The best health insurance for young people in the UK 2023

It is essential to subscribe to a mutual health insurance for young people. With a market share of more than 51% in the world of complementary health insurance, it is the main guarantee to have good coverage following an accident or for basic medical care. To help you choose yours, here is a guide that compares the best health insurance for young people.


Best value for your money


The best health mutual for young people

The offer proposed by APICIL for young people has several advantages. For a contribution that remains within the norms, you can have more coverage.

20,38 £ on Apicil

This complementary health plan is perfectly suited to the needs of young people. The offer proposes to take care of the primary needs related to health in order to alleviate the expenses. Indeed, APICIL My Profil'R offers to take care of hospitalization, optical care, hearing care and dental care to all its members.

In addition, you will benefit from innovative services with more comfort and serenity. Since their 100% health reform in 2019, several points have been revised to offer more benefits to members. In all, there are three possible baskets for quality care. The three key words are "Freedom, comfort and preserved budget".

ASAF Osalys Essential 2

Best value for your money

ASAF Osalys Essential

The best health mutual for entry-level young people

The ASAF Osalys Essentiel offer is specially designed for individuals. The offer offers three types of coverage, including essential needs.

6,59 £ on Asaf-afps

For a very attractive price, this offer provides two hospitalization benefits. It covers routine care and hospitalization care which can be quite heavy to bear. If you are looking for a low-cost mutual insurance, this is the one for you. However, the reimbursement for dental and optical care also corresponds to the contribution you will pay.

There are three options available: hospitalization only, hospitalization plus laboratories and radiology, and finally the complete formula. The assistance service is fully included, with third-party payment and teletransmission. You can increase your coverage level at any time by contacting your advisor.

ASAF Osalys 100% Health 3

Best value for your money

ASAF Osalys 100% Health

The best health mutual for high-end young people

The health insurance offer for young people is proposed by ASAF & AFPS. It is ideal because it offers 100% coverage of health expenses.

21,76 £ on Asaf-afps

ASAF Osalys 100% Health is an offer with maximum guarantees. For surgical fees, you will be covered up to 400%. You will also benefit from an annual package for the coverage of your optical and dental care; in addition, there is a total reimbursement of expenses for hearing care and alternative medicine.

There are options for reinforcement if you need more coverage. You will also have your entire premium waived or reimbursed if you are hospitalized for nine nights following an accident.

Neoliane Initiale + 4


Neoliane Initiale +

The mutual for 18 to 39 year olds

Neoliane's health insurance offer is very interesting in terms of budget. Neoliane Initial + is particularly suitable for young people.

16,26 £ on Néoliane

Neoliane health insurance proposes this offer for individuals from 18 to 39 years old. It is a mutual insurance adapted to all profiles. Especially for young people, it is a rational option to minimize expenses and benefit from a complete coverage. Indeed, you will be entitled to the reimbursement of expenses for hospitalization with a private room, to the management of your orthodontic problems and in addition a natural medicine and optical package.

In addition, there are also assistance guarantees that will accompany you with drug deliveries and home help. All in all, you will have the advantage of keeping your mind free, without worrying about additional expenses. You will be assisted by simple but effective methods.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best health insurance for young people

Any specific needs?

The best health mutual for young people

The best health mutual for entry-level young people

The best health mutual for high-end young people

The mutual for 18 to 39 year olds

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Comparison table of the best health insurance for young people

ASAF Osalys Essential 6
ASAF Osalys 100% Health 7
Neoliane Initiale + 8
ASAF Osalys Essential
ASAF Osalys 100% Health
Neoliane Initiale +
The offer proposed by APICIL for young people has several advantages. For a contribution that remains within the norms, you can have more coverage.
The ASAF Osalys Essentiel offer is specially designed for individuals. The offer offers three types of coverage, including essential needs.
The health insurance offer for young people is proposed by ASAF & AFPS. It is ideal because it offers 100% coverage of health expenses.
Neoliane's health insurance offer is very interesting in terms of budget. Neoliane Initial + is particularly suitable for young people.
Age range
Up to 27 years old
18 years to 90 years
Up to age 90
Up to 89 years old
Care coverage
Other care
Hospitalization, optical, hearing, dental
Hospital, optical, dental
Hospitalization, orthodontics, natural medicines, optics
Number of benefit levels

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Buying guide - health insurance for young people

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How to choose your health insurance for young people

The choice of a mutual insurance for young people is quite delicate. You need to take into account a few criteria that will help you make the right choice.

#1 - Your needs

In the search for the best health insurance for young people, the most important thing is to find the insurance that suits you and that will meet all your needs. That's why it's essential to evaluate all the alternatives on coverage.

The cheapest mutual health insurance companies will cover everything related to hospitalization and routine care. However, if you don't have any health problems, there is also no problem with the choice of insurance. Otherwise, you have to take into account the follow-ups you need on the health front.

#2 - Regulations

For student or youth mutual insurance companies, there are strict regulations. First, contracts must include lifetime guarantees, reimbursement of preventive acts as well as freedom of medical choice.

There must be a real relationship between the service you receive and the contribution you pay. Being young, it is logical that the premium should be much lower than what older people pay. There are insurances that offer coverage for many illnesses and treatments that you may not need. Choose the plan that offers the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

Moreover, if you have modest resources, you can take advantage of the ACS or the CMU-C. You can always ask for your eligibility to benefit from it.

#3 - Your status

It is important to consider your status, i.e. your current situation, before choosing your mutual insurance company. In all, there are two statuses for young people, including those who are active and those who are not.

Mutual health insurance for young people is not dependent on financial or political entities. There should always be transparency and the members or at least the members' representative must be allowed to participate in the meetings or the general assembly.

In general, inactive youth will have a more attractive price. Indeed, they benefit from a support especially because of their low resources. This is why you should ask around to different mutual insurance companies to get the best offer. You have to make the comparison according to your status and the reimbursement you can have.

#4 - Coverage offered by the mutual health insurance company

Coverages are also essential, the health insurance for young people you choose must provide you with complementary protection in terms of health and providence. Your medical expenses must be really alleviated. In addition, you are young, you are less likely to have diseases that are difficult to treat. That's why it is essential that you are completely satisfied with the reimbursement of the care you need.

In addition, provident insurance includes the most serious risks such as disability, death or dependency. There must be a part for these facts in the contract you are going to sign.

#5 - The recovery rate

If you have frequent problems and need to see a doctor periodically, it is essential to compare several insurances before signing.

Indeed, a 200% reimbursement does not mean that you will get 200% of your expenses. It's only a percentage of what social security pays. When you see this large figure, you might be immediately attracted, but you have to do a little calculation to know the amount of the reimbursement.

What are the essential guarantees with mutual insurance for young people?

For young people, there are four major benefits to require from a complementary health insurance. However, you can choose your insurance according to your health condition, as everyone has their own needs. In any case, the main guarantees concern:

  • Hospitalization costs: this is the coverage of expenses if you happen to be hospitalized. In this case, we take into account the cost of the stay, the hospital fees, the fees of the persons in charge who consult you in the hospital, the different medical transports...
  • Routine medical care: this covers your expenses for specialist or general practitioner care and all recommended medications.
  • Dental care: this covers your expenses for dental care, inlays, bridges, crowns, etc.
  • Optical care: this covers your expenses with your doctor as well as related expenses such as glasses or contact lenses.

The different types of health insurance for young people

On the market, mutual insurance companies offer several types of offers to provide customers with more benefits. In the case of health insurance for young people, there are three main categories.

Health insurance for young people aged 18 to 25

Towards the end of your university studies, you need to think about the mutual insurance company that suits your situation. There are mutual insurance companies that take care of young people under the age of 25 to offer services that correspond to their needs. This is especially true for young graduates who are not yet employed, self-employed people, employees in companies who are not covered by the employer's mutual insurance company...

The rate of the mutual insurance varies according to several elements, including the profile of the person concerned, his income, his guarantees... If you want to know exactly how much you will have to pay, you can make a quote online.

Mutual insurance for unemployed young people over the age of 24

With or without a job, one must subscribe to a mutual insurance for young people. It allows to cover additional expenses that can be really high. For those who don't have a job yet, there are special mutuals. You will have to pay less contributions, but the basic expenses will be covered.

Of course, resources are limited, but it is better than nothing. Under certain conditions, you can ask for a complementary health insurance. It covers expenses up to 100% of the social security rate. It is a help for young unemployed people, you can try your luck to benefit from it if your profile corresponds to their criteria.

Health insurance for young workers aged 18 to 30

Young active people imply young people who already have a stable job within a company. This is for example the case of employees. In this case, you will logically be covered by your employer's mutual insurance. Therefore, subscribing to a special mutual insurance for young workers is not mandatory. You will already be reimbursed at a rate of 50% of the social security rate.

However, you can refuse your employer's complementary health insurance, especially if you work part-time or on a permanent contract within the company. In return, you must subscribe to a mutual insurance for young workers for your complementary health expenses. In this case, the price will depend on several criteria that the mutual insurance company will detail in the contract.

Health insurance or provident fund?

Health insurance

The mutual health insurance, also called complementary health insurance, is an organization that aims to provide additional protection. Thus, it is a coverage that complements that of the Social Security. This guarantee will reimburse partially or in full the expenses of medical care. In some cases, we will also benefit from the break of the additional care as dental appliances, glasses or contact lenses as well as hearing aids.

As a young person, you can take out health insurance individually. For the unemployed, there are cheap health insurance for young people at some institutions. The only difference is that you are not covered as much. However, it is also possible to subscribe to a group health insurance plan such as the company health insurance plan.


A provident insurance is a guarantee that protects the non-bankruptcy after an accident. In all, there are four major risks in life, including disability, dependency, death and inability to work. Thus, the purpose of provident insurance is to supplement the compensation that Social Security offers to the victim. The allowance is broken down as follows:

  • A daily allowance for those who are unable to continue working
  • An annuity for those who are disabled
  • A lump sum or a life annuity for those who are in age-related dependency
  • A capital or annuity for those who have lost their spouse or parents

The provident insurance can also be subscribed individually or collectively. And the guarantees received also include the cost of home help and funeral expenses.


The choice between health insurance for young people and provident insurance depends mainly on your needs. Both guarantees work to cover additional expenses, whether planned or accidental. If you want to benefit from more reimbursement for your care, you should take out a health insurance policy. On the other hand, to have more security and protection after the hazards of life, it is worth turning to the providence.

Why take out a health insurance policy for young people?

In case of hospitalization

It is true that young people are less likely to fall ill often. Therefore, subscribing to a mutual health insurance is not necessarily a priority and it saves money. However, it is an option to be taken into account for those with chronic diseases in order not to be caught unprepared.

Change your glasses without worries

A mutual health insurance has different guarantees allowing you to change your glasses or to have access to dental care for example. If you work or study in the computer field or other, it is important to be able to consult an ophthalmologist regularly, because the eyes become an essential working tool and it avoids repetitive headaches or a too fast ocular tiredness.

In case of an accident

Accidents will keep you away from your work and disable you. If you take out a good health insurance policy for young people, you can quickly consult a health professional and get back to your office. In addition, you will be taken in hand that your wallet will not be affected, it's only benefit.

Live serenely

When you're young, you can quickly find yourself at a loss when faced with life's hazards, such as illness. Subscribing to an adequate health insurance allows young people to better apprehend life and to live more serenely without having to look back continuously. In addition, it allows them to take the lead and have a more complete professional life.

Be independent

Having health insurance for young people allows you to assert yourself and enter the adult world. For example, if you need to buy medication every month, such as for high blood pressure, you won't need to rely on someone else. You will be totally independent in terms of your health.

The best brands of health insurance for young people

In our opinion, the best brands of health insurance for young people in 2022 are :

Groupe Apicil

It is a protection group that was founded in 1938. Since then, it has offered the best health insurance for young people, seniors, families...

Created in 1970, the Asaf-Afps group focuses on health care. It always proposes interesting offers, varying according to the budget of each one.

Since its creation in 2007, Neoliane Mutual Health Insurance has continued to adapt its offers to the needs of the general public. Indeed, it always offers win-win contracts, with very high coverage.

This great company was founded in 1834 and is the new SMAM. Given this long history, we can rely on its ability to meet the needs of its customers.

April is a very well known and popular insurance company since its inception in 1988. Its coverage offers are equally attractive for young people and adults.

What is the price health insurance for young people

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

8 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 26 £
more than 26 £
Price range diagram


Keep up to date with new offers

Within your health insurance, they may have a better deal for you. Thus, stay up to date to consult them to find a cover compatible with your expectations with less price. By being young, the health insurance company will be able to offer you several guarantees to lighten your expenses. You can sign up for their newsletter to receive notifications of changes directly to your email box.

Reducing essential guarantees is not a solution

It is sometimes very tempting to reduce essential benefits to have a cheaper premium, but this is a bad idea. Don't opt for this solution, even for a short time. Pay the right price! It's safer because if you have an accident, you won't have to worry about it. You can have peace of mind with a coverage that corresponds to your needs.

Eligibility for complementary health insurance

English people with modest incomes can benefit from the services of the Complémentaire Santé Solidaire or CSS. This is the former Couverture Maladie Universelle Complémentaire or CMU-C and Aide au paiement d'une Complémentaire Santé or ACS. It is not wrong to test your eligibility if you have difficulties to pay the contributions. In the positive case, you will benefit from a total coverage or with a contribution of less than 1 euro per day.

An annual payment is more advantageous

In the case of a health insurance for young people, the payment of the contributions in an annual way is more advantageous. There is always a discount for those who choose this option. The health insurance offers you an attractive rate without the additional costs. Moreover, it is also better to pay by bank transfer to avoid additional taxes.

Keep track of all your previous accounts

To benefit from more discount in terms of contribution, you have to convince your mutual insurance company with your loyalty to pay less. Indeed, you benefit from more advantages according to your seniority in the mutual insurance company. Don't even hesitate to bring evidence to justify your loyalty and your request.


How do I change my health insurance?

It is possible to change your choice of health insurance following a change in personal circumstances such as moving house. You just need to justify your decision. You can also do this if there is an unjustified increase in the premium. You can refuse the increase by cancelling your contract. You should send your cancellation request before the 15th day of the rate increase.

How to cancel a health insurance policy?

To do this, your type of contract with the mutual insurance company must be more than 12 months old. If this is your case, simply send a standard letter notifying your decision to your insurer. If you are thinking of taking out another insurance policy, they will take care of your cancellation. This will end one month after your request.

How to join a student mutual insurance company?

For young students who wish to subscribe to a complementary health insurance, you must start the application at the time of registration at the university. Indeed, you will have your registration documents as proof. In this case, you will benefit from more advantages with the coverage for less contributions.

Is a student health insurance plan mandatory?

No, a mutual insurance for young students is not mandatory. If you are still a student and under 25 years of age, your parents' health insurance can still cover you. This happens automatically if you are an only child because your parents' insurance can cover three people.


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