The best heating pads in the UK 2023

The heating pad keeps you warm and relieves muscle and joint pain. With or without seeds to be heated in the microwave, we find some for the neck, the shoulders or the back. According to the part concerned, here is our guide of the best heating pads.

Beurer HK 125 1

Best value for money

Beurer HK 125

The best heating pad

For those chilly winter evenings, it's a good idea to cover your shoulders with this extra large heating pad. It provides reassuring warmth and has a relaxing effect on painful areas on the shoulders or back.

46,58 £ on Amazon

With a large size of about 60 x 40 cm, this heating pad is made of a soft, skin-friendly plush material. For better protection, the cushion comes with a cover. It is equipped with an electronic control via an LED switch that sets 6 temperature levels, as well as a quick heating. For added safety, the cushion is also equipped with a BSS system that automatically shuts off the system after 90 minutes or when the cushion is folded. The cushion, as well as its cover, is easy to care for, as it can be machine washed at 30°.

Feel recovery microwave heating pad 2

Best value for money

Feel recovery microwave heating pad

The best entry-level heating pad

Take the time to rest and enjoy a moment of relaxation on this electric heating pad. It is the ideal accessory to relieve muscle pain after a hard day.

15,96 £ on Amazon

This dry hot water bottle filled with aromatic seeds is the best solution to soothe tight muscles or warm up the bed before sleeping. This heat pad helps relieve back pain, cramps and joint pain in a natural way. Its rectangular shape is wide enough to cover all areas of the body. Moreover, this pillow is very easy to use, as it is resistant to very high and low temperatures.

You can use a microwave to heat it up and use it in a thermotherapy treatment or put it in the freezer to cool it down. With its 100% cotton cover, this pillow is very resistant and environmentally friendly. In addition to being practical, this equipment is also easy to maintain since it is washable by hand or in a machine.

Heated massage cushion SL363M-EN Snailax 3

Best value for money

Heated massage cushion SL363M-EN Snailax

The best premium heating pad

Ultra practical and perfectly effective in eliminating muscular pains in the body, this heated foam massage cushion will bring you great comfort to rest easily at night.

95,99 £ on Amazon

This heated foam massage cushion has many benefits, especially in terms of health. It helps relieve stress, stiffness, migraines, aches and pains in the joints after a long day. With its super soft cover and comfortable memory foam, you can enjoy a fantastic massage anytime on this cushion with a design similar to a vibrating mat.

Whether in bed or on the couch, this installation is a must for your well-being. The effectiveness of this cushion is ensured by its 10 vibrating motors. Apart from that, this vibrating massage mat is composed of 6 heating pads offering a soothing heat for all parts of the body, such as legs, thighs, hips, the heating for the neck being independent. In summer or winter, this accessory will always provide a pleasant warmth to your body, even comfortable.

Zooyaue electric heating pad 4


Zooyaue electric heating pad

A great alternative

This electric heating pad is an ally if you want to relieve back pain and aches. With 6 temperature levels, it is the solution for a complete relaxation of the body thanks to its heating therapy.

36,25 £ on Amazon

This double-wire heating pad is a small blanket with a practical heating plate to relax the muscles of the body. With dimensions of 74 x 40 cm, it can cover a large area and can perform heat therapy of the neck, back or legs. This electric heating blanket has a double PVC wire and 6 settings for easy selection of the desired temperature range.

Very effective in curing aches and pains, the fabric of the cushion is made of flannel, a soft and comfortable material. For an optimal use of the device, it is advised to spray water on its surface without soaking it. The cushion can be washed in a washing machine, however, it is necessary to unplug all electrical equipment beforehand.

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Best heating pad

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The best heating pad

The best entry-level heating pad

The best premium heating pad

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Comparison table of the best heating pads

Beurer HK 125 5
Feel recovery microwave heating pad 6
Heated massage cushion SL363M-EN Snailax 7
Zooyaue electric heating pad 8
Beurer HK 125
Feel recovery microwave heating pad
Heated massage cushion SL363M-EN Snailax
Zooyaue electric heating pad
For those chilly winter evenings, it's a good idea to cover your shoulders with this extra large heating pad. It provides reassuring warmth and has a relaxing effect on painful areas on the shoulders or back.
Take the time to rest and enjoy a moment of relaxation on this electric heating pad. It is the ideal accessory to relieve muscle pain after a hard day.
Ultra practical and perfectly effective in eliminating muscular pains in the body, this heated foam massage cushion will bring you great comfort to rest easily at night.
This electric heating pad is an ally if you want to relieve back pain and aches. With 6 temperature levels, it is the solution for a complete relaxation of the body thanks to its heating therapy.
Number of temperature settings
Temperature according to heating time
Machine washable
Padding up to the neck
60 x 180 cm
60 x 40 cm
30 x 17 cm
74 x 40 cm

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How to choose your heating pad

To enjoy a comfortable, relieving and effective thermotherapeutic experience, here are some criteria to consider when purchasing a heating pad.

#1 - Versatility

Ideally, the cushion should be used on any part of the body, a cushion that both relieves the brain and soothes muscle pain. Some are shaped to heat the neck, shoulders and stomach, while others are simple rectangles that cannot be adjusted.

If you are treating cold pain, bruises or shocks, choose a cushion with seeds to be heated in the microwave. This way, the padding can accumulate heat or cold. Finally, if you want different levels of temperature depending on your mood or health condition, opt for an electric model.

#2 - Comfort and convenience


criterion is crucial, especially when you want to lie on the heating pad

from time to time.

Avoid models that are too bulky and choose something thin with a soft cover and spongy or plush padding. Also, make sure the cushion can be washed in the washing machine. In fact, most cushions offer this option directly at 30°C or via a removable cover.

#3 - The material


material of the cushion affects its effectiveness and lif


This relates to good conduction, good heat distribution and heat retention. If you want gentle heat on a hypoallergenic surface, look to natural fiber heating pads such as cotton, plush or fleece. On the other hand, for fast and effective heat, opt for synthetic or plastic fibers.

#4 - The features


important to note that electric heating pads offer more features than other types. Consider checking the number of temperature settings. If you want more comfort and relaxation, turn to heating pads with a massage option. To feel safe with the heating pad, choose the models with anti-overheating system and those that turn off automatically after a while.

#5 - The design

This is

a secondary criterion, but one that matters, especially when you have several choices of colors, patterns, sizes and shapes. In particular, some heating pads have a hot water bottle shape while others have the design of cat, fox or other friendly animals.

Good to know

Never use a heating pad on burned, irritated or injured skin. In case of a minor burn, an ointment or lotion can be applied. However, pregnant or nursing women should consult a physician.

The benefits of the heating pad

Appreciated for its soft and diffuse heat, the heating pad is mainly used to fight against the cold. Beyond the heat it provides, its use is also effective for the elimination of toxins in the body by thermotherapy.

The heating pad also improves blood circulation by allowing the blood vessels to dilate slightly. It also relaxes the muscles and soothes muscular tension.

In addition, the gentle heat penetrates deep into the body and relieves joint pain at the same time. Applied across the neck, upper back and shoulders, the heating pad helps to alleviate neck pain.

The different types of heating pads

Heating pads offer different levels of comfort and operation depending on their type. Heated, electric or chemical, here are the characteristics that distinguish them from each other.

The heating pad

This cushion is filled with organic wheat or gel or flaxseed which is a special filling to store heat well for a long time. Very practical, just put it in a microwave oven to benefit from its heat. If you don't have a microwave oven, use hot water and knead the padding well to distribute the heat. Nevertheless, be careful when removing the pad from the microwave as it may burn you in addition to being heavy and therefore less convenient to apply.

The electric heating pad


is probably the most widely used model. This heating pad works with a battery or an electric plug. It is often equipped with a temperature and heating time setting. This model is also equipped with an automatic stop function after 30 to 60 minutes of operation. However, it cannot be used instantly after charging because of the heat generated. It is necessary to wait between 5 to 10 min before applying it through the hands, shoulders etc. Beware of electrical burns!

The chemical heating pad


chemical heating pad is made of chemical substance which once pressed comes in contact with the metal or capsule in the pad and releases heat by a supercooling process. However, this type of pad is rarely encountered because of its atypical operation which, once in contact with the skin or air, heats up automatically. The often unexpected chemical reactions make this cushion dangerous, especially if these substances escape into the environment.

Flax seed or cherry seed heating pad?

Linseed heating pad

The heating cushions stuffed with flax seeds are recommended to those who want to benefit from a simple thermotherapy at home or to relax and alleviate their muscular pains by exploiting the remarkable analgesic properties of flax. Flax seeds have the advantage of storing heat very quickly once heated in the microwave. Afterwards, this heat is diffused very slowly so that the user of the cushion can enjoy the benefits of it for a long time.

Cherry seed heating pad

The heating pads filled with cherry pits spread the heat quickly. However, the heat dissipates quite quickly. This type of pillow is ideal for warming the bed, relieving back pain, rheumatism and neck and lumbar pain. Apart from that, it can also be used to relieve tension, stomach aches, colic, toothache and even stress. It can also be used as a hot water bottle or cold compress.


If you're looking for a heating device that provides gentle heat that lasts longer, choose flaxseed heating pads. For a quick and intense (but less long-lasting) heat, cherry pit heating pads will do the trick.

Why buy a heating pad?

To sleep better at night

A heating pad allows you to fall asleep quickly thanks to the heat it gives off. Your blood circulation will be more fluid and your muscles will be well relaxed. It is also an accessory that will keep you warm all year round.

For its ease of transport

You can take your transport cushion everywhere you go. Whether you're going on a trip, going to the pool or just being at home, this item will serve as your back support or seat at all times. Lightweight and small in size, it fits easily into a suitcase or bag. You can also put it in a small corner of your car.

For its practicality

It is an ultra-practical cushion as you don't have to move to relax. It helps you feel better without any effort. You can use it if you feel tired or if you need warmth. Besides, a heating pad is very easy to use depending on the model and brand.

To eliminate toxins

A heating pad, because of the heat it provides, helps to gradually eliminate toxins from the body. It helps you to stay in shape and to fight many back pains. In short, it is an essential wellness accessory to feel good about yourself and to be in good spirits all the time.

To relieve joint pain

If you have problems with your joints, a heating pad can help you alleviate the pain. Simply place it on the area to be treated or lie down on it to feel the effect. You will feel better and more relaxed after just one application.

The best brands of heating pads

In our opinion, the best brands of heating pads in 2022 are :


It is a Chinese manufacturer and distributor of home comfort, relaxation and massage, heating solutions, baby care products, etc. MaxKare is best known for its unique and sophisticated gadgets.

Specialising in shavers, mattress warmers, heating pads, saunas, manicures etc., the German brand is ranked among the top 100 companies in Germany thanks to the premium quality of its products.

Founded in 1981, Medisana focuses on the production of health-related items. A professional in the development of medical self-monitoring devices, the company also produces a wide variety of silky and absorbent heating pads, both for therapeutic purposes and to improve health.

Founded in 2000, the Sanitas brand has a multitude of innovative and essential health equipment to its credit. It offers superior quality at prices accessible to all budgets, including heating pads.

Located in Croissy sur Seine in the Yvelines, LBS manufactures and imports medical devices. With decades of experience, it stands out in the childcare, health and wellness and children's products, with exceptional and reliable standards of comfort.

What is the price for a heating pad

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Clean the heating pad thoroughly.

Cleaning a heating pad usually depends on the brand, type and material. Usually, a manual is delivered to help you. For example, if the cover is removable, you can put it directly into the washing machine, following the manufacturer's recommendations, especially regarding the type of detergent to use and the washing temperature. On the other hand, the models without cover will have to be cleaned with an anti-stain cloth. If the stain persists, wet the cloth a little with a non-aggressive detergent. For electric cushions, be careful of the risk of electrocution by unplugging it before wet cleaning and avoid drying the cushion on the mains to avoid damaging it.

Store the heating pad properly.


general, when the cushion has cooled, store it flat, unfolded, at room temperature and away from light, preferably in a cover. Over time, the appearance of the gel in a heating pad may change (bubbles forming, more spongy appearance, etc.) but rest assured, this will in no way affect its effectiveness.

Try out all the possible uses of your heating pad.


soothe your neck pain, place the heating pad behind the painful area. To relieve women suffering from painful periods, they are advised to sit on the heating pad placed on the work chair or lie on the pad placed behind the back. Then, if you are tired after a long day of walking or standing for too long, place your thighs, calves or feet on the heating pad. Finally, you can also place it against your chest to warm you up during the cold winter weather.

Relieve some of the discomforts of pregnancy with the heating pad.


do this, note that you should only use the heating pad to soothe pain in certain parts of the body away from the abdomen: the neck, upper back, feet or legs. The reason for not using the pad around the abdomen is that the heat may dilate the blood vessels in these areas, causing contractions. So to soothe back pain, use only a simple maternity pillow or blanket that is wrapped under the back.

Soothe your rheumatic pain with a heating pad.


magnetic heating pad is specifically designed to treat rheumatic pain through the magnets built into it as well as its temperature settings. The magnets offer a beneficial effect for the body especially for pain relief when you don't want to take pain medication. You should also know that the heating pads filled with flax seeds also have effective analgesic properties.


What is the best heating pad?

The best heating pad depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

My heating pad no longer heats up. What should I do?

Unplug it and clean the control unit and the switching contacts with an electrical contact cleaner. If the problem persists, use a multimeter to check whether any wires have been cut or whether the resistance is defective. If you have trouble, contact a specialist.

Is there a real risk of electric shock with an electric heating pad?

Yes, to avoid the risk of electric shock, never allow your electric heating pad to come into contact with liquid once it is plugged into the mains. After cleaning, do not use it until it is completely dry.

Are there heating pads for animals?

Yes, as with humans, pet heating pads allow dogs or cats to relax, relieve aches and pains, and keep warm, especially during the winter.

I have burns caused by my heating pad, what should I do?

If the burn is minor, apply warm water to the affected area. Once cool and dry, apply an antibiotic ointment or lotion and bandage the burned area with sterile gauze. For second degree burns or more, seek medical attention.


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Beurer HK 125
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Feel recovery microwave heating pad
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Heated massage cushion SL363M-EN Snailax
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Zooyaue electric heating pad


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