The best irons in the UK 2023

in the UK, 93% of households make ironing a priority. There's nothing like a quick ironing to get a wrinkle-free shirt to make a good impression at an interview. How to choose? From steam flow to pressure, power and tank, check out our guide.

H. Koenig V5i 1

Editor's Choice

H. Koenig V5i

The best iron in 2021

The H. Koenig V5i is a steam unit that combines efficiency and practicality. The power of 2400 W associated with a pressurized steam of 3.5 bars allows this device to operate continuously for 90 minutes.

43,99 £ on Amazon

This appliance is distinguished by its 1.7 l tank capacity, which allows you to iron under normal conditions for 90 minutes. You can also add water without having to interrupt the ironing process. You'll also be pleased to know that this device is compatible with distilled and normal water. However, the greatest strength of this iron with steam function is its very short heating time. It is ready for use in only 1.5 minutes.

Apart from the horizontal steam that is used during normal ironing, the device also has a vertical steam function that is very useful for smoothing suits and coats. The folding handle and the long winding cable allow you a lot of freedom of movement.

Calor Easygliss Plus FV5719C0 2

The best cheapest

Calor Easygliss Plus FV5719C0

The best entry-level iron

Thanks to its soleplate equipped with Durilium Airglide technology, this iron from Calor's Easygliss Plus range ensures a perfect glide on clothes.

39,99 £ on Amazon

With this iron with automatic shut-off, you'll quickly get rid of even the most stubborn wrinkles on your clothes. And you won't have to wait long for it, because this device is ready to use in only 3 minutes. Its 2500 W power provides a short heating time which, combined with a steam flow of 40g/min, will allow you to do more ironing work at any time. Note that you can use the steam function on hanging clothes with fabrics that need more attention.

As for the pressing function, it is especially recommended for removing the most stubborn creases on coats or suits. Finally, this iron has everything to please, except that it is forbidden to fill its water tank during use. The manufacturer recommends that you stop ironing to do this.

Philips Azur GC4902/20 3

The best high-end

Philips Azur GC4902/20

The best high-end iron

After revolutionizing ironing with its PerfectCare range in 2011, Philips is doing it again, but this time with its Azur collection, of which the GC4902/20 is one of the most worthy representatives.

57,44 £ on Amazon

The mission of the Philips brand is to make ironing as easy as possible. Very powerful, this device quickly heats up for an outstanding ironing quality. So if you have very little time to iron your clothes in the morning, this Philips iron is for you. Called SteamGlide Elite, its soleplate not only provides good glide, but is also highly scratch-resistant. Thanks to its 300 ml tank, you'll be able to iron a lot of clothes in one go.

In case maintenance is not your forte, rejoice, because the Quick Calc Release system makes cleaning this iron easy. If not in use, this ironing station automatically shuts off after 2 minutes when placed on its soleplate and after 8 minutes when placed on its heel.

Russell Hobbs SupremeSteam 23300-56 4

The best iron for mobile use

Russell Hobbs SupremeSteam 23300-56

The best cordless iron

Without a power cord, this iron can be used anywhere with the greatest freedom. Contrary to popular belief, this device is as powerful as the corded models.

47,73 £ on Amazon

The Russell Hobbs SupremeSteam 23300-56 is arguably one of the best cordless irons of its generation. This product is equipped with a smooth ceramic soleplate that easily removes all wrinkles and creases from your clothes. Just like corded irons, this iron has a vertical ironing function, which will be very useful for smoothing clothes on a hanger, but also upholstery and curtains.

It also has a spray function that allows you to spray water on a fabric to relax it. This cordless iron is recharged on a base equipped with numerous indicator lights. For 25 seconds of autonomy, you have to recharge it for 5 seconds on its base. If it remains motionless for 8 minutes, this device automatically turns off for more safety.

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The best iron in 2021

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Comparison table of the best irons

H. Koenig V5i 5
Calor Easygliss Plus FV5719C0 6
Philips Azur GC4902/20 7
Russell Hobbs SupremeSteam 23300-56 8
H. Koenig V5i
Calor Easygliss Plus FV5719C0
Philips Azur GC4902/20
Russell Hobbs SupremeSteam 23300-56
The H. Koenig V5i is a steam unit that combines efficiency and practicality. The power of 2400 W associated with a pressurized steam of 3.5 bars allows this device to operate continuously for 90 minutes.
Thanks to its soleplate equipped with Durilium Airglide technology, this iron from Calor's Easygliss Plus range ensures a perfect glide on clothes.
After revolutionizing ironing with its PerfectCare range in 2011, Philips is doing it again, but this time with its Azur collection, of which the GC4902/20 is one of the most worthy representatives.
Without a power cord, this iron can be used anywhere with the greatest freedom. Contrary to popular belief, this device is as powerful as the corded models.
37.4 x 19.9 x 26 cm
34.4 x 18.4 x 14.2 cm
33.7 x 16.5 x 14.1 cm
35.7 x 18.6 x 17.5 cm
3.2 kg
1.3 kg
1.7 kg
1.53 kg
2400 W
2500 W
2800 W
2400 W
Pressing function
Steam rate
100 g/min
40 g/min
50 g/min
40 g/min

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How to choose your iron

Innovations have taken over the laundry care market, and irons are no exception. You will discover models that are always different depending on the brand and the performance they can have. To make your choice as easy as possible, we suggest you start with the criteria below!

#1 - steam flow and pressure

To get rid of wrinkles on your clothes, there is nothing more practical than the steam delivered by the iron. It moistens and relaxes the fabric so that it is softer and therefore easier to iron. Expressed in grams per minute, the steam flow rate will help you evaluate the capacity of the device to produce this substance. The pressure is expressed in Bars and designates the force that the iron uses to propel the steam. Of course, these indices vary from one iron to another, as the majority of models on the market offer :

  • A steam flow between 20 and 65 g/min, even more on the versions equipped with boost and pressing function
  • A pressure between 2.5 and 4 bars

The higher the steam flow and pressure, the better! That said, a flow rate of 50 g/min and a pressure of 3 bars will do very well for domestic use. For their part, professionals will opt for a flow rate of at least 65 g/min, a pressure of 3.5 to 4 bars while prioritizing the additional features.

#2 - the power

The power is part of the essential elements that define the performance of an iron and impacts its heating time. It is generally between 1000 and 2600 W and necessarily aligns with the steam flow and pressure of the device. To achieve a perfect result on the one hand and to save time on the other, you will necessarily need a high power of about 1800 to 2000 W. Laundry care professionals will favor irons with a power of more than 2000 W.

#3 - the capacity

Since the irons sold today are mostly steam powered, capacity is a crucial detail that should not be minimized. Indeed, you should not be forced to refill the tank several times before finishing ironing a mountain of clothes. You will note that the ordinary models have a capacity between 300 and 500 ml, while the more powerful models have a separate tank with a capacity of almost 1.5 L. For regular use, choose a capacity equal to or greater than 0.5 L. On the other hand, if you plan to use it intensively, especially to compensate for professional use, never go below a capacity of 1 L even if it means having a better autonomy.

#4 - the sole


all the soles of irons slip when they are new. However, after several uses, they will eventually lose value unless you have chosen a quality soleplate. A soleplate is said to be satisfactory, when it :

  • Glides perfectly over any type of fabric and does not stick to it
  • Resistant to thermal shock and humidity caused by steam
  • Has a good number of perforations to deliver enough steam
  • Adopts shapes that can fit into the smallest corners of the clothes

As for the material of manufacture, you will generally have the choice between an aluminum sole, steel (stainless or enamelled), Teflon, ceramic or platinum. Prefer non-stick soles such as those made of platinum, as well as sturdy soles such as those made of aluminum. As far as shapes are concerned, you should definitely choose soles with a tapered tip

. These can be easily inserted into inaccessible corners of the garment such as collars and pockets.

#5 - Handling

For the sake of comfort on the one hand, and for a question of efficiency on the other, make sure that your make is as manageable as possible. The details to consider to ensure this are none other than its weight, size as well as the length of the cord. The iron should not be too bulky or heavy, either when empty or when its tank is full. Therefore, choose a standard weight of 1.3 to 1.5 kg that will easily fit on the iron rest of your ironing board and will be easy to handle. In addition, a cord that is too short may restrict your movement and slow down your ironing. Choose an iron with a cord that is at least 2 m long.

#6 - the functions

Almost all modern irons have additional features that consist of making your life easier. This can be related to ergonomics, ease of use, or performance. In any case, here are the bonus features that you should not overlook when choosing a good iron:

  • Boost function to amplify the initial steam flow or even double it
  • The pressing function that removes wrinkles in no time and whose flow rate is between 100 and 160 g/min
  • The anti-drip function that prevents water from dripping from the soleplate when the iron is used at a low temperature
  • Self-cleaning function that automatically removes lime and dirt deposits from the iron soleplate
  • The automatic shut-off function that allows the iron to stop by itself when not in use and is a safety feature at the same time
  • The ultraglide function that allows the soleplate of the iron to glide efficiently, regardless of the fabric to be ironed
  • Additional accessories: anti-limescale rod, anti-limescale valve, scale collection tray...

Ceramic or steel soleplate iron?

Taking stock of technical criteria such as steam output, power, pressure and functionality is far easier than choosing between the different types of iron soleplate. Among the many choices that exist, ceramic and steel soleplates stand out, and most of the time, they lead to doubts. What to choose?

Although they are somewhat more recent, ceramic ironing boards have many advantages . For example, this material has the advantage of being flexible interms of both shape and design. Also, it considerably reduces the cost of the irons that are equipped with it in view of its accessible price. In addition, an iron with a ceramic soleplate will not exceed 1.5 kg, which ispractical in terms of handling. It tends to heat up quickly and glide efficiently over any fabric as ceramic is non-stick by nature. Finally, cleaning this type of iron is not very complicated, as all you need is a damp cloth and that's it! The only drawback is that the material is neither durable nor resistant.

Steel soles also have their advantages and disadvantages . On the one hand,steel is an extremely robust, resistant and waterproof material ,especially if it is stainless steel. Corrosion, scratches and deformations are not to be feared and the heating time is ultra-fast. Irons with a steel soleplate are available at an affordable price. Its weak points are therefore in its heaviness which is often a hindrance to intensive ironing. In addition, steel irons need to be cleaned regularly, not to mention that you need to be careful about the temperature because the material can quickly burn delicate clothes.

In the end, the price of these two types of irons will not be your biggest concern since the choice is mainly based on practicality, resistance and maintenance. If you are looking for the most resistant and sturdy iron, then there is no doubt that a steel soleplate iron is made for you. Need excellent handling and delicacy? Turn to an iron with a ceramic soleplate.

Why buy an iron?

Professional look

An iron is the best way to give your clothes a professional look and feel in the comfort of your home. The steam from the iron moistens the fibers of your clothes and makes them easier to press. Not only that, but the steam also helps hold the fibers in place longer. This ensures that your clothes are clean all day long.

Saves time

An iron is a great alternative for people on the go who don't have a lot of time to spend ironing their clothes. It saves you those precious morning moments when you're running late!

Fabric Compatibility

Every fabric has different requirements. An iron is an especially handy device to use when you need to press many different types of fabric. Some models come with a variable temperature control with 6 fabric settings that give you customized heating options for all your clothes.

Safe to use

Compared to its alternatives that require constant monitoring, an iron is a relatively more reliable option. With the introduction of new models with automatic shut-off options, irons have become a trusted appliance in the home. Low risk, high reward!


Because of its ease of maintenance and efficient use, an iron has become a popular choice for most people. It only requires wiping with a damp cloth and the practice of emptying the water tank after each use to ensure that this device retains its effectiveness over the years. Some products also have an automatic self-cleaning feature that only adds to the convenience of the iron.

The best brands of irons

In our opinion, the best brands of irons in 2022 are :


When it comes to laundry care, Calor is a must. This brand, which has been part of the SEB group since the 1970s, is a real reference in the manufacture and marketing of irons. Users can no longer do without the wide choice offered by the Calor catalogues, especially with the possibilities available in terms of functionality.

Fans of this brand know perfectly well that it is one of the biggest leaders in the electronics and household appliances market. They offer a wide range of products at different prices so that everyone can enjoy them. Always on the lookout for innovation and performance, Philips offers the best irons on the market.

Also part of the SEB Group for over 40 years, the German brand Rowenta aims to blend into the daily lives of users. To do this, it offers a variety of essential items such as irons, without forgetting to increase their efficiency. Users especially appreciate the modern design, precision and ergonomics of Rowenta products.

This Swiss brand was founded in 1980 and is one of the major promoters of high-end ironing products for private individuals. Today, the brand is known internationally, but Europeans are the biggest fans. Its products stand out from the competition thanks to their impeccable quality and high price.

The French brand Domena is a reference in the ironing and steam cleaning sector. The brand offers models of irons that are functional and ergonomic for the most part. Some of them even come with essential accessories such as ironing boards.


Aluminium foil for temperature management

Aluminum is a heat conductor, so you can improve the operation of your iron by incorporating a sheet of aluminum into the ironing board. By doing so, it draws the heat the iron exerts on the linen so that it in turn reflects it back. In a pinch, both surfaces are ironed.

Remove burn marks on the iron soleplate with vinegar

White vinegar is a quick fix for burn spots. Soak a clean cloth in the liquid, then wipe the stain with another clean cloth. Wipe with clean, cold water to finish.

Iron your clothes on the inside

Have you

ever noticed a slight sheen on dark clothes after ironing? This is caused by the heat of the iron. A simple way to avoid this is to iron on the reverse side whenever possible. This will help protect the appearance of your clothes and keep them from wearing out too quickly.

Replay in the right order


knows that ironing shirts is no small task! If you don't know where to start, we recommend going from the outside in. Start with the collar and then the cuffs and work your way up from there. This technique makes the process less complicated and easy to manage.

Switch back in order from cold to hot


you iron your clothes, take the time to sort them by separating the clothes into different categories based on their heat resistance (delicate, medium and durable level). Start with delicate garments on low heat, then increase the heat as you move to a different category of laundry. Since irons take a while to cool down, this is the most reliable way to ensure that everything is done on time and without incident.


What is the best iron?

The best iron depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

How to clean the soleplate of an iron?

To clean your iron, nothing beats the typically natural methods like white vinegar or baking soda that you dilute in a small amount of water. Simply rub a cloth soaked in these substances and you're done! On the other hand, many people also use toothpaste or Marseille soap, which they apply directly to the soleplate of their iron and then wipe off with a cloth.

How to descale an iron?

If you want to avoid chemical substances at all costs that could reduce the durability of your iron, the best way to descale it is to use natural methods. Pour white vinegar and water into the reservoir, then turn on the appliance at full power and in steam mode. Once the tank is empty, iron an old cloth to remove lime and scale deposits.

What type of water should I use in the tank?

As there is no guarantee of the quality of tap water, we recommend that you use demineralised water. In this way, you do not need to descale the water.

Which soleplate should I choose for my cheap iron?

No matter what type of sole you choose, the most important thing is to make a good compromise between resistance, robustness, delicacy, durability and efficiency. Not easy, is it? We recommend Teflon or ceramic soles, but in any case, the choice depends on your expectations.


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H. Koenig V5i 9
H. Koenig V5i
Calor Easygliss Plus FV5719C0 10
Calor Easygliss Plus FV5719C0
Philips Azur GC4902/20 11
Philips Azur GC4902/20
Russell Hobbs SupremeSteam 23300-56 12
Russell Hobbs SupremeSteam 23300-56


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