The best heated blenders in the UK 2023

Each year, a French person consumes more than 12 L of soup. That's good news, the heated blender can concoct soups and vitamin-packed soups in record time. Indispensable in the kitchen, it allows you to blend, cook, but also prepare cocktails and smoothies. For you, we have put together this guide to the best blender heaters.

Moulinex Easy Soup LM841810 1

Best value for money

Moulinex Easy Soup LM841810

The best heated blender in 2021

The Moulinex Easy Soup LM841810 is a heated blender that is meant to be used every day. Its 1000 W power allows it to assist you in preparing delicious recipes for soups, compotes and purées.

79,99 £ on Boulanger

This Moulinex Easy Soup LM841810 blender will be enough for 4 people. Depending on the version, the capacity of its brushed stainless steel bowl varies between 1.2 and 3 L. The version we present in this comparison has a stainless steel bowl of 3 L. Its body is also made of good quality stainless steel, solid and not too hot to the touch. This makes it easy to handle. Users never get burned, even those who are new to this type of device.

The compactness of the Moulinex Easy Soup LM841810 is also a strong point. Thus, it finds its place on the table during dinner. Now let's move on to its efficiency. This heated blender has 4 blades to blend the ingredients to a good creamy consistency. Nevertheless, thanks to its 4 programs, you can have various textures: velvety, ground, compote and mix.

Moulinex My Daily Soup LM542810 2

Best value for money

Moulinex My Daily Soup LM542810

The best entry-level heated blender

This superb heated blender signed Moulinex will meet the needs of large families. Its features are suitable for hot dishes, but also for some cold drinks like smoothie.

47,99 £ on Boulanger

Use one of the 3 automatic programs to prepare a variety of recipes. Velvety soups, ground soups as well as a blending function for smoothies and milkshakes will be at your disposal. It's easy to use: place your ingredients in the bowl, select the desired program and the appliance will mix and cook everything. When the end signal sounds, your dish is ready to be eaten!

With the Moulinex My Daily Soup LM542810 heated blender, cooking takes an average of 20 to 30 minutes with this appliance once the ingredients and water are in. Indeed, the 1000 W power, the 3 speeds and the 4 stainless steel blades allow you to efficiently blend all fruits and vegetables. The capacity of 3 L should be enough for 4 to 5 people.

Moulinex LM962B10 Ultrablend Cook 3

Best value for money

Moulinex LM962B10 Ultrablend Cook

The best high-end heated blender

Sporting an ultra-modern design, the Moulinex LM962B10 Ultrablend Cook utilizes a powerful and safe motor block that inspires confidence. This heated blender will be your best ally during the cold seasons.

See price

Underneath the famous 1300 W motor block of the Moulinex LM962B10 Ultrablend Cook is a cord storage that makes it easy to store the appliance itself. Its bowl is quite heavy because of its glass material. Nevertheless, it is quite sturdy and safe with its waterproof lid. However, it takes some application to get used to handling this part of the blender.

It offers optimal temperature control in 5°C increments and on a scale of 40 to 100°C. This precision ensures perfect cooking. Since this blender makes both hot and cold dishes, the name of the latter is indicated on both sides of the program selection wheel for easy programming. In addition to the modes offered by this appliance, it offers 10 speed levels suitable for cooking soup, coulis, compote, hot sauce and vegetable milk.

Domo Soup Maker Trenta 4

Stainless steel

Domo Soup Maker Trenta

The best metal heated blender

The simple Domo Soup Maker Trenta makes it possible to prepare healthy meals for a family of 3 or 4 people. Its 3 cooking programs ensure the realization of soups, velvets and purées.

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Buying guide • November 2023

Best heated blender

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The best heated blender in 2021

The best entry-level heated blender

The best high-end heated blender

The best metal heated blender

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Comparison table of the best heated blenders

Moulinex Easy Soup LM841810 5
Moulinex My Daily Soup LM542810 6
Moulinex LM962B10 Ultrablend Cook 7
Domo Soup Maker Trenta 8
Moulinex Easy Soup LM841810
Moulinex My Daily Soup LM542810
Moulinex LM962B10 Ultrablend Cook
Domo Soup Maker Trenta
The Moulinex Easy Soup LM841810 is a heated blender that is meant to be used every day. Its 1000 W power allows it to assist you in preparing delicious recipes for soups, compotes and purées.
This superb heated blender signed Moulinex will meet the needs of large families. Its features are suitable for hot dishes, but also for some cold drinks like smoothie.
Sporting an ultra-modern design, the Moulinex LM962B10 Ultrablend Cook utilizes a powerful and safe motor block that inspires confidence. This heated blender will be your best ally during the cold seasons.
The simple Domo Soup Maker Trenta makes it possible to prepare healthy meals for a family of 3 or 4 people. Its 3 cooking programs ensure the realization of soups, velvets and purées.
1000 W
1000 W
1300 W
1000 W
3 L
3 L
2 L
1.6 L
Number of programs
Bowl material

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Buying guide - heated blender

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How to choose your heated blender

A multitude of models of blender can be found on the market. Here are the criteria to keep in mind in order to refine your choices and acquire the model adapted to your needs.

#1 - The capacity

This is the most important criterion. Depending on the model, the capacity is between 1 and 3 L. Count 300 mL per person, or 1.2 L for 4 people. Opt for a large capacity if you have a large family. But it is always better to choose a large capacity model, more practical for entertaining guests.

#2 - The material used

A good product is one made from quality materials. You can find stainless steel blenders, they are more robust and sometimes have an insulating wall to prevent you from burns. Glass models also exist. Thanks to their transparency, it is possible to see the contents of the device. However, they are more fragile and may break if accidentally dropped. Lastly, there are plastic models, which are more or less solid and light. Their disadvantage lies in the opacification of the material in the long term.

#3 - The power

Like any appliance, the power is an important point not to be neglected. The heated blender is equipped with an electric resistance that provides the necessary heat for your recipes. The cooking time will be proportional to the power of the device. Also take into account the power of the motor that turns the blades. This is between 400 and 1,000 W. The more powerful the motor, the more you will be able to get through solid consistency items for your preparations.

Be careful with the blade

The blades of the hot blender are extremely sharp, so be careful when cleaning.

#4 - The blades and number of speeds


should also consider the number of speeds available on the appliance. A powerful appliance has several speed ranges. You can then choose the right speed for a preparation. Also check the number of blades installed on your appliance. Some models have up to 6 blades, so if possible, choose a machine with at least 4 stainless steel blades. These appliances are fast and can handle hard ingredients.

#5 - The ease of use and features

It is always advisable to choose a model that is easy to use. Most of the heated blenders have automatic programs that make it easy for you. All you have to do is put the ingredients in the container, turn the lid to the closed position, select the program and wait until the mixture is ready. Simple blenders are usually used to make soups and other cold drinks. Multi-functional blenders, on the other hand, are able to perform more tasks such as steaming or keeping food hot. Depending on the model, several features can be present on the device.

How does a blender work?

A hot blender is an automatically programmed device that allows you to cook food, to blend, or also to heat, it is very practical in everyday life. To have a hot food in a few minutes, this device gives us the opportunity to satisfy our needs. First of all, we need to know the role of each button on the blender heater, as well as its constitution.

To start the blender, you have to press the start button. Then, pour inside the bowl of the device, which could be plastic depending on the model and brand of the device, ingredients and water for the dish we have chosen, for example, vegetables if we want to eat soup, or fruit if we want to drink a juice, or any other dish in the kitchen.

Don't forget to close the lid, making sure that it is not too full. Then press the button that controls the speed of rotation of the blade and the temperature of cooking that you need. In fact, the average preparation time is 15 minutes. To make sure that it works very well, check the place of the blender in the base. And then you just have to wait for the blender to finish its work.

Some appliances warn when the dish is ready. When using this food processor, you need to be very careful, because it can be very hot, taking proper measures is essential. After cooking, the blender can be cleaned with water and a little washing-up liquid. On the other hand, for what is electric, it is forbidden to make it in contact with water, it risks to destroy it.

Motor integrated in the base or in the cover?

Motor integrated in the base

The heated blender with motor integrated in the base looks like a classic blender. The motor is installed in a base. The container is detachable and fits on the base. This feature allows for easy cleaning of the container. The container can be made of glass or stainless steel.

Heated blender with integrated motor in the lid

The heated blender with motor integrated in the lid has features in common with a kettle. The lid integrates the motor as well as the control panel of the device. Most of the time, it has an insulating wall to avoid the risk of burns.


The first type of heated blender is more solid and aesthetically pleasing. While the second type of blender incorporates a thermal insulation to prevent the risk of burns on the wall.

Why buy a blender ?

Here are some reasons to use a blender.

Easy to use

Heated blenders are mostly easy to use and handle. By properly following the directions for preparation, you can make your recipes successful every time without having to continually monitor the cooking process. All you have to do is prepare the ingredients beforehand and place them in the appliance. Choose the appropriate program and the blender does the rest. Once the preparation is ready, the appliance warns you with a sound signal.


Heated blenders have different functionalities, depending on the model and the brand. Indeed, they can work as a classic blender, they can make hot preparations, cold preparations and keep the preparation warm. Others have a delayed start function to activate at a specific time. There are even models that have a steamer function.

Time saving

You can get a preparation done in no time. The appliance does the work automatically and you can do something else. Only one appliance is needed to make the preparation. No need to use a multitude of utensils and appliances to get the same result. Moreover, its use considerably reduces the number of appliances to be cleaned after the preparation.

Space saving

As already mentioned, the heated blender minimizes the number of utensils used. As a result, one appliance is more than enough. There is no need to have bulky appliances in your kitchen. Using a blender saves you space.

Make great recipes

You can make a wide variety of hot and cold preparations with this appliance. Whether it's soups, velvets, smoothies, cocktails, etc. This type of appliance will be formidable in the preparation of soups. You can choose between velvety and pureed soups. You have the advantage of having a delicious soup for health, without flavor enhancer or food additives.

Easy maintenance

Heated blenders are easy to maintain. A device that is meant to last and a device with ease of maintenance. Many models have "autoclean" features for easy cleaning. And even if your model doesn't have this feature, it's very easy to clean it properly.

How do I get rid of bad odors?

Use a cloth and dishwashing liquid to clean. A slice of lemon or vinegar is effective in removing bad odors.

The best brands of heated blenders

In our opinion, the best brands of heated blenders in 2022 are :


Established in 1891, this Dutch brand has been known for years in the field of home appliances.Philips is undoubtedly the indomitable brand, making sturdy and efficient appliances. Philips is best known as the "trendy heated blender".

When it comes to cooking, Moulinex is a brand that is well known to all. Pioneer of the heated blender, this French brand offers various types of products.

This brand has many models of home appliances, including the heated blender. Its products are efficient and robust.

This brand created in 1919 is known in the field of household appliances. Since 1994, it offers appliances with bright colors and they are especially known for their appliances with a retro chic style.

This French brand is considered as the French touch of the warming blender. Created in 1971, it is specialized in small high-end kitchen appliances.

What is the price for a heated blender

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 300 £
more than 300 £
Price range diagram


Put the ice on last.

For cold recipes like smoothies, add the liquid ingredients first, then the dry ingredients and ice last.

Make the texture of your drinks creamy.


nuts and seeds for up to 24 hours before blending. The longer the soaking time, the creamier the texture of the milk you get from them. To avoid having any leftover fiber in your drink, be sure to remove the skin before you start blending your nuts, or use a strainer to sift your milk afterwards.

Use your blender to grind your spices.


can use your blender to grind your spices and make your own assortments. You'll be able to use your freshly ground spices within a month, and be sure to store them in an airtight container for freshness.

Make perfectly smooth soups.


making your vegetable soups, try to have as soft a texture as possible. Make sure your vegetables are cooked just right for a perfect soup. Be careful not to overcook them - your vegetables may not taste good at all.

Wash the blender by hand.

Food debris can build up and harden under the blades, which can prevent them from turning freely. If you don't remove this debris properly, the motor could be put to the test during future preparations. To avoid shortening the life of your blender, always make sure that the pitcher, parts and accessories are always cleaned by hand after each use. Allow the pitcher to air dry before attaching the lid and placing it on the blender base. Although it is said to be dishwasher safe, it is always best to wash your blender by hand.


What is the best blender?

The best heated blender depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

How to use a blender?


electric blender is easy to use. You must first peel your fruits or vegetables and cut them in such a way that they are easily blended. Refer to the user's manual to know the volume of water needed for the preparation. Then place the ingredients in the bowl and close the lid. Select the desired program for the recipe and wait until the preparation is finished. Depending on the model, the machine may have several speed levels. You can adjust it according to the recipe.

How to maintain your blender?

Think about

cleaning your heated blender as soon as you are done using it. That way, you won't have an appliance with an unpleasant smell the next time you use it. Some models have a self-cleaning function. You can activate it by referring to the user's manual. Remember to unplug your appliance before cleaning. A sponge soaked in soapy water or dishwashing liquid will clean the bowl and lid thoroughly. To eliminate unpleasant odors, vinegar or lemon can be added to the cleaning solution. Do not put water in contact with the motor block, you can wipe a damp cloth over the area that protects it to clean it.

What power to choose for a blender?


optimal and efficient operation, it is advisable to choose a heated blender with at least 500W power


What can you do with a blender?


a heated blender, you can prepare hot recipes such as compotes, velvets or soups. One can also make preparations as on a classic blender like cocktails, smoothies or other drinks concocted from blending. On some models you can even obtain crushed ice or creamy veloutés, etc.


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Moulinex Easy Soup LM841810 9
Moulinex Easy Soup LM841810
Moulinex My Daily Soup LM542810 10
Moulinex My Daily Soup LM542810
Moulinex LM962B10 Ultrablend Cook 11
Moulinex LM962B10 Ultrablend Cook
Domo Soup Maker Trenta 12
Domo Soup Maker Trenta


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