The best intimate gels in the UK 2023

Intimate hygiene is essential to maintain a good hygiene of the vagina, which otherwise will become a source of infections and bad odors. Intimate gel is one of the best products to take care of this sensitive and fragile area of the woman's body. In addition to the best intimate gels of the moment, this guide will provide you with advice on hygiene with an intimate gel.

Überlube - Natural silicone intimate lubricant gel 1

Editor's Choice

Überlube - Natural silicone intimate lubricant gel

The best intimate gel in 2021

If you are looking for an intimate gel with a strong lubricating capacity, you should choose this 50 mL bottle from Überlube. Made with natural silicone and enriched with vitamin E, it promises gentle penetration and increased sensations.

14,36 £ on Amazon

The intimate lubricating gel Überlube is made of natural silicone. Perfect for the skins and the sensitive mucous membranes, it does not contain neither perfume, neither aroma, neither parabene, neither alcohol, nor glycerin. On the other hand, it is intimate gel rich in vitamin E to allow an exceptional feeling of softness. In addition to moisturizing properties, it is an effective lubricant for an easier penetration even during anal sex. Without dye, it does not leave unpleasant traces on the sheets. It can even be used under water during your escapades to the swimming pool, the lake, the sea or quite simply under the shower. As an added bonus, it's very easy to use: one press on its pump allows for perfect dosage of the ideal amount of gel without waste.

Corine de Farme - Gel de toilette intime hypoallergénique 2

The best cheapest

Corine de Farme - Gel de toilette intime hypoallergénique

The best entry-level intimate gel

For the most sensitive skins, this hypoallergenic gel Corine de Farme is the ideal for an impeccable intimate toilet. Tested under gynecological control, it has protective virtues for the intimate zone.

2,30 £ on Amazon
Pjur Original - Superior silicone lubricating gel 3

The best high-end

Pjur Original - Superior silicone lubricating gel

The best premium intimate gel

Silicone-based intimate gel, Pjur Original is also a universal lubricant perfect for various sexual practices (massage, anal or vaginal sex, masturbation, etc.). With its long lasting, it provides pleasure and does not stick!

32,12 £ on Amazon

Pjur Original is an intimate lubricant gel free of preservatives. Made from silicone, it prolongs the sensation of pleasure during anal or vaginal sex. But this intimate gel is also an excellent choice for masturbation or erotic massage, during foreplay for example. It does not stick and does not contain any perfume which can block the pleasure during your naughty games. Its composition is also without oil nor fat. Of this fact, it iscompatible with the latex condoms. As a lubricating gel, it is not only an asset that multiplies the sensations of pleasure to two or solo, because even in the medical field, it remains a product privileged of the gynecologists for example.

Femfresh 250 mL - Intimate cleansing gel 4

The best alternative

Femfresh 250 mL - Intimate cleansing gel

A great alternative

Conceived on base of extract of camomile and aloe vera, the Femfresh intimate cleansing gel has soothing virtues for the intimate zone. It restores the pH and rebalances the vaginal flora. The bottle has a capacity of 250 mL.

4,30 £ on Amazon

This Femfresh intimate cleansing gel combines the properties of aloe vera and chamomile to provide a soothing and refreshing sensation. Its effects are felt even throughout the day! Thanks to its balanced pH and its hypoallergenic composition without soap, this intimate care is appropriate for the most sensitive skins . It is used for external use only and requires rinsing with clear water after application on the surface of the intimate parts. It is an excellent cleansing gel to be used daily whose effectiveness is undeniable, especially as it was tested under dermatological and gynecological control.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best intimate gel

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The best intimate gel in 2021

The best entry-level intimate gel

The best premium intimate gel

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best intimate gels

Überlube - Natural silicone intimate lubricant gel 5
Corine de Farme - Gel de toilette intime hypoallergénique 6
Pjur Original - Superior silicone lubricating gel 7
Femfresh 250 mL - Intimate cleansing gel 8
Überlube - Natural silicone intimate lubricant gel
Corine de Farme - Gel de toilette intime hypoallergénique
Pjur Original - Superior silicone lubricating gel
Femfresh 250 mL - Intimate cleansing gel
If you are looking for an intimate gel with a strong lubricating capacity, you should choose this 50 mL bottle from Überlube. Made with natural silicone and enriched with vitamin E, it promises gentle penetration and increased sensations.
For the most sensitive skins, this hypoallergenic gel Corine de Farme is the ideal for an impeccable intimate toilet. Tested under gynecological control, it has protective virtues for the intimate zone.
Silicone-based intimate gel, Pjur Original is also a universal lubricant perfect for various sexual practices (massage, anal or vaginal sex, masturbation, etc.). With its long lasting, it provides pleasure and does not stick!
Conceived on base of extract of camomile and aloe vera, the Femfresh intimate cleansing gel has soothing virtues for the intimate zone. It restores the pH and rebalances the vaginal flora. The bottle has a capacity of 250 mL.
50 mL
250 mL
500 mL
250 mL
Intimate lubricant
Intimate cleanser
Intimate lubricant
Intimate cleanser
Vitamin E, natural silicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimenthicone
Lily flower, enriched with prebiotic and lactic acid
Silicone-based, preservative-free
With chamomile and aloe vera extracts, soap free

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Buying guide - intimate gel

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How to choose your intimate gel

By purchasing intimate gel in a specialized store or at the pharmacy, you will certainly benefit from sound advice on the ideal product. However, the following criteria should be considered before making a purchase:

#1 - Your skin type

Each bottle of intimate gel is designed to preserve the intimate health of a specific person with a particular skin type. That's why you should choose the one that suits your skin type. For dry skin, the ideal intimate gel should contain moisturizing agents and have a lighter texture. For sensitive skin, avoid cleansers containing more or less aggressive ingredients. Otherwise, in case of mycosis, choose gels with a slightly basic pH. But you can also do a patch test to know if the intimate gel is suitable for your skin type or not.

#2 - The composition of the intimate gel

Pay particular attention to the different ingredients composing the intimate gel. Choose those that are composed of active agents with anti-inflammatory properties such as sweet lavender oil, orange blossom or even chamomile. Some cleansing gels also contain antifungal and soothing components such as calendula. Its composition should not alter its softness during your intimate hygiene. The intimate gel should offer a fresh sensation and have a hypoallergenic formula to avoid all risks of allergies. On the other hand, it should be without soap or alcohol. Choose intimate gels that have been tested under gynecological control.

#3 - The fragrance of the intimate gel

Some intimate gels have a pleasant scent that makes you feel fresh and clean. However, an intimate cleansing gel with too much scent may indicate the presence of components that can irritate the skin, create itching, pruritus, allergies or even disrupt the vaginal pH! If you want to have a scented intimate gel, choose products with natural and soft perfumes released for example by certain active principles of the product like essential oils which compose it.

#4 - The use of the intimate gel

The intimate gels are, as their name indicates it, dedicated to the intimate hygiene. They should provide an extreme sensation of freshness after intimate cleansing, their purpose being to wash the area. However, certain intimate gels have a more specific use: that to alleviate irritations, to hydrate, to preserve from the vaginal dryness or to fight against the development of mycoses. There are also intimate gels used during sexual relations as lubricants. The choice of your intimate gel should then be in perfect agreement with your objectives during its use.

#5 - The packaging of the intimate gel

Your intimate gel should above all be practical and easy to use. Also, choose a model with a pump to avoid unnecessary waste. You will then be able to better dose the ideal amount for your intimate cleansing compared to models that just have a cap. The amount contained in a single bottle is also worth looking at. In general, you have intimate gels that come in bottles of 100 to 500 mL.

If you use the intimate gel only for a punctual treatment, choose intimate gels offered in smaller quantities. For daily use, you can afford a larger bottle, as the active ingredients remain effective for an average of 24 months.

To note:

Before the intimate toilet or the application of an intimate gel, take care to wash your hands carefully.

How do you use intimate gels?


Know that there are 2 main categories of intimate gels: those dedicated solely to external use and those dedicated to intravaginal use.

The intimate gel for external use

These are primarily intimate cleansing gels used for daily intimate cleansing or as an adjunct to antifungal treatment. These intimate gels are only applied to the outside of the vagina during washing. Under no circumstances should you use it to clean the inside of the vagina, which, by the way, is capable of self-cleaning.

To do this, you pour an appropriate amount into the palm of your hand. Then you lather and apply to the area gently, as it works like liquid soap or shampoo. Finish by rinsing thoroughly with clean water. To dry, pat lightly with a clean towel (ideally personal and cotton).

Intimate gel for internal use

This type of gel, which is used to lubricate or treat certain problems like vaginal dryness, can be used inside the vagina. To do this, you take the recommended amount, a priori a hazelnut, in your hand, or you use the single-use dose. Then, you apply in the vagina by massaging carefully and with much delicacy until complete penetration of the product in the mucous membrane. For an intimate lubricating gel, on the other hand, you just put a little on the tip of the penis or the outer surface of the vagina or anus and it's done.

Don't overuse it!

Be sure to follow your gynecologist's recommended dosage and frequency of use. Similarly for lubricating gels used during sex, it is best to apply a small dose and add more if needed, except in the case of anal penetration where the dose should be doubled compared to vaginal penetration. Also be aware that some lubricating gels, such as oil-based ones, are not compatible with latex condoms and may tear them.

The different types of intimate gels

For your intimate hygiene, you will find two main types of intimate gels on the market: intimate cleansing gels and intimate soothing gels.

Intimate cleansing gel

The intimate cleansing gel is used for a daily toilet of the intimate parts. This type of intimate gel should not contain soap or alcohol to ensure the cleaning of this sensitive area. On the other hand, it should be easy to rinse and provide a certain freshness after intimate hygiene.

To be as effective, it contains active ingredients of natural origin such as essential oils of eucalyptus, pine, sweet almond, organic floral water, etc. Used for external use only, it may also contain vitamins, such as vitamin B5 or vitamin E to nourish and protect the skin in this sensitive area. The pH of this type of gel is neutral, or at least slightly acidic (not less than 5).

Intimate soothing gel


intimate soothing gel is for people with more sensitive skin or problems such as fungus, intimate dryness, itching, pruritus and irritation. This type of intimate gel is much milder and generally does not contain perfume. It has a more alkaline pH, between 7 and 9, to better stop the development of mushrooms at the origin of the vaginal mycosis.

It is also a gel whose composition includes active agents with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties such as calendula, aloe vera, chamomile, or even probiotics. It can also be recommended as an intimate care in addition to an existing antifungal treatment.

Intimate lubricating gel

Intimate lubricating gel is as its name indicates, an intimate gel used especially during sexual intercourse to lubricate the intimate area in women or men. Its main objective is to spice up the sexual relationship and to make penetration more pleasant and less painful by activating natural lubrication.

According to its formula, there are water-based lubricating gels whose function is to fight against the intimate dryness. You also have silicone-based lubricating gels, more suitable for oral sex or silicone toys. For an optimal lubrication in the case of anal intercourse or masturbation, you also have oil-based intimate lubricating gels.

Intimate gel or intimate soap?

For intimate hygiene, gel and soap are still the most common products. But which one to choose for impeccable hygiene?

The intimate soap

The solid soap conceived especially for the intimate toilet presents the same cleaning, hydrating and sometimes anti-inflammatory properties as the intimate gel. It also respects the fragility of the skin in the intimate area, and represents a means of well dosing the product to be used for an intimate toilet. Well used, it can prove to be more durable and easy to preserve. Only, its application requires that you first emulsify the soap in your hand with a little water before you can use it. It should also be stored on a soap dish away from moisture or it may become soft or even melt!

The intimate gel

The intimate gel remains the best alternative to the soap dedicated to the intimate toilet to clean its genitals and the surroundings. It has been specially designed for impeccable intimate hygiene and some ranges have antifungal or anti-inflammatory properties. Stored in a bottle with a pump for a perfect dosage, it is very practical and easy to use. Just put a little on your hand, lather, apply and rinse. The storage in a bottle also offers a decorative plus in the bathroom and the absence of concern in terms of product conservation.


If it is necessary to choose between soap and intimate gel, we advise you without hesitation to privilege the intimate gels. Both offer the same advantages in terms of composition, properties, they refresh, fight against irritations and even mycosis. However, the intimate gel remains easier to use and even to store.

7 good reasons to use intimate gel for your daily cleansing

Still hesitating to use intimate gel for your daily cleansing? Here are seven good reasons why you should start using this product today!

1- No soap or alcohol

Intimate gel respects the fragility of this area of the body. Therefore, it does not contain harmful or irritating ingredients such as soap, paraben, dyes or alcohol. The best intimate gel is even an organic product.

2- Hypoallergenic

The intimate gel should not cause pruritus, itching, allergies and other skin problems in the intimate area. Indeed, it is a hypoallergenic product adapted to the most sensitive skins.

3- Contains active agents

The intimate gel offers many benefits during its use. It offers a sensation of freshness, it hydrates and nourishes the skin thanks to its composition. Some products even contain active agents that help fight against various problems such as vaginal mycosis, eczema or intimate dryness.

4- Tested under gynecological control

To ensure its effectiveness and quality, the ideal intimate gel has been tested under gynecological control over a period of time with volunteers with different skin types.

5- Easy to use

The intimate gel is very easy to use. You can dose the right amount thanks to its pump. In the end, it only requires rinsing with clear water.

6- Aesthetic and practical bottle

The intimate gel is stored in a pretty bottle that you can put in the bathroom next to your shampoos and other products necessary for the toilet.

7- Easy to store

Its bottle is not only pretty to see in the bathroom. It's also a safe way to store it and keep it safe from dirt and moisture.

The best brands of intimate gels

In our opinion, the best brands of intimate gels in 2022 are :

Corine de Farme
Love & Green

The French brand is known to all for its numerous products dedicated to sublimate and take care of the female body. Its many intimate gels dedicated to protect, refresh or soothe remain among the most prized and affordable on the market.

Pjur, a German brand, has established itself on the body and intimate parts care market since its creation in 1995. Its many intimate lubricating gels offer excellent value for money.

Überlube has only been on the market for intimate lubricating gels since 2002. But it is already among the favorite brands of consumers for the versatility of its products, the long duration and the exceptional design of its products yet at a very reasonable price.

This brand offers various health and wellness products, among others, diaper care, baby care and feminine intimate hygiene. Love & Green, as its name indicates, is environmentally friendly, and consumers appreciate this very much. Especially since its products remain very affordable.

Created in 1989 by the laboratory Iprad, the brand is one of the giants of the parapharmacy. It is notably known for its range of intimate cleansing gels for women and washing care for babies. Although its products are not included in our comparison, they are still very popular with consumers.

What is the price for an intimate gel

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

3 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 30 £
more than 30 £
Price range diagram


Banish vaginal cleansing from your hygiene routine

Do not wash the inside of your vagina with an intimate cleansing gel. But even without an intimate gel, it is not recommended to touch this part which is able to clean itself. By washing it, you risk disturbing the balance of the vaginal flora, increasing the risk of developing infections or mycoses.

Don't use gloves during intimate cleansing

Use your own hands to lather the intimate gel, not a washcloth or sponge. The latter can be a veritable nest of germs even when washed properly! If you insist on using gloves, choose single-use gloves. Just as you wash your private parts with your hands, be sure to wash them well before you wash your private parts as well.

Wash from front to back

Carefully apply the intimate gel to the entire outer surface of your private parts and its surroundings. However, make sure to always make movements from front to back. This will prevent you from passing germs from the anus to the vagina or urethra.

Carefully put away your intimate gel after use

When you're done washing or using your intimate lubricating gel, carefully recap the bottle and store your intimate gel in an appropriate place.

Beware of your intimate gel's expiration date!

If your intimate gel has reached the expiration date, don't use it anymore and throw it away immediately! If you risk using it, you could suffer very serious health problems in your private parts.


At what age should you start using an intimate gel?

Intimate cleansing gel is best used after puberty. During this period, hormones are sometimes unstable, which can strongly influence the pH of the vagina. Therefore, it is at puberty that young girls should start taking care of their private parts by using an intimate cleansing gel to wash themselves.

How often should you wash with an intimate gel?

Already, intimate cleansing should not exceed 2 times/day. Washing the private parts too many times will have the opposite effect of the freshness and clean feeling you are looking for. It could even irritate the intimate area and cause health problems. Of course, it is possible to wash with an intimate gel at each daily intimate toilet.

Can you use an intimate cleansing gel during your period or after sex?

As explained before, you can use an intimate cleansing gel every time you do your intimate toilet, whether it is daily, during your period, after childbirth, etc. However, it is simply not recommended to go directly into the shower after sex. In a pinch, it will be recommended to urinate in case you are sensitive to urinary tract infections.

Can an intimate lubricating gel create irritation?

This can happen if your product is not hypoallergenic or if it contains components that can create itching, burning and irritation. Always consider the right criteria before buying your intimate gel. If in doubt, ask your doctor or more precisely your gynecologist for advice.


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Our selection
Überlube - Natural silicone intimate lubricant gel 9
Überlube - Natural silicone intimate lubricant gel
Corine de Farme - Gel de toilette intime hypoallergénique 10
Corine de Farme - Gel de toilette intime hypoallergénique
Pjur Original - Superior silicone lubricating gel 11
Pjur Original - Superior silicone lubricating gel
Femfresh 250 mL - Intimate cleansing gel 12
Femfresh 250 mL - Intimate cleansing gel


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