The best hammocks in the UK 2023

With the arrival of summer, the hammock is inviting itself on our terraces and gardens. Its popularity has not stopped evolving over the last 5 years, with more than 140% growth for some brands. How to find the model that really suits your needs? We present you our selection of the best hammocks, in order to guide you in your purchase.

Hammock with metal stand 1

Best value for money

Hammock with metal stand

The best hammock in 2021

A hammock with ideal dimensions to relax in peace. Very aesthetic, it brings an original note to the outside decoration.

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This hammock is equipped with a metal support covered with a waterproof epoxy paint. The base of the stand is wide and non-slip, and guarantees optimal stability. The hammock's fabric is made of 40% cotton, 50% polyester and 10% viscose, which ensures a comfortable fit. Its density of 280g/m² guarantees a great resistance.

With a sleeping surface of 200 x 152 cm, this hammock is perfect for reading or napping. It can be installed anywhere in your house, terrace or garden. It comes with a carrying bag.

Double canvas hammock 2

Best value for money

Double canvas hammock

The best entry-level hammock

This hammock is perfect for relaxing in peace. Its neat design completes your decoration.

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Relax in this cozy double canvas hammock. We appreciate its spacious sleeping surface and its cotton and polyester blend material. Elegant, this hanging chair brings an original note to your living spaces. It can be installed in the garden, on the terrace or inside.

Ideal for relaxing in the sun or reading on the veranda, this hanging hammock has everything to please. With a comfortable seat, it adapts to your position and remains perfectly stable. It is equipped with strong holding cables that guarantee its safety. It takes up very little space and can be simply slipped into its storage bag once folded.

Hammock with wooden stand Homcom 3

A great choice

Hammock with wooden stand Homcom

A refined and sturdy garden hammock

Ideal for napping or enjoying the sun, this hammock pleases by its neat finish.

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This hammock on a stand with nice dimensions is perfect to take the air outside. We appreciate the decorative effect of this garden furniture with a refined design. Installed on a terrace or in the garden, it provides an appreciable aesthetic effect. Its stable base guarantees a great comfort of use.

This eco-responsible product is equipped with a wooden support certified to FSC standards. It comes with a cotton hammock with a density of 240g/m². Its large surface area of 200 x 100 cm can support a maximum load of 150 kg. It has galvanized steel hooks and chains for optimal safety.

Hammock 2 places XXL Tectake 4

Very good

Hammock 2 places XXL Tectake

A giant hammock with exceptional comfort

Robustness and elegance are at the rendezvous, with this model with optimal dimensions.

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Ideal for a nap for two or solo, this hammock with comfortable dimensions has everything to please. It is conducive to relaxation and provides maximum relaxation. We appreciate its optimal sleeping comfort and its width of 4 meters, specially designed for two people. Perfectly stable, this free-standing hammock can be installed in a garden or on an open terrace.

Equipped with a sturdy solid wood frame, it comes with galvanized steel chains and hooks. Its cotton-polyester blend fabric in pleasant colors blends harmoniously with your decor.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best hammock

Any specific needs?

The best hammock in 2021

The best entry-level hammock

A refined and sturdy garden hammock

A giant hammock with exceptional comfort

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Comparison table of the best hammocks

Hammock with metal stand 5
Double canvas hammock 6
Hammock with wooden stand Homcom 7
Hammock 2 places XXL Tectake 8
Hammock with metal stand
Double canvas hammock
Hammock with wooden stand Homcom
Hammock 2 places XXL Tectake
A hammock with ideal dimensions to relax in peace. Very aesthetic, it brings an original note to the outside decoration.
This hammock is perfect for relaxing in peace. Its neat design completes your decoration.
Ideal for napping or enjoying the sun, this hammock pleases by its neat finish.
Robustness and elegance are at the rendezvous, with this model with optimal dimensions.
Easy to assemble
Comfortable seating
Elegant design
Sturdy stand
Can be set up indoors or out
Comfortable hammock dimensions
Great quality wood
Convenient carrying bag
Little bulk
Excellent value for money
Beautiful design
Very decorative on a deck
Slightly short rope attachment for XXL size
Easy to assemble
Easy to assemble
Very stable
Chains a little long
Safe to hang

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Buying guide - hammock

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How to choose your hammock

The hammock invites itself today in our living rooms, on the terrace or in the garden. Both decorative and functional, it meets the needs of everyone. To choose the model best suited to your requirements, a few criteria must be taken into consideration.

#1 - The characteristics

The width The width of your hammock will depend on the number of occupants. For one person, count on a width between 100 and 140 cm approximately. Double hammocks exist in size XXL or XXXL and can reach up to 190 cm in width.

#2 - The length

Large people will be able to choose rather large models with a length greater than 2m40.

#3 - The weight of the user

Depending on its size, a hammock can support a static load between 80 and 250 kg. A parameter to take into account before fixing your choice.

Taking care of your hammock

An integral part of the decoration, the hammock deserves some attention to keep its authentic look. Clean it daily to avoid dust accumulation.

#4 - What type of fabric to choose?

  • Cotton: 100% cotton fabric is light and pleasant to the touch. It is also very resistant to washing. Some models are made from a mix of recycled cotton and polyester. Organic cotton, which is guaranteed pesticide and dye free, can be interesting if you are sensitive to textile dyes.
  • Acrylic: 100% acrylic fabrics are warm. It is preferable to opt for a mix of cotton and acrylic, more comfortable during high temperature days.
  • Parachute fabric: very resistant, it is also very comfortable. We appreciate its micro-porous texture, particularly pleasant in hot weather.
  • The nylon canvas: it can stay in the sun or in the rain, and is not affected by frost. You can leave your hammock outside, without fear of bad weather.

#5 - The type of hammock

A nomadic or sedentary hammock model? Choose according to your desires! Nomadic models: equipped with fixing ropes, they can be equipped with bars to prevent the canvas from folding on itself. They can be attached to a solid support, such as strong tree trunks or rings fixed to walls. They do not take up much space and can be stored in a pocket once folded. Sedentary models: their structure includes a self-supporting and stable support, designed to support the weight of several people. These hammocks are like garden beds and can be installed on the terrace or balcony. The hammock is usually made of cotton or solid net. The support can be made of autoclave treated wood or galvanized steel. Specially chosen for their technical performance, these materials offer great resistance to bad weather.

#6 - Location

If you have a large garden with trees with strong trunks, the hanging hammock is exactly what you need. Choose a 100% cotton thread or a cotton and polyester blend, which offers good resistance to sun and rain. For installation on a terrace or in a corner of the garden, the free-standing hammock is an interesting alternative. It can be moved easily, and provides a nice aesthetic effect.

#7 - The use

Some hammocks are real sleeping camps, with integrated shelter and high fixing system. Offering the comfort of a tent and the functionality of a hammock, they can be attached to tree trunks, rocks... The hammock chair is ideal for resting, reading, or taking the air under the trees. Very popular with backpackers, the hanging hammock has a fixing system. Hanging on trees or on a wall, it is ideal for camping.

How to maintain a wooden hammock stand?

Entirely dedicated to relaxation, the wooden hammock is a must-have accessory for the summer. Wood becomes more beautiful as the years go by, as long as you take care of it. To enjoy its decorative effect and preserve its original appearance, follow these tips.

If the surface is made of treated wood, simply apply a coat of vegetable oil at the end of the summer season. Then store it in a dry place. In any case, avoid leaving it outside in rainy weather.

If you are using a natural untreated wood support, coat it with linseed or teak oil every year. Alternatively, you can apply a wood stain treatment before the first use. The stain allows the wood to breathe and at the same time provides a protective effect. Every 3 or 4 years, renew the treatment to preserve the appearance of the wood.

As the hammock is most often placed outside, regular cleaning is necessary to prevent dust accumulation. Black soap or Marseille soap with water is effective in removing heavy soiling. Use a brush or sponge and gently scrub the surface. Rinse with clean water and let it air dry.

The different types of hammocks

Between the different kinds of hammocks available on the market, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. Choose the best model truly adapted to your needs.

The hammock on a stand

The hammock on a stand, also called a hammock on legs, can be placed in the garden, on a patio or on an open terrace. It brings an undeniable aesthetic effect to the surrounding decor.

It consists of a canvas or net hammock, held in place by a solid wood or metal frame. The solid wood support blends harmoniously with the natural landscape. In order to preserve the natural look of the wood, regular maintenance is essential. The stainless steel stand is just as strong and offers many advantages. It does not rust and can be placed outside. Lightweight and sturdy, it resists well to bad weather and requires no particular maintenance.

Advantages :

  • Aesthetics
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Solid support
  • Offers a wide choice of colors and styles
  • Personalizes the decoration

Disadvantages :

  • The stand can be quite heavy
  • Must be installed on a large surface
  • The wooden stand requires annual maintenance

Who is it for?

The hammock on a stand is a perfect choice to relax in peace. It personalizes the decoration of your home in an original and exotic way.

The tent hammock



is a hybrid model that transforms into a shelter when the night comes. Functional, it can be hung from a tree during the day.

Perfectly versatile, the hammock-tent, also called a tree tent, includes a hammock bed, a mosquito-proof roof and a rain screen. It offers the comfort of a real tent and has a retractable door. It is equipped with straps that allow it to be hung on trees or on a solid support.

A real living space, the tent hammock is equipped with a rigid floor. It is ideal to stay warm, protected from humidity and crawling insects. It can be installed high or placed directly on the ground. The largest models can accommodate up to 6 people.


  • Can be used as a tent or hammock
  • Comfortable sleeping surface
  • Offers many installation possibilities
  • Perfectly insulated from the ground
  • Ideal solution for camping enthusiasts


  • The price of the top of the line models is quite high
  • Can be uncomfortable in bad weather
  • Foot space is quite limited

Who is it for?

The tent hammock is perfect for camping in good weather and for fireside gatherings. With some brands, it is possible to install several hammocks under the tent. An interesting option to live the group camping experience!

The baby hammock


babies, the rocking of the hammock brings a soothing effect. Recognized for its calming and reassuring virtues, the hammock is now adopted by a large number of nurseries. Installed on a solid self-supporting support or simply hung from the ceiling, it offers the cozy comfort of a real bed.

Its structure is perfectly adapted to the still fragile anatomy of babies. It is preferable to choose a hammock made of unbleached and hypoallergenic organic cotton, in order to preserve the fragile skin of the newborn.


  • Safe and cozy
  • Makes it easier for baby to fall asleep
  • Has a locking position that prevents rocking
  • Can be installed inside or outside
  • Generally affordable price

Disadvantages :

  • The fastening must be perfectly adapted to the baby's weight
  • As baby grows, he or she may not get used to a traditional bed
  • Not suitable for babies who can roll over on their own

Who is it for?

The baby hammock takes up little space and is practical for travel. The swing of the hammock is ideal for children who need to be rocked before falling asleep.

Benefits of having a hammock

Reduces stress

Stress is a part of everyone's life. Whether it's at school or at work, we all have to deal with stress. However, hammocks have been proven to help you relax faster and reduce the body's artificial stress levels. Less stress means more happiness and a better quality of life. So after a hard day's work, lying in a hammock is the perfect way to relax.


Honestly, hammocks are really comfortable. Because the hammock cocoon surrounds the user, he or she makes less movement than in a large bed. This saves the user from possible back pain that could be caused by twisting. Using a hammock eliminates this problem, as you are suspended in the air without pressure points.

Improves blood circulation

A hammock will elevate your upper body and allow for better circulation to the head. This has tons of health benefits such as eliminating congestion, reduces toxins in the body, improves blood pressure and can even help clean your skin.

A good place to read

Some people choose hammocks for reading. This is because you don't have to worry about contorting your body because the hammock offers a better position for reading or sleeping that is perfect for your back and neck. It is also ideal for reading outside because of the natural sunlight, and no pillow is needed.

Helps to cope with insomnia

Many people suffer from insomnia, which can cause a wide range of physical and psychological problems. However, it has been found that hammocks can potentially cure insomnia, depending on the cause of the insomnia. If you often find yourself unable to get deep, restful sleep and wake up frequently throughout the night, a hammock can help.


How to preserve the hammock lines?

Use heart thimbles to protect the rope handles. This will prevent wear and tear due to friction. These plastic or steel reinforcements are available in hardware stores.

How do I wash a net hammock?


the hammock by hand, without scrubbing, separating the handles to avoid tangling the threads. Clean the handles and rinse thoroughly. Let the hammock air dry.

How to install the hammock ?


provide maximum comfort, the hammock should not be too tight or too hollow. The angle of curvature should ideally reach 120° when the person is settled.

How to wash a fabric hammock?


by tying the ends of the lines. Then wash the hammock in the washing machine or by hand, with minimal spinning.

What is the right height for my hammock?


height of 50 cm when empty is a good average. The hammock can extend an additional 15 cm when supporting the weight of a person.


What type of hammock to choose?

In our opinion, the best type of hammock for most people is the metal stand hammock. To find out more, read our buying guide.

How to keep the hammock strong?

Before using your hammock for the first time, spray it with a fabric protector. Store it in a dry place when not in use. To remove dust and dirt, clean it regularly with a mild liquid detergent. Air dry the hammock.

Where to install a hanging hammock chair?

The hanging hammock chair can be hung on an exposed beam or a concrete ceiling. You can also choose a strong tree branch, a stone or iron post or a veranda pillar.

Which support should I choose for my hammock chair?

It is best to use a stand with a wide base to prevent the chair from tipping.

How to choose a hammock for baby?

Prefer natural cotton hammocks. They are machine washable, and remain soft to the touch.


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Hammock with metal stand 9
Hammock with metal stand
Double canvas hammock 10
Double canvas hammock
Hammock with wooden stand Homcom 11
Hammock with wooden stand Homcom
Hammock 2 places XXL Tectake 12
Hammock 2 places XXL Tectake


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