The best kitchen gloves in the UK 2023

You can't have a kitchen without an oven. And any good master of the stove must be prepared for all eventualities, including the risk of burns when handling the tray or a pan. That's why a pair of kitchen gloves is essential. Anti-burn, anti-cut, not easy to make the right choice. Follow our guide to decide.

BESTonZON 4 pcs

Best value for money

BESTonZON 4 rooms

The best kitchen gloves in 2021

Despite such an attractive price, you will not only receive a pair of kitchen gloves. The manufacturer also offers you a pair of very well-made potholders.

20,79 £ on Amazon

To carry out the preparation of your meals, choose this set composed of a pair of oven gloves and a pair of potholders. They offer great heat resistance, even if you use them to remove your dishes from the oven. Your wrists are also protected against extreme temperatures up to 250°C.

The BESTonZON 4-piece has a soft-touch quilted cotton lining, which makes it more comfortable to wear and use. In addition, the textured, non-slip silicone exterior provides excellent grip.

DEX FIT Cru553

Best low cost

DEX FIT Cru553

The best entry-level kitchen gloves

The DEX FIT Cru553 kitchen gloves offer maximum protection against sharp tools. You can also use them during your DIY or gardening work.

10,71 £ on Amazon

That's right! Besides heat, your hands also need protection from sharp objects. The high resistance of this pair of kitchen gloves should fully satisfy you. They comply with CE EN 388 4544 and ANSI standards. This means that with such equipment, you will be able to cut meat or handle sharp objects without any fear.

The comfort is such that the gloves fit your fingers perfectly. Its design with polyethylene and 13-gauge spandex ensures that you will have unmatched skill, no matter what task you are performing. They have a rubber coating that is both breathable and slip-resistant. The presence of elastic cuffs allows you to remove them easily.

Napoleon 62147

Best high end

Napoleon 62147

The best high-end kitchen gloves

These kitchen gloves cover your hands, wrists and forearms. They are highly effective protective accessories against hot coals and hot grills.

26,39 £ on Amazon

How to make a barbecue party memorable? By not getting burned, of course! The Napoleon 62147 is made of a robust material: real cowhide. In addition to providing optimal thermal protection, it takes advantage of its natural character to allow you a better comfort of use and a pleasant flexibility. The pair of gloves fits naturally thanks to the reinforced seams.

The Napoleon 62147 kitchen gloves are exceptionally versatile. They will be indispensable in other areas such as baking or welding. With separate fingers, you'll be more comfortable in performing your various tasks.

OrgaWise Gant Anti Chaleur


Gants anti-chaleur OrgaWise

Universal and reasonably priced kitchen gloves

Comfort, ease of use and above all, a good price are all part of this pair of universal kitchen gloves. 30 cm long, they can withstand up to 800 °C.

13,59 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best kitchen gloves

Any specific needs?

The best kitchen gloves in 2021

The best entry-level kitchen gloves

The best high-end kitchen gloves

Universal and reasonably priced kitchen gloves

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Comparison table of the best kitchen gloves

BESTonZON 4 pcs
DEX FIT Cru553
Napoleon 62147
OrgaWise Gant Anti Chaleur
BESTonZON 4 rooms
DEX FIT Cru553
Napoleon 62147
Gants anti-chaleur OrgaWise
Despite such an attractive price, you will not only receive a pair of kitchen gloves. The manufacturer also offers you a pair of very well-made potholders.
The DEX FIT Cru553 kitchen gloves offer maximum protection against sharp tools. You can also use them during your DIY or gardening work.
These kitchen gloves cover your hands, wrists and forearms. They are highly effective protective accessories against hot coals and hot grills.
Comfort, ease of use and above all, a good price are all part of this pair of universal kitchen gloves. 30 cm long, they can withstand up to 800 °C.
Silicone, quilted cotton lining
Rubber, nitrile, high performance polyethylene, elastane
Genuine cowhide leather
Oxidized fiber, cotton lining
Maximum supported temperature
250 °C
450 °C
800 °C
Machine washable
33 x 17 x 2 cm
22.86 x 12.7 x 0.76 cm
19 x 39.4 x 14 cm
31.7 x 25.6 x 3.6 cm
322 g
68 g
300 g
260 g

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Buying guide - kitchen gloves

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How to choose your kitchen gloves

Regardless of their type, kitchen gloves are first and foremost protective accessories. With that in mind, you need to pay special attention to their functionality. Here are the factors to consider when choosing the right pair of kitchen gloves.
choisir gants de cuisine

#1 - The material

The material used in the manufacture of your future kitchen gloves influences their thermal insulation capacity. The same is true for their maintenance. A wide variety of materials are available, including leather, textile, neoprene, silicone, nitrile and latex.

Choose models made of cotton, resistant synthetic fibers or silicone with high resistance to a temperature of at least 200°C. You will thus benefit from a good protection and a maximum comfort of use. When it comes to cut-resistant gloves, the most common materials are Kevlar, PVA and wire mesh.

#2 - The comfort of use

Preferably, turn to models that give you better protection in the forearms and wrists. Consider oven mitts that are long enough, soft and/or flexible to maximize freedom of movement. Waterproofing as well as cotton coating (prevents sweating) or non-stick coating (prevents slipping) would be great additional options. In addition, most of today's kitchen gloves are easily machine washable.

#3 - The size

The size as well as the shape of the gloves play an important role in your comfort. For this, it is advisable to focus on its design so that they fit your hands. If the pair of gloves is too big or too small, it may well hinder your movements and your trays or dishes may slip out of your hands. In case you don't know the size of yours or the person you want to give the gloves to, prefer models of universal size.

#4 - The heat/cut resistance

In general, the resistance of a kitchen glove depends on the material with which it was designed. Models made of synthetic fiber withstand a temperature of about 95 °C, while those made of silicone go up to 200-250 °C. Barbecue gloves can reach 800°C. If you often handle sharp objects, we recommend anti-cutting gloves made of leather, mesh or Kevlar. Professionals will opt for models that do both anti-cut and anti-heat.

#5 - The type of use

The primary purpose of kitchen gloves is to protect your hands from heat and cutting. However, not all gloves are created equal. Some models are rather reserved for more specific uses, as is the case of barbecue gloves.

Since you are almost literally playing with fire, it is important to choose models made of high performance, ultra-resistant materials with reinforced seams. Textile or silicone gloves are suitable if you just want to take a dish out of the oven or microwave, remove a pan from the fire... For cutting vegetables or meat, get quality anti-cutting kitchen gloves.

Disposable kitchen gloves

These gloves can be used when handling wet, greasy products or products that can stain your clothes and textile gloves. They do not protect you from heat or cuts and are disposable.

How to use your kitchen gloves?

Kitchen gloves provide unparalleled hygiene and protection and help you accomplish a variety of household tasks. Here are a few tips to help you understand how they work:

The function of each type of kitchen glove

There are 2 types of kitchen gloves, including disposable and reusable models. Disposable kitchen gloves are mainly used when you are handling food. Once dirty, you can't use them anymore and throw them away immediately. The reusable ones include cut resistant gloves and heat resistant gloves. They are indispensable from the preparation of ingredients to the end of cooking.

The right time to wear them

Avoid wearing oven mitts for too long. Put them on when necessary and for as long as you need them for the task at hand. When cleaning your food or washing your dishes, put on disposable oven gloves. When cutting vegetables, meat... don't hesitate to wear your anti-cutting gloves. Finally, use your heat resistant gloves at the end of cooking.

The different types of kitchen gloves

The type of oven mitts you choose depends on your preferences, but especially on the use you intend to make of them. Some can play the role of others, but to each his own disadvantages and advantages.

Heat resistant kitchen gloves

Gants anti-chaleur de cuisine

This type of model, made of textile and/or silicone, is usually short and accompanied by potholders. Coming in pairs, the gloves are practical for taking hot dishes out of the oven and for removing pots or pans from the cooking plate. They come in 2 different forms.

The first one is characterized by a single large slot for the 4 fingers and a small one for the thumb while the second one adopts individual slots for each finger. The latter is easier to use and offers a more comfortable grip. The thermal insulation capacity of heat resistant gloves ranges from 95 to 250°C.

Cut resistant kitchen gloves

Gants anti-coupure de cuisine

Mesh , cut and sewn or knitted, they are specifically designed to offer excellent protection against cuts. The metal mesh is made of steel rings, practical if you work in the food industry such as butchery or fishmongering.

Cut and sewn kitchen gloves are distinguished by their resistant design combined with a quality palm lining. Finally, knitted cut resistant gloves are made of a single piece of high strength material such as para-aramid, HPPE, PVA, fiberglass or steel wire. The 10-gauge knitted gloves are thicker while the 13-gauge offers more flexibility.

Barbecue gloves

Gants de barbecue

Flexible, these kitchen gloves allow for optimal air circulation and increased comfort in use. They are distinguished by their length that covers the forearms. Usable as soon as the temperature goes above 250 °C (up to 800 °C), barbecue gloves are typically designed with high-quality leather for a firmer grip and silicone palms. They are easy to store with storage loops or cords. With such equipment, you no longer have to worry about handling grills, hot plates, charcoal...

Silicone cleaning gloves with picot

In the kitchen, picot gloves are a must for cleaning vegetables and washing dishes by hand. They can also be used as potholders or trivets when needed.

Heat resistant kitchen gloves or potholder?

As burns can, in serious cases, be irreversible, wearing heat protection accessories becomes a necessity, even an obligation.

Heat resistant kitchen gloves

Designed to withstand intensive and daily use, heat-resistant kitchen gloves are the best solution to avoid burns. Indeed, these burns can occur as soon as the temperature reaches 45°C, affecting the epidermis, the dermis and even beyond. The gloves offer you an optimal comfort of use since they are often made of soft cotton. They are machine washable, so you don't have to do the tiring task of washing them by hand. You can hang them near your work surface so that they are always within reach.


The square potholder protects your hands from the excessive heat of any kitchen equipment subjected to high temperatures. You will be able to carry and handle your dishes and pans safely. Some are made of thick enough cotton and lined with insulating material. They go hand in hand with other items such as an apron and gloves. On the other hand, silicone potholders show a good solidity and a better thermal resistance.


The potholder, smaller and covering only a few areas of your hands, is ideal for light tasks such as removing lids, handling the handle of a pan, removing a pot from the fire... On the other hand, if you plan to handle heavy dishes (gratin in the oven for example), it is better to opt for a pair of heat-resistant kitchen gloves.


Always follow the 15-second rule

The right pair of oven gloves can withstand temperatures up to 250°C for up to 15 seconds. This gives you the time you need to carry a hot dish from the oven to your work surface, for example.

Don't use damaged oven mitts

Before putting on your oven gloves, always remember to inspect them (presence of holes, seams that have given way...). Damaged gloves can indeed be uncomfortable and create problems for you.

Clean your kevlar gloves in the best conditions

Kevlar is naturally resistant to cuts, solvents and washing. It is a material that does not shrink or shed. You can resort to oxygen bleaching in the absence of chlorine. However, avoid putting it in contact with acid, bleach, or strong fuels.

Some cleaning rules to follow when wearing oven mitts

If you have no instructions on how to clean your oven gloves, avoid bleaching them, machine drying, dry cleaning, and ironing at high temperatures as much as possible.

Shorten your fingernails before putting on oven mitts

Certainly, cut-resistant and heat-resistant gloves are very tough and strong. Yet, long nails can lead to damage to your fingers, but more importantly, discomfort.


What are the best oven gloves?

The best oven mitts depend on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

How to remove embedded stains from oven gloves?

Mix baking soda and dishwashing liquid (one teaspoon of each ingredient). Use this solution in place of detergent and wash your gloves in hot water in a machine or by hand.

Are there oven gloves that are both anti-cut and anti-heat?

Yes! They can withstand an average temperature of up to 350°C and comply with EN 388 and EN ISO 13997.

Do oven gloves fit both left and right hands?

Generally, oven gloves are universal. However, some models have a specific side for the palm of the hand. The 2 sides are differentiated by their color.

How to clean burn marks from silicone oven gloves?

They can be cleaned like silicone molds. Simply soak your gloves in hot water mixed with white vinegar for 1 hour. Then wash them with soapy water and rinse.


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BESTonZON 4 pcs
BESTonZON 4 rooms
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DEX FIT Cru553
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Napoleon 62147
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