The best interactive dogs in the UK 2023

Is your child asking for a dog, but not yet old enough to take on all the responsibilities that go with it? The interactive dog can be an interesting alternative in the meantime. In addition to being a faithful companion, he will be obedient... in short, a true best friend of man. Do you want it very realistic or do you prefer robot dogs? Follow the guide to find your ideal interactive dog!

Rc Toys Top Race

Best value for money

Rc Toys Top Race

The best interactive dog in 2021

For children from 2 years old, the Rc Toys Top Race is an interactive dog responding to 12 voice commands. It comes with a remote control for more convenience.

46,39 £ on Amazon

Training the Rc Toys Top Race takes only a few minutes. Your child will simply have to learn all 12 voice commands listed in the instruction manual. It will sit when commanded, as well as when told to come, turn around, stand up, dance... This interactive dog will be obedient to its little master at all times.

Like a real puppy, the Rc Toys Top Race can imitate up to 10 behaviors: it can lie down, stand on 2 legs or crawl. The remote control included in the purchase allows your little one to control it from a maximum distance of 15 m. Its little plus? It is possible to program other movements and to make the dog repeat them. Its only drawback is that it only speaks English.

Les Toufous PEP003

Best value for money

Les Toufous PEP003

The best entry-level interactive dog

Much more than a plush toy, Les Toufous PEP003 has the ability to walk, run and play with your baby as soon as he reaches the age of 2. And that's not all! This interactive dog works without batteries.

22,39 £ on Amazon

Your little darling has just turned 2 and is desperate to have a small dog? Give him the Les Toufous PEP003 interactive dog, one of the most realistic models on the market, without the sanitary constraints of a real dog. It comes in a brown color, similar to a dog's coat, while its silhouette and ergonomics make it easy to hold. At the neck, you'll find a pretty collar with a bell and a leash.

Forget about batteries and rechargeable batteries, Les Toufous PEP003 will entertain your child whenever he wants. The interactive dog has been specifically designed to adhere to all surfaces and follow the little one when he pulls on the leash. Too bad it doesn't have a voice command, it would have been perfect.

Anysun Smart Puppy

Best value for money

Anysun Smart Puppy

The best high-end interactive dog

Rechargeable and programmable, this interactive dog will not only entertain children. The adult in you will awaken your childlike soul with this fun technological gadget.

119 £ on Amazon

Whether you're looking to impress, escape loneliness, or add a touch of fun to your toddler's childhood, the Anysun Smart Puppy is just what you need. This interactive dog is easy to control. For this purpose, let's mention that this smart robot dog can be controlled in 3 different ways: via the mobile app, by touch or by voice command. Moreover, it can simultaneously serve as a Bluetooth speaker in addition to indicating the time.

The interactive dog Anysun Smart Puppy will keep your child company until his adolescence and even more if he takes good care of it. It has more than one trick up its sleeve, because in addition to the movements already programmed, you can also teach it more by using the dedicated application.

IMC Toys 95854

A great choice

IMC Toys 95854

The interactive dog that does everything like a real one

Reluctant to buy a real dog for your child? Go ahead and adopt little Lucy, a cute interactive dog from IMC Toys. Besides dancing, she obeys about 20 commands.

45,15 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best interactive dog

Any specific needs?

The best interactive dog in 2021

The best entry-level interactive dog

The best high-end interactive dog

The interactive dog that does everything like a real one

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Comparison table of the best interactive dogs

Rc Toys Top Race
Les Toufous PEP003
Anysun Smart Puppy
IMC Toys 95854
Rc Toys Top Race
Les Toufous PEP003
Anysun Smart Puppy
IMC Toys 95854
For children from 2 years old, the Rc Toys Top Race is an interactive dog responding to 12 voice commands. It comes with a remote control for more convenience.
Much more than a plush toy, Les Toufous PEP003 has the ability to walk, run and play with your baby as soon as he reaches the age of 2. And that's not all! This interactive dog works without batteries.
Rechargeable and programmable, this interactive dog will not only entertain children. The adult in you will awaken your childlike soul with this fun technological gadget.
Reluctant to buy a real dog for your child? Go ahead and adopt little Lucy, a cute interactive dog from IMC Toys. Besides dancing, she obeys about 20 commands.
Type of power supply
Rechargeable battery
No batteries required
Rechargeable battery
4 x LR03 AAA batteries
Minimum recommended age
2 years old
2 years old
From 3 years old
Number of commands
12 voice commands and 10 gestures
20 voice commands
Spanish, English
Type of commands
Voice, remote control
Touch, voice, application

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Buying guide - interactive dog

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How to choose your interactive dog

We are undoubtedly entering the era of robotics and pets are no exception. In the case of interactive dogs, they can now obey all commands, wag their tails and show affection to their owners as a real dog would. In order for all of this to happen in real life, you need to find the best model for your needs. Here are the most important parameters to take into consideration:
choisir chien interactif

#1 - Technology

Each manufacturer uses its own technology. Therefore, not all models are the same. Check the type of technology on board the interactive dog of your choice before making a purchase. The most minimalist ones have the ability to bark, respond to the call of their name, wag their tail and perform basic doggie gestures. For their part, the more sophisticated models can dance, be controlled via an app, react by simple touch... for greater realism.

#2 - Safety

Don't settle for the playful side of the interactive dog. Be aware of the materials used in its manufacture. In order to guarantee maximum safety for your toddler, make sure that they comply with the standards in force. In most cases, they are made of ABS plastic, known for its strength and longevity. Check the box to make sure the material does not contain BPA, phthalate or other toxic substances. Don't hesitate to inspect the location of the battery or batteries, and make sure your children can't easily access them.

#3 - Controls

Besides the physicality of the interactive dog, make your choice based on which method of control best suits your expectations.

  • Leash control : Some interactive dogs can be controlled by their leash, which may be hard or soft depending on the manufacturer. All control buttons are placed at the end.
  • The wireless remote control : this can be a button remote control, a smartphone or a tablet. It allows total control of the interactive animal through Bluetooth connectivity. Its range varies from one model to another, but often 15 m on average.
  • Voice and interactive control : this is the most sophisticated and realistic type of control. The interactive dog has many sensors and microphones integrated allowing it to interact easily with the environment. With the help of these sensors, the dog perceives all movements and responds to the commands of its master.

#4 - Look and feel

The one with the most realism will look like a real dog and will replicate the physical appearance of the breed of your choice, for example a St. Bernard, German Shepherd, Poodle, Chihuahua, etc. Children love these types of interactive dogs with the same fur, head, legs and size as their favorite animal. Although they are not perfect, the behaviors should also be nearly similar to the originals.

#5 - Materials

Children do not always have excellent control over their actions. If the interactive dog is made of poor quality material, it is very likely to wear out, break or get damaged quickly. Choose models with solid joints. The same goes for those made from sturdy materials like ABS plastic or metal.

#6 - Additional options

Interactive dogs do not come with the same options. In addition to the basic features such as responding to their owner's voice, smelling petting, wagging their tail, lying down, or standing on 2 legs, some models offer additional features making use more comfortable. Among others, you will discover the pirouette function, the change of eye color according to the mood, the more realistic barking, the change of tongue...

#7 - Power supply and battery life

A well-made interactive dog will have a satisfactory autonomy giving you the possibility to enjoy it all day long. The battery-operated models will be very well suited to occasional use. Beyond that, they can be expensive unless you have rechargeable batteries. Those with a rechargeable battery are more suitable for daily use. In particular, there are automatic robot dogs that do not require batteries. These are intended for young children because of their very safe use and their practicality.

Functioning of an interactive dog

By definition, an interactive dog is a plush or plastic dog that has been robotized and is modeled after a living dog. Some are very similar while others have the appearance of an automaton. In order to take advantage of its many benefits, let's first discover how it works.

How to use an interactive dog?

The way it works remains the same, whatever the type of model you choose. Basically, it has a button with which you can turn it on or off. Sensors ensure a quick interaction between your child and the toy. It invites him to move and talk to the sound of his voice or by detecting his gestures. The interactive dog draws its energy from several batteries or a rechargeable battery and is often accompanied by a remote control. The association between a dedicated application and a Bluetooth connection allows you to control it remotely and synchronize it with your smartphone or tablet.

Offering such a device to a child means deciding to make him/her responsible and help him/her develop his/her psychomotricity. Seduced immediately by the cute robotic animal, he will watch over him day and night. The behaviors and reactions depend on its nature. Several models come with accessories such as a harness, a bone or a whistle. When you put the leash on, the interactive toy becomes enthusiastic because it will go out. When you place the bone near his nose, he will instinctively sniff and chew on it. In any case, the manufacturers have made sure to imitate as much as possible all the attitudes of a real dog.

How to care for an interactive dog?

Like any other toy, the interactive dog requires regular maintenance as much for the well-being of the pet as that of its owner. Nevertheless, you must be careful with the electronic elements which are sensitive to any source of humidity. The models that imitate the natural world can be maintained using a vacuum cleaner and then a steam cleaner. For an optimized cleaning, you can get rid of dirt and get rid of microbes by using a mixture of white vinegar and water. A few swipes with a damp cloth is all that is needed for interactive plastic dogs.

The different types of interactive dogs

It is easy to distinguish between interactive dogs by their physical aspects. There are those specifically for toddlers and those for older children and even adults.

Interactive plush dog

Peluche chien interactif

This type of model resembles the real thing in both physical appearance and behavior. The interactive animal has a beautiful fur similar to the specific breed of dog it wants to imitate while adopting its typical movements: silky hair, identical colors, way of lying down, way of jumping... It will certainly make the happiness of little ones wishing to adopt a real dog without the usual obligations such as vaccinations, cleanings and deworming treatments. The interactive dog plushies are specially designed for children aged 2 to 5 years. Simple to use, they allow them to awaken their senses and develop their motor skills.

Interactive robot dog

Chien robot interactif

With a more artificial look, the interactive robot dog is characterized by the presence of apparent mechanical parts as well as a body entirely made of plastic and without hair. Certainly, its physique is not close, but not at all, to the real dog. The brands focus mainly on the behavior and the general concept of the animal, which means that the robotic dog will have the 4 legs, the muzzle, the head, the ears, the body and the tail that are familiar to us. However, it can react in the same way as a dog: jumping, hopping, barking, responding to petting... It is ideal for a child aged 6 years or older and even adults who are into robotics and technology.

Interactive dog or classic plush?

Interactive dog

A great alternative to real pet dogs, the main objective of the interactive dog is to imitate them as much as possible via artificial intelligence technology. Its main advantage is that it frees you from all the possible inconveniences linked to the adoption of a real animal such as maintenance, barking, daily food...

Depending on the model you choose, you can give it to your child or to a close friend (an adult). The canine 2.0 generally offers basic functions such as obedience to the voice of his master or the ability to capture the caresses. Some can be controlled via a dedicated application.

Classic plush

The stuffed animal has more of an affective and sentimental dimension. More than a soft animal in fabric covered with fake hair and stuffed, it is still very popular with toddlers. Not only will it serve as an anchor for them, but it also represents security and comfort. Just the act of hugging it restores confidence and undoes your child's sadness.

Unlike a blanket, a stuffed animal is a symbol of early play. Even if it can't obey your little one's commands, it will follow him wherever he goes without a second thought. The smell that it gives off creates a feeling of appeasement since it will be covered with a familiar scent (laundry, smell of the house, parents...).


It is interesting to acquire an interactive dog if you want to offer yourself (or your toddler) a pet while doing without the inconveniences that can follow. It is also an ideal solution in the case where you do not have the possibility of lodging a real animal at home. For children, having an interactive dog will teach them the responsibilities of owning such an animal, help them fall asleep easily and allow them to be more open to the outside world.

A stuffed animal, on the other hand, is suitable from the child's first days. It is safe and will be able to accumulate all the smells to which it is accustomed like those of its parents, that of its room, that of the house... This small world will constitute with the passing of months a real feeling of safety and support supporting a calming sleep. If he takes it with him outside, the plush will be an essential element that will cushion his falls.

Why buy an interactive dog?

pourquoi acheter chien interactif

A pet par excellence

On the one hand, you have the dog, considered to be man's best friend. He can bite, dirty his master's clothes and get sick, which is quite unpleasant. On the other hand, the interactive robot will not make you suffer any of these inconveniences. On the contrary, it will always be good company and will remain faithful. Moreover, there are not only models for children, adults will also have a wide choice of interactive dogs, more intelligent and autonomous, which will correspond to their needs.


This is one of the reasons why you would choose an interactive dog over a musical or simple plush toy. Of course, the higher end models will have more features. Reactions are triggered by voice, touch, a sense of proximity or via a remote control. In some cases, you have the opportunity to program additional behaviors through a specialized mobile application.

Simplicity of use

Since it is initially addressed to children, clear and precise instructions are attached to the interactive dog when you buy it. At the beginning, he may ask you for help in training and learning all the commands. In most cases, the commands are given in English. This will give you the opportunity to teach your little one the language in a fun and entertaining way.

For all ages

Above all, this is a toy that children are sure to enjoy. The adorable little animal will keep them entertained while you go about your daily business. Adults looking for company will love it even more. If they need to de-stress and take their mind off things, the interactive dog will be there to assist them.

Easy training, less chore

With an interactive dog, the chores of cleaning are over. He doesn't shed or eat, so there won't be any garbage scattered around the house. You also don't have to bathe or vaccinate him. Training is easy, as you only need to learn the commands in the instructions.

The best brands of interactive dogs

In our opinion, the best brands of interactive dogs in 2022 are :

Top Race
Club Petz

Top Race is a brand specializing in remote control toys including crane tractors, small cars and interactive dogs. It stands out for the sturdiness of its products, but also for their excellent quality/price ratio.

Fisher-Price aims to contribute to the proper development of every child. A leader in the world of toys and a subsidiary of the Mattel group, the brand also produces interactive dogs, including Bebo, its most popular robot dog of the moment.

If you have children, the VTech brand is no longer foreign to you. It specializes in the design of educational toys and games for toddlers up to 10 years old. Alongside the famous Kidizoom, Storio and Tut Tut Bolides, the interactive dogs in the VTech Baby range are also making a name for themselves in the bestsellers.

This toy brand has established itself among the giants of today's market just with its adorable Lucy, an interactive dog that sings and dances. It also markets other interactive animals such as Betsy the rabbit. In addition, a free application greatly simplifies its use.

The reference for those who prefer animal robotics, Zoomer offers every year a wide choice of new models, each more attractive than the other. This Japanese brand was noticed when it launched its very realistic interactive dog Dalmatian 2.0. It is currently the most popular.

What is the price for an interactive dog

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

25 £ to 60 £
60 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Build on the durability of your interactive dog

The durability of an interactive dog depends on 2 very important factors: the autonomy of its battery and the internal mechanism. It is not necessary to have a sophisticated dog that risks to discharge in the next few minutes. It is better to choose models whose autonomy reaches at least 3 hours. In addition, make sure you choose an interactive dog of good quality and do not rush to the first price models which will certainly not resist to an intensive use.

The educational values of the interactive dog

Generally, the interactive dog is intended for a child aged at least 18-24 months in order to stimulate his awakening, to improve his intellectual capacities and, by the same occasion, to develop his sense of curiosity. It will teach him in particular the value of sharing, the sense of responsibility and love.

Use rechargeable batteries

An interactive dog often works via batteries (included or not when delivered). Nevertheless, this can become restrictive if the robot dog offers various functionalities integrating light and sound effects that consume a lot of energy, which represents a rather expensive investment in the long term. To remedy this, choose the use of rechargeable batteries.

Opt for a light and compact interactive dog

Linked directly to the age of your child, the weight and size of the interactive dog must be in adequacy with his morphology. Indeed, it will be impossible for him to cuddle and manipulate it if it turns out to be cumbersome and heavy. A model around 400 to 1300 g will be ideal.

Wait a few minutes before using your interactive dog

Think of always recharging the battery or the rechargeable batteries of the interactive dog well. As a general rule, the charge level can be checked on the head of the robot dog if it has a battery. It should not be used immediately. Wait a few minutes to let the inner mechanism cool down (between 10 and 15 min).


Can the interactive dog be used for other purposes?

Nowadays, interactive dogs are not only used as toys for children or to entertain adults. The most advanced models are equipped with innovative technologies that give them the ability to solve complex and specific problems. For example, Ford uses a robot dog to scan its factories, the American police are helped by the robot dog Spot as a deminer...

Can an interactive dog keep an elderly person company?

Yes! Elderly and single people will find comfort in an interactive dog. They won't feel lonely anymore especially since these robotic animals can greet them on the doorstep by hearing their voice. It is a very good alternative if you do not have enough time to take care of a real dog, if you have physical problems that prevent you from taking care of it or if you do not want to spend a lot of money in buying dog food.

What are the differences with a real dog?

Unlike a real dog, the interactive dog will make you save a lot of money in the long run. It requires no vaccinations, no baths and no food. With this kind of technology, the risks of disobedience, biting or soiling are entirely excluded. The only expenses to be made are for electricity (charging the battery or batteries).

Is there a risk that the robot dog turns against its owner?

No! Rest assured, this is not an option. Unlike what you often see in movies, the interactive dog will not be able to take over the world. Make the most of the company of your robotic animal and if, at any time, you have any fear that this might happen, remember to simply remove the batteries.


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Rc Toys Top Race
Rc Toys Top Race
Les Toufous PEP003
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