The best hiking mat in the UK 2023

Are you planning to go hiking soon, but are afraid to give up your comfort? Not at all! Thanks to a good hiking mattress, you will enjoy a peaceful sleep in the middle of nowhere. Ultra-light and portable, it has become a must-have among the hiker's gear. Through this comparative guide, discover the best hiking mattresses of the moment.

Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite 1

Best value for money

Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite

The best hiking mattress in 2021

When the weather is mild, this foam floor mat is sure to work. Whether you're camping, bivouacking, trekking or hiking, the Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite will prove to be a comfortable and insulating mat.

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The Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite is lightweight, economical, ultra-strong and extremely durable. Contrary to the inflatable mattress, this one does not fear the risks of piercing. It is the model most recommended by bivouac enthusiasts, mountaineers and backpackers, especially those who use a tarp tent.

This mattress or foam ground sheet meets the needs of those who are looking for security and solidity. It folds easily and takes up very little space. Weighing in at around 400g, this model is equipped with a ThermaCapture reflective coating that guarantees excellent insulation with an R-Value of 2.6.


Best value for money


The best entry-level hiking mattress

The V VONTOX benefits from an innovative inflation system, which allows it to better adjust to the body shape. Suitable for all types of terrain, this self-inflating mattress is made of flexible nylon TPU.

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The VONTOX self-inflating mattress promises a good night's sleep thanks to its high quality design. Indeed, it uses an innovative technology to memorize your body mapping. You will be able to enjoy a maximum of comfort during its use. Note that this self-inflating mattress is made of 20D nylon composite TPU that is light, flexible and relatively resistant.

The inflation and deflation process is very easy. The V VONTOX inflatable camping mattress also takes up very little space when folded. It can be rolled up in seconds and easily stored in its carry bag.

KingCamp Classic Double 3

Best value for money

KingCamp Classic Double

The best high-end hiking mattress

This is a multi-purpose mattress. The KingCamp Classic Double will give you a level of comfort close to what your bed can give. You'll be able to use it for hiking, camping or at home.

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Measuring 183 x 130 x 3 cm, the KingCamp Classic Double mattress can accommodate 1 or 2 people. Indeed, this self-inflating mattress 2 places folds by the middle and becomes a simple mattress with double thickness for more comfort. As soon as you open its 2 valves, it inflates quickly. Its wave-shaped surface and open-cell Jet Stream foam ensure better comfort.

The KingCamp Classic Double has a breathable cover. In addition, it provides excellent support for your back. It insulates you from the cold ground in winter and prevents you from sweating in summer. Its compact size allows you to carry it wherever you want. It is important to mention that this hiking mat is made entirely of 150D Oxford polyester and is covered with a quality material that is PVC. In addition, you will receive a repair kit upon purchase.

Idefair Bleu 4

A great choice

Idefair Bleu

The best hiking mattress with built-in hand pump

This blue hiking mat is waterproof. It stands out from the competition with its integrated pillow. It is your best ally if you go camping, trekking, hiking or at the beach.

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The Idefair Blue inflatable mattress has an exclusive patented technology. Thanks to its hand pump system, its use is very easy. 60 seconds are enough to inflate it completely. On a ground sheet, in the tent or on the ground, the camping mattress offers increased durability. Its robustness results from its quality design with ripstop nylon fabric and TPU.

Although it is spacious when unfolded, the Idefair Blue takes up very little space in a hiking backpack. Its lightness and compactness give you the opportunity to take it with you on any occasion. Your comfort level will be increased thanks to its integrated pillow.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best hiking mat

Any specific needs?

The best hiking mattress in 2021

The best entry-level hiking mattress

The best high-end hiking mattress

The best hiking mattress with built-in hand pump

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Comparison table of the best hiking mat

Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite 5
KingCamp Classic Double 7
Idefair Bleu 8
Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite
KingCamp Classic Double
Idefair Bleu
When the weather is mild, this foam floor mat is sure to work. Whether you're camping, bivouacking, trekking or hiking, the Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite will prove to be a comfortable and insulating mat.
The V VONTOX benefits from an innovative inflation system, which allows it to better adjust to the body shape. Suitable for all types of terrain, this self-inflating mattress is made of flexible nylon TPU.
This is a multi-purpose mattress. The KingCamp Classic Double will give you a level of comfort close to what your bed can give. You'll be able to use it for hiking, camping or at home.
This blue hiking mat is waterproof. It stands out from the competition with its integrated pillow. It is your best ally if you go camping, trekking, hiking or at the beach.
Very good quality/price ratio
Comfortable and lightweight
Quality of construction
Mattress with pillow
Ultra light and practical
Very resistant to humidity
TPU cover for better waterproofing
Reliable and very insulating
Affordable for everyone
For 1 or 2 people
Soft and compact

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How to choose your hiking mat

Choose the right hiking mattress and you are sure to sleep comfortably in the mountains, under the stars. To find the model that perfectly meets your expectations, here are the essential parameters to consider:

#1 - The dimensions

Your comfort level depends on the size of your hiking mattress. The more compact it is, the lighter it will be. The ideal model will cover at least your head to your knees, which is about 120 cm. The standard width is about 51 cm. The thickness of the mattress will also have a direct impact on your comfort, regardless of the type of model chosen. To get the best weight/thickness ratio, go for mattresses between 5 and 7 cm.

#2 - Clutter

For a successful hike, you should be as light as possible. Thus, make sure that your hiking mattress is both light and compact in order to facilitate its transportation. In this sense, the foam mattress seems to be the lightest. On the other hand, the inflatable mattress is the best in terms of compactness. You should, however, check the range of the model of your choice since high-end versions are often more efficient.

#3 - The use

Even if a hiking mattress model has particularly seduced you, you should nevertheless pay attention to its use in order to know if it suits your needs well.

  • The self-inflating mattress : is an ideal choice for hikes with a mechanical or animal carry, for occasional hikes and for regular hikes.
  • The inflatable mattress : is also suitable for occasional or regular hikes. In the latter case, choose the best compromise between comfort and size.
  • Foam mattresses : If you don't go out much during the year, a foam mattress will do the trick.

For long-distance hikes, make sure you always travel light. A basic foam mat, an ultra-light inflatable hiking mattress or a ¾ self-inflating mattress will be a great option. Last but not least, the combination of several types of mattresses (e.g., foam and inflatable) will provide optimal insulation during a winter hike or long expedition.

#4 - Insulation


you may have already brought your sleeping bag with you, the hiking mattress will provide additional protection against cold and moisture. The minimum comfort temperature of such an equipment is translated by the R-Value coefficient varying between 0 and 8. Note that the insulation is obtained by the presence of air pockets, reflective materials or a fiber or down filling.

  • If the R-Value is less than 1, the mattress can only be used in summer.
  • If the R-Value varies from 1 to 2, the mattress can be used between mid-spring and mid-fall
  • If the R-Value is between 2 and 3, you can use your mattress during 3 seasons (summer, fall and spring)
  • The 4 seasons mattress, usable during all the year, has an R-Value higher than 3.

The self-inflating mattress offers very good insulation. However, in case of very cold weather, we recommend top-of-the-line inflatable models with an R-Value higher than 4.

#5 - The comfort


hiking mattress, besides protecting you from the cold, also insulates you from the ground, whether it is rocky, full of holes... Better yet, this sleeping accessory should allow you to sleep better, and in the positions that suit you (on your back, stomach or side).

"Walking in nature is like being in a huge library where each book contains only essential sentences." - By Christian Bobin

How to use a hiking mat properly?

Before your departure, it is always recommended to check the condition of each of your hiking equipment. This is the case of the flashlight, the batteries, the sleeping bag, the solar battery, the hiking backpack, the compass... and of course, the mattress.

It would be a shame if the mattress failed on your first day. To do this, inflate it (inflatable and self-inflating models) to the desired thickness and firmness. Make sure there are no leaks. Note that too much air pressure could cause the seams to give way.

When setting up your camp, choose the flattest possible surface. Avoid rocks, roots, small branches, small bumps... Keep it away from any heat source. After your outdoor stay, fold (if it's a foam floor mat) or deflate your mattress properly before storing it in its storage cover. Don't forget to remove any rough edges that have stuck to the material.

Good to know

Even if it is resistant to humidity and water, a hiking mattress does not play the role of a bathing mattress.

The different types of hiking mat

Quite soft, the main role of the hiking mattress is to insulate you and protect you from the cold ground. Since each type of model meets specific needs, we have classified them into 3 main categories:

Self-inflating hiking mattress

This type of hiking mattress is equipped with a valve that allows it to inflate automatically. Not very cumbersome, it offers a good insulation and an optimal comfort. It is a model very appreciated by the aficionados of trekking because of its fast installation and its practicality

. You can still give 2 to 3 blows if the firmness of the mattress does not suit you.

To be used specifically on soft or hard ground, the self-inflating hiking mattress is used from spring to fall. Its thickness oscillates between 2.5 to 4 cm while its insulation has an R-Value of 2 to 4.

Inflatable hiking mattress


the classic inflatable mattresses, this one can be inflated by mouth, thanks to an integrated hand pump, an inflation bag or a pump model provided with the purchase. Very comfortable, this type of hiking mattress is as light as it is compact

. It is also perfect for mountaineering and trekking.

Its thickness is between 3.5 and 9 cm. It is important to note that insulated models with synthetic fiber or down filling require the use of a pump to avoid compromising the thermal performance of the mat.

Foam floor mats

Foam hiking mats are best suited to smaller budgets. It is puncture resistant

while being very light and strong. Despite being the bulkiest of all, this type of model is easily stored on the outside of a hiking backpack. The level of comfort and insulation is still decent, making it very practical as an occasional mattress. Some honeycomb models offer better insulation and a good level of comfort. Others can be folded in an accordion shape to reduce the space required.

The foam hiking mattress can be complementary with other types of mattresses. It is used in most cases on an abrasive ground. With a thickness varying between 0.6 and 2 cm, this sleeping accessory has an R-Value of 1 to 2.8.

Hiking or camping mattress?

Hiking mattress

The hiking mattress is an essential piece of equipment, in addition to the sleeping bag, to spend a comfortable night in the wilderness. Although the level of thermal insulation varies according to the model chosen, its main purpose is to insulate you from the ground and from humidity.

In addition, the hiking mattress ensures maximum comfort. Whatever the length of your expedition, the equipment must be light and compact. Available in various versions, some models can even be used all year round.

Camping mattress

Offering the same basic functionality as the hiking mattress, the camping mattress helps to reduce any heat loss during nights spent outdoors. Even if you are already snuggled up in your sleeping bag, the presence of such a mattress will provide additional thermal insulation.

It is also very practical for those who want to improve the life of their sleeping bag. This type of mattress is relatively heavier and more cumbersome than the model intended for hiking. There are 4 categories of mattresses to choose from: the ground sheet, the air mattress, the self-inflating mattress and the folding mattress.


Hiking and camping mats are used for the same and only purpose: to avoid direct contact with the ground. However, the hiking mattress, with an average weight of 500 to 800 g, is highly recommended if you plan to explore the nature and change the place where you sleep frequently.

On the other hand, if you are going to camp in a specific place during your stay, you should choose a camping mattress. If you have a mechanical carrying system such as a car, thus reducing the effort involved during transport, this equipment is also suitable.


Learn to hike light

To be as light as possible and save your joints, wear fewer accessories. This will result in much less fatigue. Carry the bare essentials and leave out the extras and "just in case" items.

Don't hesitate to use a sack sheet


you're looking for better insulation, use a sack sheet that you've slipped inside your sleeping bag beforehand. As silk models are preferred, you can also opt for a thermal sack sheet.

Unfold your sleeping bag at the end of the day


sooner the better! Since it is compressed during transport and storage, the hiking mattress must be unfolded towards the end of the day to give it time to reinflate properly.

Always wear dry clothes at night

Sweating deposits salt (moisture absorbing) on both your clothes and your skin. This means you may still feel cold at night. Therefore, unless you decide to wash yourself, it is recommended that you wear dry clothes before going to bed.

Adopt the right position


majority of sleeping bags are narrow enough to accommodate only one person. They are also designed to rotate with you as you change positions. In order to avoid cold spots, be careful not to compress it in certain areas.


What is the best hiking mattress?

The best hiking mattress depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How can I prevent my hiking mat from slipping during the night?

Find the right place to put your hiking mat. It is best to place it on a flat area.

Is a repair kit required?

Yes, if you have an inflatable or self-inflating hiking mat. A foam mattress, on the other hand, is not susceptible to punctures.

How to inflate your hiking mat faster?

To save both energy and time, choose a floor mat or mattress with a built-in pump. This can be operated by hand or foot.

How can I prevent the air mattress from making noise?

You can either use a floor mat or a blanket under the mattress.


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