The best baking trays in the UK 2023

Cooking food remains a major concern in every household. A good hot plate that facilitates cooking is therefore essential. However, before purchasing such equipment, it is best to know how to target your needs and expectations. Our buying guide compiles all the necessary information on the subject.

Tefal Everyday Slim IH210801 1

Best value for money

Tefal Everyday Slim IH210801

The best cooktop in 2021

The Tefal Everyday Slim IH210801 is a robust and compact portable induction cooker. With its portable version and 6 cooking programs, it facilitates your daily cooking.

46,89 £ on Cdiscount

With its sleek design, the Tefal Everyday Slim IH210801 fits perfectly into most kitchen decors. Featuring 6 programs, this induction cooktop has many advantages. Its intuitive controls make it easy to use, whether you want to simmer, sear, brown, fry, fast boil or slow cook. Cooking will be done in record time.

The 26 cm diameter glass-ceramic cooking surface allows you to use cookware of various sizes, from small 10 cm pans to 24 cm woks. With its built-in timer and automatic shut-off function, the Tefal Everyday Slim IH210801 offers a high level of safety. In short, we are dealing with a high-performance and easy-to-maintain cooktop.

Severin DK 1091 2

Best value for money

Severin DK 1091

The best entry-level cooktop

Weighing just over 2kg, the Severin DK 1091 is ideal for quick cooking, whether in the kitchen or at the campsite or office. This electric stove has an infinitely variable temperature control.

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This German made hot plate offers sturdiness and practicality. It has a temperature control knob to cook your dishes with the appropriate cooking mode. With a power of 1,500 W, the Severin DK 1091 allows for very fast cooking. Note its rubber feet, ensuring good stability, even when you need to stir the preparation.

The Severin DK 1091 is a must for smaller spaces and budgets. Measuring just 30 cm, it can be installed anywhere and discreetly. Its white color allows it to blend in with any decorating style. Made of sturdy plastic, this inexpensive cooktop can be used for many years.

Millar GH9051PB 3

Best premium value for money

Millar GH9051PB

The best high-end cooktop

Made of tempered glass, this gas cooktop has 5 burners. You can easily build it into your countertop and control each of the 5 burners independently.

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Made of dark tempered glass for the entire surface and iron for the burners, the Millar GH9051PB gas cooktop will add a touch of style to your kitchen. As strong as it is elegant, tempered glass is also easy to maintain. Just wipe it down after each use and it will be as good as new! The Millar GH9051PB is also appreciated for its different cooking options and the possibility to adjust each of the 5 cooking zones independently.

Depending on the meals you want to prepare, choose your burner. The fast burner has a power of 2.4 kW, ideal for boiling water in minutes, cooking or frying food quickly. On the 2 semi-fast burners, take the time to simmer your dishes properly. You also have the Wok and auxiliary burner to use according to your cooking needs.

Amzchef YL-CD3201 4

Insert and induction

Amzchef YL-CD3201

A very interesting cooktop

The Amzchef YL-CD3201 glass-ceramic double-burner domino has a lot to offer, such as its high resistance, its polished black crystal glass surface or its touch-sensitive sensor control.

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The Amzchef YL-CD3201 2-burner glass-ceramic domino is suitable for most needs. With a temperature and cooking time control panel, it is suitable for long and even cooking as well as forfast cooking, while being economical. Indeed, you can choose your cooking mode thanks to its 9 power levels. Each of the hobs has a large, low-noise fan.

With its black polished crystal glass touch control panel, the Amzchef YL-CD3201 is easy to handle. The surface is particularly sensitive to touch, making it easy to use, no matter what cooking mode you choose. In terms of safety, it not only has a safety lock for each burner, but also has an automatic shut-off system in case of excessive temperature. Finally, it can be adapted to all types of cookware.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best hotplate

Any specific needs?

The best cooktop in 2021

The best entry-level cooktop

The best high-end cooktop

A very interesting cooktop

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Comparison table of the best baking trays

Tefal Everyday Slim IH210801 5
Severin DK 1091 6
Millar GH9051PB 7
Amzchef YL-CD3201 8
Tefal Everyday Slim IH210801
Severin DK 1091
Millar GH9051PB
Amzchef YL-CD3201
The Tefal Everyday Slim IH210801 is a robust and compact portable induction cooker. With its portable version and 6 cooking programs, it facilitates your daily cooking.
Weighing just over 2kg, the Severin DK 1091 is ideal for quick cooking, whether in the kitchen or at the campsite or office. This electric stove has an infinitely variable temperature control.
Made of tempered glass, this gas cooktop has 5 burners. You can easily build it into your countertop and control each of the 5 burners independently.
The Amzchef YL-CD3201 glass-ceramic double-burner domino has a lot to offer, such as its high resistance, its polished black crystal glass surface or its touch-sensitive sensor control.
7 power levels
Convenient for quick cooking
Beautiful finish
Overheat protection system
Intuitive control panel
Excellent quality
Automatic ignition
Safety lockout during cooking
Sleek design
Easy to carry
Easy to maintain and solid heating surface
Very energy efficient

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Buying guide - hotplate

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How to choose your hotplate

As the nerve centre and strategic equipment in the kitchen, the hob must be chosen with care. In order to choose the best model, taking into account your needs and requirements in terms of cooking is the best way to achieve this. Many other parameters should also be considered, and certain distinctive points will require special attention. Here are the most important criteria for choosing a cooktop.

#1 - Coatings

You can choose your induction cooker according to its type of coating. Indeed, they are offered in 5 different types of coating: stainless steel, enamel, cast iron, glass, glass ceramic. If stainless steel, easy to maintain, allows you to always have a clean plate, its aesthetic side also makes it trendy. On most gas plates, however, enamel is the main material. On the other hand, induction cookers are made of glass. A material that is easy to clean and resistant , it is appreciated by many users. The glass-ceramic plates, as its name suggests, are coated with glass-ceramic, which is also found on some contemporary models of gas plates. It is still a material that is easy to clean. Cast iron is a high-end material that is usually used on a gas hob. However, its heating and cooling time is longer than other types of cladding.

#2 - Type and number of households

Thechoice of these 2 criteria will have to be made according to consumption habits . You will also have to take into account the structure and space available in the kitchen. Thus, if you only have a kitchenette, the 1 or 2 hearth cooktop, also known as domino, is ideal. The 3 or 4 burner cooktop will fit perfectly in a larger kitchen. If you have a larger kitchen or a central island, the 5 or 6 burner cooktop will save you more time in terms of cooking. As for the type of cooktop, you can choose between gas, electric, radiant, halogen or induction cooktops. However, according to opinions, a halogen hob is much more efficient than a radiant hob, two types of hobs generally used in glass-ceramic hobs. It's up to you to choose your cooktop according to your cooking habits, but also according to the number of family members and the space available in the kitchen.

#3 - The orders

There are certain types of controls on a cooktop, including manual levers, touch-sensitive controls and the touch screen. You will mainly find touch controls on induction hobs. However, some glass-ceramic hobs also have them. On the other hand, the touch screen will be found mainly on the most innovative induction hobs. Induction hobs are among the latest developments in cooking hobs, so they often have more advanced controls. For their location, they are generally located in a side or front position. You can then choose your cooktop according to your preferences, both on the handling of the controls and on their location. However, side-mounted controls are safer for children. If you need more accessible controls, the ones on the front of the table or the hob will certainly suit you.

Installation with a dedicated electrical circuit

For electric, cast iron, induction or glass-ceramic cooktops, the installation must be done with a specialized electrical circuit. It must include a connection box or a socket for more safety.

#4 - The width of the table

Cooktops are available in several different sizes. This gives you the opportunity to choose the one that can fit the available space in your kitchen. For small kitchens or combinable with grill plate and plancha, the domino models with a width of 30 cm that can have 1 or 2 fireplaces are recommended. Thanks to their small dimensions, they allow to create a real functional cooking surface

. The standard size hobs can be easily integrated into any type of layout. They are 60 cm wide and have up to 4 hotplates. If you have a large kitchen or a cooking island, the 90 cm wide models are the best choice. They accommodate up to 6 hearths, allowing you to save more time in preparing full meals.

#5 - The options

Cooktops have largely evolved in recent years. While integrated ignition remains the only option for gas hobs, induction and glass-ceramic hobs offer much more. Indeed, you can find special cooking modes, such as simmering, searing or keeping warm. There is also the booster function, which is very practical for quickly raising the temperature of the hob to a very high level. It is excellent for boiling water quickly while using less energy. Of the appliances intended for cooking meals, manufacturers have equipped the latest models with safety systems. On a glass-ceramic hob, for example, there is the anti-overheating function. The plate turns off automatically at the slightest overheating. On the induction and glass-ceramic hob, you will also find the anti-spill function. It consists in turning off the plate when splashes reach the controls. For the gas plates, a system of cut-off of the gas supply is activated in less than 90 s in case of extinction of the flame.

What about energy consumption?

When buying a cooktop, whatever the type, we always think about the consumption. Indeed, for a cooktop alone, it would represent around 10% of the electricity or gas bill. To know the energy consumption of such an appliance, it is possible to get information about the energy label. An A consumption represents the least energy consuming, while G is the one that consumes the most energy.

Moreover, knowing that the faster a cooking plate heats, the less it consumes, you will have to compare the power of the appliances. The more powerful it is and the faster it cooks, the less energy it will consume. In the case of a gas cooktop, it is much more economical, especially if the cooktop is connected to natural gas. On the other hand, it causes a more significant loss of energy compared to other types of hobs.

The different types of baking trays

Buying a cooktop is an important investment for many years. They must fit your lifestyle, while being aesthetic, efficient, economical and reliable. So which model will best suit your kitchen and your habits? To answer this question, let's start by recognizing the different types of cooktops, knowing that each type differs by its operation, its hearths, as well as the energy used during cooking.

Induction plates

Induction hobs are now in vogue. High performance and ultra-practical, the induction cooker offers a precise and fast cooking mode. It has a feature to adjust the cooking temperature instantly. If you want to boil water quickly, you only have to activate the booster mode and it will be ready in just 3 minutes. An induction cooktop may be one of the most expensive cooktops on the market, but its great performance puts it at the top of the list as a favorite of most consumers.

With even cooking and a state-of-the-art safety system, this hob will allow you to cook with complete peace of mind and convenience. It is also appreciated for its low energy consumption and easy maintenance. Most models are equipped with an overheat protection system, an overflow protection system, as well as a detection system for pots and small utensils. Perhaps the only drawback is that it only works with special induction cookware.

Ceramic hobs


powerful than the induction cooktop, the glass-ceramic cooktop is nevertheless a good choice in terms of practicality. It works with a radiant or halogen heating system, depending on the type of hob. It offers a rapid rise in temperature and works with all types of containers. However, its high consumption during operation makes it more energy consuming than other types of cooktops.

There is a slight difference in performance between a halogen and a radiant hob on a ceramic hob. If the radiant hob allows to obtain a more stable temperature, the halogen hob will distinguish itself by a faster rise of the temperature and thus a shorter cooking time. In terms of safety, the models may also include a residual heat indicator, an overflow safety device and a lock to block the keys. This type of cooktop can be purchased at one of the most affordable prices on the market.

Gas plates


cooking appliance ranked among the most efficient, the gas hob gains in practicality compared to other types of hobs. In fact, this is why it remains the favorite of today's top chefs. The power of the fire and the cooking can be controlled visually. Moreover, the current models of gas hob are also equipped with powerful safety systems, such as the automatic gas shut-off when the flame goes out or the thermocouple system. Once lit, it heats up quickly and has several controls for more precise settings and excellent responsiveness.

Of all the cooktops, gas cooktops are the least expensive on the market. It also offers the advantage of power and reliability. Available in a wide range of models, from the simplest to the most high-end, you can choose them according to your needs and your budget. However, you should not forget that to make the choice of a gas hob, you will need, first of all, a gas boiler or gas cylinders for the supply.

Electric plates


can recognize the electric griddle by its cast iron system with an electric resistance. It is powered by electricity, so the heat produced is modulated according to the intensity of the electric current. However, it remains an easy-to-use cooking plate. Particularly solid, the cast iron which constitutes it does not fear shocks. This makes it less sensitive and therefore does not allow for very precise cooking.

This type of cooktop is often recommended for those who are new to cooking, but also for those who do not have enough space to install a cooktop. You can find models with 2 or 4 plates at most. The single-plate model is an excellent choice for those who only need to cook on the side. Its greatest advantage lies in its ease of installation, as it only requires a simple electrical connection.

Mixed plates


combi plate consists of 2 types of hearths. In general, it is a gas hearth associated with electric hearths. You can find models with 3 gas hearths and an electric hearth or 2 gas hearths and 2 induction hearths, as an example. With such a cooktop, you can simmer your dishes according to the type of recipe. Moreover, you will also have the advantage of using the other plates, if ever one of them breaks down.

A cooktop combining 2 different types of hearths, it allows you to take advantage of the many benefits of these 2 operating modes. Whether you need to heat up a dish quickly or simmer it slowly, the combi hob is perfect for all types of cooking. If you have more varied cooking habits, the versatility and flexibility of the combi hob makes it an excellent choice.

Cooking plate or multi-function stove?

Cooking plate

A cooktop or hob is the same appliance used to prepare and heat food in the kitchen. It comes in different types, gas, electric, induction, glass-ceramic and mixed, thus offering more cooking possibilities. More practical and at the forefront of technology, for most models, the cooking plates adapt to all needs and habits in the kitchen.

Multifunctional cooker

The multi-function cooker, on the other hand, has a hob and an oven, usually electric. The hob on the upper part of the appliance has 3 or 4 burners of different types, such as gas and electric, or gas and induction, or induction and glass ceramic. The integrated oven on the lower part of the cooker allows you to have everything you need for cooking your dishes, whatever its type.


The cooktop is a great choice if you already have a built-in oven or just need a cooking appliance for your meals. It is also suitable for small spaces, especially with the domino model. However, if you have enough space in the kitchen and use the oven frequently to simmer your meals, then the multifunctional cooker will be ideal. In terms of consumption, however, the cooker will consume more energy than the simple induction and gas cooktops.


Cleaning a glass plate

Induction or ceramic hob, the top part is made of glass. After each use, a wipe with a damp sponge is enough to keep it clean and prevent water and grease splashes from getting on it.

A choice of magnetic containers with an induction plate


very principle of induction is based on magnetism. Your pots, pans, pans and other cooking dishes will need to be magnetic. In addition, they must have a flat and thick bottom to avoid damaging your induction cooktop.

Using less energy with your electric hotplate



electric hob is usually made of cast iron, it retains heat for quite a long time. To save cooking time and reduce electricity consumption, you should remember to turn off the appliance 5 to 10 min before the end of your cooking.

Avoiding heat loss with your cooktop


avoid wasting energy when using your griddle, you should cook in the right size containers. You'll choose your baking dish based on the diameter of the hob in each household. When the bottom of the container is smaller than the plate, some of the energy is lost.

Adopt healthy and economical cooking


you use a ceramic or induction or electric or gas hob, never heat your pan or saucepan above 180 degrees, especially with fat, such as oil or butter. Not only are you wasting energy, but you are also destroying all the nutrients while causing carcinogenic fumes when cooking above this temperature.


What is the best cooktop?

The best cooktop depends primarily on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

What power to choose for your cooktop?

High power does not always mean good cooking. However, a high-powered hob is a guarantee of good quality.

How do I know if my cookware is induction compatible?

Simply test the cookware with a magnet. The magnet should stick to the flat base of the pan.

Which socket for an electric hob?

First of all, it is important to know that in the UK, the standard requires an installation with a specialised socket of 32 A maximum. However, some models may have three-phase sockets.

How do I remove burn marks from a hotplate?

A simple and effective recipe is to clean with a little vinegar and baking soda. However, it is necessary to rub gently with a soft sponge to avoid scratches.


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