Kinderkraft strollers : our opinion and best deals in the UK 2022

Do you have a baby between 0 and 36 months old? Are you looking for a stroller that is stylish, practical and lightweight? Take a look at Kinderkraft. One of the pioneers in this sector, the brand offers a wide range of models that meet the needs of both parents and children. Sporty, nomadic, multifunctional, cane, double, with or without carrycot..., the ideal model is surely in this comparison of the best Kinderkraft strollers.

Kinderkraft All road Bird

Editor's Choice

Kinderkraft All road Bird

The best Kinderkraft stroller in 2021

A city stroller, yes, but it can also travel the countryside without any difficulty. The Kinderkraft All Road Bird is very comfortable and is designed for toddlers from birth. Practical, isn't it?

208 £ on Autourdebebe

The Kinderkraft All road Bird has a reversible seat. This means that it can be placed facing you or with its back to the road. The backrest is adjustable on 3 levels. The same goes for the footrest. The folding system is so simple that only one hand is needed to perform the operation. Once the stroller is folded, an automatic lock will be activated. This prevents accidental unfolding. All the all-terrain wheels are equipped with an effective damping system. Note that the front wheels, 7 inches long and with rubber studs, can swivel and are lockable.

The foldable canopy of the Kinderkraft All Road Bird is very spacious. It has a UPF50 protection factor and offers good ventilation. As accessories, the stroller comes with a large basket, a leg cover, a rain cover and a cup holder. The 5-point safety belt is combined with a removable crashpad with a nice eco leather finish for maximum safety.

Kinderkraft Lite Up

Best cheapest

Kinderkraft Lite Up

The best entry-level Kinderkraft stroller

The Kinderkraft Lite Up is as light as it is maneuverable. Ideal if you are thinking of taking a stroller on your next vacation. Weighing in at just under 6kg, it folds easily and is very comfortable for babies up to 15kg.

63,92 £ on Amazon

Planning to take your baby camping or on vacation? Choose the Kinderkraft Lite Up stroller. Its compactness and lightness guarantee easy transportation. The childcare accessory weighs only 6 kg and measures only 90 x 28 x 45 cm when folded. It will therefore fit in the trunk of a car or in the hold of a plane. Perfect for children from birth to 15 kg (about 3 years old), this stroller has an adjustable backrest that can be reclined.

The small wheels do not require maintenance or inflation. And yet, they promise you an excellent driving comfort and easy maneuvering. Plus, these wheels will have no trouble navigating different types of trails, from asphalt to bumpy roads. A padded 5-point seatbelt works in conjunction with the T-bar to ensure your toddler's protection and safety. And if you feel like going for a walk on the beach or if you've been caught in windy weather, you have nothing to worry about. The large canopy, with a magnetic closure window, will protect your little one from the sun and wind.

Kinderkraft 3in1 XMOOV Black

Best high end

Kinderkraft 3in1 XMOOV Black

The best high-end Kinderkraft stroller

Its multiple functionalities are sure to impress you. In addition, it comes with many practical accessories to optimize the comfort of baby and parents during long walks.

280 £ on Autourdebebe

This multifunctional stroller from Kinderkraft is perfect for babies from birth to 22 kg. The set includes a carrycot, a stroller and a car seat. With this model, you have two mounting options thanks to the 2-in-1 seat. Either you install your baby facing you, or you put him facing the road to enjoy the environment and the view.

The 4 wheels, respectively of 20 and 30 cm, integrate a mechanism of shock absorber. They have been designed to resist wear and tear and to offer an optimal grip on the ground. You can also lock them if you want to move the stroller in a straight line. The stroller has a reliable folding frame that locks easily after folding. Very comfortable for parents, the Kinderkraft 3in1 XMOOV Black has an 8-level adjustable handle and an easy access brake system.

Kinderkraft Nubi Navy

Excellent choice

Kinderkraft Nubi Navy

A mid-range alternative

It is the perfect equipment that allows parents to walk with their baby without constraint. It stands out for its easy folding, ultra-compact design, great lightness and urban character.

136 £ on Autourdebebe

Super maneuverable, the Kinderkraft Nubi Navy stroller is one of the lightest and most compact strollers in this comparison. The city model combines in one everything parents dream of for a perfect walk or trip. In this sense, you will enjoy 4 puncture-proof wheels thanks to which you will be able to travel on all types of terrain. The shock absorbers ensure that your little one is comfortable at all times.

Although the front wheels are rotatable, they are also lockable when going over rough terrain. The presence of a 5-point harness and a front T-bar reinforces your child's safety. In addition to the reclining backrest, this model also has an adjustable footrest and a UV50+ waterproof XL canopy. The latter is made of mesh fabric, which promises good ventilation and better air circulation.

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Best kinderkraft stroller

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The best Kinderkraft stroller in 2021

The best entry-level Kinderkraft stroller

The best high-end Kinderkraft stroller

A mid-range alternative

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Comparison table of the best Kinderkraft strollers

Kinderkraft All road Bird
Kinderkraft Lite Up
Kinderkraft 3in1 XMOOV Black
Kinderkraft Nubi Navy
Kinderkraft All road Bird
Kinderkraft Lite Up
Kinderkraft 3in1 XMOOV Black
Kinderkraft Nubi Navy
A city stroller, yes, but it can also travel the countryside without any difficulty. The Kinderkraft All Road Bird is very comfortable and is designed for toddlers from birth. Practical, isn't it?
The Kinderkraft Lite Up is as light as it is maneuverable. Ideal if you are thinking of taking a stroller on your next vacation. Weighing in at just under 6kg, it folds easily and is very comfortable for babies up to 15kg.
Its multiple functionalities are sure to impress you. In addition, it comes with many practical accessories to optimize the comfort of baby and parents during long walks.
It is the perfect equipment that allows parents to walk with their baby without constraint. It stands out for its easy folding, ultra-compact design, great lightness and urban character.
Recommended age
From birth to 15 kg
Up to 15 kg
From birth to 22 kg
From birth to 15 kg
European standard EN 1888:2018
European standard EN 1888
ECE 44/04 for the MINK car seat
European standard EN 1888
11.6 kg
6.08 kg
Chassis : 8,5 kg - carrycot : 5,5 kg - car seat : 3,3 kg
7 kg
Reversible seat, adjustable footrest and backrest, cushioning on all rubber+EVA wheels
EVA foam wheels, one-handed fold
2 in 1 seat (carrycot and stroller), 3 seat positions, Travel System, StopRide brake
Zip extension hood with magnetic closure, CLICK FOLD mechanism, Stop Ride central brake, Autolock system
Spacious UPF50 hood, large basket, leg cover, rain cover, cup holder
Cup holder, footmuff, rain cover, basket
Mommy bag, universal hooks, travel changing mat, cup holder, rain cover, mosquito net, sleeping bag, hood holder
Bodyguard, under seat basket, footrest cover, rain cover, cup holder

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Our opinion on the Kinderkraft strollers

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Our opinion on Kinderkraft strollers

avis poussette kinderkraft

In just 10 years, Kinderkraft has managed to establish itself as a brand name in the highly competitive childcare market. Today, it can compete with the historical leaders and distributes baby seats, high chairs and strollers in more than 60 countries around the world. Kinderkraft owes this success to several reasons. The quality of its strollers, innovations in the chain or a constant listening to the needs of parents and babies. A set of assets, but also some drawbacks that make the brand what it is today.

Top of the range strollers

As parents, our demands are high when it comes to buying products for our children. The stroller is no exception. Kinderkraft understands this. That's why, since its inception in 2011, the Polish manufacturer has positioned itself at the top of the line. Each model follows a strict design process. The materials are carefully selected. All design takes place in Poland in consideration of the health and safety standards in force in the European Union. This allows Kinderkraft to offer high quality, reliable strollers that meet the requirements of parents who want the best for their little ones. This high quality is combined with reasonable and affordable prices.

Strollers that meet parents' needs

Kinderkraft listens to parents to meet their needs. 3-in-1 strollers, cane strollers and other models are available from the brand. But that's not all, they also develop these strollers according to their uses. Some models are more suitable for parents who drive, others are dedicated to short walks or trips. A lot of accessories are proposed to enlarge even more the possibilities of use of the strollers while taking care of the comfort and the safety of baby. Thus, mom and dad will certainly find at Kinderkraft the stroller and accessories that will meet their needs and expectations in terms of comfort, safety and convenience.

A rather limited catalog

Of course, Kinderkraft offers different types of strollers for different purposes. However, the choice of models is much more limited. There are less than a dozen models from the brand. This is relatively few compared to other very big brands like Chicco. Of course, each model is available in several colors. However, these colors are still limited enough to give you a wide choice in terms of design and colors. In addition, Kinderkraft does not offer double or triple strollers.

Kinderkraft strollers: quality at a good price

Of course, you won't have a huge selection when you buy a Kinderkraft stroller. However, you will be investing in a quality item that you can fully rely on. The materials that will be next to your child's skin will meet current health and safety standards. The stroller will provide a cozy comfort to baby and will be easy for you to handle. Moreover, your expenses will remain reasonable at the time of the purchase.

Kinderkraft or Chicco stroller?

Kinderkraft Stroller

In ten years of business, Kinderkraft has sold approximately 700,000 strollers worldwide. This figure is a testament to its meteoric rise, justified in particular by the quality, safety and comfort of its products. Since its arrival on the market, the Polish brand has won several prestigious awards and has become a reference in the childcare market.

Quality is not the only thing Kinderkraft has going for it. The brand has conquered the hearts of parents around the world by offering them attractive prices. The lack of diversity in its catalog will be its only notable drawback. This is understandable when you consider that Kinderkraft has only been in business for a decade.

Chicco Stroller

The Chicco brand is one of the historical players in the childcare market. It has been producing articles specially dedicated to babies from 0 to 3 years old and to young mothers for 60 years. It is credited with numerous innovations straight out of its study and research center. Thanks to its experience and know-how, Chicco is able to offer solutions that meet the needs of parents. Strollers are one of them.

Chicco's strollers are ingeniously designed and manufactured with high quality materials and comply with European standards. The brand also has the advantage of diversity. More than twenty stroller models of all types are currently available in its catalog.


Chicco has a larger selection of strollers. At Kinderkraft, the catalog is less extensive. Nevertheless, the prices applied by the Polish brand are more affordable on products with similar quality in both manufacturers. Preferring Kinderkraft will help you to save some money.

How to choose your kinderkraft stroller

Want to make your walks as fun as possible without having to strain yourself or your baby? Create beautiful memories with a Kinderkraft stroller. But which model to choose and what criteria to base it on? Find the answers to your questions in the rest of this article.
choisir poussette kinderkraft

Criterion 1 : The type of stroller

Choosing the right type of Kinderkraft stroller depends mainly on how long you will use it and the budget you have.

Criterion 2 : The frame

Criterion 3 : The wheels

Criterion 4 : The size and weight

Criterion 5 : The comfort options

When to change the Kinderkraft stroller?

test poussette kinderkraft

Do you feel that your baby has outgrown a carrycot? But at what age exactly should you make the transition to a stroller? These are all questions that are on your mind. Well, don't worry! Don't worry because we'll explain it all to you.

The Carrycot: until the 6th month...

According to experts, babies learn to sit up around 6 months of age. But not all children are created equal. Some may start earlier, while others will try sitting much later. As long as the child can't turn around yet, the carrycot is a very good option. And once your child is able to sit up, get a stroller immediately. This will avoid any risk of falling.

... or 9 kg

Why exactly 9 kg? This is because early childhood specialists believe that a baby, growing normally, weighs about 9 kg around 5 to 6 months. Hence the age recommended by the manufacturers. So, if your little one reaches this weight earlier than expected, it might be time to make the switch.

Note that at Kinderkraft, some of the carrycots, considered XL, can accommodate children up to 15 kg. For the stroller, choose a model with a flat folding backrest. Baby can lie down when he is tired and sit up when he wants to observe his environment.

Beware of non-verbal messages from your baby!

Baby cries, fusses and gets upset when he is in his stroller? What parent wouldn't be annoyed by such situations? Don't panic! If you think your child just doesn't like the stroller, it's not true! There are many reasons for this, but if you pay attention to your child's movements, you'll quickly understand what's going on. These tips will surely put you on the right track:

  • Give him something to eat or drink, maybe he is just hungry or thirsty
  • Help him up if his chubby little hands aren't strong enough to help him sit up
  • Place his seat (if it's a reversible model) facing you. Children don't like to lose sight of their parents.
  • Take your child for a walk. They love to observe everything around them.

Why change the Kinderkraft stroller?

You should replace your little one's Kinderkraft stroller if it is no longer safe, if the comfort level is compromised or if it is now too small to support your little one's weight.

Why buy a Kinderkraft stroller?

pourquoi acheter poussette kinderkraft

Why should you choose a Kinderkraft stroller over another brand? You may be asking yourself this question. Here are five good reasons to give your baby a stroller from the Polish brand.


At Kinderkraft, strollers are not classified into different ranges. All the models displayed in its catalog are top-of-the-line products. So you don't have to worry about the quality of design and materials used in their manufacture. It is this quality that has earned the brand's strollers several prestigious awards such as the Kid's Time Star and the Design Oscar - Red Dot Awards 2021.

Ease of use

Kinderkraft strollers feature ingenious designs that make it easy for parents to handle. The dimensions, handles, wheels and various locking systems are selected and designed so that parents can unfold the stroller, put baby in and push him or her without too much effort. Using a stroller becomes much more pleasant and less tedious with Kinderkraft.

Baby's comfort

Baby's comfort is one of the highest priorities when buying a stroller. Kinderkraft knows this. That's why our strollers are specially designed to keep your baby comfortable. This includes the choice of fabrics and padding, but also the design of the seat and backrest. In a Kinderkraft stroller, your child will be able to snuggle up comfortably under any circumstances.

The price

Despite the many advantages of Kinderkraft strollers in terms of quality, safety and comfort, they are still affordable. You'll be getting a great deal when you buy a model from the German manufacturer. You could also save money by buying the stroller directly as a package with accessories.


In just ten years, Kinderkraft has managed to go global. These strollers and other childcare products are distributed in 67 countries around the world. The brand sells its products directly through its online store. These products are also available from numerous distributors throughout Europe and the sixty countries where it is present. So you will have no trouble finding a distributor from whom you can buy the Kinderkraft stroller for your baby.

Our opinion on alternative brands

We believe these are the best alternative brands to the Kinderkraft strollers:

Bébé Confort
Safety 1st
Baby Jogger

Chicco is a brand of the Italian group Artsana. For over 60 years, Chicco has been manufacturing childcare and maternity products. Chicco currently distributes its products in more than 120 countries and is distinguished by the high quality of its products, including strollers. Are you looking for a reliable alternative to Kinderkraft? Chicco is the brand that could satisfy you.

Bébé Confort is a subsidiary of the Dorel Group, a world leader in the baby equipment market. Although it is part of a Canadian group, Bébé Confort is a French firm that does not hesitate to put forward the "Made in the UK" on its products. The brand's strollers display a superior quality that complies with the health and safety standards in force in the UK.

The Beaba brand was born in the UK about thirty years ago. Today, it is one of the biggest players in the French childcare market and is present in 70 countries through subsidiaries and distributors. Like Kinderkraft, Beaba emphasizes the quality of its products and baby's comfort.

Safety 1st made a name for itself in the United States in the 1980s with its famous "Baby on Board" car seat. The model continues to be a bestseller to this day. The manufacturer has since expanded its product range. You will find in its catalog a long list of childcare items, including high quality strollers. As the name suggests, Safety 1st is all about baby safety, and their strollers follow this mindset perfectly.

Baby Jogger has made strollers its big specialty. It has been manufacturing this baby equipment since 1984. These strollers stand out through the many innovations that allow them to be more comfortable, but also more versatile and safe. Baby Jogger is a brand you can trust just like Kinderkraft.


Kinderkraft accessories

Kinderkraft develops several accessories especially for its strollers. Use these accessories to increase the level of comfort or convenience. Some provide shade, others protect from rain, etc. Refer to the instruction manual to find out the purpose of each accessory offered with the stroller. Kinderkraft also offers other items such as bags that match the strollers.

The all-terrain Kinderkraft stroller

Planning to get off the beaten path and go for a walk in the park or countryside with your child? The Kinderkraft All-Terrain Stroller is for you. Thanks to its rubber wheels with shock absorbers, this little speedster for babies weighing less than 15 kg can go anywhere you go, without any difficulty.

Removeable reinforcements when cleaning

The covers of Kinderkraft strollers are equipped with reinforcements. They allow the fabric to take on a certain shape while remaining flexible. You can remove these reinforcements. Removal is highly recommended when you plan to machine wash the cover. After washing, replace the reinforcements before attaching the seat to the stroller frame.

The 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 strollers

You'll find 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 strollers in the Kinderkraft catalog. These are multifunctional models with a removable carrycot. The stroller transforms into a baby carriage or a car seat with a few manipulations. They are also evolutionary strollers whose seat size will be adaptable to that of your child.

Leg weights

It sometimes happens that the Kinderkraft stroller falls over when you take your kid out of the seat. The reason is that the weight is concentrated in the back, forcing the front of the stroller to lift. You can avoid this rocking effect by placing leg weights on the front wheels. The stroller will then remain more stable when you push it and when you remove baby from the seat.


How do I fold the Kinderkraft stroller? How do I wash the Kinderkraft stroller? How old do I have to be to use the Kinderkraft stroller? How long is the warranty on a Kinderkraft stroller?

The folding of a Kinderkraft stroller can vary depending on the model. In any case, the brand offers innovative systems that allow effortless folding with one hand. You will find a quick-fold button under the handle. You usually need to engage the brake and lower the backrest to the maximum before pressing the fold button.

The cover of a Kinderkraft stroller is machine washable. Before cleaning it, it must be removed. Open the seat belts and the roll bar. Then open the seat fasteners and remove the hooks. Finally, loosen the Velcro fasteners under the seat. Remember to remove the reinforcing inserts in the cover before putting it in the washing machine.

Kinderkraft generally recommends weight limits on these strollers. As long as this limit is not reached, your child can be placed in the seat and carried in their stroller. The weight limit varies from model to model. On cane strollers and 2-in-1 strollers, it is 15 kg.

Kinderkraft brand delivers all new strollers with a 24-month warranty. This warranty covers manufacturing and operating defects on the stroller. To take advantage of this warranty, consider purchasing the accessory from an authorized dealer. Also, follow the instructions in the user manual so that the warranty is not voided due to improper handling.


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Our selection
Kinderkraft All road Bird
Kinderkraft All road Bird
Kinderkraft Lite Up
Kinderkraft Lite Up
Kinderkraft 3in1 XMOOV Black
Kinderkraft 3in1 XMOOV Black
Kinderkraft Nubi Navy
Kinderkraft Nubi Navy


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