The best hydroalcoholic gels in the UK 2023

With the Covid-19 that seems to have taken hold, the use of hydroalcoholic gel is now part of our daily routine. Did you know that 80% of microbial and viral transmissions are due to hand contact? In order to protect yourself as much as possible, discover our comparison of the best hydroalcoholic gels.

Lifebuoy - Lot of 12 bottles of 80 mL 1

Best value for money

Lifebuoy - Lot of 12 bottles of 80 mL

The best hydroalcoholic gel in 2021

These 12 bottles of hydroalcoholic gel of 80 mL each are very interesting. The product eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and has a pleasant smell. With this format, you will always have gel at hand.

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With this hydroalcoholic solution signed Lifebuoy, 99.9% of bacteria are eliminated. The risks of infection are therefore reduced. The size of the bottle is adapted to be stored in a bag or in your pocket. It is really an asset in everyday life, especially since it is very pleasant to use. The mint scent and texture are great and make your hands feel soft. You only need to put about 3 mL in your hand to ensure its effectiveness, which is certified by the EN 1276, EN 14476, EN 1650 standards. This lot gives access to 12 containers of 80 mL of hydroalcoholic gel.

Gilbert Healthcare Bactidose - 300 mL 2

Best value for money

Gilbert Healthcare Bactidose - 300 mL

The best entry-level hydroalcoholic gel

Gilbert Healthcare Bactidose is a bactericidal, yeast-killing and virucidal gel. With its pump bottle, putting it in a bag can be tricky. But it is good for use in the office or at home.

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Gilbert Healthcare Bactidose has a good texture that users like. Without odor, this hydroalcoholic gel is not likely to cause discomfort. Then, its effectiveness is proven by various standards recommended by the WHO. It contains moisturizing agents that soften the hands. This 300 mL bottle is very durable and is more than enough for many users. In fact, it offers up to 148 rubs for a small dab each use. This gel contains 70% ethanol, which is effective for everyone, but especially for people with sensitive skin. And finally, its mode of distribution is very practical.

Prisme - 5 L 3

Best value for money

Prisme - 5 L

The best high-end hydroalcoholic gel

Sold in a 5 L canister, Prisme hydroalcoholic gel has a pouring cap. You will be able to refill small bottles if needed. Really practical!

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Prisme hydroalcoholic gel is composed of 76% alcohol. Compliant with health standards, it is one of the most effective virucide, bactericide and yeast killer products available on the market. Presented in the form of a gel, it does not run and remains the most practical compared to a hydroalcoholic solution. This 5 L canister allows you up to 1700 uses if each dose contains 3 mL of gel. With such a quantity, you will be able to refill your empty bottles several times. A small 50 mL bottle is available for better rationing of the product. With a formula supplemented with natural glycerin, it will be able to moisturize your skin during use.

Nutripure - 1 L 4


Nutripure - 1 L

The best odorless hydroalcoholic gel

This neutral-smelling hydroalcoholic gel can be used for a fairly long period of time. It is ideal for refilling a daily use bottle. An excellent solution for individuals and companies.

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Made in the UK, Nutripure hydroalcoholic gel has an alcohol content of 70%. It complies with WHO regulations and comes in a simple container. Indeed, the manufacturer proposes it expressly so that you can easily refill your usual small bottle. The product consists of ethanol, glycerin and ammonium polyacryloydimethyl Tauarte. No aggressive ingredients are used to preserve the well-being of consumers. Moreover, it gives off a neutral odor. The texture is neither too liquid nor too gel, just perfect for a long period of use.

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Best hydroalcoholic gel

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The best hydroalcoholic gel in 2021

The best entry-level hydroalcoholic gel

The best high-end hydroalcoholic gel

The best odorless hydroalcoholic gel

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Comparison table of the best hydroalcoholic gels

Lifebuoy - Lot of 12 bottles of 80 mL 5
Gilbert Healthcare Bactidose - 300 mL 6
Prisme - 5 L 7
Nutripure - 1 L 8
Lifebuoy - Lot of 12 bottles of 80 mL
Gilbert Healthcare Bactidose - 300 mL
Prisme - 5 L
Nutripure - 1 L
These 12 bottles of hydroalcoholic gel of 80 mL each are very interesting. The product eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and has a pleasant smell. With this format, you will always have gel at hand.
Gilbert Healthcare Bactidose is a bactericidal, yeast-killing and virucidal gel. With its pump bottle, putting it in a bag can be tricky. But it is good for use in the office or at home.
Sold in a 5 L canister, Prisme hydroalcoholic gel has a pouring cap. You will be able to refill small bottles if needed. Really practical!
This neutral-smelling hydroalcoholic gel can be used for a fairly long period of time. It is ideal for refilling a daily use bottle. An excellent solution for individuals and companies.
960 mL (12 x 80 mL)
300 mL
5 L
1 L
Alcohol content
Family, corporate
Family, company
Family, business

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How to choose your hydroalcoholic gel

The best hydroalcoholic gel is only effective if it meets several health criteria. And since not all hydroalcoholic gels are the same, before taking the plunge, be sure to check these few parameters:

#1 - The alcohol content

The alcohol content of an effective hydroalcoholic gel must be between 60 and 70%. This information is generally found on the bottle. Below this amount, the gel is no longer considered hydroalcoholic, but rather a cleanser. On the other hand, if it exceeds this standard, the gel may cause skin irritation.

#2 - The number of ingredients

Hydroalcoholic gel consists of very few ingredients. To be more exact, they must be at most 4 according to UFC Que-Choisir. Since the gel is a sterile medium, the risks of bacteria proliferation are greatly reduced. Generally, this type of product must contain alcohol, an emollient such as glycerin and an antiseptic.

#3 - The respect of the standards in force

Each bottle, vial or can of hydroalcoholic gel must be tested and approved in a laboratory and be safe for users. These standards attest that the gel is indeed effective against microbes, viruses as well as bacteria.

  • NF EN 14 476 : active against all viruses resistant to detergents and disinfectants, such is the case of Covid-19
  • NF EN 1040 and EN 1500 : ideal against bacteria
  • The NF EN 1275 mark: refers to the effectiveness of the gel against fungi

#4 - With or without perfume?

As much as

possible, stay away from scented hydroalcoholic gels

. They can cause irritation in some users with sensitive skin.

#5 - The format

Opt for a small size hydroalcoholic gel if you want to slip it into your bag, your pocket, your glove compartment... Models in bottles or cans will be more suitable for professional use as refills.

Using your hydroalcoholic gel properly

Once you have your hydroalcoholic gel in your hands, you need to know how to use it properly and get the most out of it. To begin, remove all the jewels from your fingers and place the indicated amount on the palm of your hands. In general, it is recommended to pour about 3 ml of gel.

Then rub your hands for about 30 seconds, taking the time to reach all the areas between your fingers and nails. Make sure that your hands are not wet when you use the hydroalcoholic gel. Indeed, humidity can compromise the effectiveness of the alcohol contained in the gel. It should be noted that this type of product is only used to disinfect hands by killing viruses, microbes and bacteria.

The different types of hydroalcoholic gels

Hydroalcoholic gels all contain more or less the same components, but you can still distinguish 3 main types available on the market according to their presentation format.

Individual size hydroalcoholic gel

This type of gel is intended for personal use, its compact size allows it to slip easily into a pocket or a bag. The bottle generally has a capacity between 50 to 100 ml

. It has a non-drip cap that can deliver a sufficient quantity of gel at each use. The cap is often detachable, giving you the possibility to refill the bottle when the gel is exhausted.

This type of hydroalcoholic gel is mostly sold in batches and is offered at a very attractive price. But because of the small size of the bottle, it can run out quickly.

The biggest advantage of this type of hydroalcoholic gel is that the bottle does not risk being contaminated by other people. You can later refill it and reuse it.

Medium size hydroalcoholic gel


medium size, the hydroalcoholic gel can be used as a refill for smaller bottles. It is usually offered in a bottle with an average capacity of 500 ml to 1000 ml

and is equipped with a dosing pump or a spout for better distribution of the gel. Sometimes sold in batches at an advantageous price, the hydroalcoholic gel in medium size is generally without perfume. It is intended for common use.

To be placed at the entrance of the house or business, the medium size hydroalcoholic gel is perfectly adapted to a large number of users.

Large size hydroalcoholic gel


type of hydroalcoholic gel has been specially designed for professional use such as in hospitals, public facilities, schools or even hotels. This type of place will always need a large quantity of gels in order to fill the bottles and dispensers at all times while reducing the risks of contamination. The large format hydroalcoholic gel is quite heavy and comes in a 2 to 10 L canister

or more. In addition to the fact that it does not run out quickly, this type of hydroalcoholic gel has a tap cap for easier dispensing, which is very practical.

The hydroalcoholic gel in large format is intended more precisely for use in professional environments. You can also buy it to refill your individual bottles and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Hydroalcoholic gel or soap?

Hydroalcoholic gel

Easily transportable, the hydroalcoholic gel exists in several formats, including the pocket solution. Its use does not require rinsing or drying. This great practicality allows it to be used at any time and in any place. Moreover, you just have to rub your hands with the hydroalcoholic gel in only a few seconds for a total disinfection.


Soap has always been the best solution for optimal hand disinfection. The cleaning time varies between 20 and 30 seconds. In addition to your palms, you should also scrub your nails and between your fingers. Although all types of soaps are effective, antibacterial soaps are best. Don't forget to dry your hands with a single-use towel or clean cloth.


Hand washing with soap and water is still the most recommended solution by health organizations. The results are indeed more satisfactory, especially since this method remains the most affordable and accessible.

However, hydroalcoholic gel is an excellent alternative if you do not always have water available at all times.

9 important advantages of using hydroalcoholic gel

1. No water required

One of the biggest advantages of using a hydroalcoholic gel over soap is that you don't have to be near a sink. There are many instances where the need to rinse your hands is very inconvenient. You may not be near running water or have to wait in line at a public restroom to access a sink. Hand sanitizer is similar to using a lotion in that it requires no other resources or prep work to use.

2. Portable

You can never replace the use of hand sanitizer with hand soap when traveling. Soap is not portable and will not remove any pathogens from your hands unless you have water to rinse them off. Portability makes hand sanitizer a smart choice for protecting your hands from germs throughout the day. Keep a bottle handy in your pocket or briefcase to use after coming into contact with surfaces in public spaces. Plus in this time of pandemic, it is very effective.

3. Kills microorganisms

Bacteria on your hands fall into two categories: resident and transient. Resident bacteria live under a thin layer of skin cells on your hands. Transient bacteria live just on the surface and are easily removed. When you use a hydroalcoholic gel or wash your hands, you are primarily removing transient bacteria.

4. Good for sensitive skin

A common complaint about hand soap is that some formulas are irritating to sensitive skin. Using commercial grade soaps found in public restrooms can contain ingredients that cause rashes or itching on the skin. Applying a hydroalcoholic gel is usually much better for sensitive skin, especially if you use your own recipe.

5. You can customize it

Hydro-alcoholic gel can be made at home to suit all your sensitive skin needs. Make a homemade hand sanitizer using organic ingredients or with essential oils that match your favorite scent. The ingredients are easy to find in stores and don't cost much to make. If you have a large family, you can save money by making your own hand sanitizer recipe for everyone in the house.

6. Shareable

Hand sanitizer is great to have because it's easy to share in a group. If you're in a group, share your hand sanitizer before sharing a meal with friends or colleagues. This avoids having to assume that everyone is practicing the same level of hygiene.

7. Moisturizer

Another important benefit of using hydroalcoholic gel is that it is more moisturizing than soap. Depending on its ingredients, hydroalcoholic gel can be just as moisturizing as some lotions or oils.

8. Bacteria can't become resistant

Bacteria will not become resistant to the ingredients in hydroalcoholic gel as they can with soap. Antibacterial soaps use an ingredient called Triclosan that has been suspected of aggravating antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria on the hands. There are no similar problems with hand sanitizer. The active ingredient in hydroalcoholic gels is of course, as the name implies, alcohol.

9. Quick

A common reason people don't wash their hands is that it's quicker to walk away after using the bathroom. If you have to walk to the bathroom before grabbing a snack and you're really hungry, it's easy to find an excuse not to wash your hands to satisfy your hunger faster. Hydroalcoholic gel is much more convenient because it's quick. There's no washing with soap and water for 20 seconds to make sure you've got all the germs out. Just scrub for a few seconds and go.


Don't let your hands dry out with hydroalcoholic gel

The hydroalcoholic gel, enriched with natural glycerin, was designed to avoid the risk of dry hands. However, with excessive use, your fingers, nails and skin can become dry. To remedy this, apply 3 drops of glycerin or a mixture of boiled potato and milk. Gently massage all affected areas and rinse after 5 min.

Don't use hydroalcoholic gel on fragile skin


hydroalcoholic gel is not allergenic in any way. It does, however, contain a good amount of alcohol, which can weaken the skin. If you have skin problems or diseases such as eczema, do not use hydroalcoholic gel.

Apply the right gestures


hydroalcoholic gel is only effective if you adopt the right gestures. For example, you should rub your palms sufficiently for about 20 to 30 seconds. Don't forget to rub your nails, between your fingers, as well as your wrists.

Be aware of the hydroalcoholic gel's shelf life

Hydroalcoholic gel can be stored on average for 30 to 90 days after opening.

Don't apply it to wet hands


feel like putting some hydroalcoholic gel on your hands, but they are wet? Don't worry! Just dry your hands thoroughly and then apply about 3 ml of gel.


What is the best hydroalcoholic gel?

The best hydroalcoholic gel depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best right now.

Is hydroalcoholic gel more effective than soap and water?

Hydroalcoholic gel and soap are used for the same purpose: hand disinfection. There is no need to wash your hands with soap and water after applying the gel. Soap and water is more convenient if you have it available.

Can you clean dirt with hydroalcoholic gel?


an antibacterial, hydroalcoholic gel should not be used to remove and clean dirt. If your hands are soiled, wash them first with soap and water, a more effective solution.

How much hydroalcoholic gel should you use for best effectiveness?


is often recommended to apply a small dab of hydroalcoholic gel to get rid of viruses, fungi, bacteria and germs. However, we advise you to use the amount you deem sufficient for optimal effectiveness.

When to use hydroalcoholic gel?


can use the hydroalcoholic gel whenever you don't have access to a water point: in public transport, in a queue



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Lifebuoy - Lot of 12 bottles of 80 mL 9
Lifebuoy - Lot of 12 bottles of 80 mL
Gilbert Healthcare Bactidose - 300 mL 10
Gilbert Healthcare Bactidose - 300 mL
Prisme - 5 L 11
Prisme - 5 L
Nutripure - 1 L 12
Nutripure - 1 L


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