The best heating jackets in the UK 2023

To protect yourself from the cold outdoors, treat yourself to a heated jacket. Between a top heating system and a complete clothing equipment, the heated jacket is used for everyday life as well as for certain activities such as sports in cold weather. Unisex or not, with hood or not, windproof or not, there is something for everyone. Are you interested too, even if you have trouble deciding? Check out our guide to the best heated jackets for this year.

ProSmart - Men's Hooded Warming Jacket 1

Best value for your money

ProSmart - Men's Hooded Warming Jacket

The best heated jacket in 2021

The ProSmart is the heated jacket to warm you up to the intensity you want. A temperature indicator is located on the outside of the jacket.

88 £ on Amazon

The ProSmart has 3 heating zones, 2 of which are located in the chest and back area. Each time you adjust the temperature, a light indicator is activated. There are 3 temperature levels available for this purpose. A red indicator is activated when the temperature is very high, white for the average temperature and blue for the lowest temperature.

This heated hooded jacket for men is powered by a 12V battery that you can detach at your convenience for maintenance and washing. This battery provides up to 10 hours of heating, enough to keep the ProSmart warm all day.

Surenhap – Veste chauffante unisexe 2

Best value for your money

Surenhap – Veste chauffante unisexe

The best entry-level heated jacket

The Surenhap heats up well without presenting a danger to the wearer. This jacket draws its energy from a 5 V battery, allowing you to adjust the temperature to your needs.

47,95 £ on Cdiscount
Milwaukee M12 HJPLADIES-0 T - Women's Warming Jacket 3

Best value for your money

Milwaukee M12 HJPLADIES-0 T - Women's Warming Jacket

The best high-end heated jacket

With 3 heated zones and no hood, this women's heated jacket will not disappoint. The battery used with the Milwaukee M12 HJPLADIES-0 T can last up to 8 hours.

172 £ on Cdiscount

The heating zones of the Milwaukee M12 HJPLADIES-0 T Women's Warming Jacket are made of carbon fiber. This distributes the heat evenly over the entire upper body. For those who want more precision, this jacket effectively heats the shoulders, chest and back. The adjustment knob is located at the chest level, making it very easy to access.

Like all the models in this comparison, the Milwaukee M12 HJPLADIES-0 T features a color LED temperature indicator. The fabric used by the manufacturer, Ripstop polyester, guarantees a long life. In addition, the wear areas of this garment are subject to a significant reinforcement. The battery is not included, but the jacket is compatible with Milwaukee M12 batteries, which have 8 hours of autonomy.

Dewbu - Unisex Warming Jacket 4


Dewbu - Unisex Warming Jacket

A great unisex heated jacket

The first point that attracts with this heated jacket is its design. It really differs from many models. And for that alone, the Dewbu is worth a try.

80 £ on Amazon

In addition to its unusual color, the Dewbu Unisex Heated Jacket features 2 large pockets in the front and 2 more in the back. Made with durable fabric, it faces scratches in addition to rain and wind, this high-tech garment can provide upper body heating for 10 hours straight, very satisfying for the price. This feat comes from the battery capacity, which peaks at 4,400 mAh.

The heating zones of this Dewbu heated jacket are on both sides of the chest and in the back. It incorporates an automatic shut-off system that is activated when the temperature is too high. It is a very safe model that shuts off immediately when there is a short circuit.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best heating jacket

Any specific needs?

The best heated jacket in 2021

The best entry-level heated jacket

The best high-end heated jacket

A great unisex heated jacket

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Comparison table of the best heating jackets

ProSmart - Men's Hooded Warming Jacket 5
Surenhap – Veste chauffante unisexe 6
Milwaukee M12 HJPLADIES-0 T - Women's Warming Jacket 7
Dewbu - Unisex Warming Jacket 8
ProSmart - Men's Hooded Warming Jacket
Surenhap – Veste chauffante unisexe
Milwaukee M12 HJPLADIES-0 T - Women's Warming Jacket
Dewbu - Unisex Warming Jacket
The ProSmart is the heated jacket to warm you up to the intensity you want. A temperature indicator is located on the outside of the jacket.
The Surenhap heats up well without presenting a danger to the wearer. This jacket draws its energy from a 5 V battery, allowing you to adjust the temperature to your needs.
With 3 heated zones and no hood, this women's heated jacket will not disappoint. The battery used with the Milwaukee M12 HJPLADIES-0 T can last up to 8 hours.
The first point that attracts with this heated jacket is its design. It really differs from many models. And for that alone, the Dewbu is worth a try.
Heating levels
Snowboarding, camping, hiking, skiing,
Outdoor sports, hunting, hiking
Skiing, hiking, motorcycle, mountaineering, camping, fishing
Battery voltage
12 V
5 V
12 V
7.4 V

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How to choose your heating jacket

The heated jacket is a fairly technical garment and these criteria must be taken into account to benefit from it.

#1 - The use

People buy a heated jacket for various reasons. It can be for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. In this context, the garment is worn for a few hours during which the wearer needs a lot of freedom of movement. Therefore, a lightweight model is required. In this case, the material can be nylon or polyester.

This same type of jacket is used for city walks. It can be put under another warm clothing. More practical, the thin heated jacket is what you need to keep warm during activities that require movement. A thicker model is recommended if the temperature really borders on the negative.

#2 - The type of insulating layer

There are 2 types of insulating layers for heated jackets. The synthetic layer is based on polyester whose effect is similar to down, which is the other type of layer. It is easier to maintain and is also waterproof. It provides good insulation and costs less. On the other hand, this synthetic material is less durable. It is not more comfortable than the natural insulating layer, made of duck and goose feathers. More silky, it is characterized by a fairly high life span. The kicker is that it requires more maintenance, especially because it requires the use of special cleaning products.

#3 - The battery

The majority of heated jackets work with a lithium-ion battery whose voltage is 5 V, 7 V or 12 V. Higher voltage means more heated areas. The 12V heated vest appeals to bikers who need the latest equipment. Another alternative is batteries, which have the same voltage as a battery. They are more affordable than the latter with the same performance.

In either case, the more powerful the heat source, the longer the suit lasts. For battery models, you must first determine its autonomy, mainly the duration of operation and charging time. This is crucial when you plan to put on the suit for hours, or even a whole day.

#4 - The model

Here we are talking about the shape and style of the jacket. This starts with the sleeves. There are as many models on the market with sleeves as without. There are also jackets with hoods, which are more effective. Then, prefer models with a pocket for more practicality. Also check the quality of the closure of the suit and its ergonomics in general. To this end, the battery should be well hidden to preserve its life. The constitution of the jacket is that which facilitates its use.

#5 - The heat settings

The heating provided is not always the same. It is adjustable and the best models offer up to 3 temperature levels. This way your jacket adapts to the weather conditions and the intended use. The adjustment knob should be easily accessible, whether it is placed inside or outside the suit. It would not be very functional otherwise. However, we must admit that it is better if this device is located on the surface of the jacket, with a light indicator in addition.

Here are the rules for its maintenance

It is unthinkable to walk around in a dirty and unhygienic suit. It is therefore necessary to think about how to maintain your heated jacket, because yes, this sophisticated garment can be washed like any other piece of clothing. And this technique is far from being complicated contrary to what we tend to think. The first thing to do is to remove the power source from the jacket. It can be batteries or a battery. The fact is that it works through electricity which is not at all suitable with water. Do not neglect this step even if you have a waterproof model. For your safety, it is better not to take this risk.

However, the connection cable cannot be removed. So you have to be very careful that it does not get wet. For this, do not forget to put the closure back on. Now comes the stage of washing itself. It is done in machine or with the hand. It must be said that the second option is safer, because this method can be implemented more delicately. Otherwise, use a laundry net to protect the jacket. With this accessory, all models of machines are suitable. However, it requires a specific setting: gentle cycle and cold wash.

That's it, your jacket is clean. All that's left to do is dry it. At this point, avoid twisting it to avoid breaking the cable. Forget about the dryer, even if it is usually very practical. Instead, opt for a drying rack. You'll have to wait longer to put the garment back on, but it saves its life.

The different types of heating jackets

There are 3 main types of heated jackets which are declined by their material.

Softshell Warming Jacket

The softshell jacket is very fashionable thanks to the many advantages of this material. It provides a soft outer layer that is more warming. It is also a breathable and comfortable fabric. In fact, the softshell jacket is popular with skiing or climbing enthusiasts in cold weather. The small flaw of this material is that it is not as effective with wind as it is with cold and water. However, it does very well in less harsh conditions.

Fleece Warming Jacket

The fleece heated jacket also offers a good level of heating. It copes with rain, and can be worn in extreme conditions compared to the softshell jacket. The biggest advantage of this type of jacket is its lightness. For this reason, it guarantees optimal comfort during the cold seasons. A fleece jacket is suitable for intense activities: motorcycle, camping, hiking, skiing.

Nylon Warming Jacket

The nylon heated jacket is particularly good for sportsmen. It combines all the qualities of a comfortable and warm garment. Lightweight, it is as strong as soft. Then, it is the most wind resistant declination. Not to mention that it does a good job of protecting you from the rain. In fact, it is better than any other material in this respect. Be aware that the nylon jacket is certainly not the most luxurious.

Heated jacket or ordinary jacket?

Heated jacket

Although the heated jacket looks the same as a regular jacket, it differs in many ways. It houses a technology that gives off more heat between the inner lining and the outer layer. This is a battery in most cases. It is combined with heating elements that are attached to the fabric of the jacket. The temperature conferred by these new accessories is adjustable to your liking.

Ordinary jacket

The regular jacket has a classic design with one or more insulating layers, linings, and windproof materials. It has the same style as a heated jacket. Its biggest advantage is that it gains more aesthetics.


At first glance, these two types of warm clothing are similar. But in practice, the heated jacket offers more optimal heating in the most sensitive areas. The level of warmth is adapted to each preference. It is obvious that the ordinary jacket can never replace the heated version.


Be careful not to break the heating elements

The heating elements are hidden in the linings of your jacket. To avoid damaging them, prefer hand washing.

There are models that allow you to charge your devices

Some heated jacket models can connect to USB chargers to charge your devices. Imagine your laptop is charging in your jacket pocket while you're wearing it. Tempting, isn't it?

Check the size to be comfortable

The biggest mistake you can make when choosing your heated jacket is getting the wrong size. That's guaranteed discomfort, unless you find a standard size model. Nevertheless, this is also not very practical for women, who need a well-fitted jacket so as not to compromise the aesthetic.

Wear a raincoat over your jacket in case of rain

Certainly, a heated jacket is designed to be worn in extreme conditions, but to be safe, it is better to protect yourself with a raincoat in case of heavy rain.

External rechargeable batteries are sometimes a good alternative

Not all heated jackets come with a battery. In this case, you need to find a good quality battery. You just need to check the compatibility, power and voltage of it so as not to harm the operation of the jacket.


What is the best heating jacket?

The best heated jacket depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to learn more.

What parts of the body are heated?

The heated parts are where the heating elements are located. Typically, they are installed on the torso, back, shoulders, and chest.

How do you turn it on?

The heated jacket has a power button that is either on the garment itself or on the battery.

Why choose a heating jacket in particular?

With a heated jacket, you can easily adjust the temperature. This is not possible with any other garment. You don't have to wear several clothes to be warm on a daily basis or during specific activities (sport, work).

How long can a heating jacket work well?

The heating time of the jacket goes from 2 hours to 10 hours depending on the performance of the battery.


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ProSmart - Men's Hooded Warming Jacket 9
ProSmart - Men's Hooded Warming Jacket
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Surenhap – Veste chauffante unisexe
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Milwaukee M12 HJPLADIES-0 T - Women's Warming Jacket
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