The best induction cookers with integrated hood in the UK 2023

We must admit that the fumes and smells of food that spread throughout the kitchen can quickly become annoying. That's why it's a good idea to opt for an induction cooker with a vacuum. As effective as a homemade air freshener, it allows you to cook your food quickly and eliminate odors, smoke and greasy steam in the kitchen. If you don't know much about induction cookers, you should read our guide before buying one.

Bosch PKM845F11E 1

Editor's Choice

Bosch PKM845F11E

The best induction cooker vacuum in 2021

Let yourself be seduced by the palpable quality of this Bosch induction cooker. It combines perfection and efficiency with surprisingly simple, yet durable cooking solutions.

1 096 £ on Amazon

This Bosch induction cooker has a modern stainless steel perimeter frame that protects it from bumps and scratches. It also has a cast iron ventilation grid that can withstand high temperatures. You'll get the boost function, 17 power levels and 4 HighSpeed cooking zones, including 2 dual cooking zones and a Flexible CombiZone. This will allow you to manage several cooking operations simultaneously.

On the display side, it can show your energy consumption and its timer allows you to deactivate all cooking zones after a predetermined time. You will also benefit from the child safety lock. The Bosch griddle also features a built-in absorption system that can extract and recycle air in your kitchen to eliminate cooking and other odors. As for the noise level, the appliance emits only 42 dB against 70 dB of noise at full speed. Finally, its energy class A makes this cooktop an appliance with low electricity consumption.




The best entry-level induction cooker vacuum in 2021

For an affordable price, this high-performance induction cooker with a black glass-ceramic surface is very easy to clean. Its extractor hood efficiently removes odors and grease thanks to a carbon filter.

675 £ on Amazon

Thanks to its 4 cooking zones, the KKT KOLBE induction cooker offers easy cooking of various kinds of recipes. You can adjust the power of each of these cooking zones in 9 power levels to ensure better cooking at the right temperature. In addition, its FlexZone feature offers two flexible zones that allow you to simmer with greater ease, no matter how large your pan is.

The griddle also features a TouchSelect control panel for quick adjustment of cooking settings. Its LED display keeps you up to date on the cooking temperature, timer, etc. In addition, this vacuum induction cooker allows you to boost the heat faster and the BBQ function allows you to sear meat and vegetables.

Siemens iQ500 ED711FQ15E 3

Top of the line

Siemens iQ500 ED711FQ15E

The best high-end induction cooker vacuum in 2021

Ideal for all kinds of dishes, the Siemens iQ500 ED711FQ15E offers four induction zones for versatile cooking and efficient heating, no matter what your menu. The hob also comes with a built-in extractor.

1 573 £ on Amazon

Instantly hot, instantly cold, heat is transferred directly to the pans and their contents via induction coils, without heating the hob. This means short heating times, increased safety and a much easier to clean hob. Siemens' innovative touchSlider technology allows you to control the temperature of the cooking zones on this hob either by pressing directly on the progress scale or by sliding your finger along it. Moreover, the sensor-based temperature control of this one is done in half levels up to the maximum setting of 9.

Then the powerBoost function increases its power by up to 50%. This can save up to 35% of the time needed to heat up pots and pans or to cook large quantities. With the child lock button, you can easily protect each induction cooker from unauthorized use. The child lock locks out all cooktop functions at the touch of a button. Finally, the timer with stop function safely turns off the cooking zone when the preset time has elapsed.

Elica PRF0143159 4

A great choice

Elica PRF0143159

With an induction system, this PRF0143159 plate rises quickly in temperature. With its central hood, evacuating vapors and fumes as well as unwanted odors will no longer require cumbersome installations.

1 129 £ on Amazon

The PRF0143159 cooktop has 4 fireplaces, including 2 zones with a diameter of 20 cm and 2 extendable zones with a width of 83 cm. It automatically detects the pans. Keep warm, Stop & Go and Quick Start functions are also available on this hob, as well as 4 timers including Special Eggs. It also has 4 residual heat indicators as well as a high performance ventilation/extraction system integrated in the hob (422 m3/h).

The system is energy efficient with an energy class A. Its automatic mode adjusts the suction speed according to the cooking power while generating a low noise level of 54 to 71 dB. The 7-layer grease filter is also delivered with a complete installation/recycling kit (carbon filter + connection tubes & adhesive + accessories + under-table drain grid).

Buying guide • November 2023

Best induction cooker (with integrated hood)

Any specific needs?

The best induction cooker vacuum in 2021

The best entry-level induction cooker vacuum in 2021

The best high-end induction cooker vacuum in 2021

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Comparison table of the best induction cookers with integrated hood

The best Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
Bosch PKM845F11E 5
Siemens iQ500 ED711FQ15E 7
Elica PRF0143159 8
Bosch PKM845F11E
Siemens iQ500 ED711FQ15E
Elica PRF0143159
Let yourself be seduced by the palpable quality of this Bosch induction cooker. It combines perfection and efficiency with surprisingly simple, yet durable cooking solutions.
For an affordable price, this high-performance induction cooker with a black glass-ceramic surface is very easy to clean. Its extractor hood efficiently removes odors and grease thanks to a carbon filter.
Ideal for all kinds of dishes, the Siemens iQ500 ED711FQ15E offers four induction zones for versatile cooking and efficient heating, no matter what your menu. The hob also comes with a built-in extractor.
With an induction system, this PRF0143159 plate rises quickly in temperature. With its central hood, evacuating vapors and fumes as well as unwanted odors will no longer require cumbersome installations.
8,000 W
7,000 W
7,400 W
7,400 W
Dimensions and weights
20.4 x 79.5 x 5.17 cm; 10 kg
52 x 77 x 6.2 cm; 18 kg
52.2 x 71 x 22.3 cm; 23.9 kg
83 x 51.5 x 21.1 cm; 27.5 kg
Number of fireplaces
Setting levels

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Buying guide - induction cooker (with integrated hood)

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How to choose your induction cooker (with integrated hood)

The purchase of an induction cooker is a major investment, so the choice of such a device should not be made at random. Here are the essential parameters to consider before buying one.

#1 - The energy label

In order to enjoy a powerful and efficient appliance without breaking the bank, pay close attention to this parameter. Make sure your future purchase has an A energy label. This means that the appliance is energy efficient.

#2 - Ease of cleaning

In general, induction cookers are all easy to maintain. However, the plus that makes the difference between the many models is the presence of grease filter and odor filter saturation indicators. These indicators will let you know when it's time to clean your unit's filters. Also, make sure that the filter is easily accessible. Its mesh should also not be too coarse or too fine for it to perform its role properly.

#3 - Fireplace power and levels

Expressed in Watts, the power guarantees the performance of the hearths to emit heat to cook your preparations. Aspirated induction cookers are generally equipped with four burners that can reach a total power of between 5,000 and 7,000 W, or even more, when the hearths are turned on at the same time at maximum temperature. The more powerful the burners on your induction cooker, the faster you can prepare food. In just one minute, you can boil liters of water.

The power levels offered by induction cookers allow you to control the cooking temperature. While some models offer only 9 levels, others go further with up to 20 levels. However, for everyday use, power levels between 9 and 12 are more than enough.

#4 - Hood suction power

The built-in hood should be able to detect the source of steam and draw it up to 30 centimeters above the induction plate. This keeps the environment in your kitchen fresh and deodorized.

#5 - Noise level

Some induction cookers are noisy. To this end, if you are more sensitive to noise or simply want to cook in peace and quiet, make sure your future purchase has a noise damper or a quiet motor.

#6 - Features

For unparalleled convenience, make sure your induction cooker vacuum has useful and ultra convenient features. Apart from the main features of a vacuum induction cooker mentioned below in this article, the "boost" function will be very useful, especially when you are in a hurry. It allows you to reduce the cooking time of your food by half thanks to a quick and punctual rise of the temperature of a cooking zone. The "pause" function is also very practical to stop the cooking for a few minutes without losing the saved settings.

What is an induction cooker?

The induction cooker is a household appliance that works only with ferromagnetic pots. An induction cooker works on the principle of magnetic fields that convert electrical energy into thermal energy. It starts only when a suitable container comes into contact with the plate and then stops instantly when it is removed from the hearth.

The induction cooker consists of a plate for boiling, grilling or frying food. On the other hand, the integrated hood takes care of the suction of the odors and vapors released during the cooking. The advantage of this revolutionary appliance is the incredible safety it provides. Indeed, even if you accidentally touch its cooking area, you will not risk burning yourself. In addition, there are several safety systems (no container sensor, control lock, overheat protection, etc.) that promise peace of mind when cooking.


Copper or aluminum pans, as well as glass dishes, are not compatible with induction.

The main safety features of an induction cooker

The anti-overheating functionis provided by a temperature sensor that limits the operation of all or only part of the induction hob.

The anti-spill functionactivates the automatic shutdown of the induction hob in the event of a spill on the hob's touch-sensitive controls.

The container absence sensortriggers the automatic activation of the induction when a ferromagnetic container is placed on the hob.

The control lockprotects the induction from being tampered with by curious children or during cleaning. This function can be activated by simply pressing one or more buttons.

The residual heat indicator identifies areas that are still too hot, even when the induction is no longer in use. An indicator light warns the user that the temperature is still above the burn threshold. Once the temperature is below the burn threshold, the light turns off automatically.

The small utensil detection functionautomatically turns on the induction once it detects that the ferromagnetic container placed on the hob is the right size, i.e. neither too large nor too small for the hob.

Suction induction cooker or ceramic glass cooker with integrated hood?

Suction induction cooker

With its ultra-modern and sophisticated look, the induction cooker is the favourite appliance of the finest cooks. Thanks to its technology and ergonomics, it provides unparalleled comfort of use, making cooking moments enjoyable. The appliance can be set manually or automatically and its intuitive touch panel makes it even easier and more convenient to use. In addition, it is highly accurate in terms of temperature.

With up to 8000 watts of power for fast and efficient cooking, the induction cooker is ultra efficient and yet, it consumes very little energy compared to other types of induction cookers(vitroceramic, electric or gas cookers). However, the induction cooker with integrated hood is not for everyone. In order to enjoy it, you will have to pay a high price, not to mention the fact that it only works with containers whose material adheres to it.

Ceramic hob with integrated hood

The ceramic hob with integrated hood is a cooking appliance equipped with a smoked glass that gives the appliance a modern and elegant look. The major advantage of this cooktop is that in addition to offering optimal power, it comes with an integrated hood and is also offered at an affordable price. A godsend for small budgets and for those who are looking for an excellent quality/price ratio. Apart from that, this cooktop does not force you to invest in new cookware.

In addition to its many advantages, glass-ceramic also has its share of disadvantages. As it is very slow to come down to temperature, unlike the induction cooktop, the risks of burns are more likely with this type of cooktop. Also, the version with a built-in hood outperforms the glass-ceramic in terms of temperature accuracy.


In short, your kitchen will not lack elegance whether you choose one or the other of these two cooking appliances. However, if you are more demanding on power, speed, safety and economy in the long run, turn to the induction cooker. On the other hand, if you are afraid of the cost of an induction cooktop, you will be happy with a ceramic cooktop.

Why buy an induction cooker?

For the modern touch it brings

Keeping up with innovation is a must! Therefore, by including an induction cooktop among your kitchen equipment, you give the room a modern and sophisticated look. It's enough to leave contemporary decorating enthusiasts speechless. More than ever, you'll enjoy every moment you spend in your kitchen.

A thoughtful combo

With an induction cooker at your disposal, you can enjoy a powerful and efficient appliance with low energy consumption. What's more, the 2-in-1 aspect of this appliance only increases its practicality. This allows you to both cook your food and prevent the spread of food odor and smoke throughout your home. This revolutionary appliance also means you don't have to sacrifice space in your kitchen because the hood is located in the hob.

Unparalleled time savings

For those in a hurry, an induction cooker is a great way to save time in the kitchen. The booster function ensures fast cooking, reducing the cooking time of food by half compared to cooking on a gas hob. Your meals will be ready in record time, especially knowing that an induction cooker generally has 4 hotplates. This allows you to cook 4 different dishes simultaneously. It is also possible to combine two hotplates on the induction cooktop to be able to cook with a large pan. It's like turning the appliance into a 3-burner induction hob.

Impressive ease of use

The advantage of using an induction cooker is that it is easy to use and everyone can use it. And for good reason: the hob comes with a touch screen that is easy to use and understand, numerous functions that guarantee exemplary ease of use, several cooking zones that can be used for up to four cooking operations in parallel, etc.

To guarantee optimal safety

The use of an induction cooker guarantees optimal safety of use. This is thanks to the appliance's many features. These include a control lock function, a residual heat indicator, an anti-spill and anti-overheating function, a small utensil detector and a missing container detector, etc. All these features will allow you to manage the cooking process in a safe way. All these features will allow you to manage the use of your appliance in complete safety. Once you remove your pan from the hob, the induction hob stops working immediately.

For its ease of maintenance

With a vacuum induction cooker, the tedious task of cleaning is a thing of the past! Spills do not cook on the surface of the appliance. Because the surface is so smooth, the entire hob is easily accessible. This makes it ultra easy to clean. And with its container sensor and overflow protection system, it leaves little room for dirt. The cleaning of the plate is done in two steps with only a few strokes of a wet sponge.

The best brands of induction cookers with integrated hood

In our opinion, the best brands of induction cookers with integrated hood in 2022 are :


Founded in 1886, the German brand has built an empire around top quality home and kitchen appliances. Bosch is consistently found in both physical and online stores and is a must in the most popular brand catalogs. With a wide variety of products, Bosch has definitely proven the reliability and durability of its fabrications.

Specialized in the creation of electronic devices in its early days, Siemens is now a very active firm in the manufacture of household appliances. It is through the brand that many professional interior designers see the perfect modern home, especially since it uses high-quality materials for a refined result. Sophisticated design, innovation and creativity are at the heart of the products that bear the brand's logo.

American company Whirlpool is a leader with a proven track record in the major appliance sector. To convince the public, the brand relies above all on the everyday efficiency of its products. Whirlpool's know-how has led today to a multitude of high-performance and durable induction cookers.

A company of Swedish origin that has undergone several turnarounds, Electrolux is now a multinational firm that has established itself in more than 150 countries. Its goal: to become the best bill for the public in the home appliance sector. Close to its customers, the brand offers accessible costs for products of impeccable quality, ranging from kitchen and household items to laundry care.

It is a German brand that specializes in the manufacture of small appliances and kitchen appliances including induction cookers with suction. It has an excellent reputation. We particularly like it for the innovative and futuristic design of its products, as well as their reasonable price.

What is the price for an induction cooker (with integrated hood)

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

500 £ to 900 £
900 £ to 1500 £
more than 1500 £
Price range diagram


Be careful when choosing your cookware

Make sure your cookware

is induction-compatible, which means items with ferromagnetic, steel or cast iron bottoms.

Cleaning the hob

The maintenance of an induction cooktop consists of cleaning the cooktop and its integrated hood with a soft, damp cloth after the cooktop has cooled. For this, use only a cleaning product specially designed for cleaning an induction hob. After cleaning the hob thoroughly, then dry the cleaned surface with a dry microfiber cloth.

Cleaning the hood

The cleaning of the built-in hood comes down to washing the grease and odor filters. Since these filters are removable, they'll be dishwasher safe.

Test your pans

If you're not sure if your pots and pans are compatible with your induction cooktop, try testing them with a magnet. If they are attracted to the magnet, they can be used on the hob.

A simple step to reduce the energy consumption of an induction cooker

Know that simply closing the lid of your pot or pan to bring water to a boil can cut the electricity or gas consumption of a hob by a factor of 4.


Can you use any kitchen thermometer while cooking on a vacuum induction plate?

No. If you need to use a kitchen thermometer to check the temperature of your food, choose a non-digital model. This is because, unlike the digital version, a non-digital kitchen thermometer is not likely to be disturbed by the magnetic field of the induction cooker's hotplate, and therefore not likely to malfunction.

How to optimize your vacuum induction plate?

To add a few more years to your induction cooker, use only pots and pans that are compatible with it and avoid putting incompatible accessories on it, even if it's just for a test run. Remember to close the lid of the pan when cooking to reduce heat loss. Use the "boost" function only when necessary, so as not to rush the appliance.

How often should you scrub your vacuum induction plate?

Scrupulously follow the instructions for use and maintenance of your induction cooker. Apart from that, also remember to clean your appliance thoroughly once or twice a month. To do this, take into account the cleaning tips mentioned earlier in this article. Remember that the use of an abrasive product is not recommended.

What are natural alternatives to cleaning products for a vacuum induction plate?

White vinegar is the best product that can serve as a substitute for chemical cleaning products on the market. In addition to cleaning your induction cooker thoroughly, white vinegar will also give it a shiny and bright appearance. To rinse, soak your sponge with lemon juice.


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Bosch PKM845F11E 9
Bosch PKM845F11E
Siemens iQ500 ED711FQ15E 11
Siemens iQ500 ED711FQ15E
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Elica PRF0143159


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