The best hand blenders in the UK 2023

More compact, lighter and more mobile while remaining small, the hand blender is becoming more and more popular in the kitchen. It is used by individuals as well as by star chefs. And its usefulness goes far beyond that of traditional mixers. Corded or cordless? Our guide will direct you to the best hand blender of the moment, simply the one that suits your needs.

Cuisinart CSB300BE Midnight Blue

Best value for money

Cuisinart CSB300BE Midnight Blue

The best hand blender in 2021

The cordless Cuisinart CSB300BE Midnight Blue hand blender has a run time of up to 20 minutes, enough time to blend, mix, chop or puree your food.

120 £ on Darty

This versatile model has 3 huge advantages: variable power on 5 levels, efficiency and performance. In addition to its 12,000 rpm speed, this is what allows it to get through your food without much difficulty. In addition to blending, the Cuisinart CSB300BE Midnight Blue can also be used for chopping, emulsifying and even pureeing. It comes with a blender foot, a stainless steel whisk and a scratch-resistant puree foot.

The hand blender is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that can be easily recharged via its holder. This takes only 2.5 hours and gives you a sufficient autonomy of 20 minutes. All parts, except the motor unit, are dishwasher safe.

Senya SYCP-M046

Best value for money

Senya SYCP-M046

The best entry-level hand blender

Fancy a pumpkin soup or mashed potatoes with cheese? Get the Senya SYCP-M046. With a power of 600 W, this inexpensive hand blender has an impeccable finish.

23,73 £ on Amazon

Whether you want to prepare a soup, a coulis, a tomato sauce or pesto, a purée..., the cheap hand blender Senya SYCP-M046 could become your ally in the kitchen. It can withstand extreme temperatures thanks to its stainless steel feet that can be changed with a single click. Alternating between recipes will not be a problem.

The speed of the stainless steel blades can be adjusted according to the nature of your preparations. In addition, the Turbo function guarantees better efficiency with optimal precision when blending. In this respect, it has nothing to envy of a classic food processor. The Soft Grip rubber finish makes the device very easy to handle.

Bamix MX105127

Best value for money

Bamix MX105127

The best high-end hand blender

More complete, the Bamix MX105127 is a reference in terms of hand blenders. It includes the perfect accessories, including 5 graters and a chopping knife, for amazing culinary creations.

224 £ on Amazon

Considered the most complete hand blender, the Bamix MX105127 is also the most powerful. Its 200 W power allows an incredible speed of rotation reaching 18,000 rpm. Even better, this Swissline stainless steel model comes with 4 accessories, including a chopper, a star knife, a whipping disc and a mixing disc. You can make mayonnaise, sorbets, egg whites, guacamole... In short, your creations are only limited by your imagination.

The Slice Sy, on the other hand, transforms the hand blender into a real food processor. It has 5 graters and a chopping knife for easy chopping of your fresh herbs or vegetables. The device owes its ergonomic quality to its base which makes it easy to store. Let's not forget its 200 mL processor, its 1 L capacity jug and its powder disc.

Bosch MSM66110 ErgoMixx

A great choice

Bosch MSM66110 ErgoMixx

A simple, yet powerful hand blender

Although simple, the Bosch MSM66110 ErgoMixx hand blender gives you the possibility of a wide variety of preparations. The device performs its role with precision and speed.

25,64 £ on Amazon

The Bosch MSM66110 ErgoMixx is both comfortable and easy to use due to its light weight. With a Soft-Touch coating, this model becomes non-slip. It will not slip out of your hand. The 600 W motor is powerful, allowing you to obtain more than satisfactory results in a very short time. It only has one blender foot and one measuring bowl, but that's no reason not to appreciate it. In fact, this foot features the super-sharp QuattroBlade knife for smooth, even blending.

You can use the 12-position speed control or the TurboButton to adapt it to your preparations. Accessories detach automatically with the convenient eject button on the handle. Of course, the Bosch MSM66110 ErgoMixx is available in other versions: with 2 attachments (measuring bowl and mini chopper), 3 attachments (measuring bowl, mini chopper and whisk) or 4 attachments (measuring bowl, mini chopper, whisk and ricer).

Buying guide • November 2023

Best hand blender

Any specific needs?

The best hand blender in 2021

The best entry-level hand blender

The best high-end hand blender

A simple, yet powerful hand blender

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Comparison table of the best hand blenders

Cuisinart CSB300BE Midnight Blue
Senya SYCP-M046
Bamix MX105127
Bosch MSM66110 ErgoMixx
Cuisinart CSB300BE Midnight Blue
Senya SYCP-M046
Bamix MX105127
Bosch MSM66110 ErgoMixx
The cordless Cuisinart CSB300BE Midnight Blue hand blender has a run time of up to 20 minutes, enough time to blend, mix, chop or puree your food.
Fancy a pumpkin soup or mashed potatoes with cheese? Get the Senya SYCP-M046. With a power of 600 W, this inexpensive hand blender has an impeccable finish.
More complete, the Bamix MX105127 is a reference in terms of hand blenders. It includes the perfect accessories, including 5 graters and a chopping knife, for amazing culinary creations.
Although simple, the Bosch MSM66110 ErgoMixx hand blender gives you the possibility of a wide variety of preparations. The device performs its role with precision and speed.
Stainless steel, plastic
Stainless steel, plastic
Stainless steel, plastic
Stainless steel, plastic
600 W
200 W
600 W
Power source
Lithium-ion battery
Mains operated
On mains
Mains powered
Purée foot, whisk, wide pan foot
Classic double blade and potato masher foot
4 nozzles, 1 200 ml processor, 1 powder disc, 1 1 L jug and the Slice Sy (5 grates and 1 chopper knife)
600 mL graduated mixing bowl with lid, stainless steel mixing foot
1.46 kg
1.15 kg
2.5 kg
1 kg

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Buying guide - hand blender

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How to choose your hand blender

To get the hand blender that will help you succeed in your culinary preparations, here are the criteria to consider:
choisir mixeur plongeant

#1 - Power

The power of the motor is the first criterion to take into account when choosing this small appliance. Indeed, it is the power that determines the performance of the hand blender. Generally, it ranges from 180 W to over 1000 W depending on the manufacturer. For regular use, a model equipped with a 400 to 600 W motor should allow you to blend all kinds of food.

#2 - Speeds

Most recently manufactured hand blenders include a variable speed drive. If you're a meticulous cook, prefer appliances whose speeds can be adjusted to suit the needs of your favorite recipes. With a 12-speed model in addition to the turbo function, you'll have plenty to perfect the texture of your preparations.

#3 - Heat resistance

The hand blender of your choice should be able to withstand heat if you're blending hot foods. So remember to check that the materials it is made of can withstand high temperatures. Ideally, choose a device whose base is made with stainless steel. Being an excellent temperature conductor, this material will be of great help in blending soups.

#4 - Accessories

The accessories offered are a determining criterion in choosing a hand blender. All the appliances offered in the shops come with parts that ensure both versatility and practicality. Among the accessories included in an order, there should be at least a set of removable blades, a measuring cup for preparation, a whisk foot, a mayonnaise foot and a mini chopper.

#5 - Aesthetics

The hand blender should not only be functional, as design and ergonomics count. It's up to you to choose the color, but to give your kitchen a modern, contemporary look, go for models made with anodized aluminum or ABS plastic. Handling should also be taken into account. In addition to being ergonomic, the handle should be non-slip to ensure an excellent grip during use.

How to use a hand blender ?

Nicknamed the giraffe, the hand blender is a small appliance that allows you to mix or puree ingredients directly in a container. With an elongated shape, this appliance consists of a body that serves as a handle and a detachable arm that is finished with blades.

The use of a hand blender does not require any particular skill. It is very easy to handle. However, there are a few rules that must be followed in order to ensure the success of your culinary preparations.

  • If you are using a hand blender, you must first plug the appliance into an electrical outlet. Then press the power button. You must hold it down during operation and release it to stop. To minimize splashing, hold the hand blender upright and blend from top to bottom. When the mixture begins to blend, tilt the unit slightly to a more comfortable working position.
  • If your hand blender is equipped with a speed control, you can adjust the speed to suit the preparation. No matter what recipe you are planning to prepare, always start at low speed and then gradually increase the power. This way, you'll quickly get the texture you want. Finally, turn off the appliance before removing it from the bowl to avoid dirtying your work surface.

The hand blender is easy to maintain!

To ensure the longevity of your hand blender, clean it thoroughly after each use. Maintenance is not complicated, but you must be meticulous. After unplugging the power cord, unscrew the removable attachments. Put them in the dishwasher if they are compatible. If not, wash them in soapy water with a sponge. Be careful with the blades: they are sharp! For the body of the blender, which includes the motor, the electric cord and the blender shaft, clean with a damp cloth.

The different types of hand blenders

Practical and versatile, the hand blender is now a must-have appliance in the kitchen. With or without cord, this appliance will help you prepare tasty dishes for your family.

The corded hand blender

This hand blender is powered by an electric cord. Of course, it must be plugged into an outlet to operate. This device has power to spare and you won't need to recharge it between uses. The hand blender is especially recommended for regular or professional use. In addition, most models have a long cable that offers greater comfort of use and more freedom of movement.

The cordless hand blender

The absence of the power cord makes the hand blender more mobile and manageable. Its small footprint is its main advantage. When you're cooking, you need to stay close to an electrical outlet. However, the cordless model is less powerful than the corded model. In addition, its battery may weaken and decrease in autonomy over the years. But since the battery is removable, the cordless hand blender is easier to maintain than its corded counterpart.

Hand blender or electric whisk?

Hand blender

With its elongated shape, this appliance can blend ingredients directly into a container. It is this particularity that differentiates it from the classic blender. Manufacturers offer a plethora of variations so that all users can find the device that suits their needs. Because it is very easy to use, the hand blender simplifies the preparation of your hot or cold recipes. Quickly prepare a soup, a mayonnaise, a whipped cream, in short, there is no limit to what you can do with this device.

Electric whisk

The electric whisk or electric mixer consists of a motor block topped by a handle. Underneath the plastic body are 2 holes that hold the whisk. This appliance is used in much the same way as a hand blender. It will allow you to beat eggs, mix ingredients, blend pastry dough, whip cream or prepare a milkshake. It's really effective for working with thick mixtures in a bowl, salad bowl and saucepan.


Although the hand blender and the electric whisk work in much the same way, the hand blender is more convenient because of its elongated shape. In addition, the blades of the hand blender can blend all types of food. To make even the most complex food preparation a success, nothing beats the hand blender.

5 good reasons to buy a hand blender

1. This device is very practical

The hand blender has a great advantage because of its elongated shape. Unlike the blender, it can be placed directly into a bowl, salad bowl or saucepan containing a preparation. Being light and easy to maintain, it is possible to make different preparations at the same time.

2. This device is easy to store

The hand blender also has the advantage of being very space-saving. Given its compact size, you can easily store it in a cupboard until you need to use it. Thanks to its rechargeable battery, you can take it with you when you go camping, for example. Some manufacturers even have a hanging ring so you can always have it handy.

3. This device is powerful

This device is powerful and versatile. In turbo mode, it quickly grinds meat quarters in a container. There is absolutely nothing this appliance cannot do, as long as the ingredients remain conventional. However, to ensure that its performance is not impaired, make sure that there are no bone fragments left in your meat.

4. This device is resistant

Manufacturers have taken care to offer us appliances made with quality materials. From ABS plastic, to anodized aluminum, to stainless steel, there are plenty of choices. Since the base and blades can handle hot preparations, you won't be limited to smoothies and ice cream.

5. This machine is easy to clean

Rest assured, maintenance is easier than it sounds. It should be cleaned after each use. This is what will allow you to extend the life of your hand blender. Even if it is said that the device is waterproof, avoid immersing it in water. This will damage the motor.

The best brands of hand blenders

In our opinion, the best brands of hand blenders in 2022 are :


Cuisinart is a kitchen appliance company started by Carl Sontheimer in 1971. Since its inception, this manufacturer has provided hundreds of millions of people with appliances that allow them to cook at home like pros.

Since 2012, Senya has been creating kitchen appliances that are simple to use, yet practical and efficient. Due to the excellence of its creations, this brand is now referenced in more than 400 stores across France.

Bamix S.A is a Swiss company that has been working in the field of home appliances since 1953. Although its range of products is catalogued as high-end, it is offered at the best quality-price ratio.

In operation since 1921, Braun is undoubtedly one of the best manufacturers of household appliances in Europe. This can be seen in the efficiency, but especially in the special attention the manufacturer pays to the finish of its kitchen appliances.

With a long history of creating appliances of all kinds, De'Longhi never ceases to seduce consumers with its kitchen appliances that are not only efficient, but also very design.

What is the price for a hand blender

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

25 £ to 125 £
125 £ to 275 £
more than 275 £
Price range diagram


Follow the safety instructions

The razor-sharp blades of a hand blender can do a lot of damage if you don't do it right. Don't turn it on until it's immersed in a mixture. Also, only change the blades after you've turned off the appliance.

Get the most out of all the accessories

The accessories that come with the appliance will allow you to vary your culinary preparations as much as possible. To grind meat, use the mini chopper or the knives that are recommended by the manufacturer. If you want to crush ice cubes, you will have to change the blade.

Vary the speed according to the preparations

The speed variator will allow you to adapt the power of the articulated arm according to your preparations. The fact that you can progressively increase and reduce the speed of the blades will allow you to have a preparation with a very homogeneous texture.

Choose a container that is deep enough to blend

The choice of the container can vary according to the recipes you plan to prepare. Knowing that a mixture tends to expand when it is mixed, be sure to use a bowl that is deep enough to prevent overflow. This will also keep you from splashing.

Check that all the accessories are included in the delivery

When you receive your order, be sure to check that all the accessories promised by the manufacturer are in the product packaging. If something is missing, don't hesitate to ask the retailer's customer service department. It would be a shame to buy the missing accessory as an option.


How to use a hand blender?

The hand blender is a very simple appliance. To avoid mishaps or splashes, immerse the blender in the container containing the ingredients of your preparation before turning it on. At first, hold the machine upright so that the mixture can set properly. Afterwards, you can tilt it slightly so that the contents of the bowl are homogenized properly.

What power for my hand blender?

The power is chosen according to your culinary habits. A hand blender is efficient when it has a motor with a power between 200 and 500 W. Below 500 W, the appliance is capable of crushing fruits and vegetables. For crushing ice or mincing meat and other ingredients of the same consistency, prefer a machine with at least 800 W.

How to clean a hand blender?

First turn off the machine, then remove all attachments if they can be removed. Stainless steel attachments are dishwasher safe. Otherwise, you can wash them in soapy water with a sponge. Be more careful with the body and arm of the device. Use a damp cloth to avoid getting the motor wet. After drying, store your hand blender in the closet.

What is the best alternative to the hand blender?

The hand blender is a must-have appliance in the kitchen. The best alternative to this appliance is the electric whisk. However, this one is rather recommended for culinary preparations with a creamy consistency. More powerful, an immersion blender allows you to blend all kinds of food such as meat, fish meat, poultry meat and even ice cubes.


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Cuisinart CSB300BE Midnight Blue
Cuisinart CSB300BE Midnight Blue
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Senya SYCP-M046
Bamix MX105127
Bamix MX105127
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Bosch MSM66110 ErgoMixx


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