The best headboards in the UK 2023

Placed between the wall and the bed base, the headboard gives life to the bedding and the entire bedroom. With its pleasant lines, it energizes the room, sets the tone of the decoration and sublimates the night space. How to choose a headboard ? All the answers to your questions in this comparative guide.

marcKonfort Oslo upholstered headboard 1

Best value for your money

marcKonfort Oslo upholstered headboard

The best headboard in 2021

Much more than a simple decorative equipment, this Oslo upholstered headboard is also a comfort asset thanks to its 8 cm thick upholstery.

71,99 £ on Amazon

If this upholstered headboard is one of the best sellers of the moment, it is because it satisfies our desire to get a comfortable and aesthetic equipment. Designed for 140 cm wide beds, it can be fixed against a wall; the accessories needed for fixing are already included in the package.

Sounding like an invitation to relax, this headboard is aptly named "backsplash". Its soft fabric-covered, upholstered frame hints at the soft HR foam padding inside. Add cushions to support the lower back, and enjoy!

MEGADECOR decorative PVC headboard 2

Best value for your money

MEGADECOR decorative PVC headboard

The best entry-level headboard

Want a simple headboard that brings a natural and bright charm to your bedroom? This inexpensive decorative headboard is for you.

45,55 £ on Amazon

Beauty often rhymes with simplicity; this decorative headboard is proof of that. No gimmicks, no flashy details, just a rectangular board to stick to the wall with mounting tape or double-sided adhesive. As soon as you add your bed underneath, you'll get a good look.

For the technical side, you should know that this headboard is designed with expanded PVC, printed directly with UVI ink for durability and realism. You won't have to worry about the colors fading over time. Plus, it's an easy-to-clean headboard: just wipe it down and it's as good as new!

Gataca headboard with bedside tables 3

Best value for your money

Gataca headboard with bedside tables

The best high-end headboard

You like it made in the UK ? Let yourself be seduced by this luxury wooden headboard! In addition to being functional and decorative, it goes one step further with intuitive LEDs.

324 £ on But

Enjoy the benefits of a high-end wooden headboard and appreciate the many features it incorporates. For this particular model, the storage spaces are designed to be practical. It is in this sense that you will gain surfaces of pose and compartments of storage.

The two bedside tables have a closed cabinet with a chrome handle and 2 niches. The latter are equipped with intuitive LED lights. You just have to put your hand on them and they will light up. As for the central platform, it is finely enhanced by a transparent glass that will bring out your candles.

Movian Tête de lit « Elle et lui » Kolva Modern 4


Movian Tête de lit « Elle et lui » Kolva Modern

The best and most romantic headboard

Dare the romance of this decorative headboard that comes with a more than eloquent message. To be placed above a double bed for couples!

73,59 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best headboard

Any specific needs?

The best headboard in 2021

The best entry-level headboard

The best high-end headboard

The best and most romantic headboard

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Comparison table of the best headboards

marcKonfort Oslo upholstered headboard 5
MEGADECOR decorative PVC headboard 6
Gataca headboard with bedside tables 7
Movian Tête de lit « Elle et lui » Kolva Modern 8
marcKonfort Oslo upholstered headboard
MEGADECOR decorative PVC headboard
Gataca headboard with bedside tables
Movian Tête de lit « Elle et lui » Kolva Modern
Much more than a simple decorative equipment, this Oslo upholstered headboard is also a comfort asset thanks to its 8 cm thick upholstery.
Want a simple headboard that brings a natural and bright charm to your bedroom? This inexpensive decorative headboard is for you.
You like it made in the UK ? Let yourself be seduced by this luxury wooden headboard! In addition to being functional and decorative, it goes one step further with intuitive LEDs.
Dare the romance of this decorative headboard that comes with a more than eloquent message. To be placed above a double bed for couples!
Compatible bed width
140 cm
200 cm
Brut, lacquered and colored
160 cm
Wood imitation
Modern and elegant
Modern and personalized

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Buying guide - headboard

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How to choose your headboard

Comfortable, functional and aesthetic asset, the headboard is chosen according to some criteria to bring a real plus in the bedroom.

#1 - The style of the headboard

By posing the design as a criterion of the typology, we can group the headboards in 3 categories:

  • Contemporary headboards that follow the latest trends in interior design. They dare the lively colors that illuminate the room, they are sometimes minimalist, but they do not lack elegance.
  • The oriental headboards are recognized by their arabesques, their openwork aspects and their ethnic inspirations. It is easy to note this signature of travel, this accent inherited from the culture of elsewhere that makes all their charms.
  • The baroque headboards are more classic, more ancient. They flirt with a vintage trend, but outbid it with great prestige for a luxurious look.

#2 - The color

Today, the color palette in which headboards come in is very broad. It is up to you to choose according to the tone of your walls, the brightness of the room and the color of the other furniture that is already there.

White headboards will create a sense of grandeur in small rooms and brighten up bedrooms. They go with any decor, as do pastel shades. If the room is large and has plenty of light, you can venture into darker shades like black or dark gray. For a modern interior, all tastes are allowed!

#3 - The features

It is thanks to the features that we distinguish the different types of headboards. On the one hand, there are those that have a purely decorative function: they bet everything on their aesthetic aspects and rely on original designs. On the other hand, we have the functional headboards that are equipped with storage space, bedside tables and, sometimes, even lighting.

Of course, one does not preclude the other: some headboards are both decorative and functional. They can even incorporate comfort elements, such as soft upholstery.

#4 - The upholstery

The covering determines the rendering of the headboard but also its maintenance methods. For a wooden headboard, you can have no coating if it is a raw wood or get a treated or painted surface. For an upholstered headboard, you have the choice between a leather, imitation leather or fabric covering.

Generally, a wood or particleboard headboard is easy to maintain: a few wipes with a damp cloth and you're done. A leather or imitation leather upholstery requires regular dusting and, to make it shine, some make-up remover will do the trick. A fabric upholstery should be removable for hand or machine washing.

#5 - The dimensions

Each headboard is designed for a specific bed width. This information is already mentioned in the description of each model you choose. However, for its height, just make sure that it exceeds the bed frame by at least 50 cm so that the headboard is clearly visible.

In which orientation should the headboard be placed?

Although the Feng Shui method is not unanimous, everyone recognizes the virtues of a good night's sleep; and this requires a good orientation of the bed, therefore the location of the headboard.


First of all, you should know that this is a Chinese discipline determining the locations of furniture in a house to ensure proper circulation of positive chi (energy). According to this spiritual discipline, this is the best way to attract harmony and prosperity within a home.

In Feng Shui, the headboard should not be placed right in front of a door. It is best against a wall, with two open spaces on both sides to maintain a good balance; you can adorn this space with two bedside tables. The headboard should not share the wall with the bathroom or with electronics (like the kitchen wall where appliances lean).

Also, depending on your states of mind, the following directions are recommended:

  • Facing East: this will give you the feeling that each day is a renewal, as you rise in the same direction as the sun. This orientation would stimulate ambition and pushes young people to excel.
  • Southeastward: this is ideal for individuals who find it difficult to communicate with others, as this orientation would promote initiative, creativity and the desire to be active.
  • Southwestward: this headboard orientation would be for those who often have restless nights. It would bring peace and tranquility.
  • Facing West: facing the rising sun, you will have a feeling of contentment. Caution is advised, as this could cause laziness and idleness.

The different types of headboards

We differentiate headboards according to their functionality. Each type is associated with specific advantages, so it's up to you to choose the little extra you don't want to give up.

Decorative headboard

The decorative headboard will seek to highlight its design which will be its main selling point. The unfailing creativity of the manufacturers will make this possible thanks to pure and elegant lines, finely calculated curves to create an original rendering, unsuspected colors to hold the eye. In any case, there will be something for everyone: from the simplest to the most extravagant.

You will easily recognize the decorative headboards by particular signatures that allow to distinguish them. These range from extravagant heights to delicate borders to unusual shades. Note, however, that the downside of a sophisticated look is sometimes a great deal of fragility. Stick to the terms of use if that's the case with the model you've chosen.

Functional headboard

Anywhere practical in small bedrooms, functional headboards come with a few storage spaces. Shelves to store your favorite books, niches to store photos or knick-knacks, bedside tables to arrange a lamp, closed compartments for storing paperwork... The possibilities are numerous.

Generally speaking, functional headboards consist of two elements placed on either side of the bed and connected by a central platform. Such a design makes the headboard more imposing than the bed frame itself, so consider these extra dimensions before making your choice.

Illuminated headboard

At the crossroads of a functional and a decorative headboard, the lighted variant is equipped with built-in lamps. It proves to be very practical in that it makes waking up at night easier and saves you from buying a bedside lamp, although a reading light may be necessary if the lamps play a nightlight function.

Lighted headboards can be equipped with switches or operate intuitively: you pass your hand near the lamp and it automatically turns on. Depending on the model, lights can be attached to the center platform, integrated into niches, and sometimes even placed on the back of the headboard to light the wall.

Wooden or fabric headboard ?

You have decided to take the plunge, but you are hesitating between wood and fabric for your headboard? The following lines should help you decide.

Wooden headboard

Wooden headboards are popular for three reasons: ease of maintenance, aesthetic appeal and versatility. A wooden headboard is easy to maintain: just wipe it with a dry or slightly damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Its only enemy: humidity, but you just have to air the bedroom well to overcome this problem.

If you are looking for a functional headboard, you need a wooden model that offers drawers, niches and shelves. It should be noted that despite the practicality of wooden headboards, they do not make concessions on design. In addition, a model with stable legs and no need for fixation can be used independently of a bed and can even serve as storage equipment in an office.

Fabric headboard

The fabric headboard puts forward two major arguments: aesthetics and comfort. As you know, the fabric headboard comes in a plethora of colors and styles to brighten up your bedroom. It creates a modern, refined and bright interior, all of which are highly desirable in a living room.

Whether upholstered or not, a fabric headboard is synonymous with comfort. You can lean against it when you sit in bed, so the term "backsplash" makes sense. The only downside to a fabric headboard is its maintenance. If you don't choose a removable cover, cleaning will be complicated if stains become embedded.


To decide between a wooden and a fabric headboard, you will have to define the advantages that you do not intend to give up. If you absolutely must have furniture that is easy to maintain and practical, wood is the best choice. However, if design and comfort are your priorities, nothing beats a fabric headboard.

Why buy a good headboard?

To dress up the wall without damaging it

Most wall decorations require fastening, such as nails, pegs, sticky patches, etc. For tenants who want to get their security deposits back, tampering with the wall is out of the question! However, the headboard allows anyone to get a decorative item without doing any minor work.

Many modern headboards do not require wall mounting, but simply sit as furniture between the bed and the wall. To do this, they have stable bases and legs to stand on their own. However, some headboards do require mounting, but on the box spring and bed frame.

For your comfort

If the headboard is also called a backsplash, it's because it must meet a certain level of comfort. Upholstered headboards are among the most popular, as their cushioned effects provide soft, plush support for those times you sit in bed to read or watch TV. No more backaches or neck balls when you have a movie marathon in your bedroom!

To keep the room warm

Did you know that the headboard was originally designed to act as a screen between the sleeper and the very cold wall? This insulating function of the headboard will be very appreciated during the cold winter nights. Of course, it will never replace a good radiator that will keep you warm or the cozy blankets in which you will curl up, but the headboard will help keep you warm.

To get a chameleon item

Just take a look at our comparison of this year's best headboards and you'll see that some of them can be placed anywhere. In fact, this is a unique feature of decorative headboards: they function as freestanding furniture that you can place in your office, your library or even your living room.

To complement the bed

Even though the headboard is a chameleon piece of furniture that can be moved around as you please, you have to admit that it complements the bed. Of course, the combination of box spring, frame and mattress is enough for you to have a good night's sleep, but in terms of decoration, the headboard brings a more invigorating and warm dimension.

The best brands of headboards

In our opinion, the best brands of headboards in 2022 are :


Based in Spain, marcKonfort has a long-standing reputation in the bedding industry and has successfully conquered the French and European markets. Its headboards are among the best sellers of the moment.

Given the positive reviews posted by consumers on MEGADECOR's products, everything suggests that this is a serious brand. Remember that it makes the cheapest headboards on the market.

It is a French manufacturer acting in the world of interior decoration. Its particularity: its ability to combine comfort, design and functionality in the same article.

MOVIAN is the name given to one of the furniture and interior decoration brands launched by Amazon. When this retail giant invests in an area, it's always a success!

It's also a brand of Amazon; a shop that specializes in designing home furnishings. Given the notoriety of Amazon, we can expect a great performance!

What is the price for a headboard

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 75 £
75 £ to 90 £
more than 90 £
Price range diagram


To attach the headboard to the wall

Modern headboards don't require wall mounts; some need to be attached to the bed frame with screws and dowels, but most come with free-standing legs so they can sit right after they're mounted. These headboards just wedge in between the wall and the bed, without any extra work.

To know the right width of the headboard

Before you proceed to purchase your headboard, you should consider the width of your bed and choose a model to match. It should be noted that the headboard can display a larger width than the bed, so before choosing one, consider checking if you have enough space in your bedroom.

To choose the right headboard design

How to determine if you need a purely decorative headboard or choose one that is also functional? It all depends on your needs: if you already have enough furniture for storage at home, you can turn to a decorative model. Otherwise, choose a functional headboard.

To maintain a wood or metal headboard

Wood and metal have the advantage of being easy to maintain: you regularly clean the surface with a slightly damp cloth, dry it and if stubborn stains form, a solution based on white vinegar and baking soda will be enough to solve the problem.

To maintain an upholstered headboard

If you have an upholstered headboard with imitation leather upholstery, some makeup remover or moisturizer will be able to bring back its shine. On the other hand, a fabric upholstery turns out to be more complicated to clean. That's why you'll have to turn to a removable headboard that can be washed in the machine.


In Feng shui where to put the headboard to sleep well?

To ensure a good flow of positive chi, Feng shui recommends that the headboard face east, southeast, southwest and west (only if there is no risk that you will become idle). Ideally, it should not face directly into a doorway and should not share a wall with the bathroom or kitchen if the wall in question houses appliances on the other side.

How to make a headboard stand on the wall?

Modern headboards require no wall mounting. After assembly, they just sit between the bed frame and the wall with their sturdy, stable legs. Sure, some models need to be attached to the box spring, but with a current headboard, you won't need to drill into the wall or glue patches to it to make it fit.

How to fix a headboard on a bed frame?

If by browsing our comparison, you've chosen the headboard that attaches to the box spring, know that you don't have to be a DIY whiz to pull it off. Assemble the headboard, keep it straight where you want it, align the posts with the holes, and then screw the whole thing together, making sure it's firm and solid to avoid squeaking.

How to call a headboard?

The headboard is also known as a backsplash. This name is justified by the fact that it is considered a comfort asset, especially when it is generously padded and quilted. Indeed, this possibility of leaning against it during long reading or TV sessions is among the reasons to buy a headboard.

What bed to put with a headboard ?

Generally speaking, one chooses the bed before the headboard, but in both cases, you should always refine your search by observing a few criteria. The concordance of the width, the compatibility of the headboard with your needs, the functional and decorative aspect, the ways of maintenance; these are only examples of elements to be taken into account.


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marcKonfort Oslo upholstered headboard 9
marcKonfort Oslo upholstered headboard
MEGADECOR decorative PVC headboard 10
MEGADECOR decorative PVC headboard
Gataca headboard with bedside tables 11
Gataca headboard with bedside tables
Movian Tête de lit « Elle et lui » Kolva Modern 12
Movian Tête de lit « Elle et lui » Kolva Modern


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