

Before buying, remember to take the exact dimensions of the location of your future sink. Indeed, you will have to do additional work if the model you buy is too small or too big. Then, take into account the type of installation you have planned: built-in, undermount or free-standing.

The built-in model is distinguished by the presence of a work surface or edges, it is the most famous. In the same vein as the conventional built-in model but more modern, you have the undermount model. Built-in, it does not have edges but gives another dimension to the aesthetics of your kitchen. Finally, the free-standing model for those who don't want to do major work.

#2 - Material

The material must also be taken into account. This results from the fact that the quality takes into account the resistance to shocks, scratches, temperature variations and ease of maintenance.

For your information, stainless steel is the best option, for a designer kitchen. Stoneware and ceramic are also elegant and solid materials, while being easy to maintain. Other materials, such as granite, resin, concrete or even tempered glass can be alternatives to choose depending on the use.

#3 - Shape

In terms of kitchen in general, and kitchen sink in particular, the time of classic designs is now over. Thus, for an optimal effect adapted to the style of the kitchen, it is possible to find a square-shaped sink for small spaces, a round sink for more style and charm, and also a built-in corner sink for atypical kitchens.

#4 - Number of bins

The number of basins of a kitchen sink should be defined according to the dimensions of the kitchen. Thus, it is possible to opt for a large double bowl sink for large kitchens, but it is advisable to prefer the small single bowl sink for a studio or a small kitchen.

#5 - Dumping method

The emptying method is also important in choosing a kitchen sink. Thus, it is best to choose the method that suits the use. Depending on the quality, the user has the choice of a sink with a chain plug drain, a basket strainer drain, or a button installed on the sink deck.

How to install a double kitchen sink?

The installation of a double kitchen sink consists first of all in drawing the template of the equipment on the worktop. This is to delineate the size and dimensions suitable for the chosen models, with precision in the holes and connections.

Then, after the delineation of dimensions, it is necessary to proceed with the cutting of the sink, according to the needs and requirements, as well as the worktop to adjust the screws and fixings. Once this step is completed, it is time to install the sink and adjust its position, then screw everything and fix the water connection on each tray.

To ensure a good seal of the sink, especially at the level of water drainage connections, it is necessary to define the hole for the faucets using drills or hole saws. It should be noted that the dimensions of the hole vary depending on the needs, hence the need to determine them in advance.

After the installation of the connecting pipes, it is also necessary to install the sink bungs and the water inlet connection. This consists of installing an overflow from underneath, put the bungs of the two basins, put the mastic cord, screw the grid of the sink, put the connection pipe, screw the joint and the pipe, then adjust the size of each part, and tighten everything to avoid water leaks.

Finally, to finish, you need to put the siphon in place by placing the screw rings and seals on the drain pipes, and thread the siphon with the vertical sleeve and pipe.

The different types of kitchen sinks

Single tank

A single bowl sink is dedicated to studio kitchenettes and small kitchens. This equipment is adapted to the optimization of a limited space.

Because of its small size, the single bowl sink is designed for people living alone, couples or small families. It allows you to wash, rinse and dry your dishes. Whenever possible, it should be chosen with an additional drainer, especially if it is intended for daily use. The drip tray is a material that limits water infiltration and avoids tarnishing or damaging the worktop surface.

Nevertheless, in case of infrequent use, it is better to choose a bowl with a drip tray to be fixed on the wall or on the worktop. Its other disadvantage is the risk of splashing accentuated during use.

Two identical sized tanks

The sink with two identical-sized bowls is a preferred equipment for a large family, provided that the space is large enough to accommodate it.

Its main advantage lies in the ability to wash dishes seamlessly, while still being able to proceed with food cleanup without having to juggle a separate container. This option also allows you to switch from one container to another, washing dishes on one side and vegetables and fruit on the other. It is possible to integrate a drainer to a double bowl sink of the same size, for practical reasons. Indeed, by choosing this type of sink, you benefit from the necessary space to store dirty dishes without taking up too much space.

This type of sink is quite bulky, especially in a small kitchen.

Two asymmetric tanks

An asymmetrical double bowl sink, also called a one and a half bowl sink is an alternative halfway between the single bowl sink and the identical double bowl sink.

In fact, the asymmetrical double bowl sink allows you to have enough space to wash large containers and utensils (large pots, oven dishes...), while having another small space to wash food. Even in terms of maintenance, the two different sized tanks offer the possibility to make the washing of food and utensils more convenient. The large tub is for cleaning large objects and many foods, while the small one can accommodate glasses, cups, spoons and also fruits.

The disadvantage of the asymmetrical double bowl kitchen sink is that it needs to be installed by a professional.

Drop-in kitchen sink or undermount kitchen sink

Free standing kitchen sink

The kitchen sink is a ready-to-install equipment, to be installed directly on a piece of furniture intended for this purpose, commonly called cabinet under sink. The size of this equipment is exactly adapted to its housing furniture, with little choice in terms of shapes. Compatibility lies mainly in the measurement already taken before the creation of the cabinet under sink.

By opting for this type of equipment, the aesthetic choice is more than limited. In addition to this, in case of problems later, the main constraints are the obligation to remove the cabinet and then re-install it.

Built-in kitchen sink

A built-in kitchen sink is to be fixed on the worktop already pre-cut to the dimensions of the equipment. Thus, it can be mounted directly on the support of your choice, with special care as to sufficient depth to embed the basins. The edges of the equipment are adjusted to the work surface thanks to the edges. The advantage of this equipment lies in the fact that it fits perfectly into the style of the kitchen.

The same problem as the kitchen sink is repeated in the event of a problem, in that it is necessary to move on to the removal, or demolition of the support before replacing or repairing the equipment.


Between a free-standing kitchen sink and a built-in kitchen sink, it is important to think about the maintenance and especially the style of the kitchen. These two solutions are also practical and functional depending on the type of kitchen. Finally, it will also depend on your personal taste, aesthetic direction and practicality that you want for your kitchen

Why buy a kitchen sink?

For a more functional room

The kitchen sink is an essential piece of equipment in a functional kitchen. This is because with this equipment, it is no longer necessary to run around to wash food and kitchen utensils. You only have to take a few steps to reach the refrigerator, the worktop or the stove.

To have a clean and more aesthetic kitchen

With a kitchen sink, the kitchen looks cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing. Especially since the design can be chosen according to the style to bring even more personality. Better than that, a kitchen sink is a tool that provides hygiene and absence of protrusions on the worktop.

To optimize hygiene in the kitchen

The kitchen sink is a material that contributes to bring more hygiene and cleanliness in a kitchen. It allows you to clean food and kitchen utensils but also to have clean water at hand for cooking and preparing meals. It is also an equipment to be always clean in the kitchen.

To bring more decorative style to the kitchen

The kitchen sink is an essential element to bring a more stylish design in the room. Discreetly, it brings a little extra decoration to the kitchen or blends with the existing decoration with its modern, industrial or rustic lines depending on the model and materials.

An element to harmonize the decoration

The kitchen sink is also a piece of equipment that can be chic, modern or discreet, bringing harmony to the style of the room and adapting to the other furniture. Depending on the model, it will bring a unique style to the kitchen, whether for a classic or contemporary effect.

The best brands of kitchen sinks

In our opinion, the best brands of kitchen sinks in 2022 are :

Villeroy & Boch
Mizzo Design

VidaXL originates from Venio, the Netherlands. This brand offers a wide range of products, especially for the kitchen. The articles bearing the brand come from direct factories with which the company has negotiated to have quality products. Thus, it adopts a particular design as to the packaging of the products and the design of it.

To benefit from the combination of design and functionality in the kitchen, the French-German brand of Lorraine origin Villeroy & Boch is your best partner. It offers aesthetically pleasing items with a strong style, while focusing on innovation to equip a kitchen with the best products. Even better, the brand offers stylish individual solutions for easy-to-care-for items.

Franke is a brand from a Swiss group that specializes in the production of sinks in general and kitchen sinks in particular. This brand offers innovative systems and solutions for the kitchen, whether public, professional or individual. Its items benefit from quality, longevity, functionality and above all impeccable design.

Mizzo Design is a European brand of Dutch origin prioritizing the manufacture of quality kitchen items. Specialized in the kitchen in general, and particularly in the manufacture of quality faucets, accessories and kitchen sink, the brand has a wide range adapted to the taste and budget of each user.

Blanco is a well-known brand in the kitchen equipment manufacturing sector. Its equipment is aimed at both professionals and kitchen enthusiasts. It favors quality equipment, with solid materials to confer more resistance and wear. In addition to this, its equipment offers a way to personalize the kitchen and the style design according to the tastes.

What is the price for a kitchen sink

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 250 £
250 £ to 400 £
more than 400 £
Price range diagram


Choose quality materials when choosing a kitchen sink

As much as possible, it is best to choose quality, even in a single or family kitchen. The best option today is stainless steel, as it is a light, yet resistant material. Indeed, this material resists high temperatures, scratches and shocks, while being hygienic and easy to maintain.

Adopt the right height for a kitchen sink

To optimize the use of a kitchen sink, it is important to opt for the right installation height. As a general rule, the most comfortable height ranges from 90 to 93 cm to accommodate all sizes. This is the standard size that fits most users, regardless of height.

Opt for a good dishwashing liquid

Even with the democratization of dishwashers, hand washing remains a must. Washing small amounts of dishes by hand saves you electricity and helps the environment. A good dishwashing liquid allows you to save water thanks to their ultra-degreasing composition.

Choose to use a drainer for a more functional kitchen sink

When possible, you should always have a drainer to accompany your kitchen sink. This is a result of the fact that in addition to a grid drainage system, it prevents the accumulation of water on the worktop. In this case, it also makes for a cleaner, more hygienic and healthier sink.

Choose practical accessories with the kitchen sink

A practical and functional kitchen sink is equipped with the best accessories. In this context, the faucet should be directional, especially for a double bowl sink, whether it is with identical or asymmetrical bowls. Thus, when using it, it will be easier to turn the tap in one of the basins without problems and without the risk of damaging it.


How to unclog a kitchen sink?

Several solutions are used to unclog a kitchen sink. The first is to mix hot water with liquid soap and pour the solution into the sink until it runs clear. Alternatively, you can pour baking soda or salt and white vinegar into the sink, then finish with boiling water.

What size should a kitchen sink be?

The size of a kitchen sink should match the size of the kitchen first, then the size of the cabinet and countertop. In case of replacement, just choose an identical model to the previous one, or widen the cut and choose a larger material if the space allows.

How to change a kitchen sink faucet?

Before changing a kitchen sink faucet, you should first empty the cabinet under the sink, and then remove the old. To do this, you need to detach the water supply pipe, then remove the fastening system. Next, it remains to install the new faucet, taking into account the manufacturer's instructions, then mount and seal it with silicone, replace the water supply pipes and tighten.

How to adjust the plug of the kitchen sink drain?

To adjust the kitchen sink drain plug, simply adjust the screw that is placed at the bottom. Once the screw is tightened, the plug will close again to become perfectly tight. In this case, this prevents a kitchen sink that empties quickly when you need to have water in the basin.


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FRANKE - Tectonite XL Sink 9
FRANKE - Tectonite XL Sink
Mizzo Design Under plan 10
Mizzo Design Under plan
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Blanco 522105 Axis III 6 S-If
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VidaXL Undermount Kitchen Sink


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