The best induction hobs in the UK 2023

Now it's time for cleaner, safer energy. And that's exactly what the induction cooker offers you (with a modern design to boot). You'll enjoy cooking while saving time when cooking your food. Find out what you need to remember to find the best induction cooktop.

AMZCHEF YL35-DC08 induction cooker 1

Best value for money

AMZCHEF YL35-DC08 induction cooker

The best induction cooktop

This double induction cooker has a neat look with a silver rim and a beautiful polished crystal glass surface. Not only will the AMZCHEF induction cooker ensure ideal cooking of your food, it will also be a worthy addition to your kitchen decor.

86,35 £ on Amazon

The AMZCHEF induction cooker has two cooking zones, each with its own touch screen control. The touch screen is very sensitive, so you only need to apply a very light pressure to activate a command. The left zone has 10 power levels, while the right zone has 8 levels, both with 10 temperature levels. This small difference between the two zones gives you the possibility to choose one or the other according to your cooking mode, or to use them at the same time.

The AMZCHEF's safety feature consists of a safety lock, a high temperature indicator, and a safety switch. The slimline design of this griddle is lightweight, so you can carry it with you, and it doesn't take up much space. The beautiful black polished surface is easy to clean.

Tefal IH2108 induction cooker 2

Best value for money

Tefal IH2108 induction cooker

The best entry-level induction cooktop

An induction cooker from the best brand of kitchen equipment can only be the best. Whether you're cooking solo or with your family, this induction cooker will give you impeccable results no matter what you're cooking.

70,05 £ on Amazon

The Everyday Slim IH2108 has 6 cooking programs, including simmering, boiling, browning, and frying. For this, it generates 7 power levels with a timer, as well as a pause function. You can then program the preparation of your dishes safely by pausing or resuming the plate. Of course, the cooking is done without flame. With its quick ignition, the plate transfers its energy to your kitchen equipment.

With its ceramic plate, Everyday Slim IH2108 is compact and will make you benefit from a huge space saving in your kitchen. Very light, it is also easy to carry. To control its operation, it is equipped with a screen with a digital and intuitive display that will help you program your cooking modes and times. Don't forget to choose the right cooking utensil for the induction cooker.

Bosch Serie 8 Induction Plate PKM875DP1D 3

Best premium value for money

Bosch Serie 8 Induction Plate PKM875DP1D

The best high-end induction cooktop

Very nice ceramic hob with 5 cooking zones, ideal for large families or for preparing several dishes at the same time. It also has the advantage of being able to accommodate large dishes, as well as containers of all shapes.

487 £ on Amazon

This hob has a double functionality. First, you have a quick selection of the cooking zone you want to use; you can also combine two cooking zones, depending on your needs. Either way, if you're in a hurry, you can boost the power for quick results. The timer allows you to program an automatic shutdown of the plate when the time is up. A sound signal will then be activated to alert you. Finally, you have the function to keep your dishes warm.

Bosch Serie 8 PKM875DP1D benefits from 17 power levels, thanks to which you can adjust the time and power of your cooking zone. Safety features such as the indicator light and the safety lock give you peace of mind when cooking.

Aobosi Induction Plate FS-IRC108 4

Most intuitive

Aobosi Induction Plate FS-IRC108

The most intuitive induction cooktop

Aobosi combines here a super attractive design with an unparalleled cooking performance. Thin and light, the Aobosi double induction cooker is transportable and will accompany you on vacation or wherever you need to cook in total freedom.

112 £ on Amazon

With the two cooking zones arranged on a crystal glass plate of the Aobosi plate, you have two independent hearths with each its control system displayed on a touch screen. Apart from the power, all controls are done through this screen. The plate generates a temperature of 60 ° to 240 °. In addition to cooking, a keep warm function is available to save energy. The Aobosi plate is also equipped with a timer that will automatically turn off the plate according to its programming.

The Aobosi plate is very energy efficient, as it generates heat only when it is in contact with a compatible surface, namely iron, cast iron or enamelled steel containers. This property is also a guarantee of safety, since it does not heat in contact with the fingers.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best induction hob

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The best induction cooktop

The best entry-level induction cooktop

The best high-end induction cooktop

The most intuitive induction cooktop

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Comparison table of the best induction hobs

AMZCHEF YL35-DC08 induction cooker 5
Tefal IH2108 induction cooker 6
Bosch Serie 8 Induction Plate PKM875DP1D 7
Aobosi Induction Plate FS-IRC108 8
AMZCHEF YL35-DC08 induction cooker
Tefal IH2108 induction cooker
Bosch Serie 8 Induction Plate PKM875DP1D
Aobosi Induction Plate FS-IRC108
This double induction cooker has a neat look with a silver rim and a beautiful polished crystal glass surface. Not only will the AMZCHEF induction cooker ensure ideal cooking of your food, it will also be a worthy addition to your kitchen decor.
An induction cooker from the best brand of kitchen equipment can only be the best. Whether you're cooking solo or with your family, this induction cooker will give you impeccable results no matter what you're cooking.
Very nice ceramic hob with 5 cooking zones, ideal for large families or for preparing several dishes at the same time. It also has the advantage of being able to accommodate large dishes, as well as containers of all shapes.
Aobosi combines here a super attractive design with an unparalleled cooking performance. Thin and light, the Aobosi double induction cooker is transportable and will accompany you on vacation or wherever you need to cook in total freedom.
Number of fireplaces
Total output
3500 Watts
2100 Watts
4600 Watts
3500 Watts
glass crystal
12 x 44 x 64 cm
34.8 x 44.2 x 8.4 cm
52.7 x 81.6 x 4.4 cm
64 x 42.79 x 11.3 cm
10 Temperature Levels, 3 Hour Timer
Slim, 6 programs
Enclosed, Modular cooking zone, Combi zone, Boost function, Keep warm function
sensor control, 4-hour timer

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Buying guide - induction hob

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How to choose your induction hob

Can't find the induction cooker of your dreams? This guide is for you! In addition to the catalogue we offer, find out below our best tips for determining the model that best suits your budget and requirements.

#1 - The homes

To cook, induction plates use circular hearths. It is thanks to these elements that we can distinguish the different types of induction plates:

  • The number of fireplaces: there are generally models with between 1 and 5 fireplaces, and sometimes even 6 for large tables. The number of fireplaces varies according to the size of the table and your choice will depend on your uses. For singles and couples, 2 to 3 fireplaces are sufficient. On the other hand, large families and cooking enthusiasts will opt for a maximum number of cooking zones.
  • The size of the hobs: the hobs that make up an induction hob are circular in shape and have different diameters to fit all types of cookware. The standard cooking zones measure from 28 cm in diameter.
  • The type of hearths: innovation has allowed cooks to discover induction hobs with mixed hearths, modular hearths and connected hearths. The first are models in which the electric plates are combined with gas hobs. The latter are designed to use a single pan on several hobs offering the same power. As for the latter, they are fireplaces that can simply be controlled remotely.

#2 - The power


the characteristics of the hearths are clarified, it is time to define the power of your future induction hob. Expressed in Watts, it guarantees the performance of the hobs to emit heat to achieve all your cooking. Note that the temperature of the hob is adjustable, so the power depends entirely on it. Also, you should know that the bigger the plate, the more powerful it will be.

Usually, models with 1 to 3 burners offer a power of 2,000 to 4,000 W, while the more powerful models with 3 to 6 burners can reach 5,000 to 7,000 W or even more. This value represents the total power of the burners when they are turned on at the same time at maximum temperature.

#3 - The features

Where there is a

need for functionality, there is a need for programs, and induction cookers have plenty of them! Innovative and undeniably practical, they offer various features so that their users can experiment with a wide variety of culinary preparations. Among these, we generally find:

  • The booster that reduces the cooking time by increasing the power to 20% or even 50%. This option is essential for those who want to save time at all costs.
  • The timer which is particularly essential to signal the end of cooking.
  • The power or temperature control knob to better manage the cooking process.
  • The keep warm button to interrupt the cooking process without letting the plate cool down.
  • Remote control for connected induction hobs.
  • Locking of the controls to keep the same temperature throughout the cooking process.
  • Automatic shut-off, which allows the appliance to stop itself as soon as you remove your pan.
  • The cooking memory which consists of the plate being able to directly take charge of the cooking according to the temperature or the duration of the preparation recorded.

#4 - The level of security


the risk of burns is lower on an induction hob, it is still vital to check that it has a good safety system. If some parameters are considered as simple functionalities, they are still essential to guarantee the safety of users and people who approach the plates. These include:

  • Locking of the controls.
  • Automatic shut-off of the hobs.
  • Anti-overheating of the hobs.
  • Anti-spill and/or anti-spatter.
  • Residual heat indicator.
  • Child lock.

#5 - Ergonomics

Other than

the aesthetic side and the color of your future induction hob, also consider taking the model with which you will benefit from an optimal comfort of use. Above all, make sure that the size of the plate is adapted to the location you have chosen.

Also, don't minimize the ease of handling the plate. Most of today's models have a touch screen

and are far more convenient than versions with buttons. And for excellent readability, opt for a backlit screen.

Combine all of these options with a touch-sensitive control panel that's much faster and immediately captures your needs without having to press hard. When it comes to the control panel, you'll also have a choice between a side control and a front control. At this point, your choice will inevitably depend on the location you have chosen, knowing that the control surface should be as accessible as possible.


Depending on the space you have available, choose the most appropriate model between a built-in, freestanding or portable induction cooker. The latter is the most advantageous for people on the move.

How to install a built-in induction cooker?

Have you decided on a built-in induction cooker? It's a great choice when you consider the sophisticated, cutting-edge design these versions can bring to modern kitchens. That said, their installation can be more complex than you might think, as they must be integrated into a kitchen cabinet or countertop. Rather than having a professional do the installation, have you decided to install yours yourself? Here's how to do it!

Prepare the location

Start by preparing the space that will serve as the location for your induction cooktop insert. To do this, measure the size of the appliance and trace it to the area where it will be installed. At the same time, be sure to leave safety gaps in the area in question, so as to avoid overheating during each use.

Once this is done, move on to the second part of the site preparation by cutting out the work surface with a jigsaw.

Connect the electrical wires and install the induction cooker

Once the work surface is cut out, you can move on to the electrical connections. Make sure you have an individual power circuit with three 6 mm² conductors, namely a pH circuit, an N circuit and a T circuit. If you are not familiar with electrical connections, we strongly recommend that you call in a specialist for this step.

To finish your installation, first degrease your plate so that it adheres solidly to the flush-mounting. Then apply a flexible seal between the edges of the appliance and the edges of the worktop. Carefully place your plate in its location and screw it firmly in place so that it remains fixed and stable.

The different types of induction hobs

With the myriad of induction cookers on the market, you will certainly have a hard time finding the perfect model without knowing the alternatives available to you. Take a look at the following to get an idea of the different versions that are most common today!

Combination induction hobs

As their name suggests, the mixed induction hobs are hybrid models. In other words, they combine two types of hobs in a single appliance. Most of the time, it is a combination of gas hobs on the one hand and the famous induction hobs on the other

. Thus, you will generally find models with 2 induction zones and 2 gas burners, but more efficient combination tables offer even more cooking zones.

This is a very popular alternative because users can cook to their heart's content, as a gas hob offers more culinary possibilities than an induction hob. Also, if the power goes out, they can immediately switch to a gas stove without having to wait for the power to come back on. Unfortunately, the concern with a hybrid cooktop like this is that the price can be higher than normal.

Induction hobs with adjustable hearths

They are

indeed induction cooktops, but unlike conventional models, these have a flexible cooking zone that perfectly suits the width and shape of the pan placed on it

. Multiple hearths combine to provide even heat and power to the pan. This makes it an excellent choice for those who don't want to spend a fortune on a large piece of equipment, but still want to use their large cookware.

This innovative technology allows cooks not to be limited to specific size containers, but there are still some constraints to its use. Indeed, the plate is rather fragile and scratches easily.

Connected induction hobs

Connected devices are invading our daily lives, so it's no wonder that hobs are getting in on the act too! Basically, connected induction hobs are almost autonomous and assist the cook with each cooking

. With numerous predefined cooking programs, they automate most tasks by directly adapting the cooking parameters to the type of food to be cooked.

Moreover, you can control them remotely via a dedicated app. Anyway, this feeling of freedom does not exempt their users from regularly monitoring the cooking to limit accidents. Remaining a very expensive model, connected induction hobs are not suitable for small budgets.

Induction or ceramic hob?

Induction hob

With its ultra-modern and sophisticated appearance, the induction cooker has become the favourite appliance of gourmets. Thanks to its technology, the induction cooker can be adjusted manually or by itself.

Its heating time and cooling time are extremely fast, not to mention that it is economical and consumes little electricity because of its operation. The heater is heated by electromagnetic technology and is activated only when it detects the presence of a container whose material adheres to it. This way, you limit your expenses while enjoying a precise temperature.

Despite its optimal power, which allows you to make a multitude of recipes at an incredible speed, the induction hob remains an expensive appliance. It is clear that the initial costs are high, not to mention the fact that you will have to invest in new containers to be able to use them.

Ceramic hob

The glass-ceramic is a modern and elegant cooking plate with a smoked glass, just like an induction plate. To function, it has resistances that have been delicately placed under the plate in order to emit heat to the hearths.

Offered by the biggest brands at a price accessible to all, it is a must-have appliance for small budgets and for those who are looking for the best value for money. Its power is also optimal, and you'll be pleased to know that it doesn't require the purchase of new cookware.

Unfortunately, despite its advantages, the glass-ceramic does have some drawbacks, notably its speed and precision in terms of temperature, which is slightly disadvantaged. In addition, there is a higher risk of burns because the plate takes time to cool down.


Needless to say, with one of these kitchen appliances at hand, refinement and modernity are at hand. However, if you are more interested in power, speed and economy in the long term, don't miss out on the advantages of the induction hob. If you only have a small budget, opt immediately for the glass-ceramic hob, which will satisfy you in the best possible way.

Why buy an induction cooker?

Modern, high-performance cooking appliances, induction cooktops are on the rise and are increasingly sought after. They are indispensable in everyday life and offer many advantages that many people are not yet aware of. Without further ado, discover the good reasons to buy an induction cooker.

A breath of modernity

Like it or not, innovation is hard to resist! Whatever its color and design, it has a modern and sophisticated look. Its charm will not leave the lovers of contemporary decoration unmoved, as well as the kitchens of the greatest restaurateurs in the world.

Time to save

With an induction cooker at hand, you can be sure to reduce your electricity consumption. The induction hob's heaters really do minimize energy loss compared to traditional electric hobs. An induction cooker works on the principle of magnetic fields that convert electrical energy into thermal energy.

This mechanism only starts when a suitable container comes into contact with the plate and stops instantly when it is removed. It is therefore almost easy to see the energy savings in the long term.

Unparalleled time savings

With an induction cooker, the time spent cooking can be greatly reduced. Indeed, thanks to the new controls on the plate, including the booster function, cooking can take 30 or even 50% less time than on a gas hob.

Impressive ease of use

Using an induction cooker is simple and easy for everyone. With a clear and minimalist display, it is possible to control the power of each hotplate more easily. In addition, certain cooking zones can be modulated to accommodate different pan sizes. More and more fully modular models are appearing on the market, making cooking easier and more enjoyable every time.

Most of them also have a touch screen that is easy to use and easy to read.

Optimal safety

To return to the operation of the induction hob, it only heats the container that is placed on the hob and stops as soon as the container is removed. This means that the risk of burns is much lower with this type of plate. In addition to this, the safety system built into the plate is highly advanced and ensures that the plate stops automatically in case of overheating or overflow.

Maintenance at your fingertips

With an induction hob, the tedious chore of cleaning is a thing of the past! One of the great advantages of an induction hob is that it leaves little room for dirt. With its heating principle applying only to the container and its anti-spill system, the plate is easily cleaned with a few small strokes of a damp sponge.

The best brands of induction hobs

In our opinion, the best brands of induction hobs in 2022 are :


The American company Whirlpool is a well-known leader in the field of large household appliances. To convince the public, the brand relies above all on the everyday efficiency of its products. Whirlpool's know-how has led to a multitude of high-performance and durable induction cookers.

Known for creating the first Italian washing machine in 1945, Candy is a reference for those looking to combine efficiency with affordability. From free-standing to built-in models, the brand is a treasure trove of appliances. Mindful of the public's needs, it continually offers innovative products at the best price and that are easy to get used to.

Founded in 1886, the German company has built an empire around top quality home and kitchen appliances. Bosch is consistently found in both physical and online stores and is a must in the catalogues of the most popular brands. With a wide variety of products, Bosch has definitely proven the reliability and durability of its products.

Electrolux is a Swedish company that has undergone several changes of direction and is now a multinational company that has established itself in over 150 countries. Its objective: to become the best bill for the public in the household appliance sector. Close to its customers, the brand offers accessible costs for products of impeccable quality, ranging from kitchen and household items to laundry care.

Specializing in the creation of electronic devices in its early days, Siemens is now a very active firm in the manufacture of home appliances. It is through the brand that many professional interior designers see the perfect modern home, especially since it uses high quality materials for a refined result. Sophisticated design, innovation and creativity are at the heart of the products that bear the brand's logo.

What is the price for an induction hob

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

150 £ to 400 £
400 £ to 800 £
more than 800 £
Price range diagram


Use the right cooking utensils.

Because induction cooking uses electromagnetism, it only works with vessels that have an iron base. Ferrous metals such as cast iron and some stainless steels are ferromagnetic and therefore suitable for induction cooking. Aluminum, copper and glass cookware will never be suitable.

Follow the instructions to get used to it quickly.

You will

have to get used to controlling the heat and understanding the settings for a while. Don't worry about anything serious, you won't burn the food, however, the food may not be cooked properly. For this reason, remember to have the instruction manual on hand for a while and always activate the features that will help you manage your cooking.

Beware of the size of your containers.


addition to being picky about the material of the containers, the induction cooker is also scrupulous about their size. In other words, choose suitable containers or the appliance may not recognize them. On a 12 cm diameter induction cooker, choose a container with a minimum diameter of 14.5 cm. A container with a minimum diameter of 18 cm will do the trick with a 14.5 cm diameter inductor. Finally, on an 18 cm diameter inductor, favor 21 cm diameter cookware minimum.

Place and remove containers with great care.

Induction cooking surfaces are not scratch resistant, especially since they are made of glass. Take the necessary precautions when moving your cookware, or utensils such as spatulas and ladles, even if all are made of wood.

Clean after each use.


advantage with an induction cooktop is that cleaning it is relatively simple. Simply spray the plate with your favorite detergent and wipe with a soft cloth. Avoid bleach and abrasive cleaners that are not designed for glass or ceramic surfaces. The little bonus is that with this appliance, you don't have to wait several minutes for the cooking area to cool before you can clean it.


What is the best induction cooker?

The best induction cooker depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How to maintain your induction hob?

To ensure the durability of your induction cooker, regular maintenance is essential! Start by cleaning it daily or after each use, using a cleaning product and a cloth. If you encounter persistent stains, you can easily use a wooden spatula to avoid damaging the plate.

How to optimize your induction cooker?

To get the most out of your induction cooker, use only cookware that will stick to it and avoid putting incompatible materials on it, even if it's just for a test run. Use the keep warm feature to keep your food warm without expending energy. Keep an eye on your cooking if it's likely to boil over. Finally, only use the booster function when necessary, so as not to rush the appliance.

How do I scour my induction cooker?

Once or twice a month, your induction hob will need a thorough cleaning, which consists of scrubbing it. To do this, take an induction scraper and scrape off any residue that invades your appliance. Always be careful not to touch the controls so as not to damage their mechanism. Residues that resist this technique can be removed by heating the induction plate. Simply wipe it with a sponge and you're done.

What natural products should I use to keep my induction cooker clean?

If you are an environmentalist and want to limit the use of chemicals, grandmother's recipes are still the most reliable. White vinegar, for example, is an excellent way to scour the appliance and make it shine. For an effective rinse, you can soak your sponge with lemon juice. Finally, the white clay stone will make your plate shine and limit the risk of scratches that a scraper or a spatula can cause.


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