The best hypoallergenic cat food in the UK 2023

Choosing a cat food without considering the cat's needs and allergies can be detrimental to the health of the cat. Fortunately, a hypoallergenic diet can eliminate this problem. The key is to clearly identify the allergen and find the right food. While your veterinarian is the best source of advice, this guide to the best hypoallergenic cat foods can also help.

Royal Canin 3182550799645 1

Best value for money

Royal Canin 3182550799645

The best hypoallergenic cat food in 2021

In order to take good care of your feline's diet, the Royal Canin brand offers these appetizing and hypoallergenic kibbles. A diet recommended by veterinarians.

23,19 £ on Amazon
MjAMjAM 1104M3 2

Best value for money

MjAMjAM 1104M3

The best entry-level hypoallergenic cat food

Made with a high percentage of meat, MjAMjAM 1104M3 wet canned food is designed to be a pleasure for your cat. In addition, it does not contain any components that could make your cat sick.

12,79 £ on Amazon

MJAMJAM 1104M3 is a wet food adapted to the needs of cats prone to allergies. It is mainly composed of meat. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals for your cat's nutritional balance. It is noted that most cats have an allergy against cereals, gluten, sugar, artificial preservatives and lactose. Reason for which MJAMJAM has renounced and has developed for the preparation of this recipe dedicated to our feline friends.

The recipes announced seem very varied and appetizing. Juicy chicken, hearty game, hearty meals, sweet duck, delicious beef and good turkey will give your pet everything it needs. Fresh meat refined with crispy and healthy ingredients will give him a unique and exclusive flavor experience.

Whiskas 369842 3

Best value for money

Whiskas 369842

The best high-end hypoallergenic cat food

Our cat friends are in for a treat with these Whiskas 369842 Jelly Selective Mix pouches. Each one has everything the cat needs. The varied flavors offer a great taste experience.

61,31 £ on Amazon
Royal Canin Hypoallergenic DR 25 4

A great choice

Royal Canin Hypoallergenic DR 25

Very good cat food

If your cat has an allergic reaction to certain foods, give him this Royal Canin Hypoallergenic DR 25 kibble. But ask a veterinarian for advice before giving it to your cat.

30,42 £ on Amazon

Royal Canin Hypoallergenic DR 25 cat food contains hydrolyzed soy protein. It is suitable for a highly digestible diet and is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. This patented complex, with high levels of biotin, niacin and pantothenic acid, combined with a zinc-linoleic acid blend, helps reduce fluid loss through the skin and improves the skin's barrier effect.

It also contains fatty acids, including eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which help reduce inflammatory skin reactions. In addition, these kibbles contain nutrients to support a balanced diet. A combination of fermentable fiber (beet pulp, FOS) and zeolite promotes a balanced intestinal flora and supports a healthy intestinal mucosa. Of course, it is lactose and gluten free.

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Best hypoallergenic cat food

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The best hypoallergenic cat food in 2021

The best entry-level hypoallergenic cat food

The best high-end hypoallergenic cat food

Very good cat food

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Comparison table of the best hypoallergenic cat food

Royal Canin 3182550799645 5
MjAMjAM 1104M3 6
Whiskas 369842 7
Royal Canin Hypoallergenic DR 25 8
Royal Canin 3182550799645
MjAMjAM 1104M3
Whiskas 369842
Royal Canin Hypoallergenic DR 25
In order to take good care of your feline's diet, the Royal Canin brand offers these appetizing and hypoallergenic kibbles. A diet recommended by veterinarians.
Made with a high percentage of meat, MjAMjAM 1104M3 wet canned food is designed to be a pleasure for your cat. In addition, it does not contain any components that could make your cat sick.
Our cat friends are in for a treat with these Whiskas 369842 Jelly Selective Mix pouches. Each one has everything the cat needs. The varied flavors offer a great taste experience.
If your cat has an allergic reaction to certain foods, give him this Royal Canin Hypoallergenic DR 25 kibble. But ask a veterinarian for advice before giving it to your cat.
Shape and presentation
Meat preserves
Jelly mix
Tuna, chicken, beef and salmon
3500 g
2400 g
100 g per jelly bag
2 500 g
Nutritional value

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Buying guide - hypoallergenic cat food

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How to choose your hypoallergenic cat food

A good hypoallergenic food for your cat should have several important characteristics. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing:

#1 - Ingredients

Allergic reactions are not simple. Although some ingredients are known to trigger allergic reactions, some cats have reactions to ingredients that rarely cause them in other cats. You should be familiar with your cat's needs and challenges before selecting a food. It will be easier to determine which ingredients are suitable and which are not. The following ingredients are generally to be avoided:

  • Grains: including wheat, barley, rice or corn
  • Meat by-products: Meat by-products are not high quality proteins and can be difficult to digest. Avoid them at all costs!
  • Milk: a major allergen for many kittens. Avoid foods and treats containing cheese, milk or any other dairy source.
  • Artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives: cats can't even really taste sweetness, so we don't know why manufacturers bother trying to sweeten their food! That said, many companies use colorants, sweeteners, and preservatives in their foods to improve texture and taste, extend shelf life, and even reduce production costs. But these chemicals can harm your health and aggravate allergies, so try to avoid them whenever possible. They include things like sorbitol, sucrose, sugar, corn syrup, propylene glycol, BHA, BHT, TBHQ, ethoxyquin, propyl gallate, benzoic acid, sodium benzoate, potassium benzoate, sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite.
  • Seafood: Fish is often problematic for some cats. One reason is that it can trigger a thiamine deficiency if eaten raw and accessible (symptoms of thiamine deficiency include loss of appetite, seizures, and even death in severe cases!) When looking at the list of ingredients, keep in mind that fish oil as well as fish protein can trigger a reaction if your cat has a seafood allergy.

#2 - Protein source

Protein is one of the nutrients to look at closely when looking at cat food. Most allergies are caused by protein and vary depending on the source. Most cat foods specify the type of protein they contain and in what amounts. This will make it easier to identify which brands to avoid, as they contain the specific protein sources your cat reacts to.

#3 - Hydrolyzed ingredients

Some cat foods contain hydrolyzed proteins, which have been broken down into their constituent amino acids and are easier for a cat to digest. This is especially important for cats with digestive problems that are often mistaken for allergic reactions. Consider this when purchasing.


When hypoallergenic foods are stamped "veterinary diet", it means that you should absolutely consult your veterinarian BEFORE feeding this type of food to your cat.

How do you identify the foods your cat is allergic to?

There is no cure for food allergies. The only solution is to learn to work around the problem by finding a realistic and nutritious diet.

But first, you must identify the food your cat is allergic to. To do this, you need to conduct some sort of food trial and proceed as follows:

  • Veterinarian recommends a diet: Your veterinarian may recommend a commercial food product or homemade recipes involving a protein to which your cat has never been exposed before.
  • Monitor your cat for symptoms: During the trial, you should strictly follow the diet as outlined by the veterinarian and observe your cat for any symptoms over the next 6-8 weeks.
  • If your cat feels better after the feeding trial: you can start reintroducing foods one at a time to see if any of them trigger symptoms again.
  • However, if your cat doesn't feel better after the trial feeding, chances are the symptoms have a different root cause. And in that case, the wisest thing to do is to go back to the vet.

Wet food or dry food?

Wet food

However, wet cat food helps keep your pet hydrated even if he doesn't drink enough water. Wet food also helps prevent any problems with your cat's urinary tract, a common feline health problem. Apart from that, wet food also helps with any digestive problems. They are however quite expensive.

Dry food

Hypoallergenic dry foods are convenient because they are not messy and you can store them (almost) anywhere. Dry foods are the cheapest alternative on the market.


If your cat is a selective eater, or if it has digestive problems, we advise you to choose wet food. However, if your cat has no particular problem (apart from allergies), dry food may be perfectly suitable.

Why buy a hypoallergenic cat food?

Reduced allergic reactions

Hypoallergenic cat foods are formulated with animal protein (meat or fish). This protein is known to be low in allergens. Your feline will be able to enjoy his food without risking an allergy or intolerance. His quality of life will improve.

Easy to digest

This type of food is composed only of ingredients that a cat can easily digest. It reduces the effort that his digestive system has to make during digestion. In case his previous food has caused any inflammation, it helps to heal them. This is the case, for example, with hypoallergenic kibbles that are prescribed in case of indigestion. Your cat will be able to enjoy his food better and his health will improve day by day.

Rich in nutritional supplements

Hypoallergenic cat food meets the nutritional needs of your cat and prevents it from becoming overweight. Indeed, it contains all the vitamins and minerals essential to his good health. It is also rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that strengthen its skin and coat.

Treats food allergies and intolerances

The hypoallergenic food is specially prepared for fragile cats. It will effectively relieve any adverse reactions caused by their previous diet such as skin rashes or other allergic signs. You will see improvements after 2 to 3 weeks. However, some symptoms may not subside until after 10 weeks.

A wide variety available

There is a wide selection of foods for sensitive cats. They exclude all allergenic ingredients such as soy, gluten or cereals. They have a very appetizing taste that your pets will love. You can thus vary the diet of your little fur ball according to the expected objective. It is also a way to feed your cat in a healthier way so that it stays healthy and continues to be your faithful companion.

The best brands of hypoallergenic cat food

In our opinion, the best brands of hypoallergenic cat food in 2022 are :

Royal canin

Since 1968, Royal Canin has been working on the creation of the first nutritional medicine for cats and dogs. It is the veterinarian Jean Cathary who founded the brand. This brand is among the best known in the world in the production of food for cats and dogs.

Is a company of services to individuals and families based in Germany. It specializes by manufacturing only wet cat food of organic origin, as these foods are designed exclusively with fresh quality ingredients.

Created in 1936, Whiskas is an American commercial brand of cat food. It is a healthy meat-based cat food. It was the first brand to offer varieties of pet food.

Acana kibbles are produced by Champion Petfoods. The composition of their food is rich in high quality animal matter and low in carbohydrates. This brand is very simply self-proclaimed as the best pet food in the world.

Is a brand of dog and cat food in kibble form. This brand produces foods made with fresh regional ingredients and no outsourcing. Their premium quality foods contain a balanced blend rich in animal protein and meat or fish content.

What is the price hypoallergenic cat food

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 60 £
more than 60 £
Price range diagram


Don't rely too much on homemade hypoallergenic food

While some people advocate making your own cat food (so you know exactly what's in it), we don't recommend it unless you're a cat nutrition expert. A cat can easily develop deficiencies in essential nutrients with a homemade diet.

Buy a hypoallergenic food that suits your cat's taste

Cat food comes in a range of flavors and all cats will find some more palatable than others, in the same way that people have foods they like and others they don't like. Don't choose his food randomly if you want him to eat properly.

Check the nutritional ratio carefully


on the package of the food you want to buy to be very sure it is suitable for your cat's needs. It should say that it is "suitable for adult cats" or "suitable for all life stages." This statement shows that the food in question meets the minimum nutritional requirements.

Discard uneaten wet food after two hours


t leave the wet food in his bowl for more than two hours. If you leave it in too long, it will start to spoil and attract parasites and develop bacteria. This will not be good for your cat at all.

Check the brand's reputation carefully


recommend that you review the safety record of the cat food manufacturer of your choice before you buy. If a brand has regular recalls, it's reasonable to question the quality of their products. Avoid this type of brand.


What is the best hypoallergenic cat food?

The best hypoallergenic cat food depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

What is a hypoallergenic cat food?

Hypoallergenic foods contain ingredients that generally do not cause allergic reactions, reducing the risk of cats developing an allergic response. Most hypoallergenic cat foods contain hydrolyzed proteins, which means that the proteins are broken down into a more easily digested form that most cats' immune systems will not recognize as protein, meaning they will not develop an allergic response.

How do I know if my cat is allergic to the food I'm feeding?


food allergy occurs when your cat's immune system mistakes a protein or other ingredient as a threat. The system reacts by causing itchy skin, skin infections, diarrhea, sneezing, coughing and vomiting, among other things. Itching and diarrhea are the most common signs of allergies, as well as other gastrointestinal problems such as vomiting. However, the best thing to do is to consult your veterinarian, who will give you the correct diagnosis as well as the corresponding treatment.

What ingredients in cat food can cause allergies?

Cats, like humans, can be allergic to just about anything. However, analyses have indicated that certain ingredients and proteins are more likely to cause allergic reactions than others, which guides manufacturers when formulating hypoallergenic foods. Cereals and dairy products account for most allergies and intolerances. Cats are not predestined to eat grains, so their digestive systems may have difficulty handling these foods. Corn, in particular, is a common trigger for cats, so avoid it whenever possible.

Can cats overcome food allergies?

Food allergies may not have dangerous health implications, but it is essential that they be diagnosed and treated properly. There is no blood test to diagnose an allergy and cats cannot overcome them.


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Royal Canin 3182550799645
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MjAMjAM 1104M3
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Royal Canin Hypoallergenic DR 25


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